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All proper guys get a load of this I Wasn't going to make a video however obligation Calls in response to Fabian Hoffman he Says if I used to be a Russian nuclear Strategist immediately I’d be very nervous You simply obtained proof of idea that Western Air and missile defenses can Intercept 100 of your tactical Nuclear Supply automobiles together with srbm and BM Plane in a Time coordinated Multi-vector assault what he’s saying And what he's issuing with this taunt Is that the USA and the NATO Alliance are going to proceed to push And prod the Russian bear with extra Superior weapon programs as a result of now they Imagine that they’ve the Tactical or Sorry these strategic nuclear Benefit As a result of in response to Kiev the entire Missiles that have been shot down over Kiev Final night time all 20 in actual fact included six Kinzal Hypersonic weapons now we're Going to speak about why that's been Considerably debunked as a result of even the U.S Authorities it's itself is saying that They're inspecting Injury Achieved To The Patriot missile protection system now you Wouldn't have injury if the entire Missiles have been shot down so we all know proper Off the Hop that's absurd it's ludicrous To means that missiles that solely a Month in the past everyone thought have been Invincible and actually have demonstrated Themselves to be largely impenetrable

Um or sorry Unstoppable earlier than Abruptly Kiev is taking pictures them Down left and proper prefer it ain't No person's enterprise we're speaking a few Missile that may go as much as 4 instances the Pace of a bullet mach 10 intercepting That with one other bullet it's just about Inconceivable however in fact we're led to Imagine that only one only one Patriot Missile battery array was capable of Neutralize all of those missiles okay Now these have a number of missile programs One Patriot missile battery I can't Bear in mind what number of missiles it really Consists of however it's it's dozens and Dozens of uh potential interceptors however The rationale why that is is As a result of we all know proper off the hop first Kiev denied or that any of those Missiles hit after which later they have been Pressured to confess as a result of video footage Confirmed explosions on the bottom from Which the missiles had got here from in order that they Couldn't say that you recognize not one of the Missiles made contact anymore after which They got here out afterward phrases and so they Stated nicely we have to you recognize get actually Strict about individuals posting video Footage since you're probably Placing Nationwide Safety in danger and a Lot of individuals took that as nicely that Means that you would be able to't lie about how Profitable these intercepts have been What this probably means is that if

It's true that the Russians took out This 1.1 billion greenback Patriot missile System that signifies that they’ve the Nuclear benefit and I'm going to share One other piece of data that appears To map on with that now get a load of This swiftly and right here's the 2 Story facet by facet the 2 narratives I'm unsure if this was a bit Photoshop That is from the telegraph they declare Russia destroys 1.1 billion uh air Protection system and main assault on Kiev This isn't really the telegraph story However there are various mainstream media Sources just like the solar The place they are saying raining hearth Putin blows Up U.S missile uh Patriot missile system Defending Kiev as vid present Sky crammed With rockets and cruel blitz so the Mainstream has admitted even CNN I Imagine conceded that there is perhaps Some injury finished to this Patriot missile System so these are the 2 narratives After which the opposite narrative via the Professional-ukrainian telegram and Twitter Channels is that the Ukrainian Military shot Down six Hypersonic kinsal missiles they Had been all shot down by only one however one You realize missile Patriot protection system It's a recreation changer as a result of now that Signifies that the Russians can't nuke us With hypersonic missiles so we are able to Proceed to push the boundaries we are able to Proceed to throw an increasing number of weapons

Into this combat for those who imagine that Narrative the explanation why I don't assume That's true and why I feel the Russians May very well have destroyed the Patriot Missile protection system the USA Most superior missile protection system so We expect Is that this assuming that the USA Gave the ukrainians their Finest Tools It's presumably it's potential that they Didn't however or that they they gave them Some form of watered down simply in case It fell into enemy palms however um This clearly was a take a look at the USA needed to check this method out to See how a lot it may deal with and it Appears as if it was shot down and the Cause why is that this Right this moment U.S releases nuclear warhead information In a bid to strain Russia disclosure Underneath new begin treaty follows Russia's Choice to spend its participation in The nuclear settlement Why that is so essential is as a result of all Of the American nuclear weapons are in Missile silos in a spot the place everyone Is aware of the place they’re in Russia we don't Know the place they’re they may transfer them Round sure they will sort of observe them By a satellite tv for pc I'm positive they bought spies I'm positive they produce other methods of Intelligence gathering to realizing Whether or not cellular missile ICBM platforms Are at any given time however because the

