Industry Insider: "This War WONT End For a LONG TIME" EVERYONE Is Preparing for the WORST
Industry Insider: "This War WONT End For a LONG TIME" EVERYONE Is Preparing for the WORST

“Tons of of 1000’s” of bunkers to be constructed.

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Hello people Canadian prepper right here again with Half two of our latest interview with Ron from Atlas survival shelters let's Get into it guys Went to Romania And I went and noticed the tape Brothers Tristan is the brother that contacted me Despatched me the deposit paid me for the Bunker designed the plans with me what Is the demand for shelters trying like Proper now has issues slowed down or is It just about type of leveled off or is Selecting up once more like what's the it's Been regular for me for the previous couple of Years for the reason that Cove has began and Then after all with the battle in Europe It's been regular and and with you realize With my YouTube channel I'm out in entrance Middle and other people see how I construct the Bunkers I I don't cover something I'm Clear I'm just about every thing That goes on in my life however I believe As a result of I'm so clear is why I get A lot work and I'm not I say this all The time and I'm not kidding 100 % of people that do their homework And do their comparisons they all the time Select me to do it how did the Tates Discover out about you they discovered me on Um he discovered me on YouTube did he discover Out He follows you he follows yeah he Follows your movies let's collaborate Yeah

Yeah we talked about you yeah okay so I Acquired a giant fee verify coming then Oh yeah you do Who else uh you realize I imply with out like Dropping any names like I'm guessing That if the tapes had been shopping for certainly one of These nicely okay with individuals of that ilk Okay nicely look Invoice Gates Invoice Gates has A number of he constructed one on each single Property so I did a video with Invoice Gates and it went viral obtained over 2 Million views they usually went in there and They took his voice out which was very Bizarre however I'm going to principally say What Invoice Gates mentioned he goes I put the Probability Of a nuclear battle in my lifetime that's Being Invoice Gates lifetime at very slim However I put the percentages of a organic Outbreak higher than Ebola in my Lifetime at higher than 50 % now He mentioned that in my video six months Earlier than the covet broke out so after all You understand the conspiracy theories oh he's Behind it and every thing however Invoice Gates Principally constructed a bunker on each single Property that he has okay he tunneled Below the bottom he went to the home is Principally what the tapes did besides his Bunkers on common had been about 5 Million {dollars} a bit I perceive and My understanding is he did 11 of them Okay I didn’t make them okay they had been Principally tunneled made out of concrete

They usually had been carried out just about in secret Who would you get to do one thing like That nicely it is without doubt one of the land the one Of his uh floor Keepers or someone let The cat out of the bag and revealed it However it's all been verified and and uh However uh so I don't know precisely if it's 11. I've heard it was 11 bunkers at 5 Million a bit so 55 million {dollars} he Spent on bunkers see my sort of Bunker That I often make is a Pre-manufactured bunker we make it out Of metal we make it in a manufacturing facility we put It on a truck and we transport it and Then we arrange a crane we choose it up we Set it down on a concrete pad and we Bolt all of it collectively like an erector set After which we begin welding all of the seams We begin hooking up all of the plumbing the Electrical we put in mills we put On an escape tunnel we fill it with sand After which we cowl it up after which we put Panorama on high of it so once we depart You don't even know we had been there that Is the conventional bunker I do there's different Sorts of bunkers and I'm beginning to do A variety of them as nicely and people are Principally only a poured in place Concrete shelter the place I am going on the market And I arrange varieties we pour the concrete And we do every thing proper there or we Even use ICF I did a video on how I Constructed my bunker out utilizing ICF you simply Set it up prefer it's like Lego blocks and

Then you definately simply put within the rebar you fill It with concrete there's a number of methods to Do a bunker however they all the time should have Your Swiss made NBC or filtration system They should have correctly positioned blast Doorways you want correctly positioned over Strain blast Valves and you will need to have Correct engineering to attenuate gamma Radiation in case there's ever the massive One so you bought to do it proper in order that they Seek the advice of with you after which they find yourself Realizing nicely we have to do some Molding nicely I simply mentioned if it was me And it was my home that is what I’d Do and and I greatest principally receives a commission a Consulting price for uh design so I'll put It this fashion Um one of many high 5 richest individuals in The world I did that for okay so Everyone is aware of the highest 5 so it's Simply a kind of principally he solely Needed a a couple of 2 000 sq. foot Bunker simply type of like for storms and Stuff they usually had an thought the right way to do it And I mentioned nicely that is how I’d do It if I used to be you and it might prevent Some cash and every thing they usually're Like nicely we admire the thought that We're going to take your recommendation and do It that approach so I don't thoughts I there's Extra those that need bunkers and I can Do bunkers for at occasions you realize think about If there's one physician on the planet He can't see all people so Bessie can do

