BREAKING NEWS! Elites and Governments Doomsday Plans EXPOSED & Andrew Tates Bunker
BREAKING NEWS! Elites and Governments Doomsday Plans EXPOSED & Andrew Tates Bunker

At the moment a buddy stops by and tells us what the elites have been up do on a bunker constructing spree in Europe. We get some unique particulars of the Tate Brothers doomsday bunker

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Or having a bunker is extra personal than A checking account I can't let you know about Most these high-end influential shoppers Plenty of my shoppers no one ever sees the Bunkers I constructed for them as a result of from Day one you signal a non-disclosure I went And noticed the tape brothers so I’ve Spent 3.9 million {dollars} so I'm constructing a Bunker all of the essential stuff you want To outlive the apocalypse People are Extra afraid of different People than we Are of the one that despatched the nuke what They're afraid of is everybody mainly Attempting to Feast off one another Scrounging for meals looting pillaging See the issue with Russians is that they Imagine they’ll win a nuclear conflict they Have bunkers for everyone there may Be one nuclear strike after which there Could possibly be a secondary nuclear strike a Backup strike so you actually need to be In a position to keep in there for seven days Germany is like backpedaling proper now To do bunkers Japan to signal a referendum Mandating bunkers for all the Civilian inhabitants America has gone so Far downhill we fear about America's Killing People they are saying we're what 9 mils away from Anarchy we might be Hello of us Canadian prepper right here again Once more with Ron from Atlas survival Shelters thanks for popping out man good To see you as soon as once more out right here looking

Some geese that's a geese plenty of geese Geese this time yeah it's spring snowgie Season proper on and also you're you're Getting fairly fortunate I hear effectively I had a Little luck this morning however my essential Objective was I'd say I'm doing a bunker In Saskatoon oh yeah yeah I'm really Serving to any individual Um uh do a DIY so I'm going to point out them Find out how to put within the door of their system At the moment it's really in my truck proper Now so I'm prefer it's a three-purpose Journey one cute a number of geese two assist Anyone with the bunker and and three Come see you yeah have you ever constructed rather a lot Of bunkers in Saskatchewan that is Truly my first one first one wow yeah However I've acquired rather a lot occurring proper now in Canada so after I go away right here I'm going to Edmonton I've acquired two in Edmonton two in Calgary I fly to Minneapolis the place I'm Doing two after which I fly again as much as Montreal to do a extremely massive one I imply Final time we spoke the bunker enterprise Was in fact booming with respect to All the pieces that's occurring on the planet Proper now so has something modified or Individuals simply you're nonetheless constructing Bunkers for all the massive names of Millionaires the billionaires are coming Out of the woodwork All people's scared Shitless of what's coming down the pike What's occurring effectively that's simply the World we stay in so yeah I've been

Touring rather a lot I simply did uh 10 Nations in 11 days I used to be in Europe What three weeks in the past I flew to Germany Went to Poland put in two bunkers at Our new gun vary that we're constructing We're constructing the largest gun vary in Europe the place folks can go on the market and Do three weapons and rifles and however we're Going to have two bunkers within the floor There to allow them to see a pew pew Vault Stuffed with weapons after which an precise bunker Like uh in my movies the place you recognize you Come down the steps and acquired bedrooms And kitchens and lounge then I went As much as Lithuania and went and filmed a Bunker from the Chilly Battle I flew from Lithuania to Milan Italy the place I'm Constructing like the largest bunker in Europe proper now for for two 000 folks uh I went over to who's that for that's Truly a authorities personal joint Sector so it's personal traders introduced It up so you’ll be able to really purchase house into It however the authorities intervened and Stated look we we don't have any Authorities bunkers we need to take x Quantity of house in order that was good for Them so that you're constructing a bunker for the Italian authorities It's I'm really constructing a bunker for Italian traders however the authorities Stepped in and stated we need to take like Half of it as a result of they they don't have They haven't constructed bunkers in endlessly

