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Of us Canadian prepper right here effectively if this Ain't the canary within the coal mine that Wakes a number of folks up I don't know what Will you understand what we're continually Being instructed that the Defcon stage that’s The nuclear Readiness stage the navy Preparedness Readiness stage that america authorities the Air Pressure Particularly makes use of to gauge how shut we Are to nuclear Armageddon you understand what We're continually being instructed that that’s No extra elevated than the pre-war Baseline ranges I.E DEFCON 5 Defcon 1 is The best which means that nuclear battle is About to start out DEFCON 5 is you understand Relative peace and stability okay we're Continuously being instructed that the danger of Nuclear confrontation between america and the Russians could be very low and That the Russians aren’t going to make use of Nuclear weapons effectively get a load of this Senators issued satellite tv for pc telephones as a A part of new emphasis on new safety Measures that is mainstream media in Spite of that's going to be largely Ignored by the uncritical on considering Lots who’ve higher issues to do amid Rising considerations is safety danger to Members of Congress greater than 50 Senators have been issued satellite tv for pc Telephones for emergency comps folks Accustomed to the measures instructed CBS Information This satellite tv for pc telephone expertise has been Provided to all 100 Senators CBS Information has

Discovered that fifty have accepted the telephones So apparently 50 Senators don’t have any want For self-preservation and received't be in The continuity of presidency committee Uh or they only haven't opened the e-mail But I'm most likely guessing that's what it Is Which senate administrative workers of Beneficial Senators preserving shut Proximity throughout their channels now in Testimony earlier than the Senate Appropriations Committee final month Senate sergeant-at-arms Karen Gibson Stated satellite tv for pc comms is being deployed To make sure a redundant and safe means Of communication throughout a disruptive Occasion Now this isn’t new expertise the truth is This expertise has been round for A long time so why are they rolling this out Now effectively if you happen to've seen our 50 Level Presentation that we gave that principally Exhibits a timeline for nuclear battle Escalation 2023 and this one is definitely Fairly related proper now uh indicators that Nuclear battle is about to start out it's Really been trending up to now few Days when this occurs run all of the Telltale indicators that the federal government is Secretly making ready for nuclear Escalation effectively that is positively one Of these information factors that individuals must Pay attention to they're speaking a few Disruptive occasion so right here's what they're They're describing that they're

Making ready for in fact they should Point out January 6. the Senators aren’t Being given satellite tv for pc communicators As a result of they're apprehensive about some small Scale hopeless Revolt of a handful Of individuals which might be going to be storming Authorities buildings that's not why They're being provided that's not going to Have an effect on the grid and the entire Telecommunications Community okay you're Speaking about an occasion that will have To take down that will be sizable Sufficient to compromise your entire Telecommunications grid and also you're Speaking about 50 Senators that are Going to be in every single place so Clearly that is prepping for one thing On a nationwide stage Gibson stated the telephones are a safety Backstop within the case of an emergency That takes out Communications in elements Of America consider the scope and scale Of the occasion that they must be Anticipating if you happen to're speaking about Giving all of the Senators satellite tv for pc Communications they're speaking a few Collapse of the grid now we all know we've Accomplished many movies on grid down collapse We all know that you just solely should take out a Few key nodal Transformers within the grid I Suppose it's solely like a dozen or so Transformers to take out your entire Energy grid after which in fact that will Imply that you’d have your

Telecommunications as effectively however that is Fairly suspicious in gentle of the entire Different timeline of escalation that we've Been exposing over the previous yr a Division of Homeland Safety advisor Stated satellite tv for pc telephones are a instrument for Responding and coordinating authorities Companies in case of a Mad made or Pure catastrophe that wipes out Communication is that this going to be their Ticket onto one of many arcs when the Shizzy hits the fizzy Senate Directors although additionally been supplied Cease the bleed coaching to higher equip Staffers to reply to Medical Emergencies and victims of assaults are They severely interested by bringing Us to the brink of nuclear Armageddon The occasions of the final 24 hours ought to Be a impolite awakening for individuals who assume That this battle is something however simply Getting began get a load of this now In line with some very pro-ukrainian Sources Russia has moved nukes from the Belgarad area in response to those Cross-border incursions by saboteurs now There's combined reviews of who these Teams and the place their allegiances lie Some folks say they're Russian Defectors I actually assume that that's a a Good way of disguising the truth that These are the truth is very pro-ukrainian Saboteur teams that doubtless originated Someplace within the Ukraine and naturally