At occasions is simply type of take a you realize Take a pair capsules to purchase some Mucinex And get some nap drink some orange juice You give them recommendation as a result of there's At all times clients or sufferers that actually Want your hands-on expertise in order that's The angle I’ve at it so once you're Going to South Asia on this South Asia Tour are you want working with Governments or are you working with um Identical to non-public contractors I'm going To Japan to satisfy with an organization that Makes transport containers they need to Begin making shelters in Vietnam for Japan out of transport containers nicely They make transport containers now however They really feel they’ve the gear and The services to make a shelter as a result of You understand they too resemble one another However they need to make them in Vietnam For Japan since you don't make issues In Japan it's too costly every thing Is like tremendous excessive value in Japan as far As Taiwan I'm going there as a result of They're getting ready for an invasion from China and there's individuals who need to do Non-public shelters I'm going to to Thailand as a result of I’ve a buyer there That I'm about carried out along with his bunker I'm Going to Singapore as a result of I need to Have a look at the shelters that they're doing In all of the residences and the high-rises There since you go in any high-rise or Any any residence constructing everybody

Lives in tall buildings each single one Of them they’ve just a little room it's Like a like a 5 foot by seven or Eight foot like walk-in twister shelter Room and that's their fallout shelter in Within the skyscreen and the skyscraper they Put them on each ground and all of the Individuals do is that they use them for storage All proper someone handed a regulation that Mentioned it’s important to have that and that 4 Is that for if there's a fireplace is that That's the factor I need to go see what They're good for as a result of they might be They might be nothing greater than a closet Okay if you happen to don't have the correct air System and the correct engineering see I Don't even know who's making the air Methods for them that's the factor I need To go over there and I need to see Firsthand and report on Singapore Fallout shelters how they're made who's Making them and what they're utilizing they Could also be the perfect on the planet they might be The worst on the planet they might not work They might work will not be notably Like geopolitically there's not An excessive amount of they're not near any main Battle in order that's unusual that they Would that's what I'm saying who's Singapore afraid of there are very Rich Nation yeah yeah Um however I need to go see this firsthand For myself I’m a scholar of bomb Shelters in historical past you realize I imagine

What goes round comes round you had been Asking me earlier in regards to the Anderson Shelter from World Conflict II so the historical past Of the Anderson shelter throughout World Conflict II the British authorities felt that Germany was going to assault them in order that they Truly manufactured 1.5 million Anderson shelters and had already Distributed them to the general public earlier than Conflict breakout in 1939. then the subsequent yr As a result of they had been at Conflict they went forward And produced 2.1 million extra Anderson Shelters so a complete of three.6 million Anderson shelters got out to Individuals who certified they usually needed to be Low revenue to get them and all it was Was some corrugated 10 and they’d Bolted collectively and bury it of their Entrance yard about three toes underground It stick up about three toes they usually Would put sandbags round it there have been Chilly they had been moist they had been damp yeah They’d put this on high of it however it saved Tons of of 1000’s of British lives After which they got here out with the Morrison Shelter which was principally let's say You reside in a high-rise and also you don't Have this land it was principally a espresso Desk with a mattress beneath it with Display screen mesh over it so I really Produced a prototype of that in order that's For Ukraine proper that was for Ukraine So my concern was to go to Ukraine to

Attempt to develop merchandise that might be Sensible for the state of affairs they're Residing in I wasn't frightened about nuclear Conflict I used to be making an attempt to get shelters made That had been low cost reasonably priced and extremely Distributed and it might be mass Produced so the Morrison shelter is Round fifteen hundred {dollars} within the Anderson shelter uh in mass manufacturing Over there may be round fifteen hundred to Two thousand {dollars} as nicely so the concept Is the federal government would really place The order okay then the federal government would Distribute to the individuals and I'm nonetheless Engaged on it I'm working with the state Division on this so I'm making an attempt to make Tons of of 1000’s of them as a result of it Seems to be like this battle will not be going away I Suppose the individuals of Kiev and and leviv And and all the opposite cities Odessa I Suppose they should begin placing some Bunkers within the floor you realize it As a result of uh Peyton's off going to cease You understand after which the individuals of Moldova Will begin uh getting ready however the angle Of battle in Europe is um is there now it's Not as it isn’t as crucial right this moment because it Was a yr in the past okay as a result of I used to be there A yr in the past when the battle broke out and uh After which I used to be simply there two weeks in the past And I can let you know that they're getting Sick of it okay as a result of now they're Beginning to damage and they usually're Beginning to fear about their very own