Suspension of the brand new begin treaty Russia now not has to formally share That data with the USA So is that this Oddly timed gesture of the USA To carry Russia again to the desk by Saying hey right here's all our nuclear Missiles that is what we bought and also you Simply bought to take our phrase for it’s this As a result of they know now that the Russians Are those who’ve these strategic Benefit that these Hypersonic missiles Have defeated the USA finest Missile protection system is that why They're coming again to the bargaining Desk is that why they’ve considerably Relented prior to now month and it's been Britain and it's been France who’s Pushing the envelope with sending uh Longer vary missile programs sending Fighter planes they're speaking about 4 or 5 squadrons of fighter jets Of f-16s 40 f-16s probably that Ukrainian Fighters are being educated on Proper now as we converse So one thing large is happening this Clearly was a take a look at all of those weapon Methods on this proxy battle that is The primary time in a very long time that the USA and Russia have been Placing their finest weapons up in opposition to One another and seeing what occurs and This won’t seem to be an enormous occasion in The grand scheme of issues however it’s it

Might fairly presumably be pivotal pivotal In both path if the Russians have been In a position to neutralize it and injury it now In the event that they're admitting that it was broken There's a superb likelihood That’s non-operational there's a superb Likelihood that they destroyed it in the event that they're Going to confess that however simply the easy Indisputable fact that the ukrainians have the Audacity to assert that they shot down Each single missile Is unbelievable you recognize that they might Have the gall to recommend such a factor It's additionally Counterproductive for them as a result of It reveals that they're outgunned if if That is in actual fact false and missiles did Take out the Patriots system there's a Steadiness between speaking powerful and Showing sturdy whenever you're in actual fact Weak and getting extra assist from Western International locations as a result of now if Western International locations assume oh nicely you bought a Patriot missile this protection system it Can simply shoot down something kins Corridor Missedal Zircon no matter avant-garde Doesn't matter we are able to shoot all of it down You don't want our assist anymore so I'm Curious to know what you guys assume About this as a result of quite a lot of these items It actually actually are regarding as they Are occurring all on the identical day Particularly this taunt from Fabian Hoffman as a result of you recognize that this

Patriot versus Hypersonic missile Fiasco is a microcosm For a bigger strategic battle as a result of The the winner of this case if you’ll Goes to find out the result on a Bigger scale we all know that the Russians Have moved extra of their nuclear bombers To the cola Peninsula up there within the North throughout from Finland we all know that There's been all method of incred Elevated strategic exercise on each Sides whether or not that be within the type of Reconnaissance planes shut brussians Intercepts the entire 9 yards we all know That the state of affairs is intensifying Behind the scenes so are these little Remoted incidents are these simply trial Runs to see who’s going to come back out on Prime to see okay it took them six kinsal Missiles regardless that the Russian protection Ministry denies even taking pictures that many Kinsal missiles to take out one in all our Our Patriots you weigh the attritional Charge of that okay Patriot system prices One billion {dollars} for those who can destroy The entire system that’s as a result of these Issues are going to be unfold out so Simply because they focused a part of it Doesn't imply they destroyed all of it So it’s important to weigh the attritional Charge of these items I presume after which In fact there's the precise capability to Neutralize as a result of it's all about Successful a primary strike nuclear struggle

Whether or not we we wish to admit it or not These are issues which have been Wargamed on the highest stage as a result of They understand it's a risk and so they Know the opposite facet is doing the identical Okay so it's very regarding that each one of These items are occurring on the identical Day and uh that the USA is Saying oh right here's our nuclear information can You get us ours and apparently three Russian Hypersonic missile scientists Jailed for treason that is in response to The Moscow instances which is a really Professional Ukrainian Professional Western publication I Ought to add opposite to the title and this Is why you need to at all times be a skeptical Once you're listening to you recognize even Russia Right this moment or uh It’s a must to be very skeptical when it Involves how they title issues it's simply Like meals you recognize you would possibly assume that Nature's Finest is a superb model and that It's pure and natural however it in all probability Isn't the identical factor with the Moscow Occasions is it's um it's not Unbiased Information from Russia it's really a British Funded publication I do imagine In any case in order that's regarding to say the Least And you may see how they've moved the This uh Russians with Angle posts Which is a Russian propaganda as a result of Something that you recognize is is attempting to Be

