Economic Crisis & Hegelian Dialectic | Bear Brief 26MAY23
Economic Crisis & Hegelian Dialectic | Bear Brief 26MAY23

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Good morning and welcome to the bear Temporary it’s the twenty sixth of Might 2023 and We're going to do the transient as we speak we're Speaking predominantly concerning the looming Debt ceiling disaster slash deal query Mark We’d additionally usually do Nationwide Intel as we speak however lots of y'all rode into Intel at And despatched uh hyperlinks to movies or unverb Verifiable nonsense And that’s not what I imply after I say Present Intel I would like your private Experiences what you've seen along with your Eyes and your ears what you might be Personally experiencing I don't know if you already know this however we get 10 to fifteen 000 emails per week and bear you Want to observe this video isn’t Intel Okay So you probably have precise Intel one thing You’ve got seen with your individual eyes or Heard with your individual ears that’s Verifiable Intel Monitoring monitoring like a tank Bear all Proper copy that 26 Might 23 bear unbiased transient introduced To you as at all times by of Which I’m the founder and CEO In case you're new right here subscribe ring the Little bell icon when you're not new right here You realize what to do share the present with Someone that you just love I be sure that YouTube hasn't unsubscribed you since

Final you checked lots of you a lot of Y'all by the best way have additionally mentioned I'm not Getting notifications till after the Stay stream is over it is a Pre-recorded video It's not a reside stream so that you'll get a Notification When the video posts okay okay look simply A a modicum of situational consciousness Would do effectively for you particularly in case your Ambition is to outlive the top of the World as we all know it that's a lofty objective Survival interval is a lofty objective and so Apply a bit of bit extra simply the 4 Extra synapses in your mind please and Thanks little bears salty this Morning I'm simply bored with [ __ ] all Proper Bear unbiased transient 26 Might 23 the N Double ACP or the Nationwide Affiliation For the development of coloured folks Are you able to even say that anymore is that Allowable now will the thought police Come and punch you within the brow if You say these phrases has issued warnings In regards to the potential for hurt brought on by a Debt ceiling deal that might unfairly Goal folks of shade in the US unfairly huh The NAACP has what what concerning the tax Construction that unfairly targets sure Folks on this nation Hmm What concerning the Small Enterprise

Affiliation that unfairly targets Sure folks on this nation what About uh equality and Equal Alternative Employment that unfairly targets some Folks on this nation That's not a problem no that's if we're Extracting capital from one group of Folks and giving it to a different that's Wonderful however when you're then proscribing the Circulation of that Capital to a sure subset Of the inhabitants that's unallowable do You even communism bro See why do they maintain pushing democracy It's our democracy as a result of a Consultant Republican a Constitutionally mandated consultant Republic is about particular person liberties Democracy is about Common equality Equality of life not a top quality of Consequence not a top quality of alternative and That's why these morons which are air Quote representatives of us and bear in mind Authorities is only a group of individuals and These persons are under no circumstances any smarter Than the remainder of us Though it's truthful to say {that a} bunch Of morons maintain voting voting air quote Dominion anyone maintain voting these Folks in they're no Geniuses they're Not any smarter than we’re however these uh Morons who’re in energy coalesced Correlated energy on the high of the Hierarchy right here in the US of America maintain pushing the phrase democracy

As a result of democracy is about equality Throughout the board not a top quality of Alternative a top quality of consequence we Ought to all be the identical effectively information flash We're not all the identical all of us have Completely different giftings and abilities and Delights all of us have various things That we're good at and never good at we All have completely different ranges of ambition And work ethic and self-discipline and Dedication And due to this fact it’s unjust it’s immoral Unethical so that you can equally distribute Income sources throughout the board it’s Fully towards the Bible First Timothy 5 verse 8 he who doesn’t work Has denied the religion and is worse than An Infidel how about this one a Workman Is value their rent He who could be trusted with little could be Trusted with a lot by the best way when you Haven't discovered this channel is for Religion-based preparedness fanatics if You're not a kind of folks you're Welcome to hang around right here in case you are Welcome you've discovered a house Again to the transient the NAACP has warned That any deal made for the debt ceiling Must prioritize the well-being of Marginalized communities and has Cautioned that black communities may Be adversely affected by extreme finances Cuts to the applications and companies that Are serving to to maintain so many communities

Afloat Why are these communities on the tit of The federal government Riddle Me That Batman what's the purpose Of that Oh yeah we freed all of the slaves And now the ghetto is The New Plantation Your suburb is now The New Plantation As a substitute of only a small subset of individuals Being owned by a unique subset of Folks which to be completely clear I Assume is abhorrent and and I on no account Help the idea of slavery We outlawed slavery in the US Of America after which we made everyone a Slave however the very only a few on the high You don't assume you're a wage slave attempt Not paying your taxes after which with the Males with when the boys with weapons come and Put you in a tiny little field Inform me you're not Oof The NAACP has warned that any deal made For the debt ceiling must prioritize The well-being of marginalized Communities To search out marginalized communities and has Cautioned that black communities may Be adversely affected by extreme finances Cuts to the applications and companies that Are serving to to maintain so many communities Afloat training as a result of authorities Training works so effectively you imply Indoctrination Well being Care oh as a result of

