Economic Indicators | National Intel | Bear Brief 19MAY23
Economic Indicators | National Intel | Bear Brief 19MAY23

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Good morning and welcome to the temporary I'm bear please excuse my uh tough voice I'm getting over one thing and please Excuse the dangerous lighting This specific constructing is at present Off grid and it's wet exterior so we Acquired what we acquired Should you're new right here Go forward and ring the little bell icon Subscribe Should you're not new right here what to Do share the present with someone you like And make it possible for the YouTube Algorithmic robots haven't uh Unceremoniously unsubscribe you since Final we spoke It's 19 Could 23. at the moment we're going to Discuss Nationwide and Worldwide Financial indicators A bit bit about gasoline from a Preparedness standpoint After which we're going to do the nationwide Intel Ascent in by y'all To the e-mail deal with Intel bear Honest unbiased temporary not teammate 23 The financial institution of England has stated that it no Longer expects the UK to Enter right into a recession this yr Although econ although the economic system of the UK grew by 0.1 % in The primary quarter with a stunning Contraction of 0.3 % in March Retail and wholesale commerce information has

Indicated slowing shopper spending as Inflation continues to squeeze residents And stretch their incomes stopping an Improve in spending I feel we're seeing loads of that right here In the US as properly slower Client spending As a result of uh there's issues that you really want Issues that you simply want you want a roof Over your head you want groceries you Want a solution to get backwards and forwards to work Issues that you may want one other rifle Or a bug out bag or uh Trip loads of the desires are Happening the again burner proper now As a result of there's solely a lot cash to go Round This espresso is blazing sizzling Moose Run Espresso Co I like to recommend it UK Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt advised CNBC at a latest G7 Summit quote I feel we’re conscious there may be nonetheless a Lengthy solution to go we nonetheless have inflation That’s too excessive progress continues to be not as Excessive as we wish it to be and once I speak to my fellow Finance ministers we All speak about the identical factor Labor Provide productiveness how we’re Going to extend our long-term progress Charges in order that we will pay for the Rising variety of issues that Taxpayers need governments to do Finish quote

Um Properly I don't reside in England I'm not a part of the UK So so far as Mr Jeremy Hunt is worried I don't need the federal government to do Something besides battle and win the Nation's Wars And perhaps a handful of different issues However the authorities's not your daddy the Authorities's not your husband authorities Is just not your private financier The growing variety of issues that Taxpayers need governments to do I don't need you to do [ __ ] simply depart Me alone depart all people else alone and Cease making an attempt to coalesce energy to the Highest echelons of management air quote On this nation I don't wish to bounce into that rabbit Gap too deeply however they're public Servants they work for us not the opposite Approach round and we’d all do properly to Do not forget that And maybe make them perceive that Once more In the meantime the U.S economic system continues to be Signaling slowdown because it continues to Inch nearer to an official acknowledged Recession later this yr The info reveals that for the thirteenth month In a row the nation's main financial Index has declined by 0.6 % Precisely as economists had predicted

The one difficulty with that is that Recession has been a sign on the radar For months now And has but to truly come to cross Technically Even regardless of a decline in residence loans in The U.S complete Client Debt has reached A brand new excessive as far as in 2023 hitting 17.505 trillion {dollars} Client Debt 17 trillion {dollars} Automobile loans are actually at 1.56 trillion And scholar mortgage debt is now 1.6 Trillion Debt delinquency charges are additionally as much as Three % the best for the reason that Third quarter of 2020. That is clearly a sign of what The standard family goes via Proper now however corporations are nowhere Near resistant to inflationary Pressures Even Tesla has not too long ago introduced by CEO Elon Musk Will start promoting promoting its Cars for the primary time Musk was quoted as saying at a gathering Quote Tesla is just not resistant to the worldwide Financial atmosphere I anticipate issues to Be simply at a macro financial degree Troublesome for at the very least the following 12 Months finish quote Elon assume he's a robotic or one of many Reptilian overlords no matter you're into Um the truth that the non-public sector and