There That's attention-grabbing since you would Suppose that they’d have their very own Non-public contractors their very own army Doing stuff like that I feel that's a Testomony to how ill-prepared many Governments are that they should go to Contractors to get this type of work you Would you’ll suppose Europe would have Their stuff collectively particularly with Switzerland proper there however they don't I Imply Germany is like backpedaling proper Now to do bunkers as effectively matter of reality If folks watch the information Japan simply Signed a referendum what three weeks in the past Like making it mandating bunkers for the Complete civilian inhabitants which is what 70 80 million folks or or extra I don't Know what number of is in Japan so I used to be Speaking about my journeys I went to I went To Milan Italy then I went over to zerk Switzerland the place my air methods are Made I went from there I went to Romania And I went and noticed the tape Brothers Yeah and uh they let the cat out of the Bag I’ve spent 3.9 million {dollars} so I'm constructing a Bunker a Fallout bunker with 10 bedrooms Stripper pole lounge all of the Vital issues you should survive the Apocalypse and particularly the stripper Pole so yeah he simply instructed the entire World he's doing a 3.9 million bunker Below his home so so I uh I finished and

Noticed the tape brothers and I've been over There a number of instances I'm not like like for Hanging out mates with them they're a Shopper and I by no means reveal a shopper however The shopper revealed himself on this case And he's like heck go forward and inform All people in order that's going to be like my Non-public man cave and if you recognize shtf Ever occurs I've acquired a bunker and I used to be Like effectively you recognize that's why I form of Got here right here to see you at the moment I didn't know If you wish to really keep in Romania After they simply incarcerated you with out Any expenses so that they lastly let him out They usually're on home arrest for 2 Months and so they acquired out March thirty first and At the moment is what Might eleventh so their home Arrest will finish in like 20 days after which They will publicly discuss what's Occurring And um I gave them a little bit recommendation I'm Sort of stunned that they determined to Decide to this bunker that claims that They're dedicated to staying in Romania Then effectively they’re dedicated to Remaining they're not mad at Romania They're simply mad at how the system works In in Europe it's it's like they arrest You then cost you later the place in America they discover the fees then they Arrest you now I don't know Andrew Tate In addition to I do know Tristan Tristan is Truly the brother that contacted me Uh despatched me the deposit paid me for the

Bunker designed the plans with me Andrew I've had lunch with them I noticed Andrew Two weeks in the past after I was there after I Was in the home and so they're exhibiting me Round their home and so they're large massive Display screen TV and their screens and Andrew Comes out and he's like has no shirt on He's mainly in shorts and he's simply All buff up and I imply the man is simply Nothing however muscle and he simply comes Over provides me a hug says the way you doing It actually walks into his weight room Begin is lifting weights that's all he Does is raise weights so I used to be like dude Are you preparing for a battle or One thing he goes I don't know so I Don't know there's been the rumors about The Jake Paul factor it's like they have been Attempting to have a battle earlier than it'd be Attention-grabbing yeah yeah effectively they they Truly did a sq. off if it's boxing But when it's kickboxing I feel Jake's uh Executed effectively no I I you recognize I imply uh Andrew Tate was a World Champ four-time World champion kickboxer however when it Involves boxing Um you recognize it's totally different he can't use His legs however I let you know Andrew tatus Lightning fast you're not a four-time World champion for nothing so what type Of Bunker did you construct that like what Sort of Bunker or I'm constructing it okay So we're again going once more on it however As a result of he acquired

Um no matter you need to name it Incarcerated or retained or no matter you Wish to name it I form of held off there For some time and I that's why I need to Cease in and say hey are we nonetheless doing This as a result of you recognize know you may have Properties in Dubai possibly you need to go To Dubai and goes no no he goes I like Romania I just like the folks it's simply how The system is and and I I'm not nervous About it I'm harmless I've finished nothing Improper so let's simply get it finished you recognize What in order that's how a lot confidence uh Tristan Tate has about not being charged We had a pleasant little 20 30 minute Assembly and uh then I mainly went Over and noticed an organization referred to as Hebel Tech That there's an organization of all locations in Bucharest Romania that makes these Secret hatches that open up with distant Controls and there's this man there this Man is unbelievably proficient greatest I've Seen on the planet yeah and uh however I'm Going to include his hatches in Tate's bunker however I'm additionally going to Begin incorporating in a few of my Swanky Bunkers as a result of you recognize a few of my Purchasers plenty of my shoppers no one ever Sees the bunkers I constructed for them As a result of from day one you signal a Non-disclosure no filming of the bunker No speaking concerning the bunker no hinting Of the bunker no something of the bunker So I can't let you know about most these