The Ukrainian authorities is denying any Affiliation with these teams saying That they're performing independently and That they're Auntie Putin and that They're making an attempt to liberate Russia so They're so not to attract the fireplace and the Ire of the Russian navy in response To this however um I believe anyone with half A mind can put two and two collectively and Understand and if you happen to truly go and do Some digging you notice that sure lots Of those Extremely nationalistic teams that Are doing these cross-border incursions Are very a lot uh Ukrainian in nature and Thus america tacit approval of This Habits will convey us to the brink Of nuclear Armageddon okay so f-16s are Going to result in a direct battle with Russia we're going to speak about why in Only a minute we’ve got evacuations Taking place from the border area and we Gotta ask ourselves the query are They making an attempt to break down the financial system As a result of both you're going to get Austerity when this debt ceiling talks Stop due to course they're going to Reduce spending such as you wouldn't consider And by some folks's macroeconomic Requirements that's an excellent factor however for a Lot of those that's going to result in a Lot of social unrest okay so you may't Have austerity with out civil unrest so Both you're going to get civil unrest Otherwise you're going to get a market crash

They're speaking a few 50 p.c Market correction if the debt ceiling Challenge is just not resolved are they making an attempt to Collapse the market in order that they’ll go In there and purchase all the pieces on a budget It's a risk now earlier than I try this I gotta say This jogs my memory Um you understand I've seen this image with The Intel Ukrainian uh intelligence Minister no matter his title is and I Don't know if that is only for present however There's or possibly it's in order that when he's Uh working at his desk he doesn't get Sniped however you may see sandbags within the Window lots of of kilos of sandbags on His windowsill and this simply jogs my memory Of the significance and I received to maintain Reminding folks the utility of sandbags Okay so if you happen to don't have sandbags in Your emergency preparedness Provide money Then you’re slipping man sandbags serve Quite a lot of completely different functions whether or not It's bulletproofing constructing or Fortifying a shelter you understand you possibly can Use them to attenuate gamma radiation so If it’s worthwhile to construct your individual fallout Shelter inside your individual dwelling or inside Your basement or some in a roundabout way to Fortify and reduce the results of gamma Radiation after a nuclear blast you may Use them for that objective you should use Them for simply constructing numerous Constructions you should use them for flooding

Clearly this can be a quintessential Staple of each prepper's money you’ve gotten To have sandbags I'll publish a hyperlink to The place you may get these within the Description part beneath it’s best to At all times have not less than a pair hundred of These at your disposal as a result of it's it's One of many least expensive but most helpful Issues particularly in battle zones Particularly alongside the belarussian border Proper now that is video alongside the Belarussian border for some cause not Solely are they putting in the anti-tank Spikes what do they name Dragon's Tooth Alongside the northern border they're mining It they're bombing out a few of a few of The bridges they're placing in these Sandbag fortifications these bulletproof Sandbag fortifications you solely want six Inches to face sand to cease just about Any bullet possibly except a 50 cal in order that's why the navy Advises stacking three deep and Clearly there's gaps however why are the Belarusians making ready the Border as a result of This F-16 factor goes to convey NATO Into the battle okay that is written within the Stars I'm going to speak in regards to the Explanation why in only a minute however guys For those who actually wish to know and I'm not Certain if I discussed this already but when You actually wish to know Um what to look out for in you understand if We’re approaching that stage of

Attainable nuclear battle the place the Senators Are going to get the decision on their Satellite tv for pc telephones and direct them to the Bunkers that you just or me don't have As a result of our governments Don't Care About Us go and take a look at a few movies Try a timeline for nuclear battle Escalation in 2023 and take a look at indicators That nuclear battle is about to start out this Video has truly been trending these days And that's coincident with the truth that Now all these senators are being given These uh satellite tv for pc telephones which is Extremely suspicious in gentle of Every part that is happening proper now Now this rumor that Russian nukes are Being moved from belgarov let's rapidly Contact on that earlier than we get into the Potential for NATO to get into this Battle so right here is belgaran proper right here Okay so if we zoom out we see that the That is Ukraine that is the Russian Ukrainian border that is the town of Belarod which is being shelled by the Ukrainian navy it's been shelled for Uh you understand just about the length of The battle that is the place the all of the Commotion is happening proper now this City referred to as Grey voron Now the fascinating level of concern From our perspective is that this location Right here the place Russia was warehousing some Nuclear weapons apparently they've Eliminated them although now in accordance with