Firms At the moment are uh saying out loud yeah issues Are going to be bizarre for at the very least the Subsequent 12 months It's an indicator I agree I agree Um however I take no pleasure in Discovering uh a number of Witnesses on the Thought the idea that we’re in an Financial droop but it surely's going to remain That method for most likely a yr or so perhaps Extra Apparently one anticipated flip on this Potential recession in comparison with earlier Recessions is that the Leisure and Hospitality sectors in the US Are anticipated to completely get well this yr As journey eating and leisure Spending is anticipated to proceed to rise For these dealing with potential layoffs Financial institution Of America Economist Stephen Juno Provided this notable level quote The trade the trade Could fare Comparatively higher from an employment Perspective throughout an upcoming recession Journey and Leisure is often an space we The place individuals correctly in the reduction of to preserve Their hard-earned {dollars} however as Janelle Johnson of pricewater Cooper advised CNN Quote the pandemic did lead to a Everlasting shift in preferences Significantly for youthful Generations Folks used to create a bucket listing of What they'd wish to deal with throughout

Retirement however now they're saying why Wait till retirement Finish quote she additionally famous that mortgage Charges are so excessive and housing is so Costly that many individuals have merely Given up hope of shopping for a house and Chosen to as a substitute use any potential Financial savings to extend the standard of their Life within the second That’s the written temporary We'll do Nationwide Intel in a second We're in week six of fifty weeks of Preparedness we talked about gasoline on Monday we didn’t do a reside temporary on Wednesday as a result of I didn't have a voice So the written temporary went up because it All the time does for the patrons on patreon On Wednesday and at the moment what we're going To speak about is gasoline in regard to Hitting your property There's loads of reporting popping out At this time from nerk the nationwide power Reliability Council in the US Basically saying that as a result of That is me paraphrasing Due to the Nationwide shift from Dependable scalable Power manufacturing uh principally something That generates Steam Steam could be very scalable and we we use Warmth to warmth water to make Steam that Warmth is offered by nuclear or coal or Pure fuel or in some circumstances gasoline oil Quantity two diesel

And so on Shifting away from that as a result of this inexperienced Power Push by The Reptilian overlords Once more reminding the viewers that 80 to 98 of that provide chain for inexperienced power Is uh owned by China Who has purchased and paid for this present Administration and possibly a number of Earlier administrations and really possible A lot of the entrenched paperwork in Washington DC As we transfer in direction of air quote clear air Quote grain air quote renewable power The unreliability of wind generators and Photo voltaic panels I.E wind solely makes energy When there's wind and photo voltaic solely makes Energy when their Solar I.E not scalable is Going to trigger the potential for Rolling Blackouts this summer season Coupled with the El Nino impact that's Coming in that's going to make uh Mainly your complete nation aside from Northern California and pnw and perhaps Some Northern Tier States proper there Straight beneath the imaginary line within the Snow that separates us from the Canadians however principally going to make The whole thing of the US of America have above common temperatures This summer season so that you're going to have much less Electrical energy and above common Temperatures gonna trigger a excessive Potential for Rolling blackouts Getting again to gasoline for you

There's two methods to consider gasoline one is Within the winter for heating how do I warmth My residence with out electrical energy With out The system Oh properly I'm on propane I'm on gasoline oil I'm on no matter properly If there's no electrical energy to function the Pumps to place the diesel within the vehicles That deliver you propane or your gasoline oil You're not going to get any if there's No electrical energy to function the amenities That produce the propane and the gasoline Oil you're not going to get any So how do you keep heat within the winter For lots of people the apparent reply Is firewood There may be an artwork and a science to Firewood and this isn’t that video However your property must be set as much as warmth And warmth effectivity effectively with Firewood so that you may think about that However then I additionally assume from a gasoline Standpoint what about in the summertime when It's dangerously sizzling in sure components of The nation Um it has been wherever from Damaging 19 to 112 levels the place I'm Presently sitting that's a pretty big Swing proper 130ish diploma swing For sure individuals Youngsters within the aged It being that sizzling