Private funds they usually simply need This battle to recover from they're not going To show their backs on the ukrainians They usually understand it's both let the Ukrainians combat the Russians or they'll Be preventing the Russians subsequent in order that they're Not going to surrender on the ukrainians However I can let you know Europe is is about Fed up with this battle they usually need this Factor to finish however they don't need it to Finish with a lack of Ukraine So with that being mentioned it's going to be A protracted Conflict since you've obtained a cussed Russian and also you've obtained ukrainians that Will be cussed as nicely budding heads I Don't know who will hand over first however I Can let you know this a lot after I'm in Ukraine and also you ask 100 individuals in Ukraine will they win the battle 99 will Say sure they're going to win it they’re Some assured individuals I'm telling you Yeah there's no stop in these individuals I I Would hate to I'd hate to be Russians Combating these individuals with their resolve There are some powerful individuals and they’re Not going to stop They'll must run out of ammunition First Yeah after which they nonetheless gained't stop They'll combat with sticks yeah I've Heard it mentioned that if a battle goes on for Over a yr like a battle of this nature it Tends to go at the least 10 years I believe The UN Chief Antonio

Gutaris got here out yesterday and he mentioned That the prospect for peace is fairly A lot nil at this level so yeah I don't See it occurring both so I I’d Encourage individuals to you realize think about This now we’re separated by an ocean so I believe there's 90 likelihood if you happen to did use Your bunker in america it Wouldn't be for a nuclear battle state of affairs However you by no means know as a result of accidents can Occur you realize you get all these birds Within the sky you get all these nuclear Methods on excessive alert after which all it Takes is one misinterpret of the you realize the Russians suppose we launched one thing or We expect they launched one thing and Then hastily it's on proper That's when all people's gonna panic and Blow up your cellphone so we all the time inform Individuals you realize don't watch for the Panic To start out you realize really the Funding you're speaking about 20 grand That's some huge cash for some individuals This isn’t for everyone proper that is One thing I’d say Is additional down the listing of your Prepping priorities however if you happen to're a One that has any cash 20 grand will not be That a lot nicely let me when it in contrast To love the price of a home or one thing Yeah the 20 grand is our pre-order Particular we're working on them once they Truly come out to Market and I cease Working this pre-order particular they'll

Be 25 however principally I'm going to lose Cash on each bunker I promote so with Individuals name me to order one I'm gonna Most likely lose cash on everybody till my Mass manufacturing will get as much as a quantity that I my shopping for energy goes down thus far that I can really begin turning earnings however You understand I make these luxurious bomb Shelters and I learn the feedback that Individuals place and loads of them say you Solely work for the wealthy individuals you don't Care in regards to the widespread man they Perceive my firm was began to Assist the widespread man my first catalog Confirmed shelters from like between ten Thousand and twenty thousand {dollars} That basic buyer wasn't coming Ahead to purchase the bunkers who was Coming ahead however the wealthy man shopping for The larger bunkers he didn't need that Small bunker it's not that I don't care In regards to the widespread man it's simply the Widespread Man wasn't shopping for my bunkers at That point after I began the enterprise Solely the wealthy individuals had been so now I promote Every thing he's an analogy I'll promote Every thing from the Kia to the Bugatti Okay I promote every thing from a twenty Thousand greenback shelter to a 20 million Greenback shelter so I could make something in Between however on common you realize Realistically a great shelter that's Snug for a household of let's say 4 or 5 individuals

