Jeremiah 49 & 50 - The Prophets Bible Study
Jeremiah 49 & 50 - The Prophets Bible Study

At this time we’re studying Jeremiah 49 and 50 from a Hebrew Roots complete Bible Torah perspective. Bear reads from The Scriptures model. This can be a literal translation of the Bible in English. This translation differs considerably from most typical English translations in that it has restored the unique e book order of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Tanakh, and restored the Title of the Most Excessive, (יהוה) all through. to affix the Patreon household to all of the Bear Nation information, hyperlinks to content material and Bear Impartial’s Prepper Classroom! to help our ongoing efforts to fight human trafficking and help these affected by pure disasters. Your promo code totally free delivery on all the things within the retailer is “Bear Nation” for all kits, parts, and modules. At all times HSA & FSA Eligible. Made within the USA, assured ceaselessly, 75 lives saved to this point. for life-saving coaching together with Cease the Bleed, Tactical Fight Casualty Care, power on power scenario-based civilian coaching, and extra! Be the hero!

Jeremiah 49. Final week in 47 and 48 We noticed the destruction That the daddy is bringing on the Philistines And the moabites and this week we're Going to examine uh What occurs Sadly to the ammonites and the and the kids of damasek And probably Babylon If we make it to 50 as a result of 49 is a protracted Chapter So maybe I’ll shut up and skim In regards to the ammonites thus stated Yahuwah has Israel no Sons Has he No Air Why has Malcolm taken possession of GAD And his individuals dwell in his cities Subsequently see the times are coming Declares yahuwah once I shall sound a Battle Cry and rabba of the ammonites And it shall be a heap of wasteland and Her Villages shall be burned with fireplace Then Israel shall dispossess although Those that dispossessed him declares Yahuwah So gads shaking off the ammonites Howell o heshbon for I is ravaged cry Daughters of rabba gerdon sackcloth Lament and diligently searched by the Partitions for Malcolm shall go into Exile Together with his clergymen and his heads one other False god of the ammonites

Why do you boast in The Valleys you're Flowing Valeo backsliding daughter who Is trusting in her treasure saying who Would come towards me So the kids of Ammon are descendants Of ham we talked about final week They usually have been within the land of Canaan Which was not their inheritance that they had Taken it which once more is why in Joshua The Ebook of Joshua we see the kids Of Israel going into the land of Canaan To take again what’s rightfully theirs What was the inheritance attributable to Shem in The primary place And the kids of Ammon have been considered one of These teams of those who have been Alleged to be put below the ban However weren’t fully destroyed And subsequently have been a thorn within the Facet of ye Israel of Israel the sons of Jacob Abraham Isaac Jacob the daddy's chosen Individuals whom you as a believer in Messiah Are grafted into Romans 11. they've been A thorn within the facet of Israel for uh you Know simply three 4 thousand years No biggie See I’m bringing worry upon you from all These round you declares the grasp Yahuwah of hosts Talked about yahuwah of host Yahoo Carries the identical connotation as saying Common James Mattis United States Marine Corps

I converse on behalf of all these Psychopaths who I’ll flip unfastened and Who will kill you if you don’t comply Proper so however that however writ massive with Heavenly Warriors And There's this superior story I feel it's In Second Kings 19. First Kings Second Kings 19. Yeah hezekiahu Um It's someplace Please forgive me I'm not absolutely Caffeinated However the story Of this angel of yah Who goes into the Assyrian camp And kills in a single evening 185 thousand Assyrian Fighters who've come towards uh King hezekiahu 185 thousand Lifeless from one angel Okay One single angel And That is yaquah of hosts who instructions the Whole Heavenly Military So if one angel Can take out 185 000 dudes Like that