Will be life-threatening and in addition individuals Which have uh what do they name it throughout The pandemic comorbidities These which are typically unhealthy proper Now How do you keep cool in the summertime So wind and photo voltaic usually are not scalable On a grid degree due to an absence of Capacitor expertise to retailer the power That they produce when the solar is out And when the wind is blowing However for you small scale at your property you Would possibly think about a small photo voltaic array Or a really small wind turbine to supply Sufficient energy to cost your batteries That assist you to run an air conditioner Or the freezer within the fridge in your House and many others and many others Now finally I feel if I feel if issues get dangerous sufficient and Keep dangerous sufficient lengthy sufficient we actually Should be taking a look at how did individuals Stay a pair hundred years in the past One in every of my favourite graphs and I’m a Graph man one among my favourite graphs is Should you take the graph of proliferation Of expertise within the heating air flow Air-con sector AKA how good is Air-con And yr over yr You lay that graph above The inhabitants of the state of Texas They’re a mirror picture Causation versus correlation you'd be

The decide however the information says the higher Air-con acquired the extra individuals Moved to Texas Proper So you may think about as a part of your Strategic relocation plan is there a Place that I can transfer the place I don't have To have air-con Uh and if I don't have it I don't die Proper in lots of locations I had a pickup truck that I had in Upstate New York That uh I purchased that pickup truck from The good friend of the daddy of one among my Pals Didn't have air-con As a result of in loads of locations air Conditioning is optionally available Um You possibly can't you’ll be able to't do this in Texas Oklahoma Arizona Proper you're gonna die However perhaps you’ll be able to put up a small photo voltaic Array And a battery financial institution and have some energy To work with So take into consideration this week gasoline not simply On your automobiles and on your Powered instruments and Your heavy gear tractors gear No matter you may need but additionally for Your private home not simply from a heating Standpoint however from a cooling standpoint As properly

Followers in evaporative cooling use very Little power and they are often fairly Efficient at decreasing the temperature as A lot as 20 to 30 levels Once I labored in north Texas within the wooden Store We had a rule We had no AC within the store it's enormous store House it's not potential for I imply is it Doable sure however the price would have Been absurd So subsequently not potential We had a rule that if the thermometer Contained in the store hit 120 levels that we Would shut down And there have been many days the place it was 118 119 contained in the store and we simply stored Working So it’s potential should you keep hydrated And that goes again to having sufficient Water and sufficient electrolytes to go Round It's fairly potential to work via it Should you're comparatively match and comparatively Disciplined Issues to consider this week week six Of fifty weeks of preparedness There's the Thunder are you able to hear the Thunder Further Intel bonus Intel from y'all At bear 19 Could 23. these are all quotes I'm not Going to say quote over and over

I'm a retailer supervisor for a mid-scale Retail firm with tons of of shops All around the nation on the twenty sixth of final Month Regional administration despatched out our Payroll funds it sparked a number of Questions as a result of virtually everybody's Hours had been decrease than regular the priority Was sufficient to spark a secondary e mail Explaining the state of affairs that e mail learn As follows I despatched out Could payroll yesterday Sure I perceive some shops have much less Than regular this is because of our Pattern Down in gross sales on the yr and the Firm making an attempt to order hours in order that Now we have them For an upcoming occasion No shops ought to go over their month-to-month Hour budgets until it has been Pre-approved by the district supervisor or The regional supervisor Finish quote I don't guess that rationalization Was adequate to handle issues amongst Workers as a result of on the twenty eighth of final Month one of many high canines within the firm Launched a video to All shops going Over the present state of affairs of the Firm in essence he reiterated that we Are trending downward in gross sales Firm-wide and that we’re making Funds cuts in each Division inside The corporate they’re making an attempt to keep away from Wage Cuts or layoffs however we have now to Tighten our belts in loads of methods he Mentioned they imagine we’ll see a development

