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By | May 21, 2023
Reach Em & Teach Em | CEO Bear 008 to affix the Patreon household to all of the Bear Nation information, hyperlinks to content material and Bear Unbiased’s Prepper Classroom! to help our ongoing efforts to fight human trafficking and help these affected by pure disasters. Your promo code totally free delivery on the whole lot within the retailer is “Bear Nation” for all kits, parts, and modules. All the time HSA & FSA Eligible. Made within the USA, assured without end, 75 lives saved thus far. for life-saving coaching together with Cease the Bleed, Tactical Fight Casualty Care, pressure on pressure scenario-based civilian coaching, and extra! Be the hero!

CEO bear zero zero eight You bought to achieve them with a purpose to be In a position to educate them I'll present you about this primary after which We'll discuss enterprise All proper you bought to have the ability to attain Them to show them You've heard me say an episode double Zero six double zero seven Your Vibe attracts your tribe what do I Imply by that It's an enormous unhealthy world on the market there's What eight billion individuals on this planet Proper now You don't want Eight billion prospects It's solely a handful of merchandise that Have 8 billion prospects Air Water Meals Shelter Safety Possibly Definitely not intelligence There should not eight billion clever Folks on planet Earth However I digress So only a few issues are relative to each Single inhabitant of planet Earth What you are promoting Wants to unravel issues For a sure subset of the inhabitants Whoever no matter that is likely to be And the

Inhabitants phase that you’re most Outfitted To assist Is often talking the individual that You was once Earlier than you discovered how you can do the Stuff that you simply do now You all know I'm into preparedness I've been into preparedness since Hurricane Katrina 18 years I've been Prepping So I've made numerous the errors I've Purchased numerous the trash I've tried a Lot of the issues that the web Gurus mentioned would completely work in an Shtf state of affairs and it seems they're Filled with horse crap So I began this channel So as to have the ability to convey my topic Matter experience based mostly upon my Established expertise in that area Don't know the whole lot however I do know a factor Or two on the subject of preparedness Proper so who do I discuss to I discuss to Different people who find themselves into preparedness And who’re in all probability not as far alongside on The journey as I’m as a result of I'm Particularly geared up to assist these individuals In order you're segmenting out your Enterprise what do I do what are the Issues that I remedy what are the products Or companies that I'm going to supply to The market Take into consideration what do you want you knew

Again within the day that you already know now Loads of merchandise particularly but in addition Companies are geared round Doing one thing higher or doing One thing cheaper Simpler or cheaper these are sort of the Foremost two Columns on the subject of merchandise One thing higher one thing cheaper Why did Refuge start making first help Kits as a result of there have been no good first Help kits available on the market So we made first help kits we nonetheless make First help kits who am I making an attempt to assist With that the folks that don't have the Time to F round on the Web or go To 40 80 300 hours value of courses to Decide what truly works and what Doesn't Who don't have the subject material Experience experience who don't have the Air quote time to waste to try to put One thing like that collectively and who Wish to help American companies and Purchase the perfect merchandise that's who we assist That's who we attain and you need to be In a position to attain them earlier than you may educate Them That's the entire level of this after we Return to 007 Branding Advertising gross sales No like and Belief The individuals that you simply're probably to Join with are the people who find themselves most

Such as you now that's not 100 P.c correct However there needs to be some stage Of uh crossover proper some stage of Settlement to ensure that you and whoever Your audience is To get alongside proper two can not stroll Collectively except they be agreed So you need to ask your self in your Marketing strategy and you need to audit this Often Who am I serving and the way am I serving Them You have got to have the ability to attain them earlier than You’ll be able to educate them After which you may take into consideration what Methodologies am I going to make use of to achieve Them Fb Instagram Tick Tock LinkedIn YouTube e mail advertising Phrase of Mouth Radio ads podcast Ads Stay demos retail Um Endorsements Influencer advertising all these are simply Other ways so that you can attain individuals There’s uh definitely there are issues That work in issues that don't I can inform you that uh one main participant Within the Firearms Market their direct to Shopper e mail advertising accounts for 40 P.c 40 p.c