Some pro-ukrainian sources they only Moved them at this time in response to this Supposed Revolt this cross-border Incursion Russia is eradicating nuclear Munitions from a storage facility within the Belgarad area in accordance with the Ukrainian Navy Intelligence however Fairly frankly you may't consider a number of What they are saying so that is uh one other Interpretation in accordance with the principle Intelligence director the ministry of Protection of Ukraine it's dispersing a brand new Narrative that the Belgard 22 have been Evacuated not final yr however solely now As a result of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are afraid of those nukes Falling into the arms of those rdk Ukrainian Saboteur militants okay now This Supply says that this isn’t so That by the point the troops have been Withdrawn from the kharkiv area final Yr and the specter of strikes towards The Arsenal was realized its contents Had been evacuated to comparable amenities I Can’t see why the Russians would wait Till now to you understand evacuate you understand Nuclear weapons from a facility like This particularly contemplating it might be A Goal proper like you possibly can Doubtlessly blow up considered one of these Amenities until they're actually down Deep and ukrainians can't get down that Deep and that might simply be a Radiological occasion wouldn't be a nuclear

Explosion however you understand you'd have Radioactive particles and particles from These nuclear weapons have been that uh Blowing up so I I'm unsure what to Make of this uh regardless the state of affairs On the border is escalating though That is pro-ukrainian navy and They're they're not viewing this as very Vital the Russians have claimed to Have already repelled this assault and Have restored order to the area Nonetheless there’s nonetheless Mass evacuations Underway from the area as you may see Right here these are civilians being escorted Out by navy autos in the direction of the Belgarad area so the combating is just not On the bottom in Belgrade but however They're saying in accordance with To this uh Russian group who perpetrated This that they're saying is Russian however That's a fantastic cowl proper as a result of Ukrainian authorities is making an attempt to scrub Their arms of this making an attempt to say hey we Didn't do that we're not those who Orchestrated this complete factor that is Russian defectors doing this in order that approach The Russians don't view it as an Existential risk coming from the Ukrainians regardless that I believe anybody With a half a mind and even if you do The digging notice that sure in the truth is That is very very impressed if not absolutely Orchestrated and uh uh perpetrated by Ukrainian saboteurs they're saying that

The Russians have been doing this simply to Create web content material and that it Wasn't meant to be a long-lasting uh Kind of uh uh engagement that they Really had hoped that they have been going To retain this on this uh place on the Map for an extended time period Um these are the blokes who they're Claiming in order that you understand I don't know How a lot fact there’s to this however uh Apparently or one thing Will let you know that these are the truth is Ukrainian guys so possibly there are some Russian defectors and uh this Is america response to this Complete factor they are saying Matthew Miller Matthew Miller of the U.S state Division says we've made it very clear To ukrainians that we don’t encourage Assaults exterior Ukrainian borders however I Suppose it's necessary to remind the world That Russia began this battle in order that they're Mainly saying we tacitly approve of Ukraine utilizing no matter weapons we give Them to enter Russia and do no matter You need and naturally escalate the Battle in fact the Russians are Seeing these uh American mraps coming Throughout the border so who do you assume They're going to carry accountable for This effectively they're going to carry america accountable now in phrases Of a number of the events who’re concerned Right here this one man right here the Russian