Upward within the second and third quarter But it surely seems like lip service to me On one other be aware my father works for the US Postal Service as a rural Service in the identical city that I work in USPS simply reevaluated everybody's routes With some workers taking main pay Cuts Countrywide They work on evaluated time so if the Route is evaluated at eight hours however They full the route in 5 they Nonetheless receives a commission for eight And I see the place this remark goes Right here however frankly the US Postal Service has been underwater for My total lifetime perhaps it does deserve A re reevaluation for that Nonetheless if I'm understanding this Accurately they simply had a 3rd social gathering Group are available in and reevaluate the routes Inflicting some individuals to take as a lot as An eighteen thousand greenback pay lower Just a few individuals acquired substantial raises however Nearly all of the RCA's rural carriers Are taking pay cuts which are the Equal of part-time jobs or aspect Hustles on a yearly foundation My father for instance is taking a Fourteen thousand greenback pay lower Beginning to rain significantly exterior Lots of people by the way in which uh temporary be aware There's one thing to be stated for a Arduous-sided battle construction at your Bug out location

As a result of it’s now pissing proper now Outdoors and if I used to be within the tent that'd Be higher than nothing A tent is healthier than a poncho Hoots Proper now for certain a tough sided Construction even when it's not extravagant Uh it's 4 partitions and a roof Is method higher than a tent for long-term Sustainment at your Bug out location Retains animals out offers you the secure Place to sleep it'll assist maintain the nice and cozy In Um if when it's chilly it'll assist Hold the cool in when it's heat Yeah extremely uh extremely advisable It's good to not have raindrops falling On my head proper now whereas true Axiomatically if it ain't raining we Ain't coaching I'm not draining proper now I'm speaking To y'all I’ll most likely Rock on this later at the moment Time will inform Again to the USPS I don’t imagine these Are coincidences with the state of the Economic system within the US greenback proper now simply A pair extra examples of the Degradation of our economic system and fiat Foreign money Yeah I agree however there's been loads of Fluff within the system for a very long time Issues had been so good that you may Afford to pay someone eight hours for 5 hours price of labor on daily basis it's

Not the case anymore Not going to be the case going ahead At the very least for a sizzling minute Subsequent I'm an Italian subscriber and Right here's an replace from my spouse's Co-worker a Ukrainian girl whose Son-in-law and Grandson have each been Drafted to battle within the ongoing battle in Ukraine the son-in-law who was 45 has Been assigned to a second line unit and He's at present constructing fortifications Within the space of Chernobyl close to the border With Belarus The Ukrainian navy offered him and His Squad with minimal gear and They needed to complement it by privately Buying many items of Package they even Needed to drive an previous pickup truck owned By one among their very own Thus far the state of affairs has been principally Quiet aside from the occasional Artillery Strike final week his Squad Got here below mortar hearth and their truck Took a direct hit No one was injured as a result of the car Was unoccupied on the time however the Explosion utterly destroyed the truck Together with all of their kits saved in The truck's mattress because of this the troopers Households together with my spouse's co-worker And her daughter needed to scramble to Elevate cash and substitute their gear And even purchase them a brand new working car I feel this episode confirms what

You've been saying for a very long time about The significance of logistics and the Means to maintain operations in a Extended battle Thanks I don't prefer to be proper about issues Like that however I've seen it sufficient instances I've studied It sufficient instances I've learn sufficient books On it talked to sufficient individuals who have Been there performed that liaised with and Consulted with sufficient businesses and Organizations and models which were There and performed that to know Viscerally the logistics wins Wars Two is one one is none Oh you’ll be able to see over there however it’s possible you’ll be Accustomed to what this room appears to be like like Twos one one is none And a bunch of some And it's Not Simply Weapons and Ammo A military marches on its what it s abdomen I may actually dive into that rabbit Gap however I don't wish to proper now What number of of those you’ll be able to't even see These What number of of those you bought What number of of them are loaded Are your whole geese in the identical place All of your eggs in a single basket I simply did a video on patreon this Morning speaking about uh Gentleman wrote in and requested hey what do We do if we don't have an entire bunch of