Authorities Well being Care works so nice Ask anyone concerning the approval price of The VA Uh what else do we’ve right here inexpensive Housing as a result of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have such a Actually actually glorious monitor report Proper and everyone is aware of that the Tasks is strictly the place you need to Stay what else we bought right here uh inexpensive Housing and extra depend on these applications That may very well be minimize because the nation's Spending spirals uncontrolled you imply Like meals stamps as a result of that program's Understanding tremendous effectively bear in mind when it Was once like authorities cheese and There was a certain quantity of Disgrace Concerned with having to be on the Authorities tit however now you may actually Purchase lobster tails on the Walmart when you So need NAACP president Derek Johnson instructed NBC That man must have a cheerful accident That complete group must have a Completely satisfied accident quote proper now A Malicious group of legislators a Malicious group of legislators homie They're all malicious they're all They're all of them serve their very own Self-interest They don't serve you they Don't serve me they don't symbolize you They don't symbolize me they're Curious about how they’ll increase their Inventory portfolio and their 401K not how

They’ll finest symbolize you and each Time they let you know that they’ve their Greatest pursuits your finest pursuits at Coronary heart they’re mendacity to you and also you're An fool when you proceed to consider them Interval the top finish of story and that's Not an opinion that's a historic reality Proper now A malicious group of Legislators are trying to carry America hostage as they combat to chop Key Applications that act as a Lifeline to Hundreds of thousands of Individuals why why do they Act as a Lifeline to thousands and thousands of Individuals the Messiah himself mentioned the Poor shall be with you at all times Now we're additionally commanded let none Amongst you be poor it doesn't say let The federal government deal with the ports as Forsake not the Widow and the orphan Additionally comma he who doesn’t work has Denied the religion and is worse than an Infidel The federal government's not your daddy the Authorities's not Messiah the federal government Authorities isn’t the Monopoly man they Don't produce something they only take Assets from a sure group of individuals After which redistribute them to different Teams of individuals and so they do this to Achieve political sway to allow them to proceed To advance their agendas and coalesce Energy at their tier within the hierarchy not Ours Stabby stabby bear

Proper now A malicious group of Legislators are trying to carry America hostages they combat to chop Key Applications that act as a Lifeline to Hundreds of thousands of Individuals notably black Households and quote Hey Yeah as a result of private accountability is Apparently an old style ideology That now not exists on this nation I’m so bored with being the unhealthy man I'm so bored with being the unhealthy man I grew Up poor I've had only a few handouts in my life I As a younger baby was in a position to confirm The artwork of timing which meals financial institution had What on what day proper I've killed extra animals for sustainment Rising up than most individuals of their Whole semi-professional looking profession Have ever even seen I began my first enterprise with a 500 Pickup truck and a 200 chainsaw this Enterprise that I at present run now Refuge Medical was began with a thousand {Dollars} of seed capital and is now on 4 continents No one gave me [ __ ] After I utilized for an SBA mortgage I used to be Informed that it was one of the best marketing strategy That they’d ever seen However they had been unable to fund me as a result of I used to be a white male by no means thoughts the very fact That I'm 1 / 4 American Indian proper

And I'm additionally not on the rolls as a result of I Don't need to be on the dolls as a result of I Don't need free [ __ ] from anyone I simply Wish to be left alone in order that I’ve the Alternative to construct no matter it’s that I must construct to deal with myself And the people who I really like and have a Lasting significant affect on society as A complete However now I additionally must fund the Effectively-being of a complete bunch of individuals That I by no means met earlier than that’s theft And since if I don't do this then males With weapons present up and put me in a field That’s not what our founding fathers Envisioned for this nation they went to Battle with the biggest army on planet Earth due to a one p.c tax on t Oh how far we’ve fallen In different phrases even when default is Prevented and a deal is reached susceptible Communities in the US may Nonetheless get hit with more durable instances as extra Of that stabilizing but invisible Group scaffolding dissolves Effectively susceptible communities perhaps you Ought to determine by now That these folks don't symbolize you They usually don't have your finest pursuits At coronary heart and it’s essential to cease being Subjected to their will begin taking Private accountability to your Effectively-being Whereas the NAACP focus is totally on

Race this concern may very well be extrapolated To people who find themselves much less in much less lucky Conditions generally Counting on these applications to keep up Stability of their social environments One of the crucial prevalent and pervasive Types of social unrest in any human Setting throughout the globe stems from meals Insecurity meals insecurity Do it once more Go on I'll wait come on hen International No you're focusing on what's past it I Don't have a transparent shot Whereas the naacp's focus is totally on Race this concern may very well be extrapolated To people who find themselves much less in much less lucky Conditions generally counting on these Applications to keep up stability of their Social environments one of the crucial Prevalent and pervasive types of social Unrest in any human setting throughout the Globe stems from meals insecurity why Determined folks do determined issues When complete communities should face Housing and meals insecurity it has massive And Lasting Ripple results typically Impacting folks from different communities And even later generations within the phrases Of the Greek thinker Aristotle quote Poverty is the mum or dad of Revolution and Crime Finish quote So let's um