Excessive-end influential shoppers and and a Lot of them will not be on a primary title all Proper folks don't know them on a primary Title you recognize it's like that's Brad Pitt I'm not saying Brad Pitt has one however It's or any individual like that however they simply Don't need to be made public and I by no means Make anyone public okay effectively I've instructed Individuals earlier than that you simply don't even inform Me we all know one another fairly effectively and You don't give me any names which might be you Know That's all you’ll be able to title yeah precisely so You already know I imply you're you're true to Your phrase in that your shoppers privateness Is protected so far as I can inform yeah For the individuals who have a bunker having A bunker is extra personal than a financial institution Account as a result of they perceive if Until you're Advocate then effectively yeah Until you're the highest G proper prime G yeah I heard them say that there what are Some uh what are some distinctive options of Their bunker I feel he was he was Speaking about some distinctive uh issues that He wished to have effectively his essential characteristic Was stripper pull however A very powerful factor was this journey Nicely he he desires 10 bedrooms for his uh For his posse and uh it's going to have An enormous double vast lounge 20 ft by 40 foot lounge uh it's gonna simply Be decked out and swanky inside it's Going to be very good and I'm certain he's

Going to point out the entire world it yeah Um however all jokes apart Romania could be very Near the battle proper now and also you Know there’s rumors that issues may Spill over throughout transnisteria and Moldova so you recognize it's a really prudent Factor to do in the event you acquired the cash to do It so I feel uh you're making the suitable Resolution Andrew for certain effectively I've been To Moldova twice within the final yr and uh There's Russians there already and and The nation is 50 50. half is for Russia And half is towards Russia so that they have Slightly inner battle themselves However I overlook the half that’s already Being occupied or being dangerous transistoria Yeah transistor has been backed by the By the by Russia so in the event you rain falls Moldova will certainly fall there's no One's going to run to their assist it's a Very small nation nevertheless it's form of a Cool it's form of a cool little nation After I was in Ukraine my second time I Was there the very first day that the 43 The primary 43 Iranian drones have been flown Within the little airplane ones so 37 of Them acquired shot out of the sky however six of Them hit Keith and I used to be there the primary Day I all the time deliver hassle wherever I’m going No matter however anyway so I wished to see One concentrating on the bunker man Nicely it is a humorous factor your VIP effectively It was humorous at evening everybody's within the Bunkers there and also you exit 11 o'clock

At evening in Kiev and it's I imply there Is just not an individual a automobile or gentle on on the Avenue besides me I'm strolling round Attempting to make movies you recognize for YouTube attempting to point out how creepy this Feels and then you definately return inside and You go down underneath the lodge and I used to be at The Radisson blue and everybody's Sleeping on beds laying on the concrete Flooring and that's the place they're at it Was cool Battle as hell however um it was an Expertise I I wished to say that in my Lifetime as a result of I make bunkers I would like To fill what it was like to not simply be Bombed however to see what the after results So the truth that I used to be there when a bomb Nearly acquired me it made me notice man It's no recreation and the fortunate half is I'm a Male that might go away the nation so After I get again on the bus and I'm going Again to Moldova It holds like 45 folks there's 44 Females in me males can't go away effectively I Suppose that's good that you simply you had that Expertise and it helps inform the Development of your bunkers to give you the chance To expertise what folks may really You already know the same like Adrenaline-inducing expertise that May simulate what being in a bunker in That form of state of affairs could be like Proper effectively you recognize it appears surreal I Make a product I make a product that I Hope by no means will get examined however the factor is