And you might be saying The equal of Common James Mattis United States Marine Corps All these angels they're all mine and I Will come and smoke examine you That quick And a kind of angels can take out 185 000 dudes that's the authority that he's Talking with right here See I’m bringing worry upon you from all These round you declares the grasp Yahuwah of hosts and also you shall be pushed Out each straight forward with nobody To convey house to wander and after this I Turned again the kids I turned again The Captivity of the kids of Ammon Declares yahuwah Regarding Edom Thus stated yahu of hosts is there no extra Knowledge in Tim man has Council been misplaced To these with understanding has their Knowledge vanished Knowledge The place have I heard this earlier than man and These are lengthy passages too I hope I Don't like this an hour-long video Knowledge Is there a proverb for that Proverbs chapter 8 doesn’t knowledge name And understanding raise up her voice what Is knowledge and understanding It's the Torah [Applause]

Um Proverbs Chapter 7 my son guard my phrases And treasure up my instructions with you Guard my instructions and stay in my Torah Is the apple of your eye Discover them in your fingers write them on The pill of your coronary heart say to knowledge You have been my sister and name Understanding a detailed pal It's virtually the Proverbs which you Needs to be studying day by day The proverb of the day if it's the 18th Of the month you learn Proverbs 18 proper Proverbs 4. Kids hearken to the self-discipline of Father and provides consideration to no Understanding for I gave you good Instruction Don’t forsake my Torah For I used to be my Father's son tender and the Just one within the eyes of my mom then He taught me and stated to me let your Coronary heart maintain quick to my phrases guard my Instructions and stay get knowledge get Understanding don’t forget don’t flip Away from the phrases of my mouth Proverbs 5 my son hearken to my knowledge Incline your ear to my understanding so As to observe over discretion and your Lips guard information Torah Proverbs 2 my son in the event you settle for my phrases And treasure up my instructions with you so That you just make your ear attend to knowledge

Make your ear attend to knowledge hearken to My phrases what's wisdoms the phrase of yah What’s the phrase of yah treasure up my Instructions the Torah Incline your coronary heart to understanding for In the event you TR in the event you cry for discernment Carry up your voice for understanding if You search her as silver and seek for Her as Hidden Treasures then you definitely would Perceive the worry of yahuwah and discover The information of Elohim for yahuwah Offers knowledge out of his mouth comes Data and understanding What got here out of his mouth the Torah Proverbs 3 my son don’t forget my Torah And let your coronary heart watch over my Instructions for size of days and lengthy Life and peace they add to you Let not love and dedication and Fact Forsake you bind them round your neck And write them on the pill of your Coronary heart that sounds so much just like the renewed Covenant in Hebrews chapter 8 doesn't it Thus discovering favor and good Perception in The eyes of Elohim in man Belief in yahuwah with all of your coronary heart and Lean not by yourself understanding Know him in all of your methods and he makes All of your paths straight don’t be clever In your individual eyes worry yahuwah and switch Away from evil Knowledge understanding biblically what May it’s oh it's the phrase of God the Torah

Oh yeah however Jesus is the phrase of God He's the phrase made flesh he's the Torah Made flesh as a result of in him there is no such thing as a Sin proper what's sin First John 3 verse 4 sin is flawlessness Unlock codes cheat codes for this video Sport referred to as life learn the instruction Handbook Jeremiah 49 verse 7 it's solely taken us 10 minutes to get right here Regarding Edom thus stated yahuwah of Hosts is there no knowledge is there no Torah Understanding and Timon has counsel been Misplaced on these with understanding has Their knowledge their Torah vanished Hmm I’m wondering what's gonna occur to him As a result of they didn't maintain the Torah what May it’s Flee flip again dwell within the depths o Inhabitants of day Dan for I shall convey The Calamity of Esau upon him the time That I shall punish him Once more Edom within the household of the lineage simply Not behaving appropriately If grape gatherers got here to you’ll They not go away some gleaning grapes even Thieves by evening would destroy solely Till that they had sufficient however as for me I Shall make Esau bear I shall uncover his Hiding locations so that he’s unable to Conceal himself his seed is ravaged his Brother and his neighbors and he’s no