Go to that drawer in your kitchen pull It open Discover the tinfoil Put a 3 wrap that is most likely three Wrap dialog three wraps of tin Foil round your Dome seated Appropriately over your skull You bought all of it proper good Determined folks do determined issues do We not have an election cycle developing After all we do this's why a lot hay Is being made out of this debt ceiling Disaster proper now within the first place uh 78 of the nation in a current ballot has Determined that no we don't need any extra Joseph Robinette Biden Jr thanks very A lot we're not together with 53 P.c of Democrats they're executed and All people is aware of that Camel Toe Harris is Not an acceptable substitute for Mr Biden Mr asterisk Biden as effectively by the best way Have you ever seen this whistleblower coming Out Um I imply he's been out earlier than but it surely's Going round it's making the circles on The social medias proper now speaking About all of the instances that this man Carried out oral intercourse on Barack Obama after Smoking crack cocaine with him share That in my tales on Instagram Yesterday what I'm tremendous stunned tremendous You imply to inform me that that man isn’t A software of Devil how attention-grabbing

How attention-grabbing yeah Large Mike yeah Michelle she's bought nice arms yeah As a result of she's a person she additionally has an ideal Adam's apple Why why would the large they permit issues Like Um you already know meals insecurity housing Insecurity why do they want determined Folks to do determined issues effectively this Known as the hegelian dialectic create The issue suggest the answer management The result thesis antithesis synthesis See poverty creates meals shortage and by The best way poverty which is supplemented by Governmental funds equates to manage Which implies that they now have a really Giant uh devoted block of Voters that Will assist their place as a result of if They don't these voters will lose all The issues that they should air quote Survive Purchased and paid for voters Now this poverty creates meals shortage Meals shortage creates a civil unrest Folks by having badly and as soon as folks Begin Behaving Badly to the purpose the place It's simply insufferable The little they the folks will cry out And say the federal government has to do One thing about this and make no mistake Within the midst of all of this shall be even Extra air quote mass shootings and so they Will they the large day will proceed to Quote the simply lifeless ass fallacious statistic

That gun crime is the primary killer Of kids in the US Including into that group of kids Folks as much as the ages of 20 years previous And together with in these statistics all of The gang crime violence from uh locations Like Chicago and LA and New York and DC And all the opposite simply cesspools of the US of America quoting unhealthy Statistics and folks the little folks Will cry out and say the federal government should Do one thing about this and then you definitely guess Your candy took us the federal government will The large they’ll and they’re going to get what They need extra management They may They may use that as a mandate underneath Their democracy 51 p.c rule To enact no matter it’s that they need To enact To take energy from you and provides it to Them to take autonomy from you and provides It to them once more bear in mind a Consultant Republic the objective of a Consultant Republic is to guard Particular person liberties The objective of a democracy is to have Equality I'm not desirous about their model of Equality thanks very a lot don't need To play that recreation however determined folks Do in truth do determined issues so for You in your preparedness journey I don't Know what number of instances I've mentioned it however

It's bought to be at the very least 100 instances Audit your inhabitants density if the Place that you just reside proper now’s already Type of shady it's most likely going to get Worse not higher within the close to future Strategic relocation is a factor even when You need to take a success to your so-called High quality of life However there's no Starbucks on this Neighborhood there's no neighborhood Right here Yeah so there we go there's no Starbucks You're proper there's additionally no gymnastics For Tina and there's no you already know little League and blah blah there's not There are roosters that must get shot With 22 Pistols that that’s true Um and most of y'all could not know this So I'll make clear for you that's meals I do know most individuals are their Relationship with meals includes it got here Out of a gap within the aspect of a brick Clad constructing After speaking to the little speaker or You picked it up on a bit of Styrofoam With a bit of diaper beneath it Wrapped in Saran wrap from the air quote Grocery retailer that’s stuffed with all Varieties of Abominations of air quote meals After which folks surprise why they're so Sick You might need to take a success in your air Quote high quality of life to strategically Relocate however when you don't do it quickly

Sufficient uh you'll miss the chance After which [ __ ] shall be falling aside Round you and also you received't know what to do About it and you’ll de facto change into A part of the issue since you're Locked into a really unhealthy state of affairs that You possibly can have mitigated when you really Took this [ __ ] significantly Now if not years in the past however as a substitute it's Simply too arduous bear I'm positive it’s it's Tremendous arduous proper I undoubtedly didn't Strategically relocate with no cash and With three kids and with an 80 12 months Previous grandma from North Texas to Nowhere Oklahoma So that you're proper it might't be executed I'm Simply that is all inexperienced display screen I'm simply Making it up Along with finances cuts proposals Have been put ahead that might toughen Work necessities for federal assist In case you're going to have federal assist I’m 100 in assist of labor necessities to Obtain it once more Why the Bible a Workman is value their Rent That's a double-edged sword It means if I'm the employer and also you're The worker I’ve to pay you a Workman Is value their rent I’ve to pay you it Additionally means on the opposite aspect when you're The worker it’s essential to be value paying Lots of people miss that facet that Interpretation