I’ve a lot dignity and pleasure in my Product that I need to know that after I Go and go on that my bunker will work In 50 years and and it's going to work Okay and I'm very impressed after I went To um the tunnels and Paul you see Germany off occupied elements of Poland Earlier than World Battle II it was simply Germany Okay then it turned Poland afterwards They usually constructed all these tunnels and all These bunkers that they had the identical actual Blast recordsdata in 1936 after they have been Constructing these bunkers that we use at the moment There’s zero distinction between them so They understood the results of the blast So even even a bunker that's only for Artillery and and for preventing World Battle II type fights has to have blast vows To guard you from the blast when the Bombs go off so it's not only a nuclear Bomb shelter has blast fails and um so Clarify a bit about how that works so There's a shock wave yeah it's just like the Eardrum okay it's prefer it closes and Then when the strain's off it opens Again up once more in any other case all people inside The bunker turns into mince meat the Stress is so nice you're when a blast Goes off the strain will simply will Simply Crush you okay it'll make Jello of Your intestines so we're consuming at a Bunker the blast valve shuts it off like It's like that magic kill the you recognize Marvel Lady has or you recognize stops the

Bullets proper there and it protects you So the strain within the bunker stays The place it was earlier than the blast so all of Your bunkers have that or simply some all Of them yeah I imply a bunker in order that's The dope simply the door like the skin Door there there's there's a number of sorts Of bunkers you are able to do what's referred to as a Fallout shelter which is mainly if a Nuclear bomb goes off in Dallas and You're 50 miles downwind and also you're Nervous concerning the cloud of radiation Coming in the direction of you you simply want Safety from The Fallout and that's Often similar to two foot of concrete Or three foot of Earth and then you definately run The air system to filter out the air so You possibly can breathe it blast valves are Actually designed for uh if there's a Blast going off okay so you’ll be able to Face up to by means of that blast that's what It's referred to as a blast valve Um so you’ll need that in the event you have been Like nearer to an epicenter I put them In all my bunkers okay it's higher to Have it and never want it than to knead it Not have it proper however uh having blast Valves is essential and that's why Among the bunkers that go in and the Complete wall is nothing however blast valves As a result of that bunker is what's referred to as a Floor zero bunker it was made to base Mainly face up to a nuclear bomb proper Over it and shield all of the inhabitants

Inside that bunker and the partitions may Be anyplace from uh six ft to Ten Toes Thick concrete oh yeah so the Swiss make Bunkers and the End additionally make bunkers Which can be made to resist a nuclear Blast and people are the 2 international locations in Europe which might be ready the remainder of Europe As unwittingly unprepared I imply the Bunkers I simply put in Poland a number of weeks In the past I imply they're like the primary Bunkers been put in that nation in Years so I traveled after I did uh Romania I went to Greece and uh the place I'm doing a really massive bunker for a Non-public particular person I went from Greece to London after which I went London to Madrid And I got here again and landed in Dallas Texas that was 10 international locations in 11 days So and now you're up right here within the center Of nowhere looking geese effectively I'm Working and looking gays I don't need All people suppose I tousled right here cute And geese I'm really working too Anyway all proper as a result of I'm consulting Or assembly my shoppers right here in Canada Nicely you retain it actual man that's why Individuals uh love and respect you for what You do and I feel what you're doing is Nice so I do know you’ll be able to't disclose you Know precise names of individuals however like Inform us a bit about a number of the the Larger like billionaire bunkers that You're engaged on proper now and uh I'm

I'm really fairly stunned on the Italian authorities is attempting to get in On this motion since you would suppose That within the present state of issues and This I feel simply is a testomony for Individuals of how incompetent and inept Governments are at defending themselves A lot much less defending their populations Apart from Switzerland Finland possibly a number of others who’ve the Civil protection infrastructure in place However inform us a bit about with out getting Into specifics and violating any Non-disclosure agreements a bit about Among the larger initiatives that you simply've Labored on just lately I imply simply simply Think about a lodge underground with a Widespread space for a multitude corridor for cooking Meals and sitting round in taking part in pool However the bunkers in Europe they’ve a Totally different mentality than American Bunkers these those that I make bunkers For right here in America they suppose they're Going to really find yourself dwelling in them As a result of that is America goes to be a Wasteland and it Very effectively may they’ve sufficient nukes On the market to make appear to be a wasteland In order that they're considering this bunker could also be My bunker in my home afterwards however the Perspective of People is totally different than The perspective of Europeans Europeans Construct bunkers for like three to 4 Days that's their perspective we're going