Extra go away your fatherless youngsters let Me maintain them alive and let your widows Belief in me belief in yahuwah oh think about That that's Torah forsake not the Widow And the orphan for thus stated yahuwah see Those that have judgment see these whose Judgment was to not drink of the cup Have definitely drunk Yeah as a result of they have been a part of the Household however Esau denied his Birthright And now the the descendants of Esau have behaved poorly and haven't Saved the Torah it wasn't Theirs to drink Of the Cup of Wrath however now they’re Going to drink of it For thus stated yahuwah see these whose Judgment was to not drink of the cup Have definitely drunk And are you the one to go unpunished you Shall not go unpunished however definitely Drink of it for I’ve sworn on my own Declares yahuwah that boatsra is to Grow to be a destroy and a reproach and a waste And a curse and all its cities change into Eternal wastes I’ve heard a report From yahuwah and an Envoy has been despatched To the Nations gathered collectively come In opposition to her and rise as much as battle for Look I shall make you small amongst Nations despised amongst males The Dread of You the delight of your coronary heart has deceived You o you who dwell on the clefs of the Rock holding to the peak of the Hill Although you make your nest as excessive because the

Eagle from there I convey you down Declares the grasp And Edom shall be a destroy everybody who Passes by it’s astonished and whistles In any respect of its plagues as within the Overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah and Their neighboring cities declares Yahuwah nobody shall dwell there nor Would a son of man sojourn in it Properly my God would by no means do this nicely Your Gods make-believe it is best to learn The Bible Exodus 18 verse 3. My favourite verse within the Bible yahuwah Is a warrior yahuwah is his identify However my God would by no means do this You've been lied to your total life And it is best to take some private Duty and skim the Bible from Cowl to cowl and find out about who your God actually is who the one God actually is As a result of he’ll 100 smoke examine your ass If you don’t play by his guidelines Properly bear again that up biblically okay Learn from Genesis chapter 1 to Revelation 22. There's my Biblical context for that Assertion Verse 19 see he comes up like a lion From the Jordan jungle towards the house Of the sturdy however immediately I shall Make him run away from her Right here's a Messianic prophecy and who’s The chosen one the anointed the mashiach

To a degree over her For who’s like me and who summons me And who’s the shepherd capital S Shepherd who stands earlier than me You certain The Good Shepherd Subsequently right here the Council of yahuwah Which he has endorsed regarding Edom And the needs he has purposed In regards to the inhabitants of to males the Least of the flocks shall drag them away He shall make their Pastor a waste Earlier than them the Earth shall be shaken at The noise of their fall there’s an Outcry outcry it’s the noise Its noise is heard on the Sea of reeds See like an eagle he flies up and Spreads his wings over boatsra and at The guts of the Mighty Males of Edom in That day shall be like the center of a Lady in her ache Regarding them a sec Hamath and our pod have been put to Disgrace for they’ve heard an evil report They’ve been melted in anxiousness like The ocean unable to relaxation Demasek has change into feeble she has turned To flee and trembling has taken maintain of Her the stress and ache have seized her Like a lady in labor how is the Metropolis of Reward abandoned town of my pleasure Subsequently her younger males fall on her Streets and all the boys of battle are Minimize off in that day declares yahuwah of

Hosts And I shall Kindle a fireplace within the wall of Damasek and it shall devour the Palaces Of Ben Haddad Kindle a fireplace within the wall That's uh Siege imagery Set Fireplace to the partitions it could re weaken The rocks and the clay and the mortar That was used to carry the wall collectively So {that a} breach within the wall could possibly be Made To Kadar and to the kings of hatsor Which Nebuchadnezzar King of Babel Struck thus stated yahuwah come up go as much as Qadar and ravage the boys of the East Their tents and their flocks and their Curtains and all their vessels shall be Taken they shall take away their camels For themselves they usually shall cry out to Them worry is on each facet flee go away Dwell within the depths o inhabitants of Hatsor declares yahuwah for Nebuchadnezzar King of Babel has taken Counsel towards you and has devised a Plan towards you Nebuchadnezzar Who was a instrument of yahuwah and we'll see Babylon will get theirs as nicely all the things Serves a objective all issues work Collectively for the nice proper An increase go as much as the nation relaxed the Dwell safely declares yahuwah it has no Gates or bars they dwell alone and their Camels shall change into plunder and their Massive herds booty and I shall scatter

