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By | May 14, 2023
Branding, Marketing, and Sales | CEO Bear 007 to affix the Patreon household to all of the Bear Nation data, hyperlinks to content material and Bear Unbiased’s Prepper Classroom! to help our ongoing efforts to fight human trafficking and help these affected by pure disasters. Your promo code free of charge transport on every part within the retailer is “Bear Nation” for all kits, parts, and modules. All the time HSA & FSA Eligible. Made within the USA, assured eternally, 72 lives saved up to now. for life-saving coaching together with Cease the Bleed, Tactical Fight Casualty Care, power on power scenario-based civilian coaching, and extra! Be the hero!

CEO bear 007 gross sales advertising and marketing and branding These are usually not the identical factor Truth it's branding advertising and marketing and gross sales Three very various things Branding and advertising and marketing Are relational gross sales is transactional Though the objective of promoting is to Turn into transactional What do I imply by this In the end the objective is in case you have a Enterprise Is to alternate your items or your Providers for cash Proper that's how companies function if And should you're not working profitably You don't have a enterprise you’ve got a Passion Companies generate profits Hobbies don't And it's okay in case you have a passion reasonably Than a enterprise simply deal with it as a passion Don't go throwing good after dangerous What I imply by that’s you need to be Worthwhile nearly instantly And should you're not worthwhile nearly Instantly one thing's incorrect Both your prices are too excessive or your Worth is just too low Worth must be decided by the worth That you just deliver to Market in addition to Market analysis This Is just not the most affordable first assist equipment on the Market

Nevertheless it's the perfect excessive worth proper Then you definitely additionally wish to take a look at and this Is all that is advertising and marketing stuff by the Method so concentrate What are your Market differentiators What units you apart from everyone else Effectively we're made in America Most first assist kits aren't We assure our stuff unconditionally Without end the overwhelming majority of nylon internet Gear not to mention first assist kits are usually not Assured not to mention eternally We've saved 73 lives up to now as of the Time of this recording most first assist Kits are simply good thought very That use a bunch of low value level Elements in order that the Firm that's producing the equipment can Acknowledge a excessive stage of revenue we Don't do this we're way more dependent On quantity of gross sales at a decrease revenue Margin than we’re on promoting a couple of kits At a really excessive revenue margin That's how we keep in enterprise we Require a sure quantity of gross sales each Day as a way to hold the lights on As a result of we now have a decrease revenue margin The rationale we now have a decrease revenue margin Is as a result of a we pay our individuals actual Cash B we use actual parts see we make Issues right here in the USA of America which has the next manufacturing Value than elsewhere

And the market will decide the worth Of your product I'll repeat that the Market determines the worth of your Product not you There's value value and worth Worth is what you cost for the product Value is what it value you to make the Product Let's say you had a Bottle of Motrin okay and this bottle of Motrin retails for 100 bucks we're Gonna use 100 as a result of it's a spherical Quantity The most effective right here the perfect So bottle Motrin the value is 100 we'll Say your value is fifty {dollars} That makes your revenue gross revenue Fifty {dollars} The worth is regardless of the market Determines if the worth of this Motrin Exceeds 100 individuals will purchase it if I Suppose it's price 100 {dollars} or Extra to have this Motrin I’ll spend The cash Proper and so the place gross sales occur is when The worth of the product exceeds the Worth of the product When individuals really feel like they're getting Greater than what they're paying for or at A minimal and Equitable alternate between Worth and worth you'll have gross sales If the value is bigger than the worth Individuals don't see the worth of their Product

They're not going to purchase your product And in order that's a part of the place branding and Advertising is available in is having the ability to Clarify the worth That claims every part you want and Nothing you don't to not die in it That's fairly useful proper since you Get one life and whenever you're lifeless you're Lifeless you're all the way in which lifeless you're not Coming again so why not have a superb first Support equipment to maintain you alive proper and of Course Market differentiator made in America So your Market differentiators are what Makes you completely different than everyone else Perhaps you're a minority-owned small Enterprise possibly you use disabled Veterans possibly you make the perfect product Or have the perfect service possibly you’ve got Wonderful customer support all these are Market differentiators proper right here's a Market differentiator You’ll be able to solely get this camo sample from Us That is the origin Woodland Raptor camo You'd solely get this camo sample from us That's a market differentiator proper Or possibly it's the performance of what You do This Comes from us And us solely That's Distinctive that's a market Differentiator proper so the

