A Green Berets WARNING About Whats Coming to USA "PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA..."
A Green Berets WARNING About Whats Coming to USA "PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA..."

Assume you’re prepared for SHTF? Assume once more, in todays video we talk about the horrors of societal collapse and tips on how to take care of it.

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So it's gonna come all the way down to survival and That's simply fundamental human nature proper you Have the fittest the neatest the equip They're gonna attempt to survive by all Means crucial the U.S or Canada goes To crap the health is gonna survive how Do you assume individuals are going to reply In a state of affairs the place you might have a restricted Quantity of assets and lots of people Who need them however first you're going to Begin off ordering your individual little pot You're gonna preserve all the pieces in your Basement however what do you do if you run Out you by no means know what you're succesful Of till you're put in that state of affairs And I can simply see a situation the place That takes place in these First World Nations speak slightly bit about what Any individual may expertise in a Self-defense state of affairs the place they’ve To really take someone's life Job however then as soon as that's accomplished and over With I quickly it hits you want oh man I Simply took the lifetime of one other particular person Proper as a result of it's a part of the job going To the vary and simply taking a look at a Goal and simply taking pictures it over and Over actually doesn't do some stress what Is your evaluation of the present Scenario in Russia and Ukraine do you See Particular Forces enjoying a extra lively Function in The Battle sooner or later we Could be partnered up with the Ukrainians coaching them and main on

By way of fight in opposition to Russia if we get To that time International Of us Canadian prepper right here at present on the Channel we have now a really particular visitor Jay Is an lively obligation Inexperienced Beret at present Within the means of retirement he spent 20 Years within the army 14 in Particular Forces he additionally goes to offer Coaching to civilians and Navy who Are fascinated about going into particular Forces his YouTube channel specializes In making an attempt to assist get individuals mentally Ready for taking that step from going From the army to Particular Forces however He additionally makes lots of helpful content material For civilians who’re making an attempt to maybe Hone their tactical consciousness tactical Skills because it pertains to emergency Preparedness Jay thanks for approaching And perhaps simply inform us a bit about Your self so my title is Jay dolias I Spend spent 20 years in america army 5 as a fight Engineer and 15 as a particular forces Operator uh what do I do with all that Information do I simply you already know discover One other job and sort of let it Widow Away or do I discover a platinum to share The data and expertise with the Subsequent Technology whether or not they wish to be Particular forces or whether or not they simply need To be you already know higher Citizen and

Defend their household I’ve the Information that I'm gonna share to assist Them get to that time uh so I made a decision To go that route I'm on YouTube and uh Since June of final 12 months I've been on the Platform simply offering as a lot steering As I can to assist all people be higher Primarily yeah and your YouTube Channel already has 12 000 Subs coming On 13 000 I'm positive we are able to get that as much as 20 within the very least by the point this uh Video has run its course and I gotta say That curve in your hat how lengthy did it Take you to work that curve in as a result of I Thought I used to be old-fashioned with my curve However man that's the you possibly can put a cup On that So this hat will get lots of traction on The YouTube channel proper as a result of as a New particular forces operator we name Ourselves FNG all proper it's effing you Guys so if you present as much as the crew You're the FNG and also you're not allowed to Put on Um any crew gear and it's my fortunate Hat as a result of once I confirmed as much as my crew I didn't have any so I wore this and I Wore it on my first deployment and um it Obtained me by that deployment firefight And all it sort of turned like like my Fortunate allure I didn't go wherever with out It uh so that is uh since 2010 I've been Carrying it it's it's bought some years on

It you've been in hearth fights you've Been on many deployments uh in lots of Completely different locations and primarily based in your Expertise uh how do you assume individuals Are going to reply in a state of affairs The place you might have a restricted quantity of Assets and lots of people who need Them So it's going to return all the way down to survival Um And that's simply fundamental human nature the Fittest The neatest the equip They're gonna attempt to survive by all Means crucial and it's one thing that I see you already know in Afghanistan and Iraq Again and again so that you so that you quick Ahead within the metropolis presents itself to The place the U.S or Canada goes to crap Just like the fittest is gonna survive Proper as a result of at first you're going to Begin off hoarding your little pot You're gonna preserve all the pieces in your Basement however what do you do if you run Out proper you continue to bought these kind to Feed you continue to have a household to guard You're gonna exit and also you're gonna get It by all means crucial and I do know It's not a well-liked reply however I'm an enormous Fan of Simply you already know realists ask for what's Gonna occur you by no means know what you're Able to so that you're placing state of affairs I've seen it you already know play time and again

