I'm In Big Trouble...
I'm In Big Trouble...

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Hello of us Canadian prepper right here at this time on The channel 9 the explanation why I sure the Canadian prepper in all probability received't survive The apocalypse let's speak about it I do know there's a number of new folks Moving into preparedness and it's simple To be discouraged whenever you see any person Like myself who's displaying you all these Cool survival devices and also you would possibly Suppose to your self man I’m approach behind on This and there's no time for me to prep I’d as properly not prep in any respect whereas I'm right here to inform you at this time although I've been doing this for over a decade There's nonetheless many weak factors in my Technique and I'm going to be laying that Out for you at this time in truth you may be Shocked to study that you’re extra Ready than me the Canadian prepper in Lots of respects Presently proper now I’d class myself As what I name a meso prepper there's Micro Preppers maso Preppers and Mackerel Preppers a micro prepper is Someone who’s simply ready to bug out Usually these are people who find themselves Residing in a high-rise constructing in a Densely populated area they don’t have any Selection however to base their complete technique Round bugging out as a result of they merely Don't have the space for storing required to Retailer massive quantities of energy and Vitality that they may must shelter In place for an prolonged time frame

A maso prepper is any person who perhaps Lives on the periphery of a metropolis in a Suburb or perhaps even in a Township Doesn't have an entire lot of land or Regenerative capability which means they don't Have a backyard they don't have a big Photo voltaic array however they’ve a really massive Stockpile of meals I.E vitality now a macro Prepper is any person who's taken issues To the homestead degree I'm not at all a Macro prepper however I'm about to make the Leap from maso prepper to macro prep and We're going to be documenting that complete Expertise for you guys you're going to Have the ability to watch my Evolution as a macro Prepper within the years to return hopefully We have now years to return Motive primary my location my Location is way from excellent in truth we Lately ranked my present location as a Three out of ten on the apocalypse Survivability ranking scale that we Created that's principally associated to the Chilly local weather and different elements you may Go and take a look at that video right here the Different strategic relocation problem is that I don't even have any land but I Have a house that's exterior of town In a Township of types however I don't have The massive swath of land that might be Required to construct an off-grid Self-sustainable Homestead so as a result of I Haven’t any land that additionally means I’ve no Properly no fixed water supply I’ve no

Cattle I’ve no absolutely Self-sustainable Backyard or Greenhouse I Haven’t any massive photo voltaic array and I’ve no Heavy responsibility farm gear nor do I’ve Expertise using that gear Now quantity two is that I’ve a scarcity of Tactical navy coaching by no means been in The navy by no means been on a police Pressure and whereas I do have some Connections in that regard I don't know clear a room I've not skilled Like I’d be engaged in some type of Tactical hearth battle I've finished some Restricted coaching as you may see right here With Rod Gail tacka of the ccfr however not A lot and definitely not sufficient to really feel Totally comfy in a kind of Defensive conditions moreover I additionally Lack the predatorial mindset that may Be required in an aggressive shtf Situation that is one thing that I Consider will solely be introduced out of Folks in occasions of nice desperation Myself personally I attempt to promote extra Of a defensive technique in any respect prices however I do perceive that in some unspecified time in the future in Time we could need to go on the offensive If issues get actually unhealthy so as to be Preventative The third motive why I in all probability received't Survive the apocalypse is that I'm not The best hunter on this planet I'm not The best trapper on this planet and I'm additionally not the best fisherman in

The world whereas I've tried all of These items with restricted success I'm by No means an knowledgeable looking takes loads Of time area dressing an animal takes a Lot of talent and these are issues that It’s important to do a number of occasions so as To really feel comfy and be proficient in Doing it sadly as a result of I stay Such a busy way of life looking is fairly A lot out of the query as a result of it's Usually a two or three day Affair The place I'm at proper now presently because it Stands whenever you're restricted to public Land it's very arduous to study these Abilities trapping is one other story Altogether and fishing whereas I do have Some expertise I don't consider that the Fashion of fishing that I partake in is Going to be optimum for an shtf Scenario The fourth motive why I received't survive The apocalypse is as a result of I'm a jack of All trades and sadly a grasp of Nothing none of my post-secondary Training goes to be helpful in the direction of The tip of eking out a residing after the Apocalypse there's sure trades that Are going to be completely helpful after It hits the fan speaking about any person With navy expertise medical Expertise any person who is aware of learn how to Farm and all of the issues that go alongside With animal husbandry you'll want Electricians who can perceive