Um you realize you can spend as little as Forty thousand {dollars} or you can Spend as a lot as 100 fifty Thousand and really feel such as you checked into A pleasant lodge room with a bathe or Rest room and a kitchen and a leisure Middle and also you're principally simply using Out doomsday down in a lodge room that's The case with loads of Expertise when The cellphone first got here out it was a Wealthy particular person factor and also you virtually want That adoption of wealthy individuals to type of Begin issues out and get the ball Rolling with the intention to get into that Mass manufacturing and begin producing it Cheaper and now the cell telephones we now have Are approach higher they usually're approach cheaper Than what the richest man paid for in 1980 so you realize you type of must Begin there and I all the time inform individuals Seem like this isn’t the very first thing You need to run out and blow your cash On you need to be investing in you realize Meals water safety different shelter means Maybe after which after you have Every thing you look into the bunker Relying on the place you’re it may be Extra sensible if you happen to stay in Twister Alley to get certainly one of these proper I imply This may be uh it virtually ought to be Necessary in some locations I’d say it Must be and I don't perceive it you Know the identical factor with the flat display screen TV when these issues got here out they had been

Like eight thousand {dollars} now they're 499 yeah and that's and that's because of All these rich individuals shopping for them at The beginning So that you perceive my philosophy that I Received't be capable of generate income making these Mass-produced shelters inform sufficient Individuals organize them that I’ve extra Shopping for Capital to get the costs down Decrease so Um however uh you realize I wanna I wanna assist Everyone on Earth it what's probably the most Ubiquitous materials on Earth is concrete You go wherever on the planet South Africa we're in the course of a jungle The place there's no metal mills however they Can all the time make concrete it's type of Like every thing I've carried out up until now I've been saying this just a little bit Every thing has been for present and it's Like I'd prefer to make a shelter that May make just a little dough however I’ve to Make them in such giant portions to Make any cash however loads of these massive Bunkers I make I don't make a penny on Them individuals suppose oh you're so wealthy for Making all these bunkers you perceive I'm placing extra Into the Bunker than Once I'm getting paid for them whether or not I Make a greenback or one million {dollars} on Making a bunker I put the identical Integrity In the identical high quality within the bunker I’ll Not reduce something you both do it proper Otherwise you don't do it in any respect okay and I

Imagine as a result of I’ve this angle and The truth that I've had six success with My bunker designs and kinds and the way They work and I present all people how the Engineering works is why I've most likely Offered so many bunkers you realize however uh What’s the greatest bunker you've ever Constructed The largest bunker I've ever constructed yeah You understand I constructed principally loads of Um Ask me this query subsequent yr as a result of The the bunker I'm doing in Greece is 8 800 sq. toes that's one particular person Very rich particular person individuals who purchase Ferraris and Yachts purchase bunkers okay It's type of like they run out of stuff Yeah I believe I'll get me a bunker that's Fairly darn cool particularly why don't You present them the place they obtained secret Passages and secret hatches and then you definately Begin placing all of the luxuries of life In there and you may make it really feel like This in a bunker they're like heck yeah If I am going out I need to exit that approach I Simply need one now you realize there's guys Who construct these hyper automobiles and like Dubai glided by and noticed this man he builds Like a 3 and a half million greenback Hybrid automobile and it's like he sells them The purpose is if you happen to construct it there's At all times someone who will purchase it as loopy Because it will get as a result of I'm constructing this Bunker known as The Fats Boy and the fats

Boy is the biggest bunker I could make in One piece and transport and get a crane Sufficiently big that may choose it up it's 14 Toes huge it's 50 toes lengthy it has 10 Foot ceilings inside the lounge and It has a sunken lounge so that you stroll Round a catwalk and there's a sunken Lounge in it that's 11 toes huge And 24 toes lengthy so that you go down the Stairs and also you're in a sunken dwelling Room with a hand roll round it and I At all times needed to construct this fan this Fantasy bunker that felt like a yacht Inside and I can't even let you know how Many I've offered now and it's like Um so the purpose is if you happen to construct it and It prices there's individuals on the market with A lot cash that they'll simply purchase it As a result of we'll take one matter of truth Some guys will simply take two nicely like You're saying you could have all this cash And then you definately've purchased the automobiles you Purchased the Yachts the all of the toys and What else do you purchase proper besides uh you Get a bunker after which most likely turns Into uh I wanna one up the subsequent man's Bunker by placing in you realize one thing Higher learn the feedback on my on my YouTube channel after I win the lottery I'm shopping for certainly one of your bunkers there I Wager you can discover 50 or 75 individuals in an Hour that say after I win the lottery I'm Shopping for certainly one of your bunkers so individuals it Looks like once they promote their enterprise