Them to all wins those that minimize off the Nook and convey their Calamity from all Its sides declares yahuwah hatsor shall Be a habitation for jackals a desert Ceaselessly and nobody dwells there nor does The son of man sojourn in it The phrase of yahuwah that got here to Jeremiah the prophet regarding a lamb At first of the reign of sidik Yahoo the king of Judah saying Thus stated yahuwah of hosts see I’m Breaking the bow of a lamb the chief of Their may And I shall convey upon Alam the 4 Winds from the 4 quarters of the Heavens and scatter them in the direction of all These winds and there shall be no Nation The place the outcasts of alam don’t go and I shall break a land earlier than their Enemies and earlier than those that search their Life and I shall convey evil upon them my Burning displeasure declares yahuwah and I shall ship the sword after them till I’ve consumed them and I shall set my Throne in Elam and Destroy from there The king and the heads declares yahuwah And it needs to be within the latter days that I flip again the Captivity of Elam Declares yahuwah A shall he turned again the Captivity of Elam Properly each knee shall bow each tongue Shall confess There's a righteous King prophesied

Coming The final righteous King on Earth His identify is Yeshua or yahushua Which implies salvation the anointed the Chosen considered one of yahuwah the mashiach Mashiach means anointed one The Chosen One by the best way Why within the gospels will we see this girl Dumping an immense quantity of pricey Oil and fragrance over the top of Yeshua As a result of that's the way you anointed a king You'll hear all varieties of Christian Pastors speaking about how this girl Gave a lot she had this factor of Nice Worth and he or she gave it to Jesus Yeah However that's how they anointed Kings That Present That presentation That she That she made confessed in entrance of all These individuals Was to point out that Yeshua was anointed as King When Yeshua Returns the top of this e book Revelation Most of y'all received't even acknowledge him Since you're on the lookout for a hippy-dippy peace love and hen grease Jesus that's preached on Sunday mornings All around the globe who doesn't Really exist nor has ever existed What would Jesus do he'd maintain Torah he'd

Flip tables on the synagogue on the Temple he would braid a twine of a whip Of cords and are available in and drag individuals out By the neck for turning his father's Home into a spot of worship however it's Okay in the event you worship on the day of the Solar worship with the espresso bar within the Bookstore and the pastor's new e book set Out on racks out within the hallway It's okay that we handed the Silver Plate 4 or 5 instances to take up a Love providing and a peace providing and An providing for the kids's ministry And uh and for the Min the missionaries Who’re abroad and No It's not okay Christianity is in for a impolite awakening When Yeshua returns he’ll look nothing Like what you have been preached on Sunday Morning and actually I might implore you To learn second Thessalonians chapter 2. As a result of what’s preached Sunday morning is the person of lawlessness And lawlessness is the working of Devil And that comes out of the mouth of Shaul Of Tarsus the Apostle Paul within the New Testomony Learn your Bible for your self cease Subcontracting your relationship with The creator of the universe to the Lowest bidder Whoever has the most effective Worship band or the most effective youngsters's Programmer who has the shortest drive

From my home to church the place it suits my Schedule the most effective or I actually like that Pastor While you stand in judgment It won’t matter one iota how a lot you Preferred your pastor by the best way Jeremiah 3 15 pastors Shepherds I’ll increase up Shepherds over you after my very own coronary heart A Shepherd needs to be saying the laborious however True issues to you not tickling your Ears with the that they that You’re feeling really feel like it’s good to hear There is no such thing as a God however God there is no such thing as a phrase Of God however the phrase of God Interval the top Don’t move go don’t gather 200 doll Hairs When Yeshua returns I don't imagine all people who claims his Title Will acknowledge him The truth is and Matthew chapter 5. Matthew 5 17. Yeshua talking don’t assume that I come To destroy the Torah or the prophets I Didn’t come to destroy however to finish And that’s the Greek phrase play raou to Embody Don’t come to destroy however to play raou And physique For really I stated you until Heaven and Earth passes away One yod That's a Paleo Hebrew outstretched arm