Of their annual gross sales Their influencer advertising Falls extra in Branding than it does advertising individuals Don't convert with influencers and half Of that’s the mechanisms why as a result of You’ll be able to't promote weapons on YouTube proper and So numerous these influencers are on YouTube that's not allowable you may't Put hyperlinks within the description to Firearms Or ammunition in YouTube in order that Influencer advertising method doesn't Work for that specific phase of the Market area proper you may put hyperlinks to First help kits on YouTube in order that does Work influencer advertising does work for That however then which influencer proper search engine optimization search engine marketing do you Have a web site is the web site optimized Can I transact simply in your web site How do you attain them earlier than you educate Them after which I maintain saying Educate what Do I imply by educate what’s the worth That you simply're offering Are you aware Refuge will substitute No matter parts you utilize should you save A life with our equipment and in addition anyone Else's equipment I don't care should you purchase a competitor's Package and save a life with it that's Superior good job you saved a life you Want one other tourniquet acquired you bro used Up some compressed gauze and fast clot Received you bro oh you chest seals acquired you Or no matter simply tell us now we

Don't embody these lives in life saved By our youngsters as a result of they need our youngsters To save lots of them however I need good individuals to Have good kits And so I'm instructing individuals as a lot as I Can carry a freaking first help equipment carry A tourniquet know how you can use it don't be An ass come to class Be the hero Proper However I can't educate you I can't convey you Into my ethos I can't share my world View with you if I haven't already Reached you So I'm going to achieve you then I gotta Educate you so in your small business who's your Viewers Who’re you making an attempt to assist and the way are You going to assist them not simply the Mechanisms by which you're going to assist Them e mail Instagram Tick Tock no matter No matter no matter YouTube movies Podcasts that's simply the device what work Are you going to do with the device Correct classroom right here on YouTube 30 30-ish episodes That's actually instructing proper I'm Actually instructing you with the no Expectation on the worth proposition I Simply need you to study so that you don't die I don't know should you discover that's what This complete channel is about I need you To study so that you don't die I'm additionally in case you haven't seen a

Large enormous fan of Entrepreneurship once more Not all people's lower out for Entrepreneurship however these of us that Are want as many Instruments in our toolkit as We will get as a result of it's freaking arduous And I wish to assist I wish to educate you proper I acquired to achieve You first I wish to educate you so you may take Management of your life again so you’re employed For you not the person I work for essentially the most Excessive individuals inform me on a regular basis Um Barry you do such job you already know What I often inform them You’ll be able to thank my boss he lives upstairs And that's not me being facetious As a result of all of us reply to someone proper I've simply discovered that I reply to Him and so subsequently I try to function My companies in such a method to put a Smile on his face whereas instructing as many Folks as doable whereas equipping and Empowering as many individuals as doable Was hiring as many good individuals as I can Saving actually as many lives as we will Whether or not that's with first help kits or With its preparedness stuff or with Bible readings or religion homesteading and Disassociating from this busted up Damaged fragile system like I wish to Attain individuals to save lots of their lives How I try this I’ve these totally different Instruments in my toolkit however how I try this Can fluctuate it might be this YouTube

Platform it may be Instagram it may be Patreon it may be podcasts it may be Public talking occasions it may be the Web sites it might it's all these Completely different these are simply instruments within the Toolkit however I do know earlier than I set out Earlier than I flip this iPhone on and begin Speaking to you I do know what I wish to Speak to you about I do know that I can attain you However I gotta know what I'm gonna educate You after I get there as soon as I’ve your Consideration What am I going to show you And so it’s essential take into consideration along with your Marketing strategy what's your Market Segmentation who’re you making an attempt to achieve How are you going to achieve them what Strategies can be found to you and I’d Recommend begin with one and Grasp One After which begin one other and after I say Grasp I don't imply take 10 years however Get it all the way down to the place you don't should Give it some thought anymore the place you’ve The automaticity you are able to do it with out Interested by it After which begin one other and one other and One other you'll keep in mind in uh Zero zero six I imagine it was we talked About endurance and this takes a protracted Time There's by no means an ideal time to start out However I can inform you it's higher higher to Begin immediately than to start out tomorrow

It wasn't the right time to plant a Tree 20 years in the past Second greatest time proper now All proper so don't get caught up in Paralysis by evaluation the place You recognize it's not excellent so I'm not Prepared to maneuver on b-plus This channel is just not excellent the Manufacturing high quality [ __ ] I do know that however I've accomplished the associated fee profit evaluation I May pour time and money into making The manufacturing high quality higher Or I might use the time and the cash That I’ve to have the ability to attain you this Method Greatest content material worst manufacturing worth put on That like a badge of honor throughout it So how are you going to achieve individuals What mechanisms can be found to you to Attain individuals Grasp One Or get good at one after which transfer on to The following after which the subsequent after which the Subsequent so that you don't get overwhelmed After which earlier than you communicate What are you going to show individuals how Are you able to assist do you’ve a curriculum Established or at the very least an overview of What you're going to convey to the desk And in addition by the best way whenever you do that you Set up subject material experience which Goes again to belief keep in mind 007 know Like and Belief Not James Bond episode 007 CEO bear