Work necessities for federal assist hell Yeah a Workman is value their rent President Biden asterisk mentioned that he Wouldn’t settle for quote any work Necessities which are going to affect on The medical well being wants of individuals and Quote the medical well being wants of individuals Okay so now we don't simply have an Autocracy right here however now we’ve the Authorities mandating their willpower Of what the Federal Medical Well being wants Of the persons are Um let me break this down Barney model For individuals who have been indoctrinated Their complete life it’s essential to eat actual Meals it’s essential to transfer your physique you want To drink water simply simply water not water With not water from Flint Michigan or East Palestine Ohio or wherever else Like that simply water It’s essential to go exterior and get sunshine On you it’s essential to sweat ideally On daily basis it’s essential to sweat it’s essential to Do actual [ __ ] it’s essential to sleep eight Hours per night time when you can when you can't Get eight after which get seven when you Can't get seven then get six however two Three 4 ain't gonna minimize it Um and dare I say it’s essential to be Vertically aligned with the creator of The universe and coated by the blood of His son and you already know what is going to occur You’ll reside an extended and wholesome and Most likely profitable life

As a substitute of simply getting on the hamster Wheel of massive Pharma Quote any work necessities that’s Going to affect on the medical well being Wants of individuals and he had beforehand Tweeted quote the home Republican Want checklist would put 1,000,000 older Adults liable to looting dropping their Meals help and going hungry fairly Than push Individuals into poverty effectively Bro we're already there thanks very a lot Mr Biden fairly than push Individuals into Poverty we should always scale back the deficit by Ensuring the rich and huge Companies pay their fair proportion in Taxes finish quote It's arduous to inform at this level precisely What's going to occur however the cascading Results may doubtlessly have an effect on us all All proper so older Individuals who’re on Meals help once more let's take a Biblical worldview right here forsake not the Widow and the orphan you need the Authorities to do much less it’s essential to do Extra Get to know your neighbors Mrs Jones Over right here who's barely getting by assist Her Mr Smith over right here uh Korean Battle veteran Who's you already know he now lives alone assist Him Go assist him However effectively the federal government shouldn't be Yeah I agree the federal government shouldn't be

Answerable for mainly something Nationwide Protection perhaps interstate commerce A handful of different very small issues All the pieces else goes to the tenth Modification states rights you don't need The federal government to meet that position in These folks's lives guess whose job it Is to meet that position in these Folks's lives yours mine it's our job Love your neighbor as your self there are Two nice instructions Matthew 22 36 the primary is you shall Love the Lord your God with all of your Coronary heart with all of your soul with all of your Thoughts with all of your power with All the pieces that you just've bought Deuteronomy 6 Verse 4 and the second is like unto it You shall love your neighbor as your self Leviticus 19 Verse 18 on this hangs all The Torah and the prophets Or the federal government shouldn't do this effectively Then go love your neighbor as your self And so far as International Making the rich and huge Companies pay their fair proportion in Taxes to start with Outline rich Outline rich As a result of based on the IRS I'm rich I’d beg to vary Mr Inner Income Service man I’d beg to vary I pay my payments like everyone else I put my pants on one leg at a time

I'm only a regular man I'm not rich I can't afford to interchange my 16 12 months previous Pickup truck That doesn't make me rich in my thoughts I'm definitely not driving a Bugatti To the docks the place my yacht is in order that I Can go on a six-week Escapade by means of The Bahamas I don't have you already know trip Properties I'm not rich however in accordance To the IRS I’m Why as a result of I had the audacity to begin An organization and make use of 23 households And the objective of saving folks's lives Whereas in service to the daddy's Kingdom I ought to undoubtedly be taxed at 38 for That you just're proper Mr IRS man right here's a Query What does the Biden household pay in taxes Anyone As a result of we're going to speak about wealth How a few smattering of 10 million Greenback money payouts Over and time and again 10 for the Large man proper What do they pay in taxes how about Congressman And our representatives are quote what Do they pay in taxes I ponder what the DC bureaucrats are paying in taxes Hmm Pay your fair proportion kiss my furry white Ass how about that one pay your truthful Share

So clearly a whole lot of hay is being made Out of this debt ceiling debacle We're going to take a look at a few Articles as effectively however earlier than we can we are On the finish of week seven Of fifty weeks of preparedness we've been Speaking about water this week by the best way Many individuals are celebrating Shavuot The Feast of Weeks Pentecost the day That the daddy makes Covenant along with his Folks For some who’re on the extra judaic Talmudic calendar that started at sunset Final night time and goes by means of Sunset Saturday Mazel Tov Shalom blessings As for us we’ll clearly we shall be Or perhaps not clearly we shall be Observing Shabbat at sunset as we speak By means of Sunset tomorrow after which uh What the world calls Sunday what we name First day shall be Shavuot for us in our Interpretation of Leviticus 23. Not right here to piss in anyone's Cheerios About dates and instances I feel it's very Necessary that whoever you might be Celebrating with that you’re all of One Accord per Acts chapter 2 within the New Testomony and on the day of Shavuot they Had been all in sooner or later of 1 Accord so So long as you and your religion group of Believers are in in accord of 1 thoughts I feel that's nice However when you're questioning hey bear how

Come you do shovel however how come there's A quick as we speak it's as a result of we're doing Shovel on Sunday Uh additionally programming word Monday is Memorial Day we won’t have a short on Monday so In honor of all the Fallen who’ve Spent their blood And Who’ve Created de facto widows and orphans in Service to this nation That we would have the Freedoms and the alternatives that we Have Memorial Day is a day of appreciation And reflection It's not a day for a bear transient Now 50 weeks Of preparedness week seven water Filtration and purification Um Berkey filters Whether or not you get the large Berkey otherwise you Get two buckets and drill holes in them And put the filter in you need to have a Strategy to filter water a number of methods I Would counsel I’ve In my methods which are in baggage Man Transportable methods I’ve every thing from The Sawyer mini which is true right here atop This origin package the Western ifac package That we put collectively for origin Maine You might need heard of them Jocko gasoline