The primary letter of the daddy's identify And the son's identify or one Tittle the Smallest Mark within the Torah shall by no Means move from the Torah until all be Completed Whoever then breaks one of many least of These instructions and teaches males so shall Be referred to as least within the Kingdom of Heavens However whoever does and teaches them these Instructions Shall be Referred to as nice within the Kingdom of heavens for I say to you that Except your righteousness blamelessly Strolling within the instructions of yah Luke 1 Verse 6 exceeds that of the scribes and The Pharisees these spiritual a-holes Over right here you shall not at all enter Into the reign of the dominion of Heavens Except you stroll blamelessly within the Instructions higher than these spiritual A-holes you're not moving into the Kingdom of heaven Oh nicely that's not what I used to be taught in Church nicely that's what Messiah stated how About Matthew 7 21. Yeshua is talking not everybody who says To me grasp grasp shall enter into the Kingdom of Heavens however he who’s doing The need of my father within the heavens That is within the First Gospel of the New Testomony seven chapters in Many shall say to me in that day grasp Grasp have we not prophesied in your Title and solid out demons in your identify

And executed many mighty works in your identify After which I shall declare to them I by no means Knew you depart from me you who work Lawlessness You who work lawlessness the regulation was Nailed to the cross noticed Straight to jail Detrimental After which I shall declare to them I by no means Knew you depart from me you who work Lawlessness Subsequently everybody who hears these phrases Of mine and does them What are these phrases of mine At first was the phrase And the Phrase was with God and the Phrase Was God And the phrase turned flesh and dwelt Amongst males at first was the Phrase what's at first Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy the Torah The phrase made flesh everybody who hears These phrases of mine and does them She'll be like a clever man who constructed his Home upon the rock And everybody who hears these phrases of Mine and doesn’t do them she'll be like A silly man who constructed his home on the Sand I don't assume most of Christendom is Going to acknowledge Yeshua when he Returns 50. Jeremiah 50.

The phrase that yahuwah spoke regarding Babylon regarding the land of the Kazdene by Jeremiah the prophet Declare among the many Nations and let it’s Heard and raise up a banner let it’s Heard and don’t conceal it say Babel Shall be taken Bell their false God Shall be put to disgrace meredak there are Different false gods shall be damaged her Photographs shall be put to disgrace her Idols Shall be damaged for Nations shall come In opposition to her from the north which shall Make her land waste the None Shall dwell In it they shall flee they shall go each Males and beast in these days at the moment Now bear in mind that is the worldwide Tremendous energy Babylon at this level that Is simply destroying different kingdoms and Taking up and subjugating peoples and raping pillaging murdering And in these days at the moment declares Yahuwah the kids of Israel shall Come and the kids of Judah come Collectively weeping as they arrive and search Yahuwah their Elohim the reunification Of the 2 homes The Binding of the 2 Sticks They shall ask the Solution to Zion Yerushalayim Jerusalem their faces In direction of it come and allow us to be a part of Ourselves to yahuwah in an Eternal Covenant by no means to be forgotten An Eternal Covenant how lengthy do Covenants final

Ceaselessly However I'm below the New Covenant nicely To start with it is best to learn that Hebrews chapter 8 as a result of the Necessities of the renewed Covenant in Hebrews chapter 8 which might be so new that They're taken phrase for phrase the longest Quote within the New Testomony from Jeremiah 31 Chapter 30 chapter 31 verses 31-34 That's how new they’re that they're in The Outdated Testomony Relationship to the time of the Hebrew king Hezekiah Yeah that's how new it’s that the Father that you’d have the daddy's Legal guidelines the Torah in your thoughts and written In your coronary heart after which he shall be your Elohim and you’ll be his individuals and Then he yahuwah will bear in mind your sins And your lawlessness no extra your sins And your what Lawlessness How lengthy does the Covenant final Come and allow us to be a part of ourselves to Yahuwah nicely who could be doing this the Kids of Israel and the kids of Judah so there goes your substitute Theology proper out the window Come and allow us to be a part of ourselves to Yahuwah in an Eternal Covenant by no means To be forgotten My individuals have been wandering sheep I come first however for the misplaced sheep of The Home of Israel