Performance of what you produce might be A market differentiator And in order you're growing your product And your online business plans you wish to look At what makes us completely different than Everyone else why would anyone do Enterprise with us And people issues these Market Differentiators go into your advertising and marketing Technique okay so once more to reiterate Worth value worth The value is what you cost The associated fee is what it prices you to supply That product or carry out that service and The worth is ready by the market and if The worth exceeds the value individuals will Purchase If the value exceeds the worth individuals Is not going to purchase A part of your job is just not solely to have Wonderful merchandise and wonderful Providers However is to have the ability to clarify the worth To your finish consumer why you want this Product why you want a primary assist equipment why You want my first assist equipment not anyone Else's see what I imply or why you want To rent my Plumbing Service not anyone Else's as a result of we're on time we hold our Uh our gear and our materials is on The truck so we're not going to waste Your time having to run it again and Forth for stuff we now have an correct bid System so that you're not going to get

Stunned on the finish of the job Blah blah blah blah blah right here's our References we do good high quality work I'm a Registered licensed Grasp Plumber and so forth And many others proper these are Market Differentiators So now speaking about branding advertising and marketing And gross sales In the event you consider a funnel proper the highest Finish of the funnel is branding What do I imply by branding If I say consider boots Each one among you might be considered Some completely different model of trainers Belleville's I'm carrying bellevilles Proper now Made in the USA of America I Even have origin boots made in the USA of America Perhaps you considered Knicks or whites Or Solomons or merrells or choose your Model proper if I say consider soda or Pop relying on the place you reside within the Nation Coca-Cola Mountain Dew Pepsi Sprite And many others Proper these are all manufacturers And so branding is the overarching when You consider this product The place does your organization fall inside that Metric proper So clearly boots I'm pondering of Belleville as a result of they're on my ft Which suggests in some unspecified time in the future I noticed the Worth in Belleville and I made a decision to pay

The value for Belleville to have a superb Pair of trainers on my ft This hoodie proper there's a thousand Totally different corporations a minimum of that Produce hoodies This one's origin What's their Market differentiator Made in America using People Manufacturing unit blockchain proper It's a superb high quality hoodie That's branding proper and plenty of Individuals confuse branding with this emblem Or this patch oh I received to get my Branding down damaging Branding In a nutshell is how your product or Service makes the market really feel And never simply I really feel heat as a result of I’ve This hoodie on No I really feel good supporting an American Firm whose ethos matches my ethos I Wish to help that firm I wish to Direct my funds in the direction of that firm so Branding is how the shopper how the top Consumer feels about you and the fascinating Factor there isn’t a matter the way you Coordinate the colours inside your model Or what emblem you give you or the way you Current your advertising and marketing to the world Considering that you’ve management of your Model that's truly not true Each single buyer that you’ve and Each single potential buyer that you just Have has their very own notion of your

Model and so in a nutshell your model is The amalgamation of the way you make these Individuals really feel about you and your product And your service what are you identified for Proper Refuge medical wonderful merchandise Wonderful wonderful assure wonderful Customer support actually our normal At Refuge is Excellence as a result of Perfection is just not attainable by human Beings however we are able to goal for excellence and We can we had a man who purchased a wound Care bucket From and it's supposed To return with say 25 items of gauze Effectively this fella Dumped the bucket out and counted each Particular person piece truly I feel it was 50 items of gauze counted each Particular person piece And whoever constructed that bucket that day Had put 49 of 1 kind of gauze in there Not 50. so he despatched us an e mail he's like Hey simply letting you recognize I'm one quick One 5×9 gauze pad quick We despatched him one other 25 one other field of Gauze Sorry dude our apologies we’ll make it Proper in case you have some other issues Please tell us proper that's branding That's the way you make the shopper really feel And there are methods there are strategies That you just make the shopper really feel a Sure method and you should use methods proper You’ll be able to have all the best