Uh goal or representing that facet Is simply at all times propaganda which in some Circumstances it in all probability is which is why we strive To be goal we strive to have a look at each Sides of issues it says 100 interception Charge to okay it failed however the Patriot Wasn't hit to a patriot system was Probably broken however not destroyed to a Complete Patriot battery was worn out Pipeline it's potential it's potential I'm Not saying it's true I'm simply saying It's potential as a result of we all know that CNN Is assessing potential injury of patriot Missile protection system following Russian Assault close to Kiev think about 1.1 billion {Dollars} Up in Smoke identical to the Lots of of tens of millions of {dollars} price of Weapons that have been destroyed in that Huge mushroom cloud the opposite day boy Are the is the protection business foaming On the mouth Stroigoo says and it is a Russian Translation the daggers as they name These kinsal missiles we don’t launch As many as they shoot down so how may You shoot down six if we didn't launch Six And naturally you could perceive That they're gonna once they ship a Volley of missiles like this there's Going to be a complete bunch of decoys at The identical time so it’d appear like a Kinsal missile it won’t have all of the Innards of a kinsal missile one thing

Else to remember now Russia on the Different hand claims that it shot down Seven Storm Shadow missiles in a day now That is plausible as a result of these usually are not Of the identical caliber as a kinsal missile And Russia has a multi-layered arguably Relying on who you take heed to a far Extra superior missile protection functionality Once you're speaking about s 400 s 500 Which I don't assume they’ve deployed Or in and round that area proper now However only a multi-layered missile protection System so that is sort of plausible and Is that taking consideration away from that Now we now have macron Follows Britain by sending extra missiles To Ukraine what a shock what a Shock we now have the Russians saying you Know what our protection merchandise are Quadrupling in 2023 and however the place are All these protection merchandise are they only Speaking in regards to the missiles that they've Been taking pictures as a result of The Russian navy hasn't been doing a Complete hell of lots it's been the Wagner Group so what are they planning with all Of those weapons these are issues we bought To consider and you may't simply rely On the mainstream look any person wrote One thing on the channel yesterday and I Made a mistake in uh I used to be speaking about Antibiotic longevity and for those who go and You do the analysis shelf life extension Program they'll say that almost all of

Drugs like 90 p.c you need to use Them after the expiration dates that's From the U.S authorities now and I feel I mentioned one thing off the cuff about Doxycycline I at all times say in these movies Don't take heed to something I say go and Belief a doctor and there could also be some Issues with that individual Remedy by way of toxicity however it's Nonetheless yow will discover research that that Contradict that anyhow I'm not going to Get into the main points of it however in that Similar remark they mentioned yeah and I Couldn't even discover this explosion that He's been speaking about it's throughout The brand new information simply not the information you're Watching as a result of they don't wish to Report on it they don't need individuals to Know that a whole lot of tens of millions presumably As much as 2.2 billion price of weapons simply Went up in smoke identical to that they bought To manage the narrative okay which is Why we're on borrowed time right here with This channel so soak all of it in when you Can We might have to begin contemplating even Although YouTube has been superb to us I'm not saying that like you recognize we Know easy methods to stroll the road in quite a lot of Methods we attempt to be goal however there's Some issues which are simply so blatantly Disinformative I imply to say that you simply You shot down every thing And clearly on video we now have video

Footage exhibiting explosions that in all probability Say like oh that was only a misfire you Know they they attempt to Gaslight you into Pondering that you simply're the loopy individual And this in actual fact is is making the Nationwide safety system worse for the Ukrainians since you're pretending You're stronger than you really are Now you possibly can discuss some great benefits of Embolding the inhabitants to proceed to Help the battle as a necessity as Within the ends justify the means so to Converse However in a short-term sense it's not good Excuse me Okay so I'm unsure if I put my auto Deal with there for focusing out and in I Apologize for that I simply wish to say About this AI factor One thing doesn't appear proper about that And uh excuse me This was simply This was simply bizarre normally Once they do these Senate hearings on uh You realize the massive Tech man will get in entrance It's this you recognize the the massive Tech Guys Demonize and he's put within the scorching seat These guys have been means too buddy buddy Right this moment I'm speaking about Sam Altman of Open AI Okay so he goes up in entrance of Congress And he says Hey you recognize don't fear we wish you to Regulate this business we actually actually