Who stated that Yeshua I’m the Good Shepherd Yeshua Leaving the 99 for the one Yeshua My individuals have been wandering sheep or Misplaced or straying or perishing sheep Their Shepherds have left them astray They're Shepherds their pastors Jeremiah 3 15. I shall increase up for you Shepherds Pastors after my very own coronary heart They're Shepherds their pastors have led Them astray turning them away on the Mountains they’ve gone from Mountain To Hill they’ve forgotten their Resting place all who discovered them have Devoured them And their adversaries have stated we’re Not responsible as a result of they’ve sinned In opposition to yahuwah the house of Righteousness and the expectation of Their fathers yahuwah hey if we're Slaughtering these sheep it's not our Fault as a result of they strayed from yahuwah We’re fulfilling the desire of yah by Bringing to them the punishment that They deserve for transgression Sounds so much like Babylon doesn't it Flee from the midst of Babel Come out of the land of the kazdem come Out The place have we heard that earlier than Revelation 18 verse 4 come out of her my Individuals lest you partake of her sins and Obtain of her plagues Flee from the midst of Babel oh and

What's Revelation 18 concerning the Destruction of Babylon by who the Righteous King within the line of King David Yeshua Messiah Babylon Babylon Has Fallen Flee from the midst of Babel out of the Land of the kazdem and be as Rams of a Flock for look I'm stirring up and Mentioning towards Babylon meeting of Nice Nations From a land of the north for they shall Array themselves towards her from there She shall be captured their arrows are Like these of a mighty expert man not Returning empty-handed and caldea shall Grow to be plunder all who plunder her shall Fulfill themselves declares yahuwah Since you have been glad since you Rejoiced you who plundered my Inheritance as a result of you could have grown fats Like a heifer threshing grain and also you Nay like stallions your mom shall be Vastly ashamed she Who Bore You shall Be humiliated look the final of the Nations A wilderness a dry land and a Desert due to the wrath of yahuwah She shall not be inhabited however she shall Be abandoned all of it everybody passing By Babylon shall be astonished and Whistle in any respect her plagues set Yourselves an array towards Babylon all Round all you who bend the Bow Shoot at Her spare no arrows for she has sinned In opposition to yahuwah

Sinned towards yahuwah what’s sin First John 3 verse 4 she has transgressed the Torah of yahuwah Shout towards her throughout she has Given her hand her foundations have Fallen her partitions are thrown down for it Is the Vengeance of yahuwah take Vengeance on her as she has executed so do To her Minimize off the sower from Babel and him who Handles the sickle at Harvest Time from Earlier than the sword of the oppressor every One turns to his personal individuals and each Flees to his personal land Israel is a scattered sheep I come first However for the misplaced sheep of Israel The Lions have pushed him away First the king of ashore devoured him And now eventually this Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon has damaged his bones Subsequently thus stated yahuwah of hosts the Elohim of Israel see I’m punishing the King of Babylon and his land as I’ve Punished the king of ashore the Assyrians and I shall convey again to Israel and I shall convey again Israel to His pasture and he shall feed on Carmel And Bashan and his being shall be Happy on Mount Ephraim and Gilead In these days and at the moment declares Yahuwah the crookedness of Israel shall Be looked for however there shall be none And the sin of Judah however none shall be Discovered for I shall pardon These whom I

Depart as a remnant Of the daddy's chosen individuals as a Remnant Right here is the endurance of the Saints People who have an affidavit of Yeshua Hamashiach and maintain the instructions Revelation 12 Revelation 14 and the Malice of two or three Witnesses let a Factor be established nicely there's two Go up towards the land of marathaim In opposition to it and towards the inhabitants Of Picard slay and put them below the Ban which means kill all people declares Yahuwah and do in line with all that I Have commanded you there’s a sound of Battle within the land and of nice Destruction how the hammer of all of the Earth has been minimize off and damaged how Babel has change into a destroy amongst nations I Have laid a snare for you and also you have been Captured o Babylon and also you your self did Not know you could have been discovered and in addition Caught since you strove towards Yahuwah yahuwah has opened his Armory And has introduced out the weapons of his Displeasure for the grasp Elohim of Hosts has has a piece to do within the land Of kazdem Superior imagery Come towards her from each quarter open Her storehouses pile her up as heaps of Smash and put her below the ban let her Don’t have any remnant slay all her Bulls let Them go right down to slaughter woe to them