Jocko Navy SEAL stuff it is a sawyer Mini proper right here And it has a squeeze pouch You utilize this to suck up water from a Questionable Supply you screw it into The top of this and also you squeeze and Clear potable water comes out this finish Proper right here I just like the Sawyer mini As a result of that is additionally the identical threads as What you'll discover on water bottles and You couple this with a strong water Bottle like a sensible water bottle and You've bought a fairly compact sturdy System and these are good for at the very least 10 000 gallons of water filtration They're good for on the transfer this isn’t A complete house water filtration system It's additionally As a result of getting water is by and huge a Tactical operation as a result of Predators Hunt at watering holes not going to be Nice you probably have one filter and also you've Obtained say 5 10 20 folks in your group all Attempting to get water on the similar time This Is an MSR water filter This lives in one among my rocks Aside from when it's on digicam And this Come on out This screws to the lid of a Nalgene one Quart Nalgene bottle And it has a hose proper right here we hook This hose as much as this pump and also you do

This And it sucks water up By means of the hose from a questionable Water supply and spits out clear water Into your Nalgene bottle This factor works rather well in my Expertise and uh it's bought a bit of lid Right here on the underside you could put in There and uh it'll produce the next Quantity of water in the identical quantity of Time because the Sawyer mini will So higher for longer journeys into yawn Wilderness or for extra folks happening The identical journey on the similar time Moreover I’d suggest you look At find out how to deal with water with iodine and With bleach there are recipes when you Will prescriptions for a way a lot iodine Per liter of water how a lot bleach per Liter of water After which there's the previous standby as lengthy As there's uh No chemical compounds within the water boiling You need to boil your water For 2 minutes stand again This one has clearly by no means been used However it is a GI canteen cup why As a result of uh it holds half a quart of Water AKA a pint of water and it Matches round your canteen In your canteen pouch After which I can now boil water For

Giardia cryptosporidium And so on removing from water and also you desire a Rolling boil on this for 2 minutes the Reality of the matter is as soon as it involves a Rolling boil even for a second it's Already killed all of the unhealthy bugs which are Within it however folks are typically Silly and so by boiling for 2 minutes You could be completely sure that You've achieved a full rolling boil You too can in a permissive surroundings AKA we will make fires right here use this for Meals prep or for espresso as a result of if You're not when you don't espresso like Are you even surviving when you don't Espresso proper and so take a look at methods to Filter purify and boil water and I’d Advocate in your entire methods You’ve got scalable choices from I carry This technique on my again to that is my House or my Bug out location and whereas I'm right here that is how I'm going to Keep a gentle stream of potable Water for me and my folks as a result of water Is a kind of issues that’s grossly Neglected within the prepper neighborhood As a result of it's sort of troublesome Um So don't be that man don't be that lady Have water make water otherwise you'll die With out it Okay okay bear okay Bear all proper A pair different issues I need to take a look at Immediately

Let's see right here From Reuters relating to the debt ceiling Deal Biden and McCarthy seem close to two-year Deal on U.S debt ceiling as default Looms and it is a lengthy article I learn A bit little bit of this on the patreon Unique livestream Thursday final night time However I’ll reiterate once more right here Washington Line Might twenty fifth Yesterday Reuters U.S President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr asterisk and high Congregate high Congressional Republican Kevin McCarthy are closing in on a deal That may increase the federal government's 31.4 trillion greenback debt ceiling for Two years whereas capping spending on most Objects U.S official instructed Reuters Initially Authorities You're 31 and a half trillion {dollars} in Debt and you’ve got the audacity to assign A 3-digit credit score rating to me Pound sand [ __ ] That's absurd Secondly Don't lecture me on the wealthy must pay Their fair proportion if you're 31 and a Half trillion {dollars} in debt perhaps simply Perhaps a bit of little bit of fiscal Conservatism may remedy this drawback Perhaps simply perhaps if we had an ethos in This nation we don't spend cash we

Don't have we wouldn't have these Issues after which everyone needs to [ __ ] and moan it's the worldwide cabal It's the elite it's the bankers that Management issues yeah after all it’s As a result of the debt that the nation has is A legal responsibility for the nation however it’s on The books of the bankers as an asset see Bankers after they do their revenue and Loss assertion your debt is their asset Once more biblically the wealthy rule over the Poor and a borrower is slave to the Lender That makes the federal authorities slave To those banks no surprise they do Questionable [ __ ] on a regular basis as a result of They're not in cost the federal government the President's only a figurehead not in Cost he says and does no matter these Bankers inform her or him or it or shim or Reptilian Overlord to do as a result of they Are literally in cost So Don't lecture me on how I must do My fair proportion I'm not 31.4 trillion {dollars} in debt Okay I'm really in zero debt I’ve More cash than the federal authorities Does No surprise they assume I'm wealthy [ __ ] The deal which isn’t last would Improve funding for discretionary Spending on Army and Veterans good Whereas primarily holding non-defense