Promoting and all that each one that's Advertising by the way in which To try to make the top consumer really feel a Sure method however one of the simplest ways to Set up your model is to have a Mission assertion to work in the direction of that Mission assertion and to have a normal That you don’t deviate from in our case It's excellence Advertising The center of the funnel okay in right here Advertising is the place we start to We get start to maneuver from creating Consciousness about your online business Making a relationship together with your Enterprise To turning into transactional as a result of Companies that don't have gross sales don't Exist for very lengthy And what advertising and marketing is Is these are your Fb advertisements these are Your YouTube movies these are your Influencer advertising and marketing campaigns uh or Billboards or radio advertisements or newspaper Print or podcast stay reads or no matter It may be Advertising is the place we present the product Clarify the necessity for the product and Give you a price proposition why you Want this product why you want my Services or products okay and once more proper Why do you want a refuge medical first Support equipment so that you just don't die And we don't suppose that it's a good suggestion

We all know that it really works 73 instances over Proper that's all advertising and marketing and I’m very A lot so uh not a tough promote individual As a result of once more the market determines the Worth of the product if you wish to purchase That is how you purchase not should you don't purchase This equipment you're gonna die and your children Are going to cry eternally and what's your Spouse going to do when she doesn't have a Husband that's individuals see proper by that The services or products ought to be capable to Stand by itself two ft and when your Commonplace is superb it does proper so Advertising Is the place you start to elucidate the worth Proposition to your potential clients Along with your advertising and marketing In the event you run plenty of gross sales you wish to be Cautious operating too many gross sales for a Couple of causes the primary is If I run a sale Like 10 off utilizing this promo code That's solely related to anyone who Already is aware of about us Who already likes us who already trusts Us we're going to get into know like Belief in a minute And has determined that as we speak They're going to purchase from us so you’re taking The section of your potential clients And also you slender it method down With a sale So you’re feeling such as you're reaching extra

Individuals I'm going to interact extra individuals And the reality is and I'm not saying That there aren't instances for gross sales but when You place your self as a premium model Or service out there house Not solely am I narrowing down my Potential clients to this window of Time whereas this sale is accessible I'm additionally instructing my clients That there's truly A better revenue margin on this product Than there must be So if this bottle of Motrin going again To this analogy is 100 {dollars} Normally retail however I put it on sale for 60. 40 off Why am I going to purchase it from you when It's 100 bucks figuring out that it's only a Matter of time earlier than you and it you Concern a sale and it'll be 60 bucks And I'll purchase two of them at 60 bucks for 120 reasonably than one at common retail Worth of 100 Now you may be pondering yeah however I Made 120 {dollars} While you purchased two reasonably than a Hundred bucks whenever you purchased one However what’s extra useful The associated fee on that Motrin is fifty {dollars} And you purchase one that provides me a web or Gross revenue of fifty {dollars} You purchase two at sixty that provides me a Gross revenue of ten {dollars} every that's

Twenty {dollars} however I'd reasonably have fifty {Dollars} or twenty {dollars} which provides You extra money to function your online business With fifty {dollars} on one sale or twenty {Dollars} off of two gross sales so that you would possibly Generate extra Income by a sale however You will have decrease profitability by Gross sales that's the primary subject the second Is you're coaching your buyer base to Anticipate gross sales I'll simply purchase one when it goes on sale And should you're attempting to place Your self as a premium model as a premium Services or products And also you're continuously placing your stuff On sale You're truly degrading your personal Branding As a result of these two messages don't line up Or the perfect which you could get additionally had been Pushed by Worth Level wait a minute These two issues don't align and that Implies that you because the buyer or I'm Sorry you because the enterprise worth this Product decrease than what you've been Promoting it for That impacts the perceived worth from The client of your services or products So gross sales might be placing one thing on Sale might be very harmful so watch out Along with your advertising and marketing that you just're not Continuously pushing the sale 20 off 40 Off 80 off clearance sale properly if I see An 80 off clearance sale that tells me