For his or her day has come the time of their Punishment hear they flee and escape From the land of Babel to declare in Zion the Vengeance of yahuwah our Elohim The Vengeance of his hakal his Temple Summon archers towards Babel all you who Bend the bow and Camp towards all of it Round and let nobody Escape repay her In accordance with her work As a consequence of her in line with all she has executed For she has been proud towards yahuwah In opposition to the setup half 1 of Israel Behold I come swiftly to reward every man In accordance with his work The place have I heard that earlier than Revelation 22. Verse 12. Yeshua talking and see I’m coming Speedily and my reward is with me to Give to every in line with his work I'm the Olive from the highest the start And the top the primary and the final Blessed are these doing his Capital H His yahuwah's instructions In order that the authority shall be theirs Unto the tree of life and to enter By way of the gates into the Metropolis Jerusalem Blessed are these doing his instructions so That the authority shall be theirs unto The Tree of Life What’s the Tree of Life

Israel I'm grafted in to Israel bear in mind the Root Bears the department the department does Not bear the basis Romans 11 learn it Jeremiah 50 29 summon archers towards Babel all you who bend the boa Camp In opposition to it throughout and let nobody Escape repay her in line with her work As a consequence of her in line with all she has executed What you sow you’ll reap For she has been proud towards yahuwah In opposition to the set of half considered one of Israel Don't be Babylon Subsequently her younger males shall fall on The streets and all her males of battle Shall Perish in that day declares Yahuwah see I’m towards you o proud one Declares the grasp yahuwah of hosts for Your day has come the time of your Punishment and the proud one shall Stumble and he shall fall with nobody to Increase him up and I shall Kindle a fireplace In his cities and it shall devour all Round him thus stated yahuwah of hosts The youngsters of Israel have been oppressed Together with the kids of Judah all who Took them captive have held them quick They refused to allow them to go their Redeemer is powerful yahuwah of hosts is His identify He shall strongly plead their case in order To offer relaxation to the land however unrest to The inhabitants inhabitants of Babylon

Their redeemer He who buys them for a worth to be a Bond servant in his home There’s a Torah for Redemption look it Up I've been redeemed that doesn't imply You get to go do no matter you wish to do It means you’re a bond servant within the Home Of your Redeemer A sword is upon the kazdem declares Yahuwah and it’s upon the inhabitants Of Babylon upon their heads and upon her Sensible males a sword is upon the liars and They shall be fools a sword is upon her Mighty Males they usually shall be damaged down A sword is upon their horses and upon Their chariots and upon all of the blended Peoples who’re in her midst they usually Shall change into like girls a sword is upon Her treasures they usually shall be Plundered sword is upon her Waters and They shall be dried up and it’s a land Of carved photographs they usually boast about Their idols subsequently the Wild Desert Beasts shall dwell with the jackals and The ostriches dwell in it and it shall By no means once more be inhabited nor dwelt in Unto all generations As Elohim overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah And their neighboring cities declares Yahuwah so nobody would dwell there nor Would son of man sojourn in it See a individuals shall come from the north a Nice nation in lots of kingdoms stirred up