For 30 40 million {dollars} they're like What am I going to do okay I'm gonna Construct my home I'm gonna purchase Ranch and I'm gonna put a bunker on it and that's Precisely what they do and that's what Retains me so busy busy in Texas is guys Who promote out their enterprise they're 60 Years outdated they get their home that they Need they exit and purchase 4 or 500 Acres 200 Acres no matter they get the Ranch they need after which they put a Bunker in it I imply a few of these Bunkers I do this I don't even get to Present persons are simply completely superb However I attempt to present as many as I can As a result of that’s what helps individuals say I Need a kind of yeah yeah nicely I believe You're doing uh some I believe you're Doing the world of service hopefully we By no means have to make use of these is there Anything you need to discuss or Keep tuned it appears to be like like I'll be doing My very own TV collection right here fairly quickly I went Forward and signed the event deal Yeah I signed I went forward and signed a Improvement deal to do my very own TV collection I’ve sufficient work there's sufficient Curiosity in my firm you realize they Needed me to do a TV collection like seven Eight years in the past and all I made was spherical Culvert shelters at the moment however now It's like I do every thing I do spherical Culver uh all nonetheless I do Sq. I do Modular I do concrete I do domes I do I

Accomplish that many kinds of shelters that I’ve A I’ve a menu of bunkers and sufficient to Preserve an viewers entertained on a Weekend your character nicely I I believe The I believe the bunkers are the bunkers Are the celebs in my state of affairs not me I'm Not a pure YouTuber such as you I Wouldn't say that no I believe you're I Suppose you're doing a great job what’s The are you able to inform us the community it's Going to be on or nicely the identical producer He does the Duck Dynasty treasure hunt He's doing the Kevin Costner present that This the place he's in Wyoming or no matter And he's additionally doing with Mike Rowe so I Acquired invited to do an episode of soiled Jobs with Mike Rowe so I'm signed on to Do one episode so that may I've been Protecting rely I believe it's my twentieth Actuality TV present that I'll be on wow I Suppose it's going to be a file after which If I do my very own and and community really Picks me up I'll be 21 however I'm fairly Certain I'll get picked up and I'm telling You doing a TV collection it's onerous simply to Do an episode for 2 three 4 days Once you begin doing a TV collection man it Is tough I’m not trying ahead to this However I advised them if you happen to don't do it now I'm not going to do it as a result of I'm not Getting any youthful and it's onerous to Make TV exhibits however I'll have to love do Two bunkers per episode for TV however I Don't know what community in poor health in it they

Mentioned what's known as a improvement deal Principally signed they're going to create It they're going to go to the community However he's fairly positive he can get Fox to Decide it up however he may take it to Discovery or historical past we don't know we'll Discover out I'll let all people know as quickly As I get it they usually'll uh so however the Factor is that they're going to permit me to Preserve my my YouTube channel I used to be like I'm not giving up my YouTube channel you Know nicely undoubtedly not yeah so however I Received't be capable of movie these episodes for TV on my YouTube channel so I could not Have an excessive amount of content material except you're Gonna change uh Tucker Carlson on Fox Information then No I'm not gonna change anyone Wherever I'm my very own particular person I simply I simply fear about who's going to Exchange me someday as a result of uh someone Has to maintain doing it proper and uh Um that's what I'm all about make the Bunker journey or don't make it in any respect make It to final as a result of someone's life is Going to rely onto it and also you higher Take it critical as a result of there's too many Those that suppose you may simply throw a Transport container within the floor and Name it a bomb shelter all they're going To do they're going to turn out to be 10 coffins You understand it so I need to be sure my Bunkers work is why I preserve going again to Switzerland as a result of that’s Floor Zero

For engineering and Expertise there's Suspense Laboratories there which does All of the testing for the air techniques and Designs for the engineers so as a result of There's not a course 101 bomb shelter Making in America in our schools right here I Must go and prepare myself there so That's why I preserve going again and going Again and me sitting down with all of the Completely different engineers and selecting their Brains yeah and also you're the you're the American Sensei of the uh so you bought to Discover a protege you bought to take some Resumes for an apprentice I've been Working I lastly for the primary time Employed me a Salesman up till now individuals Don't know this however I answered 100 of my Telephone calls up till now yeah once you Name the atlas I answered the cellphone however Lastly I turned the telephones over to an Assistant and I'm not making the cells As a lot or answering the fungal like I Used to however up till not too long ago oh have a look at This proper once you name the physician's Workplace you actually need to discuss to the Physician you don't actually need to discuss to The nurse so the physician may as nicely Simply reply the cellphone if he can so That's my philosophy you realize it however It's powerful I imply you realize even I can't Think about how busy you’re however you realize I Used to reply telephones reply emails do All of the stuff for Canadian preparedness However guys it's being a full-time YouTuber

