Cold Steel Special Forces Killer ?  Max Fuchs Military Shovel
Cold Steel Special Forces Killer ?  Max Fuchs Military Shovel

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Chilly Metal Particular Forces Killer ? Max Fuchs Navy Shovel

Whelll!! Wooly right here, the pink department bushcraft channel will focus primarily on bushcraft and survival and all that entails

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Proper After all it didn't stick within the wooden Bruno okay Is that this A chilly metal killer is it Keep tuned That water's not fairly it's very Twisted and it's additionally screwed collectively Look This I'm gonna mispronounce that is the max Fuchs [Laughter] Navy shovel guys test it out does That seem like something to you want a Particular forces or was referred to as the Spats now Shovel by Chilly Metal guys Coming in At a half of the value 20 pound is that this The chilly metal killer nicely that's Porter True areas guys that is on sharpened That is just about Straight Out of the Field uh let's take a look at it let's Give it a few checks let's sharpen It and let's see how we get on Initially As a result of I bought it for digging Yay it digs okay Shovels Tactical shovels a tactical shovel what The hell is a tactical shovel what do You want a shovel to do nicely just about I would like a shovel to dig and there's not a Lot greater than that okay what I used to be

On the lookout for guys was I didn't desire a Collapsible shovel I needed one thing That was extra strong than that okay I had Been trying on the chilly metal ones Earlier than and what I made a decision was I used to be going to get the army surplus Model I believe which is a Yugoslavian Shovel which is similar to this Proper They’re like they had been low-cost they’re No longer low-cost anymore okay uh I believe Those that I had saved on eBay have Perhaps gone up by 15 kilos they had been Bruno They had been in their very own 35 pound guys This unhealthy boy right here which is made by Max let me discover it Max Fuchs fuc right here chess fuc hitch ass It's very shut for for an Irish man Show mispronounced that and are available Up with with Max does one thing else Okay guys I paid 20 pound 20 pound for This on on Amazon and after I purchased it It instantly went as much as 30 pound okay So the subsequent one who will get one I'm Sorry 30 pound okay specs let's Take a look Okay On on the web site it simply is fabricated from Metal guys it has a hardwood deal with and These these that is riveted in in some Manner or description uh it actually doesn't Appear like it will be too onerous to Change this deal with if however you’d

Must screw out these rivets okay it Does include a carry case Which isn’t very substantial however it’s There okay and it has a loop on the again Of it so you’ll be able to connect it to your pack Uh I’d say that that carry case if You sharpen this This carry kiss might be not going to Final that lengthy okay uh it’s 59 Centimeters lengthy 59 by 17 by 5.3 so 59 By 17 by 5.3 guys and it weighs 839 grams guys which implies it weighs Little or no okay it was very very low This Oh So after I noticed this I used to be considering to myself proper it appears Loads just like the the spatz nut shovel I Name it the Particular Forces shovel or Any person can be giving out to me it Appears to be like very related it's truly A bit of bit heavier A bit of bit longer And a hell of lots cheaper okay nicely it Was after I purchased it so the place the the Value and this was on Amazon now guys Which isn’t the most affordable place within the World the Particular Forces shovel on Amazon was 60 quid 60 quid the chilly Metal Particular Forces shovel guys whereas This was 20. then it went as much as 30. however I did see the chilly metal for for 40 Kilos someplace I don't keep in mind the place I noticed okay now

That's that's a giant distinction that's a Huge massive distinction okay so it is a Very helpful little package deal now uh It does and that is the factor it’s Able to be sharpened on three edges so There’s a bevel right here and a cross right here As nicely whereas this finish is flat okay so What meaning is that Doubtlessly on the flat finish You could possibly throw Sparks okay uh on on These ends right here I'll put a file to them Now and we'll see how sharp we will get Up and see if we will do it okay and this Is what they're speaking about you already know a Survival nicely what I’m as a Survival kind shovel okay so one thing Doubtlessly if you want to be you you Can you’ll be able to chop wooden with it you’ll be able to Feather keep it up you’ll be able to strike Strike a feral rod with it and you may Take holds with it or decapitate enemies With it which is at all times a plus when You're out Bush crafting as a result of there's So many enemies on the Bruno what do you See Bruno It's cool it it is vitally cool uh I had a Folded and shovel earlier than and I used to be by no means That into folding shovels uh guys I Would favor one thing that doesn’t Fold okay simply Which is why I bought this uh and for Multi-day adventures and stuff I bought Guys when you’re going to be pooping in The woods I believe having the shovel is

Is uh is is a really helpful factor to have And that is bloody strong that is actually Strong like I I I I used to be considering to Myself It's not going to be nice you already know however No that is very very strong after we uh Will we sharpen her up and see how we Get on she's a seven minutes I've been Waffling however let's see how we get on With sharpener Okay Offended owl Open air guys thanks very A lot I'll put a hyperlink to his Channel Down Under uh I used to be watching him on Instagram And he was throwing the chilly metal one Of those and I says oh I would like a shovel I May get a type of so I can do stuff With it like throw it Broke my file So look guys 10 minutes perhaps 10 minutes it’s positively not excellent That is that is one thing that you just Undoubtedly need to be Sharpening at house Uh there's a good bit of labor concerned In that now will it maintain its Edge what Sort of Metal it’s I'm not likely certain To inform you the reality okay I truly Have to take a bit bit off the paint Simply right here To provide it a little bit of a proper angle a Little mature spark anyway Yeah it certain will Select a spark no downside you guys

Seeing that Okay No I simply bought this little piece right here So it is a flat finish and the remainder of it Is sharpened And that's bouncy Perhaps don't hit it like that subsequent time Keep steady it's not for you That's a really bouncy piece of wooden I do have one Edge barely sharper than The opposite so I’m wondering what it'll work Like this The place's that mistaken Edge sorry There's one thing you didn't count on to See while you turned on this at this Video making feather sticks with a Shovel That Wally such a loopy Maisie I’m wondering If I pin it should it work a wee bit Higher That's not unhealthy contemplating that it’s a Shovel And I sharpened it with a chainsaw file In about 5 minutes This does land itself to placing your Hand on the highest right here And there you could have it guys it's it's By no means going to be profitable awards for Making probably the most feather sticks until You are taking it to a correct uh sharpener and Give it a correct sharpen Uh however it positively It positively works

What am I doing now I imply one other approach we will do it Yeah look It's a shovel guys for 20 quid that could be a Strong funding you already know should you're Pondering alongside the traces of getting one Of these Chilly Metal Particular Forces Shovels uh guys take a look at this the Max The max of the MF hitch I believe is what It's known as whereas it says it On the factor The MF hitch army shovel case and There’s a folded model of this as Effectively what as I stated for for uh for the Identical causes I desire the strong shovel Sword a few quid Guys hyperlinks beneath after all thanks for Watching keep frosty

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