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Hello people Canadian prepper right here holy shtf If there's even a kernel of Fact to the Data that I'm about to share with You right this moment then NATO is in numerous Bother and this would possibly clarify why They're quick monitoring the supply of F-16s to Ukraine f-16s in truth that almost all Individuals don't know can carry tactical Nuclear weapons and that is going to be Why Russia views this as such an Escalatory transfer not counting the actual fact That that is an older conflict aircraft that Many nations wish to eliminate so That they will change them with f-35s Speak about a plug for Lockheed Martin Now get a load of this at first I did Not wish to imagine this I've spoken About this tangentially for a pair Weeks now and I've at all times prefaced it by Saying that I don't truly imagine the Story it simply appears so far-fetched however If there’s reality that the Ukrainian Commander Valerie zeluzny is in vital Situation or in truth deceased that NATO Is in critical critical hassle This can be a main within the command construction of the Ukrainian navy that’s going to Drastically compromise their skill to Stage this counter offensive whether it is True now the place there’s smoke there’s Fireplace And I've been very reluctant to make a Devoted video about this as a result of

Oftentimes tales of this magnitude are Confirmed false and this one might very effectively Be so I'm not this isn’t a hill I'm Keen to die on okay but it surely seems as Although that within the very least one thing Has occurred now I'm going to offer You with that proof right this moment and it's All anecdotal proof at this level Leaked data from varied hacking Teams pro-russian hacking teams however One thing that’s so simply falsified by The Ukrainian authorities they might Simply come out and debunk this by Having zillusiony do a 30-second blurb The place he's speaking about present occasions In his navy bdus and outdoors of a Hospital that's all they must Do now clearly for operational Safety functions they're not going to Put his precise location and also you're by no means Going to count on that however numerous the The habits of the Ukrainian authorities In responding to a few of these rumors Has been extremely suspect As a result of what they've been doing is Releasing previous footage footage of him at Previous interviews uh photos of him at Numerous weddings attempting to elucidate away The truth that he hasn't attended varied Teleconferences with NATO excessive degree Talks that he ought to have been current At and there's no purpose why he Shouldn't have been so many individuals are Pondering that it's seemingly that essentially the most

Believable narrative is that he’s in Crucial situation he can't make visible Public expertise appearances however he can Discuss on the telephone now this would possibly clarify Why on his telegram he posted a narrative Indicating that he had a telephone name with The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Workers Mark milley It might clarify why he might have a Telephone name however not be seen in particular person Okay now right here's right here's what the Russian State-sponsored media is saying and Once more that is Russian state-sponsored Media it seems as if there's One thing to this however this isn’t a hill I'm gonna die on however that is very very Crucial and so they're being extremely Quiet about this now earlier than I learn you This I need to say that there have been rumors That there was this rift this divide Between zaluzny and zielinski I don't Know a lot in regards to the Divide how Substantial of a divide it was in phrases Of zelusnees being a navy pragmatist Who had reservations presumably in regards to the Counter-offensive and the prospect of Success he made some claims that he Wanted x quantity of tanks to be able to get The job accomplished and that this couldn't be Uh this couldn't be given by NATO and Maybe their you realize that the plan of The zielinski authorities was not Congruent with zelujni's plan and his Expectations and he's broadly revered

So far as I do know not solely throughout the Ukrainian navy however within the Russian Army for that purpose that he’s very Clear in regards to the state of affairs and he's Very reasonable not like the Ukrainian Management who just isn’t preferred by the Russian navy now Based on Um Rhea novosti which is a really Professional Kremlin Presumably states-funded Russian media Supply and I doubt that they’d Publish a narrative like this entrance web page if There wasn't one thing to it as a result of Once more it will harm their credibility Massively and for this reason at any time when the Russian Ministry of Protection comes out And says one thing like hey we hit the Patriot missile system the day after After denying all of it alongside the U.S Authorities is pressured to come back out and say Okay possibly it was broken slightly bit And since they're not going to do One thing that may be so simply Falsified proper you bought to grasp That they're not going to only put out Blatant disinformation as a result of even they Need to protect some credibility on the International stage now in any case Rio navosity Publishes this story the claims {that a} Hacker group Joker DNR claims that Zillusiony stopped showing in public After a string of strikes inflicted by Russian items on some navy