Cash to prep and we nonetheless have to set Up a Bug out location and probably in Place caches I imagine the title of that video is Bugging out broke I talked about that in That video however Cassius is an enormous factor Not simply alongside your route from the place you Are to the place you must be if you bug Out but additionally what if This place will get hit by an artillery Shell or a twister Or floods or Is occupied by unfriendly forces or No matter no matter no matter don't have All of your eggs in a single basket Subsequent Just a few days in the past my brother and I attended A metropolis council assembly concerning some Extraordinarily disturbing books on the native Library We had been there to make our voices heard And to let the officers who introduced the Problem ahead difficulty ahead know that There are residents standing with their Resolution However that's not why I'm operating in after We had been speaking to a gentleman within the Car parking zone for an hour or so in regards to the Problem then hastily we heard a Gunshot 50 to 75 yards from us and we All regarded straight at the place it sounded From and noticed a younger man in a hoodie Operating behind some dumpsters a second Letter we noticed a bike with two guys

Velocity away Since we had been in a authorities constructing I Didn’t have my regular hid weapon On my individual so one among my brothers and I Have been entered my car to seize my rifle Whereas one other brother stayed by an older Woman we had been speaking with they usually Known as legislation enforcement Is a smaller city and is often very Quiet however for the reason that pandemic everyone seems to be Divided and on edge it appears I took this as a warning and together with The information from the taking pictures in Texas to Lastly get an SOB package from Refuge I had tourniquets one other first assist gear In my truck however that wouldn't have performed Any good if I used to be parked additional away Hold Your Head on a swivel of us be Robust and brave and thanks for all You do bear Bless you bro And a few follow-ups from earlier Intel in regards to the industrial accident In North Florida Quote I glided by Air Liquide once more at the moment Simply to see if all of the cops are nonetheless There two weeks now and sure they’re the Large cellular command heart has been moved Up close to the highway now and we will see who It belongs to the ATF Looks as if the group is being lied To appears extremely possible that this Industrial accident I'm sorry appears extremely unbelievable that

That is an industrial accident at this Level Subsequent in regards to the giant firm that Delivers meals to warehouses that Instantly had no work for its drivers My guess is that is Cisco s-y-s-c-o I Don't know for a reality however my guess is That is Cisco which supplies meals to Colleges and eating places and authorities Buildings and prisons and every other Giant-scale meals service operation Issues have improved some as much as an Common workflow We’re simply not seeing the surge that we Would usually see presently of yr It's onerous to be correct from my Place however I’d say vehicles are Operating at 85 % of common Enterprise movement and about 70 70 % of What was initially projected for this Month on it or on a typical regular yr Issues are nonetheless gradual however not floor to A cease like they had been Thanks for the bonus Intel that’s Intel at bear the place you Ship that should you'd prefer to uh write in And supply your enter on what’s Occurring All over the world Or in your little neck of the woods I've been getting uh updates from individuals In theater on what's taking place in Ukraine proper now and there’s a Vital quantity of artillery

And drones and missile strikes principally Missiles being launched from mig-31s Occurring within the Southeast space of Ukraine It appears to be ramping up I'll most likely do a quick or phase of The temporary devoted purely to that at Some level That’s the temporary for at the moment Um Should you're a type of those who jumps Off when it's time to speak about the right way to Assist the present Then uh that is your well mannered cue to beat Toes skedaddle get out of right here have a Blessed day Shalom for everyone else We're going to speak about the right way to assist The present Hyperlinks within the description for all these Issues Seek for Bear unbiased or observe The hyperlink down there within the Video description Bugging out broke coated that this Morning Bugging out broke half an hour video on That Go test it out Patreon's 5 {dollars} per 30 days we Deal with it as a preparedness consultancy You ask the questions and I provide the Solutions we additionally had a greater than three Hour lengthy unique patreon reside stream Final evening the Pelt patreon unique

