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Intro to Stop the Bleed & TCCC (Trauma Medicine Series, Episode 1)

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The Militia vs. The Government

What's up boys and gerbils hello Bear Nation welcome back to the Mean Streets Of YouTube Got a question over on the rumble Channel Better how come you're not wrong no You're not on Rumble go look From rigor mcdigger…

China Proposes Peace | UKR Intel | Bear Brief 1MAR23

RUS Nuclear Threat Elevated | CHI in Africa | Bear Brief 22FEB23

Crazy Trains | China VS USA | Green Energy Fraud | Bear Brief 20FEB23

FAFO Friday | Spy Balloons | Global Economy | UKR Missile Strikes | Starlink Drones | Brief 10FEB23

My Way or the Highway – CEO Bear 004

My way or the highway CEO bear zero zero four A comment was left on 003 that was Intriguing John no surname just John said I had a Rule in my business when it came to Anybody around me family…

⚠️What if RUSSIA WINS?!⚠️

So what happens if Russia wins this Little Global proxy war in Ukraine The question I've been asking myself Quite a bit here lately Because obviously NATO Which you know Ergo the United States of America our goal is to…

Winning vs Not Losing | CEO Bear 002

Foreign CEO bear episode two Winning Versus not losing Winning versus not losing There is a difference A lot of people stumble through life With the idea that I'm going to at least Not lose today Without actually having a…

Recession Inbound | National Intel | Bear Brief 6JAN23