Installations in Ukraine even pregosian Evgeny pagosian the top of the Wagner Group has come out and outright stated That he's in truth a c The top of the Ukrainian navy is Deceased speak about A present of vulnerability of those to These buffoons that we've painted them Out to be the Russian navy who we Declare can't hit fish in a barrel with Birdshot uh think about the blow to morale That will be for them to have taken out The top of the Ukrainian navy with A cruise missile and a Precision strike Okay that fully debunks that Narrative of the buffoon Antagonists that we view Russia as now Details about the state of his Well being in Ukraine is blocked on the Course of Western curators so to not Undermine morale already bruised by the Lack of artemosk that's what they name That moot that's what the Russians refer To again moot as Ukraine calls it bakmut Russia calls it artemovsk you're Most likely going to listen to that time period used Extra liberally now I’ve critical Data in accordance with the Interlocutor at Joker DNR this hacking Group in accordance with him the Commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces underwent a number of advanced Operations and his state of well being will Not enable him to proceed to carry out his

Duties this can be a enormous void within the Ukrainian chain of command and certain is Going to result in the postponement of any Form of counter-offensive and this could Clarify the entire different Army exercise that’s occurring Outdoors the periphery of the Ukraine conflict Within the Baltic states and Belarus and Poland and whatnot in any case Joker DNR Usually publishes insiders and secret Paperwork of the political and Kiev Army management obtained by means of Information hacking and brokers Western and Ukrainian media have repeatedly Confirmed the accuracy of the Data laid out by this hacking Group which isn’t to say that this Specific story is true however the place There's smoke there's hearth there's a There's an excessive amount of smoke proper now okay There's one thing to this I'm gonna wager That there's one thing to this I don't Assume he's deceased however the vital Situation story is sensible as a result of You understand you could possibly have a telephone name With the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Workers Mark milley as defined on Telegram the opposite day and you could possibly Nonetheless be in vital situation within the Hospital however you wouldn't be capable to Inform a convention with Ramstein okay so In early Could the top of the NATO uh Army committee Admiral Rob Bauer Introduced Options refusal to

Take part in a gathering of the Group on the degree of Common Chiefs of Workers in entrance uh within the Format of a video convention the very Subsequent day they began releasing video And I knew it it was in my intestine I I spoke About this very tangentially as a result of I Didn't wish to make a devoted video About it as a result of oftentimes these items Transform false however I simply knew it Was very suspicious that all of them of a Sudden had been releasing a video that he Did a pre-recorded video from weeks in the past An interview and this can be a man who’s Not digicam shy second solely to zielinski In his public appearances virtually on a Each day foundation Immediately gone quiet for weeks on finish That's very very suspicious in any case Um Another data right here as a media Personalities phantasm was always in The lens of the Ukrainian Western Media's second solely insulin pores and skin is Depth of his TV appearances since Could eighth nobody has seen zillusiony Common naive is current in any respect occasions Which require the private participation Of the commander-in-chief even on the Common assembly of the heads of the Departments of Ramsey okay we already Talked about that this can be a completely different Article now in accordance with the to our Supply within the AFU management Common

Zalushny is alive however is in vital Situation on the Maine Army medical Hospital the place the struggle for his life Continues together with the participation of International Specialists they declare that he Was significantly wounded whereas on the Management factors of an Jap grouping of The AFU after which I at all times have a Issue saying this I'm going to Give it a shot denipa petrovsk area When he was checking the Readiness of Formations and items for counter-attack Throughout a missile strike on Army Nice infrastructure and so they're going To make me say it once more denipa petrovsk Area this management level was struck by A exact hit from a Russian cruise Missile consequently numerous Excessive-ranking Ukrainian navy Officers together with zeluzny had been killed And wounded details about Zalusiany's wounding was not directly Confirmed by the actual fact now that is very Anecdotal however take it with an incredible Assault by the truth that on Could 10 his Spouse Elena was seen driving from the I'm Not even going to attempt to pronounce this Avenue to a Kiev navy hospital the place She spent greater than 4 hours to Stop Panic among the many AFU management In Ukrainian servicemen data About Options Critical damage in Crucial well being situation as being Withheld the Ukrainian particular companies

Had been tacked with demonstrating the Shedding these exercise in each approach Potential whereas the struggle for his life Was happening therefore the looks in all The media of all kinds of ineffective Interviews supposedly recorded lately Or images from the vacation of the Commander-in-chief in Cyprus and why Would he go on a vacation Whereas again moot is falling and the Russians are already planning on transferring Additional westward in that path to Cremator pores and skin they're already evacuating The ukrainians already evacuating the Cities over so it's not wanting good Anyhow Um you’ll agree that this isn’t a Excellent time to relaxation when preparations For the approaching counter-offensive or in Full swing on the lack of again moot is Not a great state of affairs both so man That may be a massive blow to the Ukrainian Army if In the event that they had been all on the identical web page now if They weren't on the identical web page and Zaluzny in truth was the man saying maintain On a second this ain't gonna work we're Gonna find yourself shedding numerous guys and That this can be a feudal Pursuit this Counter offensive enterprise Perhaps However both approach You understand I imply if he was the voice of Purpose throughout the Ukrainian navy