Once more in third world nations and I can Simply see a situation the place that takes Place in these First World nations you Know proper now when instances are good All people's fairly civil all people can Resolve their variations in amicable Methods however you're saying that beneath These miserable circumstances that there's Going to be you already know individuals are are Going to understand that uh perhaps there's One other aspect to them they're going to Should both go on the defensive or The offensive relying on what the Scenario dictates do you discover that There's a metamorphosis that happens With individuals within the army after They've been uncovered to that surroundings That it's arduous for them to readjust Completely completely as a result of Being at Warfare taking a life or having a Comrade taken from you prefer it does One thing it adjustments you in ways in which Methods you already know lots of of us simply received't Ever perceive after which going again and Revisiting that You realize some guys simply don't know the way To deal with that like some guys simply don't Know know tips on how to bounce bounce again from Proper so proper you'll have an excellent Nightmare they'll flip a drug drug Turning alcohol you already know as a result of they They only don't know tips on how to take care of it And for the longest there you already know guys Wouldn't go speak to strengths any of

That so it sort of stayed with it and Then it follows them dwelling they usually don't Consider them all the pieces all the pieces Whether or not it's uh private life after which You realize main to love suicide and all And and social issues proper I've seen That occur like over and over I Assume lots of people particularly within the Prepper area perhaps individuals who haven't Had any army expertise We sort of must demystify the Expertise of being in fight as a result of I Assume lots of people have the flawed Concept that they're simply going to have the option To interact on this method as a result of they See it within the films they usually're simply Going to have the ability to be the identical particular person Afterwards when you need to take Any individual's life in fight relying on You know the way private it’s you talked About how there's going to be instances when It's you're simply you already know bullets are Going in every single place you don't know in case you Hit someone or not however then there's Different instances the place it's extra up shut and Private and within the second you you stated This distinctly you say you are feeling like a God since you really feel like you might have you Know this supreme energy to finish a life However after that adrenaline Fades that That's if you begin to really feel extra Regret and maybe you begin to it Begins to eat away at you may you perhaps Speak slightly bit about that about what

Any individual may expertise in a Self-defense state of affairs the place they’ve To really take someone his life yeah In order that's completely right as a result of Initially such as you're on the market operating And gunning and also you're skilled to do This so when the state of affairs presents and Offered you you you simply exit you do Your job However then as soon as that's accomplished and over with Like that's when it hits you want oh man I simply took the lifetime of one other particular person So you are feeling empowered such as you really feel like You're such as you're proper since you Simply you actually simply actually simply simply Took that that your hand of line of Demise and demise however then when you if They're adrenaline wears off it goes Again to again man like that might have Been me or why did he have to do that Since you determine that different or that That life that you just simply took he most likely Had a household he most likely had most cancers and Now you discover how you discover out considering About all of that proper you simply must Discover a method to you already know take care of it Particularly as troopers after which get again Within the combat and the extra you do that The extra customized you grow to be to it proper As a result of it's a part of the job now for for The civilian that's not not a more in-depth That's not not used to that of stuff They will do much more injury to it Waking up getting in your automotive you already know

And now you end up in a Self-defense uh state of affairs the place you might have To take That's even more durable since you're not Educated for you already know you already know of us That's by no means gotten over it you say that You're in a position to sort of flip it on and Flip it off when you want to however there's Some individuals Maybe they go slightly too far however Additionally How that may translate right into a shtf Scenario you understand how these guys are Going to navigate that kind of state of affairs Yeah so with regards to Particular Forces And even troopers as an entire proper let's If all the pieces goes to crap primarily based on my Opinion two separate issues are gonna Occur troopers are going to hunker down And do what they're imagined to do which Is shield themselves shield their Household shield that Neighborhood it means Mandatory or we're gonna have a separate Group or that's going to enterprise out and Attempt to promote their companies Proper they're going to grow to be Mercenaries and and people of us that on A on they're going to rent these College students for the 2 separate conditions That I can simply see occurring primarily As a result of primarily some a part of the world It's already occurring as particular forces Operators we have now the talents wanted for That state of affairs you already know many of the