Need you to manage this business that Ought to elevate crimson flags proper from the Gates why would anyone out of the Goodness of their coronary heart due to Course this man's not there to make Cash and Sam Altman if he didn't know Is a doomsday prepper he has a Bug out Location he's prepared for shdf we've finished Movies on that earlier than anyhow And I'm not saying he's essentially a Unhealthy man I simply assume he's a businessman He even bought right into a go well with for this one now I went wanting on the web to see if I may discover any person who may Articulate what I used to be feeling about this Complete state of affairs a little bit bit higher and I got here throughout just a few random remark On some random Discussion board I feel it was on Reddit and this individual put it very very Effectively and if you wish to know the place this Remark the place I bought it from you possibly can simply Kind in a sentence or two of what I'm About to learn you and also you'll have the ability to Discover it however this sums it up completely Okay We have to guarantee that AI as a Expertise isn't managed by a small Variety of Companies with connections To the governments this is the reason Open AI needs the federal government to come back in And regulate proper To expound this simply looks like an influence Seize to me to lock within the lead and hold AI managed by a small variety of

Companies that may afford to license And function the Applied sciences clearly It will create a essential Nexus of Management for a small variety of Effectively-connected and well-heeled traders And is to be averted in any respect prices it's Additionally deeply hassle troubling that Regulatory seize is such a difficulty As of late as nicely so placing a Authorities entity in entrance of the use And existence of this expertise is a Double whammy it's not merely about Innovation the present technology of AIS Are scary To the uninitiated as a result of they’re Uncanny valley materials so this man's Arguing that it's not as scary as because it Appears but However past impersonation they don't present The novel intelligence of uh Common Synthetic intelligence simply but it Looks as if open Ai and Microsoft is Doing quite a lot of theater to attempt to construct a Regulatory lock-in and lock of their Quick-term technological benefit this Is precisely what I used to be considering however I Couldn’t articulate it in the way in which this Particular person was it's a sensible technique and I Suppose Congress will fall for it and this Was a really cordial assembly there was no Actual arduous questions requested Sam was like Yeah please regulate us all these things Speaking about how scary it was and the way Doubtlessly you recognize it was going to be

Doomsday and all these things It's a sensible technique I feel Congress Will fall for it however goodness gracious We have to be going within the actual Other way this individual says open Supply core inspectable AIS that Tens of millions of individuals can study in tear Aside together with and particularly the Coaching information and course of that create Them Regardless different nations usually are not going To essentially comply with this lead So even when they have been to simply regulate All that is going to profit is Massive Tech It's not essentially going to profit You realize the the arms race that’s about To ensue or is ensuing as we converse Between China and the USA and Different uh large gamers within the AI house AI is 1,000,000 of individuals may tear Aside uh and for those who assume this isn't an Challenge I wrote this publish earlier than an hour Or two earlier than I managed to take it dwell As a result of Comcast went out at my home and Now we have no viable different Rivals in my space we're about to do The identical factor with AI however as a substitute of Web entry it's future digital Brains that may management all points of Society so are they attempting to chop the Legs off of the rising stars within the AI Sphere by making it in order that you could Get a license otherwise you bought to undergo All types of checks and balances and crimson

Tape and Hoops as a way to To show that you simply're worthy of getting These digital brains that is how the Elite are going to regulate The agis that they create and so they're Going to gait and forestall others from Replicating this expertise In any case we're going to be speaking with A synthetic intelligence skilled on This subject within the not so distant future So keep tuned for that I simply needed to Share that data with you guys As a result of this complete Hypersonic versus Patriot missile battery is known as a Microcosm of what's to come back it is a Testing floor to see who actually has the Strategic benefit and that's the one Cause I feel they ever despatched one in all These programs into Ukraine was for that Particular objective now any person is mendacity The Russians say they destroyed it the People say nicely it is perhaps broken I'm leaning in direction of it was in all probability Broken the reality might be someplace Within the center Out of this Skirmish who got here out the Victor what was the attritional fee of Either side I'm fascinated with listening to Your guys ideas about this within the Remark part under thanks for Watching don't overlook to love remark Subscribe for those who benefit from the video thanks For watching Canadian prepro