Branding Advertising gross sales individuals acquired to Know you they gotta such as you they gotta Belief you and so whenever you're instructing Folks whenever you're the worth proposition Is that I give give on the entrance finish and Then create a possibility so that you can Voluntarily transact on the again finish And I’ve no expectation of you Transacting I'm creating rapport with you you already know Me you want me you belief me now you're Prepared to contemplate doing enterprise with Me after which if I knock it out of the Freaking Park whenever you do enterprise with Me have the perfect merchandise the perfect Customer support the perfect assure Proper the perfect ethos as an organization I've now made you a buyer for all times And you’ll inform all people else should you Want a primary help equipment go get one from Refuge medical if it’s essential know Prepper stuff go watch the prepper Classroom and whereas I'm making a Lifetime buyer out of sure individuals I'm additionally 100 alienating sure different Folks and I don't lose sleep over the Those that I alienate by being myself By bringing my ethos to the desk by Explaining my subject material experience I'm not frightened concerning the folks that Don't love me I'm cool with that there's A complete there's far more folks that Don't love me than folks that try this's Okay I’ve greater than sufficient folks that

Love me so as to have the ability to do to do This to pour into you and so will you However you bought to know who it’s that You're speaking to and once more you might be greatest Outfitted to show and assist the individual That you simply was once so take into consideration that Take into consideration all the teachings that you simply've Discovered in between who you have been and who You at the moment are Put that right into a curriculum or an overview And begin bringing that to the desk After which that that creates the Established expertise for individuals to Know you such as you and belief you you've Received to achieve them earlier than you may educate Them the worth proposition must be up Entrance I'm giving giving giving giving Giving after which if If When you select to work together nice When you select to transact nice should you Don't Nice There's eight billion individuals on the face Of this Earth there's 187 000 individuals who watch this channel that's Insane 187 000 individuals I do know individuals a few of them Personally which have reaches of tens of millions Of folks that's insane You don't want you don't even want a Hundred thousand individuals A thousand ten thousand followers Man that's an viewers

That's an viewers and it's not an Viewers so that you can monetize it's an Viewers so that you can assist should you convey Sufficient worth on the entrance finish you'll get Every little thing you need and extra on the again Finish should you can apply endurance should you can Apply stewardship to it When you genuinely wish to assist individuals You can be richly blessed should you're Seeking to construct an viewers merely to Monetize it it's only a matter of time Earlier than the scales fall off of your Viewers members eyes and so they go oh Take a look at this man Man I don't know I believe we will all consider a Channel or Two who has accomplished that So Gotta attain them with a purpose to educate them Who’re you instructing How are you bringing the data to Them and what are you instructing After which and it might be effectively yeah I Don't have an internet presence I'm a Plumber okay to start with make the perfect Rattling Plumbing content material on the web go For it second of all possibly there's a Commerce college which you could become involved Through which additionally offers you a pipeline to Apprentices that permit you to pour into Folks whereas additionally getting access to Low-cost labor hmm proper assume Strategically not tactically Effectively I'm a hair salon what am I going to

Educate individuals I don't know [ __ ] about Hair In all probability educate me a factor or two about Her do tutorials clarify the way you arrange Your station why I exploit this nail polish Versus that nail polish I don't know however You do You do and should you did a video on how you can Put highlights in someone's hair I'm In all probability not going to look at it and That's okay However there's tens of millions of different individuals That may there's two billion individuals on YouTube two billion individuals on YouTube a Quarter of the planet is on YouTube Anyone will watch your spotlight video I'm not gonna go I like this individual I wish to discover out extra about this Individual then they're going to go to this they're going to study even Extra about you and in the event that they select to Transact with you nice And in the event that they don't nice however individuals Ought to at all times depart you higher than they Got here That's the concept Zig Ziglar I imagine it was Mentioned should you assist sufficient individuals get what They need ultimately you’re going to get what You need You bought to achieve them earlier than you may Educate them CEO bear 008 bless y'all shalom See a smoke coming off of the barrel

There you go 180 rounds Simply performing some Accuracy testing ensuring that We will nonetheless hit that Half measurement silhouette Goal on the market Which we will No downside 4 energy acquired it set on For energy Simple peasy One thing else value noting noticed rig Will maintain three P mags entrance to again like that as effectively On your 5 5 six or your 300 Blackout and you bought three of these Pockets one two three so you might run 9 mags up entrance should you wished to to Say nothing of your massive Aspect pallets is over right here so Now you might in all probability get 15 Megs in This factor should you needed to Though That'd be a shitty state of affairs huh 15 mags value of stuff what are we going To do blah