Locations that we go to these conditions Exists it occurred for the final 20 years Or so so I might simply see in it taking Place in modern-day you already know America or Canada if it comes all the way down to that Yeah it is sensible as a result of such as you say In creating nations the place they're is Civil unrest civil battle you already Have mercenaries non-public contractors Doing this sort of work so shtf as we Name it could simply be an extension of That however what about these the the People you you say I'm Within the psychology of the individuals who Can't flip it off as a result of I believe it Perhaps these are the blokes that go Rogue In that sort of state of affairs proper say how Do you guys take care of that within the Service yeah in order these people you Can simply inform they usually're those that Got here in initially with Just about questionable morals proper After which they undergo this they usually Undergo this you already know god-like Feeling They usually they missed that prime that they Get on the battlefield To the place they're turning to different Retailers To seek out that very same expertise since you Additionally bought to remember that it It takes a a particular particular person to To affix the army or to go down vary And to combat proper and

When you're down there and also you're Experiencing it whilst you're going By way of it you're you're altering both For the nice or for the dangerous And Yeah as a result of initially you're moving into There since you wish to shield you Need to serve after which when you're there It's Gonna Change it's it's gonna flip You into one thing else Proper there's lots of completely different Um instruments obtainable to you as a result of the Of us which are in cost total like They know what it does to you already know guys Like me and my buddies they know what Warfare does In order that they have all these various things In place to hopefully you already know attempt to Assist us to maintain us on a path however not All people you already know at all times journey down That path you continue to have onesies and Twosies that fall off Are you able to simply clarify what kinds of Particular Forces there are and why do Sure guys go into that and why do Some simply keep on the army so so much Of men go particular forces as a result of they Need that problem Proper they're tremendous aggressive of their Personal proper they usually wish to be one of the best Of one of the best proper so inside america Military Particular Forces you might have Inexperienced Berets Particular Forces which is who I’m proper after which you might have the Navy

Seals they’ve their very own mission set Principally revolving round water Proper then you might have uh fight Controllers within the Air Pressure they're Usually hooked up to us they usually Management all of the air belongings so if we’d like So if we're on operation and we're in a Gun combat and we’d like bombs dropped from Forward then these guys I'll speak Air Pressure to the airplane after which construct Dropbox Proper then you might have uh the Marine Corps Additionally they have their very own particular Operation uh Workforce we name them marsok They usually do lots of water operations Additionally proper and naturally inside the US Military you might have completely different tiers so I'm Positive you've heard of SEAL Workforce Six and a Bunch of different ones I simply rescue so on And so forth in order that's completely different ranges That particular operation will get carried out at And so that you don't plan on uh staying in The army in any capability then you definitely're Going to be totally retired quickly So I like what I did I like being a Inexperienced Beret I like the mission that we Carried out within the camaraderie that I bought From my crew was simply overwhelming like I cherished it a lot that I did it for 15 Years I did the job at each stage to Embrace the uh management positions and For me it was extra than simply you already know Gunfights and and coaching it was the Indisputable fact that I had an opportunity to Mentor uh

Younger males into you already know excellent Residents in order that stored me in that area Um till I needed to prioritize our household Over army after which I made a decision to Punch out at 20 years It's most likely not a foul time to punch Out the way in which issues are going within the World proper now properly on the subject of Being in a gun combat now you've you've Been in a number of you've talked about this In your channel clearly I've by no means Been in a gunfight however I can I believe I Can sort of perceive with regards to Firefights I like to interrupt them down Into two separate classes proper you Have the shock after which you might have the One which's deliberate the one which's Deliberate can be like an ambush you do a Down vary deploy some noise and also you Know the enemy goes to be in a Sure location and then you definitely interact Once more Fireplace Safety you might have the open Hand that's a completely completely different Feeling Versus you’re on a patrol and Then the enemy ambushes you see as soon as one The enemy finally ends up your mind goes a Thousand miles an hour and it's wanting For that file in there that claims hey That is how you want to react to this Scenario state of affairs after which after which The practice over and then you definitely you begin Cease Um however nevertheless it's not enjoyable in any respect it’s