Discretionary spending at present 12 months Ranges so no will increase we're nonetheless going To spend plenty of inordinate quantities of Cash on issues that aren't terribly Necessary we're simply not going to Improve the sum of money that we Spend on these unimportant issues Oh and the official reporting this has Requested anonymity as a result of they're not Licensed to talk about inner Discussions they're not licensed to Speak about these items so due to this fact they Need anonymity whereas they're speaking About these items Bear in mind the great previous days once we used To hold Merchants Effectively that's a really excessive bear effectively so Are the circumstances we're in I feel when you introduced again hanging Merchants or simply firing squad and like You need to increase some cash for the Authorities put that [ __ ] on Pay-per-view 5 bucks you need to watch the firing Squad as we speak it's 5 bucks reside stream On YouTube at midday Central or no matter Proper folks would tune in in droves I Surprise how keen folks could be to run Their mouths about issues they're not Licensed to speak about at that time Then Yep line them up towards the wall uh John Smith are you licensed to speak About these items No Sir John Smith did You speak about these items sure sir John

Smith you’ve been sentenced to die by Firing squad Three two one bang bang bang thus endeth John Smith subsequent Oh that's excessive Ought to we return to rock pile as a result of I'm completely on board with rock pile is It much less excessive if we simply go together with rock Pile I'm fairly positive a kind of massive ten Instructions is don’t bear false witness Proper The White Home is contemplating scaling Again its plan to spice up funding to the Inner Income Service to rent extra Auditors and Goal rich Individuals The officers mentioned good The IRS shouldn't Goal anyone simply so We're all on the identical web page you don’t have any Authority and no mandate to Goal Anyone And the time period focusing on uh let's see if I Was the soy boy I’d say that's a Microaggression really that's a macro Aggression you're going to Goal folks Um I'd watch out with that phrasing the IRS goes to Goal rich Individuals Once more Outline rich Individuals And also you're gonna Goal me I’d select a unique phrase A second U.S official mentioned IRS funding Is an open problem however the principle thrust is Making certain the company executes the

President's priorities even when there may be A small haircut the place funding is moved Round The IRS Is guaranteeing that the company will execute The president's priorities Initially not your job Second of all The president's job is to not Collude with the IRS To attain his desired finish State additionally Not your job Executes the president's priorities Kiss my ass The deal would specify the full quantity The federal government may spend on Discretionary applications like housing and Training based on an individual acquainted With the talks however not break that down Into particular person classes the 2 sides Are simply simply 70 billion {dollars} aside On a complete determine that might be effectively Over one trillion {dollars} based on One other supply they're simply 70 billion {Dollars} aside simply 70 billion {dollars} oh How far we’ve fallen 70 billion {Dollars} is alter now it's simply 70 Billion {dollars} Oh man it's low cost oh how a lot is it oh It's simply 70 billion What What And alternatively it's all faux Cash anyway proper

And see why extra folks aren't up in Arms about this I don't know since you Should pay pay with their faux cash Together with your actual Blood Sweat and Tears Your actual time which is actually Irreplaceable to get a few of their faux Humorous cash which they’ll simply Actually On a keyboard and kind up some extra of It However it’s a must to commerce your life Which is fearfully and splendidly Created within the picture of the Creator and Actually Irreplaceable For a few of their [ __ ] fiat forex As a result of when you don't the boys with weapons Will come and get you and put you in a Field Bull [ __ ] The 2 sides met nearly on Thursday The White Home mentioned Republican Negotiators have backed off plans to Improve army spending whereas chopping Non-defense spending and as a substitute again to White Home push to deal with each finances Objects extra equally Yeah as a result of we’d like extra Lgbtqia plus social applications and we Undoubtedly don't should be funding and Coaching the army as a result of Right here's a plan once we go to warfare with China we will simply spherical up all of the [ __ ] and ship them over there to

Struggle for us that's gonna go effectively for us I do know what we'll can we'll put them on Boats and inform them that there's a Kindergarten story time over there in China after which due to this fact they'll be Tremendous keen keen to only when the entrance Of the Higgins boat comes down they’ll All run off of their you already know excessive heels And their attire to the kindergarten Story time and get ate up by Machine Gun Fireplace and artillery That's an ideal that's an ideal plan we Ought to do this one The remainder of this text is [ __ ] It's all [ __ ] After which from RT Russian propaganda Goldman Sachs predicts when the U.S will Run out of money the warning comes is the Debt ceiling talks Stalin Washington The US authorities could run out of cash By June ninth Goldman Sachs economists Have received it would but it surely most likely received't As a result of there's a bunch of politicians Proper now simply jockeying forwards and backwards On who's going to get what concession From who To line their pockets and assist their one Their 401K not yours That rooster must die It's not gonna run out of cash there's Not gonna be a default it's not going to Occur it's all political theater it's All bread and circuses to get you all Spun up why as a result of concern is a wonderful

Motivator and concern permits them to have Management over you The treasury's early June deadline for The debt ceiling seems very correct in Our view based on Alec Phillips and Tim Krupa uh who instructed MarketWatch Based on their calculations by 2nd Of June the treasury rooms the Treasury's room to maneuver underneath the Debt ceiling will barely exceed 30 Billion {dollars} the minimal money the Treasury has focused an early debt Restrict projections and the funds will Have run out totally by June ninth You heard it right here first ain't gonna Occur there's gonna be a final minute Deal they're gonna determine one thing out And everyone's going to breathe a sigh Of aid 90 possible ten p.c Possible uh they default oh no there's No extra humorous cash after which after which Bear they're gonna use that to usher in The Central Financial institution digital forex They're gonna have much more management yup Get out of the system Get out of the system Get out of the system Phillips and Krupa anticipate a deal within the Debt ceiling to be introduced late on Friday or on Saturday after all of Course we'll announce it on Shabbat Proper They are saying there's an 80 probability of a Full-fledged deal a ten likelihood of a