Volunteer corpse as they're calling it The fight unit on the Ukrainian facet Who claims to have been who've made a Incursion in briansk doubtless not a false Flag are led by a determine well-known to Myself and those that comply with the Transnational far proper Dennis Capuchin And this man is a famous Extremely-nostalistic far proper N-i-z-i okay so if you happen to're the Russians And also you're seeing this man coming throughout Your border saying that they're going to Be taking Putin out of energy and doing This Revolt what do you assume do You assume that provides Credence to their Considerations about Nizis in that neck of the woods even when Solely a small fraction of the Ukrainian Navy has believes in that ideology Then the Russians are going to clearly Interpret this as an existential risk Which is why they're going to proceed To put it on thick okay As for Mr zalushny uh nonetheless nowhere to Be seen uh considerably lively on telegram Though individuals are saying that uh he's In a hospital the perfect and never many Individuals are speaking about this I did a Complete video on it yesterday however that is Crucial if it's true that he was Taken out or is in vital situation as A results of latest Hypersonic missile Strikes by the Russians however uh you understand All he must do to debunk these

Claims and as I stated they may very Effectively be very debunkable it's very Falsifiable all he has to do is you understand Simply make a 30 second video speaking In regards to the cross-border raids at this time and How they weren't affiliated with it and We might then know that he’s the truth is Alive though we're within the land of deep Fakes now so you understand you continue to can By no means completely show however I believe that Can be sufficient to place these these Allegations comfortable Um what else can we received to speak about Right here so the principle cause why This F-16 goes to result in a proxy Conflict and goes to really result in a Direct involvement with NATO that is the F-16 that is the entire numerous Ordinance that it could actually keep it up it Together with nuclear weapons NATO's nuclear Weapons okay that is why anytime a Nation will get F-35 techniques uh the Russians view that as a risk to them As a result of these f-35s with out an enormous Quantity of modification can carry Tactical nuclear weapons that are Mainly you understand it's I've heard it Stated that it's not even a lot the Nuclear warhead itself it's when you’ve got For those who if you happen to possess the supply System to ship the Warhead and also you Are you’ve gotten you’re an alliance with a Nation who has nuclear weapons you then Are successfully in nuclear energy as a result of

It's merely a matter of providing you with a Warhead to place in your deployment Techniques in any case now uh why the supply Of f-16s goes to result in World Conflict III effectively this can be a nice rationalization and I'm simply going to present it provide the Quick model as for the F-16 provides Their service and Logistics are the 2 Weak factors one requires airfields bombs Missiles and spare elements it’s onerous to Think about that these shall be Ukrainian Airfields as Russia can simply strike Them due to this fact plane upkeep and Suspension of bombs and missiles shall be Carried out in Poland and Romania Russia Should strike these airfields as There shall be no different choice left and Ukraine shall be completely happy about it because it Will get the West concerned in a direct Confrontation so as soon as the f-16s begin Flying sorties from Poland as a result of They're unable to take action from Ukraine That's when Russia is left with no Selection in the event that they don't take out the planes With the s-400 techniques whereas they're in The sky they'll don’t have any alternative however to Goal these airfields that can convey NATO into the battle and that is Referred to as Mission Creek okay the extra Weapons that we ship Ukraine the extra Trainers we’ve got to ship the extra uh Upkeep Crews and inspectors Auditors that we’ve got to ship and uh Plain closed contractors who’re

Ex-military in fact not representing Any NATO nations formally however They're simply principally not sporting the The NATO nation Insignia they usually're Sporting mercenary clothes or they're Sporting NATO b or sorry Ukrainian bdus Okay so that is most likely why the Senators have been issued satellite tv for pc Telephones as a result of they perceive that the Threat of nuclear battle could be very very excessive Proper now and that's why I'd encourage You guys to go and take a look at this video Right here uh timeline for nuclear battle Escalation in 2023 and indicators that Nuclear battle goes to start out and if you happen to Need to get a tour of of our warehouse Right here go and take a look at my buddy over at The container man we did a two-part Sequence the place I form of give them a tour Of the the warehouse right here and uh yeah It's nice channel the container man he Talks all about delivery containers Which you’ll be able to and what you may't do and We're going to be doing extra Collaborations with them sooner or later And uh yeah simply test that out and what Else can we received happening right here I used to be going To speak about Financial stuff however I actually don't know What to make of the entire financial Scenario however uh beginning to surprise if They're truly going to crash the Economic system in order that they’ll go in there and Purchase all the pieces at all-time low costs or

If we're simply going to see some fairly Harsh austerity measures imposed as we Proceed to pump more cash into Ukraine Let me know what you guys assume within the Feedback part beneath don't neglect to Like remark subscribe thanks for Watching Canadian preparon

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