Stay stream Thursday the place we coated All sorts of matters and we do this Weekly on patreon that’s a part of the uh Worth that you simply get as a patron Should you join a yr you principally Get two months free of charge which is fairly Cool And um Should you join patreon otherwise you're Already on patreon and also you loot you employ Your promo code that's posted in each Temporary At Refuge medical you pay for patreon With the cash that you simply save from Refuge Similar to that so there's loads of Win-win-win happening over there Talking of Refuge Refuge medical you Could have seen the video is as much as 75 Lives saved up to now with our gear That's unimaginable to me Uh 74 was a really younger little one who was Choking and a refuge coaching alumni Hopped into motion And was capable of do the infant heimlich and Save that child's life That's superb And 75 was a highway rage incident {that a} Refuge shopper witnessed in Ohio the place Someone acquired shot on the highway they usually Have been ready to make use of their barefac to Produce a set of chest seals and apply The chest seals and maintain that individual Alive and awake and alert till a better Degree of care arrived

The world's getting bizarre weirder y'all I’d not be participating in any highway rage Incidents and in case you are concerned and As soon as say you're on the receiving finish of One Simply my two cents I'm not an legal professional And I don't play one on the web however I’d be able to defend my life That quick additionally have you ever seen this Ridiculous Pattern that's going round of Uh individuals dumping fuel cans on different Folks's automobiles in like parking tons I Guess it's some web development And uh I assume in some circumstances there's Truly gasoline within the fuel cans and Others it's simply water that's in there Both method I watched one the place some dude Um A younger man of coloration will simply say that Dump the fuel can on a man's Hood Whereas he was within the automobile man acquired out of The automobile after which he tried to dump the Fuel can on the man who acquired out of the Automotive That's assault with a lethal weapon man Should you understand that to be gasoline and One Spark You now emulating Now I'm gonna shoot you within the face Fafo bro Um individuals are silly And individuals are on edge Yeah inhabitants density issues no one

Has performed that in Jap Oklahoma that I'm conscious of as a result of you’ll get shot For that Again to Refuge Medical Um Bear information are in inventory potassium iodide Is in inventory the origin first assist kits Are transport The origin camo sample first assist kits Are transport I imagine there's at present free Delivery on every little thing within the retailer Proper now and uh All kits and elements are HSA and FSA Eligible so examine that out get them When you can the But once more issues are getting very Troublesome to get The protection Logistics company is shopping for Stuff up increasingly of what’s Produced right here domestically Is being despatched abroad To Ukraine To um United States allies within the South Pacific Um and being purchased up by the dod Division of Protection So that you get it whereas you will get it Latin America Assured ceaselessly 75 lives saved a date Refuge coaching we have now courses coming Up subsequent week Right here in Oklahoma

Monday via Friday and I might be There And people courses are about 4 hours From Dallas two hours from Fayetteville half-hour from Fort Smith Arkansas two And a half hours from Tulsa so there's 4 4 Airports you’ll be able to fly into inside a Affordable drive to come back to class I’d encourage you to come back to class I don't know the way lengthy we're going to be In a position to proceed to do what we do Economically talking and I promise you You're going to want medical coaching Greater than you're going to want firearms Coaching and I do imagine that you simply Must be coaching together with your Firearms I Very a lot so imagine try to be Coaching together with your first assist kits And studying trauma medication as a result of Statistically there's a a lot larger Probability that you simply're going to want Your first assist package than there may be that You're going to want your defensive Weapon Should you've spent extra on package then then You may have on coaching to make use of that package I feel it's unlucky however you're Deluded Coaching issues I do loads of coaching Quite a bit Of coaching many days per week Coaching Which means I’m subordinated to someone