Quick-term patch and a ten p.c probability That Congress received't act in time The US authorities faces a default on its 31 trillion greenback debt if lawmakers Fail to boost the federal borrowing Restrict treasury secretary Janet Yellen Maintained earlier this week that early June was a debt ceiling default deadline Reuters reported on Thursday that President Joseph Robinette Baden Jr Asterisk and high Republican lawmaker Kevin McCarthy had been edging near a Deal on the debt ceiling however have but to Agree on cuts to discretionary spending Which funds a variety of army and Home applications And that's the top of the article from RT now when you're a kind of people that Jumps off when it's time to debate the Worth trade right here at Bear unbiased I bid you I do Imma go pee for the remainder of y'all I'll be again in 30 to 60 and uh we'll Speak about all the opposite issues happening Right here at all proper Okay Bear all proper stand by I'm Truthful doing bear issues that's what My shirt says International Hyperlinks within the description for all this Stuff seek for Bear Unbiased or comply with the hyperlink within the Description it’s 5 {dollars} monthly It’s a prepper consultancy you ask

Questions I provide you with solutions in a 30 to Or 15 to 30 minute video format reply To your query after which there's Group dialogue on every put up about How we will all be higher concerning the Issues that we're discussing it's Extremely priceless it's one of the best 5 {Dollars} you may spend on the web There are 20 plus items of unique Content material monthly there and there's a Actual sense of neighborhood there in case you are It doesn't matter what part of your Preparedness Journey you're in there may be Some meat to chew at patreon so test it Out it isn’t and I really like me you need to Love me two web page I produce extra content material For patreon than I do for YouTube And extra in-depth and extra intimate Content material on patreon Refuge medical now by means of Monday Midnight Uh each order from Refuge medical Qualifies you for a free subject medic package A subject medic package is an American-made Bag from squat survival gear that's Stuffed with a hospital in your again it Exceeds the US Military ranger Medic normal For what’s required for a ranger medic To have of their pack And uh it's all it's very compliant it's Made in the US of America With one of the best parts from North American Rescue assault Medline

And so on and so no matter you purchase at Refuge Medical proper now you routinely Entered for an opportunity to win the sphere Medic backpack Hospital in your again That being mentioned I’d vastly Recognize it uh if you wouldn’t be one Of these people who goes to Refuge Medical and buys a turd for 3 bucks To and be entered into an opportunity to win As a result of it prices me extra to ship it to You than what you as a result of there's free Delivery on the retailer as effectively so like Please don't recreation the system that is for These individuals who earnestly need to Help an American-made firm And uh purchase one of the best life-saving Tools on planet Earth To that finish Um the package of the week is the wound care Bucket when you're a prepper and you want Stacking buckets contemplate the wound care Bucket it's bought 30 days value of gauze Tape gloves and disinfectant that when you Have a grievous damage that requires Therapy after you employ your particular person First assist package You utilize the wound care bucket it'll Deal with a significant damage for 30 days a minor Harm for 60 to 90 days or a number of Minor accidents for 30 days and it's a Bucket so you will get one a month till You bought six of them stacked up when you Need like all of your different preps and Buckets you already know your corn rice wheat

Beans flour salt sugar And so on So uh free delivery on the retailer All the pieces is HSA and FSA eligible all Of our first assist kits all of our Elements they're all HSA and FSA Eligible arcs are in inventory the superior Rip away package this man proper right here the Journey Arc is on a pre-order proper now However the fight Arc this man proper right here In inventory rip this away you may mount This to your headrest your plate service Your brow no matter you're into this Molly appropriate panel can mainly be Mounted wherever it comes with straps Proper right here so you may put it on the Headrest of your automobile after which uh you Pop it open you've bought your committee on T Triple C beneficial winless Tourniquet proper right here this one's That includes a smooth tee tourniquet you've Obtained your Sharpie your shears fast clot Chest seals wound packing gauze stress Bandage s Mark bandage life 72 was saved With one among these s Mark bandage from a Grievous chainsaw damage And naturally proper right here made in the US of America there's rather a lot Of firms proper now y'all be careful For this there's a whole lot of firms that Try to hop on the bandwagon of Made in America Perceive that the Um

The definition of made in America has Been modified by the trade to imply North America the US Canada And Mexico so there's a whole lot of issues Which are made in Mexico that folks Assume it's made in America we make our [ __ ] within the USA the US of America and Oklahoma Arkansas and Connecticut and Texas that's the place we Make our stuff okay so made in the US of America there's additionally Different firms on the market a few of which Are rivals LOL who’re saying Assembled in the US of America oh meaning you acquire a bunch Of [ __ ] from China and then you definitely Assembled it right here congrats bro No made within the USA okay uh so that is The arc There are numerous prefer it however this one is Mine Uh you would possibly test that out on the Web site once more Web site-wide home free delivery proper Now each order is an opportunity to win uh The uh subject meta package and the origin Collab with origin these guys proper right here Within the Raptor camo That is the origin Western package which is A survival package and a t Triple C Emergency medical trauma drugs package All put collectively in a single lovely origin Raptor camo Pouch these are delivery proper now so if