From the ends of the Earth they Strengthen their bow and their spear They’re merciless they usually present no Compassion they sound like a roaring sea And journey on horses set in a ray like a Man for battle towards you o daughter of Babylon The king of Babel Has heard the report About them and His Fingers turned weak Misery has taken maintain of him ache like That of a lady in labor See he comes up like a lion from the Jordan jungle towards the enduring Pasture however immediately I shall make Them run away from her And who’s the chosen one Capital C capital O whom is the chosen One whom I appoint towards her For who’s like me Who summons me and who’s that Shepherd Who stands earlier than me Joshua Subsequently hear the Council of yahuwah Which he has endorsed regarding Babylon and his objective is he has Purposed regarding the land of the Kazdem the least of the flock shall drag Them away he shall make their Pastor a Waste earlier than them on the sound of Babylon's seize the Earth shall be Shaken And the outcry shall be heard amongst Nations And in Revelation 18

John within the spirit And after this I noticed one other messenger Coming down from the heaven having nice Authority within the Earth was lightened From his esteem And he cried with a mighty voice saying Babylon the nice has fallen is fallen And has change into a Dwelling Place of Demons a hang-out for each unclean spirit And a hang-out for each unclean and hated Chook as a result of all of the nations have drunk Of the wine of the wrath of her whoring And the kings of the Earth have Dedicated whoring together with her within the Retailers of the Earth have change into wealthy By way of the ability of heritous residing And I heard one other voice from Heaven Saying come out of her my individuals lest You share in her sins Except you obtain of her plagues As a result of her sins have piled as much as attain The heavens and Elohim has remembered Her unrighteousness rendered to her as She certainly render and repay her double In accordance with her works and the cup which She has blended makes for her double as A lot as she is has esteemed herself and Lived righteously a lot torture and Grief give to her as a result of in her coronary heart She says I sit as a princess and I’m Not a widow and I don’t see mourning at All Due to this her plague shall are available in Someday dying and mourning and shortage

Of meals and he or she shall be burned up with Fireplace as a result of yahuwah Elohim who judges Her is mighty And the kings of the earth who dedicated Whoring and lived righteously together with her Shall weep and mourn over her they usually Shall see the smoke of her burning Standing at a distance for worry of her Torture saying whoa whoa the nice Metropolis Babylon the mighty Metropolis due to your Judgment has are available in one hour And the retailers of the earth weep and Mourn over her as a result of nobody buys their Merchandise anymore merchandise of gold And silver and valuable stones and Pearls and high-quality linen and purple and Silk and Scarlet and all Citron wooden and Each object of Ivory and each object Of probably the most valuable wood bronze and Iron and marble and cinnamon and incense And aromatic oil and frankincense and Wine and oil and high-quality flour and wheat And cattle and sheep and horses and Carriages and our bodies of lives of males And the fruit that you simply're being longed For has gone from you and all of your Riches and Splendor are misplaced to you and You full you shall discover them no extra at All And the retailers of those those that Turned Wealthy by Herschel stand at a Distance for worry of her torture weeping And mourning and saying whoa whoa the Nice metropolis that was wearing high-quality

Linen and purple and Scarlet and adorned With gold and valuable stones and Pearls For in a single hour such nice riches was Laid waste And each shipmaster and each passenger And sellers and as many as work to see For his or her residing stood at a distance and Cried out once they noticed the smoke of her Burning saying what’s like this nice Metropolis They threw mud on their heads and cried Out weeping and mourning and saying whoa Whoa the nice Metropolis during which all who had Ships on the ocean turned Wealthy by her Wealth for in a single hour she was laid Waste Rejoice over her o heaven and also you set Aside emissaries and Prophets for Elohim Has fully Avenged her And one Mighty messenger picked up a Stone like that of an incredible Millstone Threw it into the ocean Saying with such a rush the nice Metropolis Babylon shall be thrown down and shall Not be discovered anymore in any respect and the Sound of harpists and musicians and Flutists and Trumper trumpeters shall Not be hurting you anymore in any respect and no Craftsman of any commerce shall be present in You anymore in any respect and the son of a Millstone shall not be hurting you Anymore in any respect and the sunshine of a lamp Shall not shine in you any extra in any respect And the voice of the bridegroom and the

Bride shall not be heard any extra in you In any respect on your Retailers have been the nice Ones of the Earth for by your medicine Sorcery all nations have been LED astray and In her was discovered the blood of the Prophets and the set aside ones And of all who have been slain on the Earth Bless you all Shalom

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