Terrifying it's terrifying however nevertheless it's One thing that may that be all of the Time Yeah and that's the the significance of That procedural reminiscence these mortar Abilities such as you say discovering that file You realize amidst all of the chaos after which Simply turning it on after which changing into a Little bit of a machine in that state of affairs and Letting the the coaching do the work Therefore the significance of that stage of Coaching I believe lots of people they're Simply considering to themselves properly I Performed Name of Obligation for you already know 10 Hours a day I'm simply gonna leap in and I'll determine it out on the fly however as You're saying that adrenaline goes To be paralyzing for the common particular person Who's by no means you already know and in case you don't Have that file you're just about you Know you're you're going to be like a Deer in headlights principally Precisely and also you see it occur all of the Time with a few of these mass shootings Proper as a result of lots of of us don't practice It so when the gun goes off their Intuition is let me go let me one thing Excessive someday as a result of Some of us even have weapons on them but when In the event that they don't practice to mechanically Begin appearing they're going to varsity You realize and that's simply the fact of It however you you need to practice it over and Over once more and you need to have a cause

To behave proper so why do you wish to Survive There's another excuse that I prefer to Tie into this why do you wish to survive As a result of that's additionally going to present you That fight mindset that you want to be Capable of take it to the enemy like why do You wish to survive why do you wish to Get out of this espresso store is it Due to your youngsters your spouse like Whoever you gotta have that kind of Mindset if you wish to survive sure Conditions So that you're saying you virtually must Conjure up like a psychological picture of The explanations the issues which are Vital to you in that second to type Of override the concern and the Panic of The state of affairs that may compel you Ahead to take no matter applicable Motion uh the state of affairs requires That's precisely right as a result of certainly one of The most important issues that you already know we as Particular forces operators Um practice is fight mindset like Hey We're going to go down vary a minimum of For me like once I go down vary I do know Like I'm not going out proper simply As a result of the federal government needs me to combat And sure I join within the Military and that's A part of my job however once I'm on the Battlefield my job is to combat my Hardest to carry my brothers to my left And to my proper again dwelling I don't even

Give it some thought proper as a result of the explanation Why I'm there to guard my buddy Any individual to my proper overcomes that Comes on mechanically my agent I'm not Freezing up nothing is going on as a result of If I do then my buddy dies it's the identical Idea I’ve once I'm again within the States I'm defending my spouse I'm Defending my youngsters I'm defending my mother My dad like I'm defending civilians Like that's simply who I’m that's why I Need to be as attainable as a result of if that If a risk comes up like that's gonna Assist me to behave proper as a result of if I'm gone Then I can't do any of these issues so That's how I tie into the fight mindset I believe that's a really helpful uh piece of Data for individuals what you simply Mentioned and you already know I believe within the very Least if someone's not going to get Coaching if solely to to know the Feelings that they're going to be Experiencing and tips on how to overcome it Could be a helpful tip so when it comes to the Coaching you guys really do coaching You will have an organization that's going to be Doing coaching for army and Civilians is that right Greenberg Chronicles Um it's not solely a a YouTube channel however I even have a special a part of the Firm that does lots of Particular Forces prep serving to guys prepare for Choice uh whether or not it's foot is honest

Tips on how to pack your rucksack tips on how to conduct Land Navigation like we do majority of That stuff for the candidates and if Civilians are fascinated about it they will Go on the web site they will get all that Data from there they usually might go By way of those self same courses after which they Can journey to Fort Bragg North Carolina Which is the place I’m and I'll take them By way of a Land Navigation PE educating Them tips on how to do all that stuff and the way Lengthy is a course like that the course is Truly self-paced so it's a bunch of PowerPoints on there after which I've Transformed majority of these energy factors Into audio so it's a subscription-based Mannequin so guys can go on there and hear To it at their very own will and if they’ve Any questions on a sure subject they Attain out to me instantly after which I I Assist them out And so however you're really doing there's A on the bottom part to this Sure sure so the uh uh land nav side of It it takes one or six days to go By way of the whole land nav course one Or two they wish to come down there with Them simply educating them tips on how to conduct Navigation on it and in the event that they want um Assistance on packing their rucksack tips on how to Maintain their ft I'll take them Like uh on a tutorial and truly present Them tips on how to do all that stuff as a result of in My opinion it's all fundamental expertise that