You bought in on the pre-order on these These are going out so thanks bless You thanks for supporting our American made small companies Refuge coaching after I get executed right here I've bought to go to Pocola Oklahoma As a result of as we speak is responder 3 drive on Drive tactical medical coaching and I'm Going to the phase that I'm going to Educate as we speak shall be a bit of bit on Small unit techniques shoot transfer Talk maintain and a few guerrilla Warfare stuff in order that um The crew of scholars in responder 3 has Some hopes of constructing it by means of the Ultimate train Which is a big drive on Drive kazavac Situation Um It's going to be a blast so there are Nonetheless some dates in Idaho and Indiana For public courses for Refuge coaching In case you'd like to return come to class Responder one is the March algorithm Huge bleeding Airway respiratory Circulation head damage hypothermia All the pieces else I've had some folks say Individuals who don't know I you already know don't Discuss stuff you don't know who've Mentioned why don't you simply take a cease the Bleed class they're free as a result of to cease The bleed class will present you a Tourniquet and we'll present you a stress Bandage and you’ll not be allowed to

Use them for legal responsibility causes and can Be a two-hour Loss of life by PowerPoint the place You’ll fake that you just now know the Issues that you already know responder one is Huge bleeding Airway respiratory Circulation head damage hypothermia All the pieces else it consists of a number of Reps and units of you making use of Tourniquets to your self and different folks On the arms and the legs wound packing Making use of chest seals and so on and so on and so on it’s Not cease the bleed not that cease the Bleed is a nasty curriculum but it surely's what We do far exceeds cease the bleeding Responder 2 a CPR and AED in a tactical Setting and intro to situation Based mostly Coaching the place you’ll work a motor Car accident and the responder 3 is Uh consider a tricky mudder coupled with Tactical drugs coupled with foursome Drive coaching situation based mostly particular person And crew eventualities for uh eight to effectively 10 to 12 hours Yeah it's badass in order that's Refuge you may test that out and Then final however definitely not least Grindstone Um in a nutshell if there's a twister or A hurricane we go at no cost and assist These people who find themselves affected put their Lives again collectively we've deployed our Catastrophe aid Ministry 37 instances within the Final 4 years hurricanes tornadoes And so on If you’d like uh if you wish to see our

Fruits simply put grindstone Ministries Into the YouTube search bar you'll discover Dozens of movies of us on website doing What we do once we're not busy doing That we rescue and restore juvenile Human trafficking survivors AKA we go And take kiddos from people who find themselves [ __ ] who’ve been significantly raping And abusing them we put these kiddos Again collectively once more and be sure that Actually unhealthy [ __ ] occurs to these actually Dangerous folks In case you're into you could take a look at Grindstone join The e-mail information blast in case you are Convicted by the spirit to donate you Can hit the Donate button Caleb home T-shirts lengthy sleeves and hoodies Caleb Homes our restoration facility you may Purchase these from Sanctified Provide Co Hyperlinks within the description in addition to our Brother noticed his shirt info not emotions In addition to her brother Rex's shirt to Borosaurus Rex all of which the proceeds Of which assist the constructing of Caleb Home our restoration facility we’ve At present 24 kiddos in our care ages 1 To 19 and it price us greater than thirty Thousand {dollars} monthly to have the ability to Have an effect on their care and therapy and Safety and safety every month for These 24 kids so thanks to All people who helps grindstone and Caleb home we actually couldn't do

This with out you and you might be so freaking Badass Um thanks for stepping as much as the Plate and serving to us do what we do We couldn't do it with out you That’s the transient for as we speak Thanks guys and ladies for being a A part of the Bear Nation Um I do have one ask Please assist us evangelize Please inform folks when you may inform one Individual throughout the subsequent week About bearing dependent Refuge Medical Refuge coaching grindstone or Caleb Home Please assist us Um There's 100 and eighty eight Thousand folks within the Bear Nation The objective right here The mission assertion is to save lots of lives Whereas in service to the daddy's Kingdom And experiencing the abundance of his Provision and blessing The strategies by which we try to save lots of Lives fluctuate bear unbiased the concept Right here is to provide the instruments that you just Want in your correct toolkit to have the ability To outlive No matter Might Come And likewise to Foster your relationship By means of the written phrase with the Creator of the universe by the blood of His son

I’d rely that as saving lives Refuge coaching We educate you find out how to not die And find out how to save different people who find themselves in The method of dying for no matter cause Motorized vehicle accident office Accident energetic shooter or the top of The world as we all know it Refuge medical we make life-saving Tools right here in the US of America we save 77 lives thus far That's saving lives A Caleb home Forsake not the Widow and the orphan We by the grace of essentially the most increased Saving these children lives Placing them again collectively once more so They'll have a life So in the event that they're not a sufferer they're a Survivor So my ask is In case you may please simply inform one individual About us And what we do and find out how to plug in I’d actually admire it I hope you all have a a blessed day I hope you’ve a great day of relaxation And in case you are observing Shavuot I pray that the daddy makes his face Shine upon you I really like you all Have a kick-ass day Shalom

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