Renewable off-grid Vitality Techniques you'll Want Carpenters who can construct issues You'll want mechanics who can repair vehicles The fifth motive why I in all probability received't Survive the collapse of civilization as We all know it’s that I'm simply too Recognizable being a YouTuber with over 200 million views in fact persons are Going to know who I’m so being a grey Man because it's generally referred goes To be very tough after I first Began this YouTube channel I used to be loads Extra discreet about my on-line Presentation in fact it's Incrementally change into such that I Disclose increasingly private Details about myself it's simply par For the course however the cardinal rule for All Preppers is to by no means let anyone Know that you’re truly a prepper Sadly for me that's a luxurious That I've needed to forego so as to Convey this kind of content material to folks the Different downside is is that my truck stands Out like a sore thumb as cool as it’s As an off-road rig it's merely not going To be sensible in a post-collapse Scenario The sixth motive why I in all probability received't Survive the apocalypse is simply I merely Have an excessive amount of stuff there's that outdated Saying worry the person with one gun for he Is aware of learn how to use it and I'm an enormous Proponent of minimalism on this respect

The issue is whenever you're doing all These kinds of gear opinions on a channel Then you definately are usually despatched a number of stuff From numerous corporations so the objective is to Discover one succesful instrument for each facet Of preparedness Grasp it and persist with It don't fall into the Lure of Accumulating issues only for the sake of It that's known as hoarding that's why You're by no means going to see my knife Assortment of 100 knives I’ve no Have to have 100 completely different knives Similar to I’ve no must have a Hundred completely different Firearms now on the Matter of firearms nevertheless you’re going To need Firearms of all the essential Calibers I simply need one through which I'm Proficient with the motor dexterity to Use that instrument to one of the best of my Functionality The seventh motive why I'm in all probability not Going to outlive doomsday is as a result of I Simply merely don't have the time to do All of the issues that I wish to do It takes a number of effort and time to place Out movies on this channel on a every day Foundation whereas I’ve mates who began Prepping after I did and they’re far Extra superior than I’m now as a result of they Spend the majority of their day truly out There engaged on their Homestead doing The preparedness issues that everyone knows We have now to do within the instant future The eighth motive why I in all probability received't

Survive what's coming down the pike is That I don't actually have a large group In a detailed proximity whereas I'm beginning To construct a community of like-minded folks We're pretty unfold out and truthfully That's in all probability a great factor as a result of The rest it begins to form of appear Like a little bit of a cult except you're simply Speaking about your neighbors so an enormous Weak spot for myself and I'm guessing a Lot of Preppers as a result of we are usually Independently minded Lone Wolf varieties is Networking And lastly the ninth motive why I received't Survive is as a result of my medical background Is restricted properly I've finished first support Coaching a number of occasions in truth I'm not Totally assured that I’d give you the option To effectively make use of these expertise below Disaster-like situations nor am I totally Assured that I’d be capable to comply with My survival drugs handbooks recommendation It's a wonderful guide by Dr Joe and Amy Alton however as they are saying follow makes Excellent and sadly I've not had a Lot of follow on this respect so these Are all of the issues that I’ve to work On I can say confidently that so far as I do know I haven't been to the physician Recently however I'm wholesome I'm resourceful And I do know what it means to wrestle and I'm a fighter so all of my Aforementioned shortcomings are going to Be issues that we proceed to attempt to

Hone and develop on this channel within the Close to future and I simply needed you guys To know that in case you are feeling misplaced in This preparedness house you're not alone This actually is a life-style that all of us Aspire to stay and making it one the place We're not alienating ourselves from Society at massive is much more tough However in my private opinion that ought to Be the tip objective let me know what you Guys take into consideration this within the remark Part under thanks for watching Canadian preparo One of the best ways to assist this channel is To assist Your self by gearing up at Canadianpreparedness.com the place you'll Discover top quality survival gear on the Finest costs No Junk and no gimmicks use Low cost code prepping gear for 10 off Don't neglect the Robust Survive however the Ready Thrive keep protected

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