That that product didn't promote within the First place it didn't promote within the first Place why do I would like it See the shopper is getting smarter There's far more data on the market Now than there was 5 years in the past 10 Years in the past the web is a factor okay So Market branding is how the shopper Feels about you and your product or your Service Advertising Is the way you clarify the worth proposition To your purchasers and your potential Purchasers And Individuals don't purchase primarily based on characteristic set They purchase on how the product makes them Really feel Okay or how the service makes them really feel And you might be pondering to your self Once more going again to the plumber analogy I'm a plumber how can I make them really feel One thing properly when my fundamental septic or my Fundamental sewer line is backed as much as my Septic tank I really feel fairly burdened about That I don't be ok with having to Go get coated in attempting to repair it I’d really feel a lot better if I might Commerce you some cash so that you can come repair It after which should you present up on time and You do a superb job and also you cost me the Worth that you just informed me you had been going to Cost me I really feel excellent about this Expertise which signifies that the following

Time that one thing goes incorrect and even I'm gonna Swap this rest room out I'm gonna Do the price profit evaluation in my head Of I might go to the Residence Depot or Lowe's purchase a bathroom pull the outdated rest room Put a brand new wax ring in put the brand new rest room On seat the wax ring tighten the bolts Hook up the availability line Flip the primary water again on or no matter Or As a result of I such as you no like and Belief I Learn about you I such as you I belief you Since you've already executed a superb job For me I'm gonna name you to come back put my Bathroom in although I'm fairly succesful Of doing it myself I'm gonna name you now we now have a Relationship proper So that you're advertising and marketing should you execute Appropriately on the advertising and marketing will flip Into gross sales Gross sales is transactional gross sales is the place You alternate me cash for a product or Service and as a way to get to gross sales Any person has to know you they need to Such as you and so they need to belief you First and that is actually essential to Perceive If individuals don't know that you just exist they Can't commerce you cash for a product or Service They need to find out about you first That is advertising and marketing that is branding you Need to know that Refuge medical exists

Earlier than you go to and Purchase one among these kits proper should you don't Know there's a 100 likelihood you're not Going to do enterprise with Refuge Medical So you need to know first and by the way in which I'm not pushing Refuge medical I'm utilizing Refuge medical for instance as a result of I'm The founder and CEO of Refuge medical And there are 5 Refuge kits sitting Proper right here Proper right here additionally do you even learn bro I’ve to know that you just exist first Then particularly in the case of social Media advertising and marketing influencer advertising and marketing I Have to love you I’ve to in my thoughts be ok with you As an organization I’ve to love your worth proposition I Need to go that is smart I I’ll Have interaction with that after which I’ve to Belief you as a result of individuals don't do Enterprise with those who they don't Belief And plenty of this may seem like for Instance what's known as these days and the Web Entrepreneur House your Private model You already know me since you're watching this Video You want me otherwise you wouldn't hold Watching this video and also you belief what I Say as a result of we now have hundreds of movies On the web The place issues that I’ve mentioned what I

Have understood to be true have come to Cross the place I've supplied some worth to You in the way in which of knowledge primarily based upon My very own life experiences So that you belief me in order that method once I say That is the perfect first assist equipment on planet Earth you recognize about it you want me you Belief me and since you belief me you Might select to transact with me And that's the important thing half you might select To getting again to cost value and worth Not everyone goes to decide on to do Enterprise with you and that's okay The market determines the worth of your Services or products but when anyone Doesn't find out about you they’ll't do Enterprise with you if anyone doesn't Such as you they received't even take into account doing Enterprise with you And if anyone doesn't belief you They're not going to take a few of their Laborious-earned cash and provides it to you in Change for a services or products How they know you the way they such as you how They belief you That's all advertising and marketing It's all advertising and marketing and you may select to Be as aggressive or non-aggressive with Your advertising and marketing as you want A lot of you all are conscious of the very fact That I do an Intel transient 3 times per Week right here on YouTube and I inform individuals On the finish of the transient should you don't Wish to hear about help the

