Finding the most Beautiful Camp spot on an Ebike
Finding the most Beautiful Camp spot on an Ebike

Exploring a brand new forest and discovering an attractive new camp spot on my Ebike (Eleglide M1 professional) and spending the evening solo with some campfire burgers.

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International [Applause] Thanks Hiya guys What an attractive spot I'm between two valleys right here on sort of A ridge And uh It's simply completely stunning up right here Combined Woodland very quiet apart from That airplane proper now I've come out on that Ellie Glide in a single Professional bike giving it a little bit of a break it In making an attempt it out However uh we'll discuss that later I've Obtained some fascinating information However uh this can be a fantastic day just a little Little bit of a breeze however uh I'd say a pleasant evening for a camp [Applause] International Spot I'm tucked away on this little bit of Pine Forest over right here bike's simply over there On that fireplace break observe factor However yeah I believe the wind is definitely Calming barely which is good as a result of I Do wish to go on the market with the tent And type of have some good views quite Than be tucked away within the bushes like I Usually am It is a beautiful spot I’m positively Going to convey my truck up right here and um Use the roof tent Lovely to be up even increased and look

Over the valley down there Now I'm gonna accumulate firewood and possibly Get some stuff to make a little bit of a Windbreak for the hearth as properly earlier than I Truly arrange as a result of I’ve to be Leaving the realm and stuff however Um simply what I'd point out the bike that I'm on it's practically Glide M1 Professional and it's A really accessible very inexpensive E-mountain bike I've been making an attempt out It's not one in every of these uh fats drained ones That I've been utilizing these days Um It's a pleasant bike a factor the factor I Like about it probably the most is it's fairly Light-weight in comparison with a variety of the Others particularly should you take the Battery off and use it like a traditional Bike it’s may be very manageable very straightforward To place out and in the truck and stuff Like that Um I've obtained the large 29 inch wheels That's why I'd give them a go however you Can get like the traditional 27 inches as Nicely I simply thought these be good you Know I'm fairly massive right here utilizing this on The highway and uh be good in a straight Line possibly not as agile round just a little Corners and stuff however uh yeah good in a Straight line for certain Um obtained entrance suspension uh no rear Suspension like I say it's just a little extra Price range than some however uh very inexpensive Um

I'm gonna speak some extra about it later As a result of that's the place my information is available in A few of you could have guessed already I get my noticed out it's in my digicam bag Couldn't get it on the rear rack there And search for some firewood there ought to Be loads about As you may see behind me there and down Within the valley there as properly a variety of Timber have been coppished and extracted From right here a couple of years in the past now I'd say And I can see remnants of that so There's some good dry wooden logs round So yeah I'll accumulate a few of them I believe Really feel it's beginning to rain I believe it's going to cross so I'm not Going to go get my jacket out of the Saddle baggage International Stuff like this I believe that's simply As a result of it's all pine Um a few of it's fairly rotten type of to See what's finest [Laughter] Thanks [Laughter] International There’s Fairly rotten they'll come out right here the place You get the wind Appears much more strong

Oh We even discovered some outdated hardwood which is Lots drier than that um Pine that I've Obtained so I've obtained a couple of bits of this simply Want to chop them down nonetheless however I believe I'm going to get arrange Humorous all day one minute it's sunny and Lovely there's windy with just a little Little bit of rain In every single place Going with my van Gogh helium at the moment Such a great little backpacking tent so Mild roomy straightforward fast to place up I like utilizing it for issues like this And it's obtained the connected floor sheet As properly Nicely she's up on this facet it's very Laborious to Peg in I believe sooner or later This observe right here in all probability had some Stone Laid or one thing so I'm hitting all of That and I can't appear to get round it Even placing them at an angle Um so I've put out the facet guys as a result of Of the wind and that by no means know simply to Assist it provide you with some rigidity All proper That's all arrange the pitch is just a little Bit higher now as properly simply use the pump The mini pump the flextail gear one to Blow up the mat and that's going to be My Lantern as properly fairly light-weight Pack for this Camp clearly simply The Handlebar bag and the um On the saddlebags as properly no bag on prime

Of that Um simply my digicam bag Um yeah fairly pleased with that I believe Subsequent job goes to be a hearth reflector So proper now no wind but it surely retains Choosing up from down within the valley there International Scraped out a variety of the Lifeless Bracken And stuff that was right here and yeah there's Plenty of stones just below the floor Actually So I believe we're going to be okay Hearth reflectors up Simply gonna course of down a few of this Wooden to get the hearth going Geez I'm sat on this type of log that I lower One of many greater ones I wouldn't be In a position to break it down I don't suppose Oh I'm completely satisfied just about all my jobs are Accomplished Simply caught the wooden by the fireside There We're all accomplished Now I discussed earlier I had some information Um and It's about bikes I've been doing this Tenting Malarkey for over six years now And I've at and slept tenting It's been the whole lot it's all I ever Take into consideration What's the subsequent video gonna be what's The following location blah blah blah blah And I've cherished it