Else who is aware of greater than me in order that I Can study It's extremely worthwhile So try study the Nice Artwork of The right way to not die in case you are an alumni of Refuge coaching and also you wish to come to One other class or ship someone out of your Mutual help group or someone from Your loved ones or church To Refuge coaching shoot us a fast E-mail gross sales at Refuge we'll Get you the alumni promo code and also you Can save huge on additional courses Fairly good Kershaw flipper Lastly however actually not least Grindstone Whiskey with bear might be July sixteenth in Dallas Texas to fundraise for Caleb Home or juvenile human trafficking Restoration facility AKA children who’ve been actually raped By [ __ ] If you want to assist the Constructing of Caleb home come out eat Some steak drink some whiskey smoke a Cigar Phrase hell eat a salad vape and have a Ginger beer no matter you're into I don't Care uh I might be posting the whiskey With bear Uh hyperlink to take part up on patreon First every little thing all the time goes on patreon First to present the patrons first dibs

It’s unapologetically costly it's a Good restaurant Swanky we're renting out The entire high flooring They're gonna be uh prime rib Carving stations and filet mignon and Cowboy rib eyes and whiskey and cigars And It's a thousand {dollars} a plate Unapologetically it's a thousand {dollars} A plate Carry your checkbook And should you can't make it otherwise you'd like To assist in different methods you’ll be able to go to in fact There's a hyperlink down within the description Each greenback issues man it prices 20 to 50 thousand {dollars} per head to do an Extraction to take a child out of a nasty State of affairs Um we only in the near past assisted within the Restoration of an 11 yr previous who had been Trafficked throughout state strains Reward y'all And I don't have the battle chest I don't Have the bandwidth the power to be In a position to do this that was a 44 hour Ongoing op by the way in which Um I can't do this and not using a battle chest and That battle chest comes from y'all of the Bear Nation We've by no means taken a dime from every other Company group they received't give it To us and in some circumstances in the event that they do like

Particularly if it's Federal funding I now Should be organizationally on board With the idea of 87 genders and Youngsters being having sexual Reassignment surgical procedures and blah blah Blah and I'm not cool with that I don't Need that Federal cash I don't wish to Be beholden to them in any respect and so we Actually can't do what we do with out You so thanks to each one among you That helps us do what we do A lot of you all dozens of y'all stated t Bear you gotta watch the Sean Ryan Present With that moral hacker And so I did And being utterly sincere Nothing new Nothing new What We cope with day-to-day With Caleb home Is That that dude and I'm not zero day I'm Not I'm not saying that what he's doing Isn't necessary and worthwhile due to This and clearly there have been loads of Issues that he couldn't speak about uh For operational safety In that Podcast with Sean Ryan However what he did speak about that had so A lot of you all appalled because it ought to That's one % of what we reside each

Day homie So I get pissed at y'all if you're Like what polymer framed Striker Fired 9 millimeter pistols ought to I purchase I Don't care I acquired greater issues I don't Care I don't care I don't care in regards to the correct Capitalistic [ __ ] of purchase This machine and that machine and blah Blah I don't care Ability units over instruments instruments are Essential however ability units over instruments And Mission Over every little thing else What are you doing together with your life it Should be one thing fairly freaking Essential I’d submit And so yeah I watched that podcast with Sean Ryan And I applaud Sean and his visitor Ryan Someone Zero day For the work that he's doing to jam up Pedophiles However there was nothing in that that Stunned me in any respect In any respect loads of that was fairly mundane Truly in comparison with a few of the [ __ ] That we've seen Only for an concept of scale However We don't speak about it we will't speak

About it As a result of reputable operational safety There's one op that we're operating proper Now And if I ever get to place a bow on it I Can't wait I can't wait To let you know the main points I can't let you know the main points till after It's performed As a result of that is open supply And I don't need the dangerous guys watching What I'm doing And with the ability to glean some Intel Nuggets As a result of they watched the bear temporary Hopefully that is sensible Caleb home lengthy sleeves t-shirts and Hoodies can be found Linked down beneath In addition to our brother sauce information not Feeling certain my brother Rex's t-shirt as Properly all offered by Sanctified Provide Co a portion of which works to Assist fund the development of Caleb Home That's the temporary for at the moment on this wet Day I hope you all have an superior blessed Day Have an excellent weekend have an excellent day of Relaxation And I'll see you once I see you Shalom

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