To enter a bunker we're going to spend Three 4 days in there we're going to Come out as a result of folks watch too many Films in Hollywood and so they suppose Nuclear conflict is the top of the world it's Not the top of the world What is going to occur if all these nukes go Off sure there might be radiation there'll Be Fallout however the Fallout decays Comparatively down to love one one tenth of One thousand by the third or fourth day However what's going to occur is the fires Are going to be created by all these Nukes going off all around the nation are Going to trigger fires all around the Nation and the Ash will fill the sky So when you may have a bunker you've acquired to Take into consideration blackened skies for anyplace From six to 12 months okay it’s going to take Nearly a yr for the skies to clear so You're going to should mainly run a Shelter on fossil fuels run in a Generator then charging batteries till Earlier than you’ll be able to even put photo voltaic panels out There and attempt to get solar I it sounds Loopy however you recognize bear in mind the E-book of Eli with the Denzel Washington he's Strolling the world that the skies are all Purple into smoke I imply that's just about The apocalypse proper there that's a really Attention-grabbing distinction between American And Europeans you're saying that the Europeans are extra sensible and I feel That is smart as a result of if it went down

I imply in all places screwed however Europe in Explicit they’ve this mindset of They're near Typical conflict in Their latest historical past they've skilled Typical Warfare so that they're ready To view it as like a bunker that you simply Retreat to and also you come out of whereas You're saying due to all the films We watch we're planning on dwelling down There yeah consider the Night time of the Dwelling Useless or The Strolling Useless People are extra afraid of different People than we’re of the one that Despatched the nuke that's attention-grabbing no it Is I imply if People suppose if Russia Or China which might be the 2 Nations or North Korea despatched the nuke Over right here they don't image Russian or Chinese language troops on our grounds after they Nuke us what they're afraid of is Everybody mainly attempting to Feast off Of one another scrounging for meals Looting pillaging robbing raping You already know they are saying we're what 9 mils Away from Anarchy we might be effectively I Suppose that's most likely rooted within the Individualist form of you recognize Capitalist Lone Wolf mindset of People versus the extra collectivist Mentality in Europe the place they're extra You already know they stay a little bit nearer Collectively they're a bit extra effectively they Additionally don't have weapons like we do okay so It’s two totally different worlds and the great

Factor is I’m going to Europe now about each Three months so I've been like 5 Occasions within the final yr and 1 / 4 Okay so I'm getting a fill it's two Totally different worlds uh they don't have the Weapons they don't have the survival Provides over there like we do they Don't have the mentality that they're Afraid of their neighbors as a result of They're they're they’ve like a Neighbor serving to neighbor mentality The place America has gone thus far downhill We fear about America's killing People mentality yeah and and it's Good to go to Europe to really feel such as you Step again when instances have been peaceable in America and neighbor would assist neighbor However now in America the perspective is rarely Would kill neighbor to take what Neighbors has nobody thinks like that Actually in Europe do you suppose that will Play out that manner in america That it could really be uh yeah yeah We're we're a reasonably we're a reasonably Violent nation and I’ve little doubt when When folks get hungry they'll do what It takes to get what they want I imply Simply have a look at the riots and the Looting When issues occur in these cities uh Simply you recognize simply 4 or 5 years In the past I imply it's a free curse to or a View into the the way forward for what may America might be like we simply acquired to Ensure that nuclear weapons simply are

By no means used however there's simply a lot speak You already know Putin may suppose heck I'm Going to go up growth hit the button and Then what can we do can we return hearth and Destroy them equally you see the issue With Russians is that they imagine they’ll Win a nuclear conflict So if you go to Russia They’ve bunkers for everyone you go To Ukraine they’ve bunkers not for All people however they’ve a tunnel system That's 300 ft underground and All people goes all the way down to the tunnel system Have they got meals and water down there No they don't however they know that they Might mainly sit there on the bottom Go with out meals and water for 3 days And stroll out see we will solely go three Minutes with out air Three days with out water and three weeks With out meals and so they're simply they work On the precept of three I can go down Right here to sit down on my butt and simply wait it Out three days with out meals and water After which come out and and so they've been Skilled that due to in the course of the Soviet instances so I really like visiting the outdated Soviet bunker so after I was in Lithuania I used to be telling you earlier I glided by and Noticed one and I'm going to do a YouTube Video on that bunker I noticed nevertheless it's simply It's it's cool to see how they have been simply Considering and be mindful they have been Nervous about People nuking them it's