Present that is your well mannered cue to beat Feed skedaddle get out of right here have a Blessed day Shalom you don't need to Hear me discuss patreon or Refuge Medical or Refuge coaching or grindstone Ministries or something like that I'm not shoving it down your throat if You select to interact as a result of you recognize me Since you like me since you belief me You'll hear about these issues However I'm not beating you over the pinnacle With it Proper and so The way you interact in advertising and marketing is completely As much as you And the Intel transient doesn't exist Primarily as a advertising and marketing instrument it exists Primarily as a result of I care in regards to the Individuals on the opposite facet of the digicam And I would like individuals to get ready for What's coming down the pipe And that's actually essential should you don't Care about your clients and your Potential clients every part you do Might be transactional you don't have a Relationship The overwhelming majority of refugees clients Our clients for all times For Life go learn the evaluations at Refuge Medical on any of our merchandise all 5 Star by the way in which They're Refuge clients for all times As a result of they belief us and a part of that Is material experience what number of

Instances have I put a tourniquet on on Digital camera what number of movies have I produced On trauma drugs how many individuals have We educated with Refuge coaching within the Final couple years the reply is extra Than 3 500 throughout the nation In order that builds material experience Which works into belief so you’ll be able to belief Me once I say these items And a extremely good rule for this I Realized this from a a boss that I had Again within the day Glenn Once I was doing Energy Building He mentioned to me son I’ll by no means mislead You I’d inform you one thing that turns Out to be unfaithful However once I informed you that it was the perfect Data that I had on the time however I Won’t ever mislead you And that actually resonated with me and I've tried to onboard that in every part That I do I’ll by no means deliberately Mislead anyone I’ll say one thing that Finally ends up being unfaithful however on the time That I mentioned it I believed it was true and These are two very various things and That goes again to belief So individuals need to belief you as a way to Transact with you and what meaning is Along with your advertising and marketing you need to be Seeking to construct a relationship train Individuals present worth to individuals after which

In the event that they select to interact they are going to if Your advertising and marketing is all it's all characteristic Units You already know made in America assured Without end cat tourniquet trauma bandage Shears this and that most individuals don't Care about that they care about how they Really feel after they make the acquisition I really feel Higher figuring out that I’ve a extremely good First assist equipment in my car That if I’ve a catastrophic motor Car accident I’ve the instruments that I Must not die Or that my spouse or my youngsters received't die That's a extremely good feeling proper Be the hero is a catchphrase you might Have heard getting used at Refuge Medical You’re feeling like a hero whenever you save Any person's life ask me how I do know And it has all of the altruistic advantages Of that individual's not lifeless now Reward the daddy that individual's not lifeless Now So branding Advertising gross sales Getting from branding is how your Buyer potential clients really feel about You The the style that you just depart of their Mouth each time they are saying your identify That's branding offer you an ideal Instance of damaging branding Opticsplanet nonetheless owes me An lpvo from 18 months in the past And I've despatched them a half a dozen emails

Both asking for a refund or a transport Date you recognize what I've gotten zero Responses I took my cash a 12 months and a half later I nonetheless don't have a product that's dangerous Branding Oh I can't imagine you'd name anyone Out like that properly I don't give a That's dangerous enterprise that's dangerous branding Advertising is right here's this YouTube video Right here's this uh pre-roll advert right here's this Instagram publish or YouTube video or Tick Tock or Fb publish or no matter To a sure extent explaining the Characteristic set however actually relating how Does this services or products enable you so You’ll really feel higher whereas additionally constructing Familiarity explaining material Experience so that individuals will know you Such as you and belief you and that takes Time Reps and units I've been doing this right here On YouTube for over 5 years pushing 5 000 movies between YouTube and patreon Most individuals know me Some individuals like me and the those who Don't like me I'm not anxious about them They will watch a unique Channel That's fantastic I'm not attempting to persuade The those who don't like me to love me Proper your Vibe attracts your tribe the Those that do such as you that know you After which do such as you It's your job to construct belief with these

Individuals After which when you construct belief with them You’ll be able to provide them the chance to Have interaction together with your services or products and That's gross sales and gross sales is transactional So that they're three very various things Branding advertising and marketing and gross sales they're all Predicated on anyone has to know you Any person has to love you anyone has to Belief you earlier than you're ever going to Get a dime of their cash particularly in At this time's day and age the place funds are Tightening up for everyone I hope this helps CEO bear 007 branding advertising and marketing and gross sales hit me Within the feedback what do you wish to see From CEO bear subsequent I admire y'all Have a blessed day shalom