All people ought to know tips on how to do Yeah so when it comes to fundamental expertise you Know you see all of the gear on the wall we Had been speaking earlier than the factor began About how you might have aspirations to construct Your individual Warfare wall of types however your spouse Gained't allow you to hopefully you already know after She sees all these Subs that you just're Going to get however uh what's moving into your Bug out bag if the proverbial [ __ ] hits The fan So for me I prefer to preserve it easy proper As a result of the final 20 years I've been Studying tips on how to reside off the land so my Primary requirements can be after all the Bag itself good socks after which an excellent Pair of spare boots Then I'll have a fireplace starter package All proper I’ve a sleeping bag tie down Uh tablets so I can uh um seize water and Ensure that it's it's uh secure to uh Uh drink I'll have a pair MREs right here And there after which I’ll have lots of Ammo and weapons all the pieces else in my Opinion I can get off the native Um a land as I prefer to say Clearly you Know in a battle zone how comparable do you Assume a you already know we speak about this Hypothetical Mad Max state of affairs however how Completely different is a catastrophe going to be from Uh battle zone kind state of affairs like There's riots within the metropolis there's civil Unrest perhaps there's some low depth Civil battle occurring or regardless of the case

Do you are feeling that uh your system could be A bit completely different in a non-war Zone than It will be in a battle zone It's two completely different situations however for me Warzone I'm loading like I'm going heavy On ammo uh it's it's much like how we Did it you already know like when the place the Flooring like we might exit for 2 or Three days at a time we might have you ever Know water We might have MREs after which we might Have ammo lots of it as a result of if we do Get in a firefight we have now to have the ability to Maintain ourselves and if you're Apprehensive about you already know dying you're not Actually anxious about meals and water you Know you're making an attempt to remain alive you You're not anxious about oh man I'm I'm Form of thirsty proper now it's extra so Like like let me preserve taking it to the Enemy so I can survive to see all of them I Think about that you’d most likely essentially the most Folks they could carry a couple of hundred Rounds and assume okay you already know I'm good For months proper however uh such as you're Saying in case you get pinned down or One thing and also you're you're in a Firefight you possibly can undergo that Fairly fast I think about so that you guys are In all probability carrying fairly a bit how a lot Ammo would you carry in a state of affairs like That the place you needed to go you already know Behind Enemy Traces Yeah so we usually have what's referred to as

Primary fight load proper in order that's 210. That's simply the preliminary load we might Triple it 630. on high of that we have now 9 mil we Have grenades uh and that's 12. all Proper so that you time all of that by 12. After which that's what we usually carry Okay and is there lots of uh like Self-discipline round You know the way a lot pictures you're utilizing Like in case you're in case you're losing to you Know you you splending giving ammo to Different guys after they run out or how does That work we would not all be taking pictures On the similar quantity there could be extra Guys on that aspect to it these dudes are Virtually black on ammo so we might cross Uh pollinate the ammunition and make Positive that we're all even throughout the Board so it's not at all times the case that Some man is engaged in a extra intense Chunk so that you guys are sort of balancing Out that approach that is sensible proper Appropriate and after each gun battle the Management will usually placed on the Radio hey give me a rely of all the pieces You've bought after which we'll come collectively We'll consolidate we'll reorganize we'll Unfold out no matter ammos left to make Positive that everyone's even throughout the Board and can proceed Mission how do You handle stress in these conditions Like do you guys do any coaching for Like stress inoculation or simply Stress

Administration beneath these extremely Adrenaline crammed moments Coaching is intensified to behave too contemporary If we're if no vary and the place Shooters At let's say you already know like 5 meters Proper we're partaking with pistol at 5 Meters Um there's gonna be a bunch of various Issues added to that situation to induce Stress to verify your pictures are properly Positioned they could you already know change up the Targets they could provide you with a bunch of Completely different workouts to do or they could Put dummy rounds in your gun to the place You gotta transition and clear your Pistol like there's a bunch of stuff Added to the coaching to induce the Stress that you just're gonna face the sound Vary proper to the place when you do get Down proper down and see it it's not uh The primary time first really see yeah I Guess uh you already know if an individual wished to Get that stage of coaching one of the simplest ways To do it could be to undergo fundamental Coaching or perhaps uh you already know however for Civilians you already know is there wherever That they will get that stage of coaching That you already know of so for civilians like I'm an enormous fan of simply uh discovering Whether or not it's retired police or retired Particular Forces guys which are operating Fight Marksmanship uh programs and simply Undergo these coaching as a result of go Into the vary and simply taking a look at a