Attention-grabbing so my subsequent journey will take me To um I'm going to Japan I'm going to South Korea I'm going to Taiwan China Vietnam Philippines Thailand and Singapore And Singapore is one in every of is one in every of solely 4 international locations that mandates all people Should have a shelter the opposite three Being Israel Finland and Switzerland however Now Japan has simply form of signed up for That very same deal so there's a chance In Japan proper now for me and I’ve Individuals all over the world that need to Collaborate with me to construct shelters Um Of their international locations for his or her native Markets so one of many shelters that I'm Popping out with as a result of my thought is strive To get a shelter to all people so I've Come out with this new precast concrete Bomb shelter that's solely going to return To marketplace for twenty thousand {dollars} And it was form of just about impressed By you to get all people a shelter that Can afford one so in America we’ve Twister shelters and the twister shelter Trade is de facto massive they make about 50 000 of this stuff a yr and so they Common about ten thousand {dollars} or Much less so that they're not very costly So individuals are keen to spend ten Thousand {dollars} and put a shelter in Their yard and just about by no means use It let it refill with water and simply

Sit there and relaxation and I'm sitting there Considering just like the the air system alone In one in every of my bunkers averages about ten Thousand {dollars} so in the event you take a ten Thousand greenback twister shelter and also you Put in a ten thousand greenback air system You bought twenty thousand {dollars} however my Shelters should be rather a lot larger than a Twister shelter since you acquired to spend Let's say as much as seven days down there Realistically they're designed for 3 To 4 days okay however let's say chances are you’ll Be on the market for seven days as a result of There might be one nuclear strike and Then there might be a secondary nuclear Strike a backup strike so you actually Need to have the ability to keep in there for Seven days so I do I labored actually arduous To develop a shelter that might Face up to artillery blast the strongest The pure form to man or to something Is mainly an egg you’ll be able to't crush it In your hand so I mainly wished to Develop a shelter within the form of an egg Okay it's arduous to make a bunker have an Egg and put beds in there since you Don't have a flat ground so think about an Egg on the highest however then Sq. on the Backside of flat so you will get within the Bunk beds and that’s what my new Shelter is it's mainly it's a half Egg on the highest so I need a dome form Loopy and I would like it as a result of I wished to have the ability to take artillery

Rounds the place a blast engulfed you recognize 5 meters away and it’ll face up to Artillery 155 millimeter rounds Um a lot much less the rest so I've Developed a shelter that may be a twister Shelter a bomb shelter a fallout shelter A fireplace shelter and a root cellar all in One For twenty thousand {dollars} yeah and if People who's as low-cost because it's going to Get it will possibly't get no keeper the price of The supplies the concrete the metal the Hats and that is the factor I'm making The shelter to the place it's going to final Ceaselessly too it's concrete I'm doing a Galvanized metal hatch galvanized air Pipes galvanized ladder so what's that Imply nothing can rust okay I'm supplying An uh NBC air system and I that is the Drawback with this although there's not an Air system Sufficiently small to suit a shelter as small As this as a result of the shelter is simply Eight ft vast and 12 ft lengthy and as You possibly can see it's solely designed for like Two units of bunk beds a room for a Rest room some meals provides and it's a Momentary filter you recognize that's what It's for however so I'm engaged on Creating the air system for it that's That's the arduous half that the shelter Itself wasn't that onerous Um however getting the air system after which Getting the air system in numbers the place