Then which means the danger of nuclear conflict Escalation is far a lot greater and that Now All of those guys are simply gonna have Free reign to uh to escalate this factor So far as they need It's a great time to most likely spend money on Lockheed Martin as a result of all of those F-35s which can be going for use to Exchange The f-16s as a result of that is what nations Need to do they wish to eliminate their Previous Inventory offload their previous F-16 inventory Carry within the f-35s presumably even the F-22s as soon as the Individuals roll out No matter is subsequent no matter fighter jet is Going to be rolled out after the F-22 International locations are going to wish to get rid Of that so Lockheed Martin inventory is Going to most likely pump when the Deliveries of those f-16s however I imply Take into consideration that you realize they had been Speaking in regards to the supply of s16s for a Very long time we we spoke about that just about Final 12 months we knew that it was coming Simply the the trajectory this battle Was on however they went from simply Rumblings Of it to in a single day up to now week a Critical deliberation to dedication now Already america who stated okay We're we're not going to coach Pilots However we are going to first they stated okay we're Not going to authorize the supply of F-16s within the span of every week they've went

From we're going to authorize f-16s We're going to coach pilots and we might Even ship f-16s so that you don't get that Speedy development for no purpose One thing has occurred right here all of this After all comes after that assault on the Kremlin the place they tried to Based on the Russians now Assassinate Vladimir Putin and zielinski Is AWOL and after I say AWOL no I don't Imply that he's deserted service what I Imply after I say that’s that he hasn't Been within the nation for I imagine since That has occurred appropriate me if I'm Incorrect he might have went again after his uh Tour de France no matter that was however uh I feel that he's been outdoors of the Nation ever since and uh like I say we Paint the Russians as these buffoons These antagonistic hollywood-like Villains who can't hit you realize the the Broad facet of a barn with a shotgun and Birdshot and if that is true that They're in a position to have interaction on this degree of Precision strikes then possibly simply possibly Zielinski is delaying his going again to Kiev particularly if this Patriot system Is not operational okay now we're Seeing alongside the northern border extra Video popping out right this moment of the dragon's Tooth that the Bella Russians are Organising it seems as if you Wouldn't go to that extent I don't assume you’ll go to that

Extent if you happen to didn't actually anticipate a 90 probability that conflict was coming your approach They're exhibiting movies of tablet packing containers Being erected of fortified uh positions With sandbags anti-tank you realize simply The entire 9 yards they're lining it Up throughout the border it seems as Although NATO is preparing for the Subsequent degree of this recreation which can effectively Be Poland's involvement within the battle Is that this the purpose as a result of after this you Know except some longer Vary missiles now the ukrainians have All of the supply techniques The supply platforms to shoot the Lengthy-range techniques after they get the F-16s Um is that this once we begin listening to rumors Of troops on the bottom okay as a result of That's the ultimate step in all of this Guys I'm telling you man don’t relent I Know the the timelines listed here are Not becoming into folks's schema of how This stuff are alleged to unfold as Dictated by Hollywood by way of the Escalation of those conflicts World Warfare II took six years we're in about one 12 months 1.5 of this battle and I feel it Hasn't even began but I feel that the Actual conflict is coming for this reason Russia Has spared the usage of its elite items Which it's now deploying within the Border Areas uh why the extreme Fortifications of The Bella Russians and

The transferring nukes into Belarus and the Common quiet of the Russian navy as A complete now in fact the Russian Army they’re going to be changing Wagner on the entrance in order that they declare you Simply by no means know there's a lot Disinformation and misdirection for all We all know Wagner goes to maintain transferring Westward it's very onerous to know at this Time limit however simply keep in mind that From the West Level of View they view The lack of Ukraine and so they've Explicitly acknowledged this as Being an existential menace that is what They declare now I've talked about the way it Is considerably of an existential menace to U.S greenback Reserve forex hegemony uh I don't assume it's essentially an Existential menace from a nuclear World Warfare III perspective however that's what the Brits the French that's what the polls Positively in america view it As so guys the shit's becoming to hit the Fan let me know what you assume within the Remark part beneath thanks for Watching Canadian prep row

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