Goal and simply taking pictures it over and Over actually doesn't you already know induce in Stress proper it it doesn't actually do Something for you really going to a Skilled that that may arrange Completely different situations for you and push you By way of it after which return undergo And you already know do a we prefer to name it AAR So after you've gone by it you'll Come again and also you'll speak about The whole lot that that simply befell and You'll establish all of the uh mishaps and Then do it once more like that'll provide you with That muscle reminiscence that you just want in Sure conditions Um one other factor you are able to do too as a Civilian is you may uh do what I prefer to Name Um wall gaming proper so mentally you may Begin going by completely different situations Proper let's say you’re in your automotive and You going to Starbucks you may simply stroll In hey I'm going to Walmart or I'm going To Starbucks uh what am I going to do if Any individual comes as much as me and attempt to Hijack me proper so I’d seize my Hid carry pistol like this I’d You realize exit the car like this I Would love you begin enjoying it out in Your thoughts to the place if it does occur It's not international to you a minimum of thought About it right here in Canada we might uh pull Out our hid carry slingshots and Uh

Get them prepared get them primed and prepared Yeah or our flashlights that's one thing That I do on a regular basis like I'm within the States and I'm going by all these Completely different situations like hey I'm I'm About to cross previous this alley what am I Gonna do if someone jumps out and check out To do X Y and Z to me oh I’d do that I'm not I'm not on the market like a phrase or Truly doing it however I'm considering By way of it you already know and that will get me in The you already know defensive mindset you already know That that will get my thoughts prep and prepared For that state of affairs ever presents itself Then I'm in a position to act in accordance Yeah I believe they name that like a Visualization coaching the place you're you Know that approach you're not caught off Guard you already know when issues do occur it Appears that issues at all times occur you already know They at all times catch you off guard although Proper however yeah I believe that's an excellent Psychological train is simply simply imagining You realize and typically I'll I'll often Uh be aware of my environment once I'm going into a spot the place I'm sitting I'll place myself in a strategic approach As a result of you already know I imply the way in which issues Are going on the earth proper now like You realize issues can simply pop off any Minute wherever it appears there's a Energetic shooter state of affairs each different day Even right here in Canada so you already know simply Training that opsec and entering into

Mindset of someone who’s uh perhaps simply Not paranoid however being extra defensive in Phrases of the way you're you already know navigating The world You realize right right it goes an extended Approach yeah for positive so there's a gaggle of Marauders okay it's shtf you already know perhaps That there was a nuclear battle and uh the Authorities has collapsed and there's Perhaps some pockets of like army rule However for essentially the most half it's simply this sea Of lawlessness throughout uh the North American continent and these group of Marauders are going from home to accommodate And it's a pretty big group perhaps 15 To twenty individuals they usually're simply ransacking Homes they usually're they're about to return To your own home so how do you react in That state of affairs if it's simply you and your Household so on this state of affairs Um if there are I'm gonna react a method In fact and in the event that they're not I'm gonna React Uh for this situation we'll simply say that Their arm proper I'm in my home and I Can see what they're doing and I see That they're on uh so my intent can be To realize the higher hand by stunning Them versus letting you let come All the way in which to my home the place I'm not Essentially anxious about you already know Partaking them I'm anxious about Defending my household proper as a result of as soon as Any individual knocks on the door and my youngsters

Are behind me like I'm gonna react Fully completely different so what I wish to Do is meet them out on a impartial subject Whether or not it's me you already know giving my my Life you already know the shotgun and telling Her to hunker down after which I seize my Child my helmet my gun after which I am going out You realize and I speak to them from cowl Or Um after which see what their intent is however Earlier than I try this me being a explosive Professional I'm going to set traps alongside that Approach proper so in the event that they're at In the event that they're additional down I'm gonna you Know put a few booby traps alongside The best way and I'm gonna cease them earlier than They get to them and I'm gonna speak to Them hey I'm such and such I reside in This home What do you guys need Proper hey I’ve stuff set out I don't Advocate you guys come down this highway All proper after which let the uh state of affairs Develop however at no time limit do I Need them to return to my precise home Proper as a result of at that time it's 15 Versus one after which my youngsters you already know What I imply in my you already know whole theme Goes to be screaming you already know Defend my youngsters by taking them and Hiding them and doing no matter I can't Actually deal with the combat at him so I Need to meet them out within the open Impartial territory I don't have to fret