I imply after which doing what you're doing You’re a full-time YouTuber you place out A video day-after-day I it’s powerful I'm Telling you YouTube is a troublesome job I Spend even with me I spend most likely six To eight hours a day simply on YouTube Enhancing with my editors for my movies It's powerful so what you're doing and that Make high quality movies such as you do this's Powerful and also you do it virtually what seven Days every week six days every week yeah I do uh We do about two or three excessive manufacturing Movies that's the work of the Communist Digicam crew right here however the precise you realize Every day dose of Doom and Gloom that's Yours really that's all me yeah you simply Do your selfie otherwise you're a pure Anyway nicely perhaps someday I'll be one Day someday I'll be nearly as good as you you Gotta introduce me to these Kardashians They may give me some ideas oh boy I you Know what mentioning the Kardashians I Caught hell for doing an episode with Them you realize what um I by no means was a giant Fan of the Kardashians however I’ll simply Say this They had been good to me and and it by no means Did individuals proper they had been simply individuals And and Kim and Chloe had been very good to Me we laughed we cracked up it by no means obtained Political besides I used to be carrying a Maga Hat an Obama shirt as a result of I assumed it Can be humorous okay so I assumed it'd be Humorous as a result of I didn't know which approach

They went so I'm gonna I'm gonna cater To each side so I needed to order an Obama Shirt so I wouldn't have one so I Ordered an Obama shirt and I’ve a mega Hat so I put them each on so I'm sitting There on the brink of do the interview With them they mentioned you bought to take the Mega hat off and I'm like what in order that they Go yeah Kanye West is working for President and uh oh crud so I needed to Take the hat off and I placed on a Completely different hat and I'm caught with these Obama shirt and naturally I’m very a lot The conservative Trump supporters most Individuals know so individuals noticed that Obama Shirt and man I caught hell's like what Are you doing carrying Obama sorry you're You're a fortunate you're a shill illuminati Yeah so I simply need to set it straight That that that was to be humorous Backfired don't hate me and uh and I Will uh yeah nicely I simply gained't I gained't Try this one once more it's all good nicely hey Guys go and take a look at Ron's uh YouTube Channel he's been placing out loads of Movies these days and also you've been placing Out some uh you bought one which that sort Of hit not too long ago was a giant boy shelter Wasn't it so the massive boy shelter is uh Is a my certainly one of my hottest luxurious Bomb shelters it value 300 Thousand {dollars} and once you see the Video and also you have a look at the bunker on the Inside you see why it's really I've

Been studying the feedback individuals like Wow after seeing this bunker that's Truly a extremely good value since you May spend greater than that on an RV and There's not as a lot area and as a lot Metal and as a lot time in that so like I Mentioned I'm not making some huge cash Making these luxurious bunkers I make them For present for YouTube okay that's why I Want to start out making some cash on some Of the bunkers I do however you they’ve Grasp bedrooms they they've obtained Kitchens loos this one right here in Specific has a gun room and it's obtained This lengthy massive staircase coming down a Lengthy mud room it's obtained a generator room With two mills in it it's principally The fantasy bunker that anyone would Dream to have that would afford it however You bought to actually be a millionaire to Have a bunker like this okay so the blokes Who purchase these they’ve massive Pockets so It's a giant boy bunker for Massive Boy Pockets however I promote a bunch of them As a result of there may be loads of rich individuals Even if you happen to can't afford it it's cool to Watch the method and you realize it's One thing to perhaps Aspire in the direction of Sometime you realize you may not give you the chance To afford one right this moment preserve grinding away And that's why individuals say after I hit the Lottery I'm getting a giant boy there you Go all proper guys you go take a look at Ron's Channel you gained't be dissatisfied

Subscribe all the time placing out new stuff Travels all around the globe all the time Each time you come you bought one thing New to speak about I type of vicariously Dwell by you at this level as a result of I'm You get off your butt and get out of This uh Studio I believe I do yeah all Proper we have to go looking once more sure One among as of late all proper nicely thanks For popping out man it's nice to see you Once more yeah thanks all people for watching Thanks for watching Canadian prep row The easiest way to help this channel is To help Your self by gearing up at the place you'll Discover prime quality survival gear on the Greatest costs No Junk and no gimmicks use Low cost code prepping gear for 10 off Don't overlook the Sturdy Survive however the Ready Thrive keep secure

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