I can sustain with the demand that That's the problem proper now however I'm Engaged on it so whereas I used to be in Switzerland on my journey to Europe that's What I sat down I stated I want 1000’s Of an air system at a inexpensive price However it has the options that I prefer it Runs on energy nevertheless it has a guide Override and it's inexpensive sufficient that I can pair it with this Precast shelter After which I can Mass produce it round The world As a result of the great factor is I don't have To make them within the USA as a result of it's a Precast concrete mould what I'm doing now I'm just like the man who invented the Machine that sliced bread he did it Slice all people's bread he made the Machines and he distributed the machines Around the globe so all people may Slice their very own bread I'm making the Molds and I'm Distributing the molds to Each main metropolis that desires a one or a Vendor who desires to have the ability to make These precast concrete shelters and so they Can pour it proper there so that they'll be Made in Canada okay they'll be made Proper right here in Saskatoon if there's Sufficient market we'll get a set of molds Right here to a seller he'll should lease the Molds from me he'll pour the molds and Then I’ll provide him an atlas air System and Atlas hatch the Atlas Air Pipes and that ladder that goes down

Into the shelter so that you've acquired to have The atlas parks with the mould it's type Of like going to Subway any Subway you Go to every little thing tastes the identical as a result of It's necessary you're utilizing Subway Subscribe merchandise identical with McDonald's You already know you go to any McDonald's it's Going to be McDonald's hamburgers McDonald's french fries so anyplace in The world this air system this hatch in This ladder will come out of one in every of my Authorised ISO 9001 elements wherever it's Made on the planet so that they're all be Similar so I'm engaged on this mast This mass manufacturing thought as a result of my Purpose is to promote lots of of 1000’s of These To folks all all over the world so that they Have some safety and the shelter Will final why as a result of it's concrete and It received't rust why as a result of it's Galvanized in order that's the thought is to make One thing inexpensive and have it round The world so and and likewise not break the Financial institution they’ll afford twenty thousand now Look a few of these bikes and these 4-wheelers are twenty thousand {Dollars} bypass that little quad and also you Might put your twister shelter fallout Shelter Root Cellar within the yard As a substitute of shopping for that four-wheeler At the moment so we began a multi-purpose too Proper since you may use it for Storage you could possibly use it as a protected you

Might use it for a wide range of stuff you Know there's And I'm not attempting to promote anyone on This concept however I simply suppose if I used to be Going to get one thing I’d need it To final for a very long time that will be The primary factor and You already know have it one thing multi-purpose Like that’s simply the icing on the cake So I've been testing them we've been Filling them with water to verify They're not going to leak and so they're Water tight guess who's going to put in These items septic firms as a result of Placing one in solely takes about 4 or 5 hours they exit they dig the identical Gap that you’d dig for a septic Tank it's just a bit deeper they’ve The grappling hook on the crane on the Truck it picks it up it drops it within the Gap they screw on the air pipes they Placed on the one line that's for the cable And the cameras they cowl it again with Her so they may present up and be finished 5 six hours and get out of there and Hold the set up down round three Thousand {dollars} and that's rather a lot Totally different than your different bunkers that Require pouring concrete and insulate or Foam no matter that what’s that stuff You guys spray on it to Um that's a closed cell foam yeah that's To insulated for as a result of like your Floor will freeze up right here in Canada so

Often I take advantage of that up in Canada within the North Minnesota Wisconsin Michigan Ohio Bio weaving the place the bottom freezes and They need that additional insulation that Additionally protects the metal a little bit higher I did a video the place I put one in Texas Or yeah in Texas a pair weeks in the past and The shopper requested about it and he goes Does it damage something I’m going no it doesn't Damage something he says effectively let's simply Spray it with foam as a result of it solely prices Like 5 six thousand {dollars} to do That and he already acquired three 4 Hundred thousand {dollars} and a shelter Was a damage to do a one other 5 or 6 Thousand {dollars} all proper guys this Interview is getting fairly lengthy and the Communists are plotting with the Union Uh behind the scenes right here so we acquired to Lower this video brief however we acquired some Nice stuff coming partially two so that you Higher come again and test it out One of the simplest ways to help this channel is To help Your self by gearing up at the place you'll Discover top quality survival gear on the Finest costs No Junk and no gimmicks use Low cost code prepping gear for 10 off Don't overlook the Sturdy Survive however the Ready Thrive keep protected

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