About my youngsters as a result of they're behind me And I can simply deal with the risk forward Of me proper I don't wish to grow to be that Slim highway and truly make it to my Doorstep So that you're speaking about placing these Um detection techniques probably traps as You say as a way to to maintain the Initiative And Maybe preserve the battle away from as Distant from the fortress as you may so To talk With a view to Preventing 15 of us in your own home is Fully completely different than preventing 15 Of us out within the open particularly you Know since I'm skilled I can most likely Maneuver so much higher than these guys Can so I need them you already know out and away From the home what’s your evaluation Of the present state of affairs in Russia and Ukraine I don't see that state of affairs any Anytime quickly uh I believe who it’s to the Level now the place his again is in opposition to the Wall and pulling out will not be an choice to Be as a result of at that time he doesn't need To lose face like he doesn't wish to Seem weak he went in initially Considering that he might win it and I Don't assume he's going to go away till he Does So I can see that state of affairs dragging on And the extra time he spends there the

Extra bull he's going to grow to be and Finally and I hope this doesn't Occur I can see different uh Nations Getting concerned on this Do you see perhaps Particular Forces enjoying A extra lively position in The Battle at Some level Properly if if the U.S will get concerned Completely Completely as a result of our bread and butter Like I discussed earlier is Unconventional warfare so we might be You realize partnered up with the Ukrainians coaching them after which Main them by fight in opposition to the Russians if we get to that time level Yeah and so that you assume that the lots of The coaching that the ukrainians are Getting is from Particular Forces in Completely yeah In order that's that's a part of the explanation why The Russians could also be having such a tough Time proper now Yeah oh and it's not It's not a secret you already know like like After uh Crimea occurred That was a Telltale signal of what was to Come like we knew the Russians had Intentions of doing uh one thing else in There which is why you already know as early as You realize Crimea there have been different Companies they usually're doing work with the Ukrainians what's your evaluation Since you did lots of time within the

Center East in these nations the place do You assume that state of affairs goes I Don't assume it's going to get any higher I’d at all times inform my newer guys to Respect these Fighters as a result of they Actually have been preventing For the reason that days of Alexander like these Folks down there they know nothing however Fight they usually all resilient and Resourceful Alexander couldn't do it Caesar couldn't Do it the Russians couldn't do it if we Couldn't do it like that place is simply Going to remain precisely like it’s as a result of Everyone seems to be out for themselves there's No Like I'm in cost comply with me there's All the time going to be someone making an attempt to Achieve the higher hand And that's simply the fact that’s the Center East And what do they name it the burial Floor of Empires or one thing like that Yeah yeah that's precisely what it’s yeah And it's really fairly attention-grabbing As a result of whereas I used to be there Uh my crew and I really had an opportunity To go to go to a few of Represented the greats like outdated palaces They had been nonetheless standing we had been in a position to Undergo a few of those self same Um grounds it was fairly attention-grabbing Properly I wish to thanks for popping out In the present day man and um I hope to perhaps get

Some Arms-On coaching with you at some Time limit perhaps I'll come down there And you possibly can train me a factor or two Train me tips on how to clear a room or you already know Some mild mild tactical coaching however I Would encourage individuals to go and examine Out uh Inexperienced Beret Chronicles YouTube Channel Let's assist get this man as much as 20 000 Subs that's going to be our objective With this video and I hope you can Come again and uh you already know simply uh you Know preserve us updated with respect to What you're doing and uh I'm actually Wanting ahead to seeing the evolution Of your channel as a result of I believe you bought Numerous actual world expertise that may Assist out lots of people thanks for Having me I admire you and in case you Want the rest simply simply let me know I'm obtainable I'm retired now yeah proper I'm going to work on my hat curve the Subsequent time you see me subsequent time you see Me I'm going to have the ability to sit a cup of Espresso on right here All proper man All proper thanks for popping out brother The easiest way to assist this channel is To assist Your self by gearing up at Canadianpreparedness.com the place you'll Discover top quality survival gear on the Finest costs No Junk and no gimmicks use Low cost code prepping gear for 10 off Don't neglect the Sturdy Survive however the Ready Thrive keep secure

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