However um I want one thing else and um I've Been entering into the e-bikes since final Summer time after I obtained first despatched that Fido Riff one bike T1 T1 I Um I've used a pair and um simply been Actually having fun with it having one thing else One other excuse to get out Um and never having any stress with it And I've determined to launch an e-bike Channel the channel is named uh Kent E-bikes after all and Um that channel is reside proper now there Is at the very least one video on there proper now I could be launching the second when This video comes out so there shall be a Um card on the finish of this video Or there'll be a hyperlink to the channel Down under and uh should you've obtained any Curiosity in that recover from there and Subscribe and provides it some help and We will get it up and operating get some Subscribes on there and get some views Going now the channel goes to Revolve round e-bike opinions Um biking devices and stuff I've Truly obtained one with me now that I like And Um every e-bike I take advantage of I'm gonna do like a Um a check on it like a um Distance check so I'll simply be using and Driving and using possibly going out possibly Cooking up some lunch or one thing so There'll be quite a lot of movies round

The topic possibly even some sort of Tranger cooking and stuff on them journeys However um yeah that's reside now recover from There inform all your folks And that's my sort of Want we name it a interest Channel Um yeah obtained massive plans for that basically uh It's gonna be a variety of enjoyable However getting again to the duty at hand I like this spot It's so good it's giving me critical Sweden Vibes the pine over there we've Obtained Birch over there And it's simply so peaceable Often I can hear a highway in every single place I Can't hear However I'm loving it positively coming again Um A short while until sundown So I believe I'm gonna sit back stack the Wooden and Yeah Let the Hearth quickly Nicely I've put some rocks across the again Of the fireside right here simply to assist not Burn the hearth reflector I've obtained loads Of kindling and stuff and simply utilizing These Wooden wall fireplace lighters To get it going I've obtained a Some birch bark that I picked up Some Bracken And a load of twigs

With the hearth lit I believe it's time to Have one in every of my two beers I'm hoping Isn't Too shaken up we're simply approaching Sundown about half hour away I believe It's just a little bit it's not too unhealthy Might have been worse Cheers everybody Hearth appears to be going properly I'm not gonna make it too massive Um Due to the bottom right here bracket and Stuff Chopped up any roots that I might see And there’s Stones beneath there However uh yeah I'm simply gonna hold it fairly Small I believe subsequent time I come right here I'll Deliver a hearth pit With the truck I'm not carrying it That's the sundown And I'm Nonetheless Loving It Fires burning away good get some good Coals which might be hardwood fingers Chestnut Um We'll do good I've obtained the hearth anchor We've made the hearth anchor mini so I Might add a second Um No massive extravagant meals within the uh Pen your baggage simply burgers And a few squashed buns [Applause] All proper I really had some very nice burgers

And I forgot them So I had to purchase some On the way in which Had been there any small Burgers in order that they're Two double burgers Not unhealthy I believe I used final of my Small ketchups on the final camp within the Yard So hungry International The smoke in every single place oh my God It's not even that robust I believe it's as a result of I put up the hearth Reflector The irony Nicely that's uh dinner all accomplished and the Hearth stoked again up And My second beer Loving the piece up right here Just a bit bit chilly I ought to put my Jacket on actually All proper sit back butterfly for a bit What's just a little bit hotter with that Hearth stoked up and my jacket on There's a variety of wildlife up right here I'm Listening to As a result of I'm proper subsequent to the Woodland Nicely proper subsequent to 2 Woodlands I suppose Plenty of rustling I did see a deer on the Means the um motion digicam might need Referred to as it whereas I used to be using Ran off as I used to be using in direction of it Hopefully I obtained it

I obtained my scorching chocolate And Caramelk Love this chocolate bar Chocolate overload earlier than I’m going to mattress [Applause] Proper it's about that point obtained Lake Fast really tonight went actually Shortly It's like just about midnight So I higher get some sleep as a result of I Type of wish to see the dawn We'll see Thanks Good morning and what an attractive Morning it’s Dawn is wonderful up right here I awakened about half 4 obtained up about 5-ish however um I couldn't see the dawn at first Till I come up over the bushes and Milled about for a bit However it’s stunning Slept so properly not for lengthy as a result of it Was midnight by the point I went to mattress Didn't even understand after which I used to be up Early however uh slept by means of so peaceable And I discovered this hat in my jacket pocket Not very bushcrafty although I really feel I'm gonna take pleasure in this for a minute And do breakfast as a result of I awakened with A little bit of an urge for food Simply opening the tent up on either side There's a variety of condensation it did

Calm down so much final evening it's fairly Chilly so yeah various Condensation in there get it as dry as I Can earlier than I pack it up Oh Nearly to get a range prepared and Realized I stashed the bike Confused me for a minute And our range out the David Friars pouch I've obtained this raspberry toasted muesli With milk for breakfast it's from a Ration pack and it goes off in a pair Of months so I believed I'd get it used Up I'm simply gonna stick a little bit of milk in There or water And the remainder of that water shall be a cup Of tea That's all of the water accomplished So there's a variety of seeds and stuff in There as properly Gotta settle it vibrant Proper that is edible Hmm Nuts however solely as a result of I've added some Sugar in It was horrible earlier than that Um However now it's really fairly good A little bit of power The tent's nonetheless a bit damp however uh the Worst of this off I'll simply must dry It at residence

International Depart no hint after all And uh Bear in mind If you wish to see a evaluation of This Ellie Glide M1 probe bike in a few Weeks Or if you wish to see a evaluation of any E-bikes go take a look at the brand new channel Ken E-bikes there'll be a card in a second On the display screen or Hyperlink within the description As I stated and uh Yeah I'm going to return to this spot Quickly thanks for watching guys see you Quickly Thanks

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