Why I Dislike the Snugpak Endurance 40 Rucksack: A Personal Review

By | June 11, 2023
Why I Dislike the Snugpak Endurance 40 Rucksack: A Personal Review

Do you find yourself constantly searching for the perfect rucksack that suits your needs? Well, look no further because in this personal review, we will be discussing why the Snugpak Endurance 40 Rucksack might not be the ideal choice for you. Join me as I delve into the various reasons why this particular backpack failed to meet my expectations.

Why I Dislike the Snugpak Endurance 40 Rucksack: A Personal Review


Are you in search of the perfect rucksack that will cater to all your outdoor adventure needs? Look no further, as in this article, we will explore the Snugpak Endurance 40 Rucksack. However, instead of praising this popular backpack, I will share my honest and unbiased opinion on why I dislike it. Prepare yourself for a detailed personal review that aims to inform and help you make an informed decision.

Features and Specifications

Before diving into the reasons behind my dislike for the Snugpak Endurance 40 Rucksack, let’s take a quick look at its features and specifications:

  1. Capacity: The Snugpak Endurance 40 Rucksack boasts a generous 40-liter capacity, providing ample space for your gear and essentials.
  2. Durability: Constructed with robust materials, this rucksack is designed to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions.
  3. Comfort: The adjustable shoulder straps and hip belt ensure a comfortable fit, even during long hikes.
  4. Organization: With multiple pockets, compartments, and attachment points, the Snugpak Endurance 40 Rucksack offers excellent organization options for your belongings.
  5. Waterproofing: Equipped with a durable waterproof coating, this rucksack keeps your gear dry even in rainy or wet conditions.

Reasons for Disliking the Snugpak Endurance 40 Rucksack

Now that we are familiar with the features of the Snugpak Endurance 40 Rucksack, I will delve into the reasons why it failed to meet my expectations:

  1. Lack of Padding: Despite its sturdy construction, the rucksack falls short in terms of padding. The shoulder straps and hip belt lack adequate cushioning, causing discomfort during extended use.

  2. Limited Ventilation: The back panel of the Snugpak Endurance 40 Rucksack lacks proper airflow channels, resulting in excessive sweating and discomfort on hot and humid days.

  3. Design Flaws: While the rucksack offers various compartments, the organization could be more intuitive. Additionally, the zippers are not the most user-friendly, often getting stuck or requiring excessive force to open and close.

  4. Weight Distribution Issues: The weight distribution of the Snugpak Endurance 40 Rucksack is not optimal. Evenly distributing the load across the shoulders and hips can be a challenge, leading to strain and fatigue during long hikes.

  5. Insufficient Waterproofing: Although this rucksack claims to be waterproof, it fails to withstand heavy rain or prolonged exposure to wet conditions. Don’t rely solely on the waterproofing of this backpack for protecting your valuable gear.


In conclusion, my personal experience with the Snugpak Endurance 40 Rucksack has left me disappointed. While it offers a decent capacity and durability, the lack of padding, limited ventilation, design flaws, weight distribution issues, and insufficient waterproofing are significant drawbacks. It is crucial to carefully consider these factors before investing in this rucksack, as your comfort and the safety of your gear should be top priority during your outdoor adventures.


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