WARNING! HUMAN EXTINCTION w/ Physicist Dr. Brian Keating

By | May 13, 2023
WARNING! HUMAN EXTINCTION w/ Physicist Dr. Brian Keating

Brian Keatings Youtube Channel

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We’ve got imminent menace of potential Nuclear Annihilation occurring proper now Suspended on high of an overlay of a International pandemic and we come very shut To destruction many occasions all the degrees Of Devastation that Humanity has Unleashed all of them include the Counterpart it's at all times a double-edged Sword there's some occasion that issues Emerge viruses asteroid impacts nuclear And organism-made extinction degree Occasions these are out of the realm of Science Fiction and into the realm of True scientific reality we're on bar of Time the place a tiny little membrane on high Of this huge floor space that we name Earth we’ve you realize a number of planets That might host life proper now our first Radio transmitters within the 20s Broadcasting our existence to any alien Species right here we’re both it's a dinner Bell both it's a warning we will't say For positive what we're broadcasting as a result of We don't know who's listening to it so That is authentic science it's not Woo-woo tinfoil stuff Hello people Canadian prepper right here it's an Honor immediately to have on the channel Dr Brian Keating he's a world-renowned Cosmologist who simply missed the Nobel Prize by a hair apparently he's been on Lex Friedman Jordan Peterson Ben Shapiro Michu Kaku the Weinstein Brothers Neil DeGrasse Tyson the listing goes on and on

It's an honor to have you ever right here immediately As a result of I'm at all times on the lookout for alternate Views on this complete preparedness Factor and I'm hoping that we will get Right into a dialog in regards to the Existential crises which may befall Humankind discuss eschatology Finish Time stuff from a physicist perspective And you’re no stranger to the web There's you could have your individual YouTube Channel who I might encourage individuals to Go and take a look at particularly in the event you like Rumination on Aliens amongst different Issues that is one thing we don't Sometimes discuss on the channel however I feel we’d even perform a little alien Speak discuss immediately which I'm completely fantastic With as a result of I acquired a world-renowned Physicist right here the perfect this isn’t the Man with the loopy hair on the Historical past Channel okay that is the true deal guys So I'm actually wanting ahead this Thanks for approaching yeah properly my children Give me quite a lot of expertise with darkish Matter and uh they wouldn't let me miss The uh the daddy of the Roblox prepper Uh simply unbelievable I’ve the PAW Patrol Prepper right here in San Diego she loves your Content material she loves your son and your Daughter so thanks uh for having me On my my second Canadian podcast host of This of this month after Jordan your Countryman Jordan so it's an honor to be

In the identical league as uh as the 2 of You that's a tough act of how might I Observe Jordan Peterson I imply come on It's a Canadian prepper right here so we're Gonna we're gonna convey it down only a Little bit I feel when it comes to the Intellectualizing however I simply wish to ask You okay so like as a father you realize Clearly you've been watching the Channel apparently for some time however I Need to know are you bullish or bearish About Humanity's prospects and on a Scale of 1 to 10 Ten being sure near-term human Extinction one being whole Utopia Sunshine and rainbows the place do you assume We fall proper now yeah that's an Glorious query so what I really like about Your channel for a very long time it's it's Been centered not solely on what to do however What to not do and as a father and as a Scientist as a person of science I'm caught On this ambiguity of not figuring out the place The longer term will take us however desirous to Be ready and the toughest factor in Life is to be within the center and that Doesn't imply to think about you realize Every little thing sunshine and Roses half the Time after which every part's Doom and Gloom half the time it's figuring out what to Take note of and what to disregard so For instance we’ve imminent menace of Potential nuclear Annihilation occurring Proper now

Suspended on high of an overlay of a International pandemic I imply in the event you thought in 2014 while you began the channel in Earnest and people preliminary not Cringe-worthy moments in comparison with my Channels like present present Genesis of My channel okay man uh however in the event you go Again to these occasions and also you mentioned like Look man you bought to prepare there's Going to be a world pandemic there's Going to be authentic likelihood of nuclear Holocaust there's going to be tensions Within the Center East there's going to be Oil crises are going to be accelerating International local weather change there's going to All these stuff you'd be like properly I'm Going to have like 20 million Subscribers however you realize that wouldn't In all probability be your first thought it will Be I'm going to only prep for the long run Now conversely if I take you again 50 Years and I let you know all that is going To occur in all probability not that a lot Completely different you wouldn't you wouldn't like Reorient your life and you realize go into Hiding proper then in actual fact in all probability if You gave any human being of the hundred We expect that there have been 100 Billion those that have lived within the Span of homo sapiens on this Little Rock Of a planet So in these 100 billion individuals in the event you Ask them would you wish to stay now or If you lived uh the preponderance of

Individuals would say proper now you realize plus Or minus a number of years so I I feel it's a Golden age it's the perfect of occasions it's The worst of occasions it it has the Potential for this this very annoying Side for the human thoughts which is Ambiguity we simply don't comprehend it's like Schrodinger's cat is it alive is it useless We will agree on issues we will disagree On issues right here in America we’ve the Second Modification Um which which we reap the benefits of uh However we don't assume we should always have a Transportable thermonuclear you realize Excessive Mars 2 system in our home Um uh even affordable individuals you realize Who’re gun toting members of the NRA Would conform to that conversely we Consider you realize in in a proper to decide on However we don't consider like it’s best to Have abortion the day of uh the delivery of A child And that's why there are a lot Polarization as a result of we attempt to discover what The reply is we attempt to predict we attempt To throw out different uh uh Penalties and simply deal with one so Proper now I'm sort of short-term nervous Lengthy-term very optimistic in regards to the State of humanity Yeah that's good I imply a part of the Motive why I acquired into preparedness in The primary place was there’s a general Optimistic bias in the direction of the long run

That's current in our society some Individuals would possibly name it the normalcy bias So in so as to sort of counterbalance That you just virtually have to go within the different Route and anyone's acquired to be the Man within the room saying hey this may go Fallacious this may go incorrect this woman so it Doesn't inevitably go there so that you Nearly have to cease the fires of that Every now and then with perhaps slightly bit Of alarmism to get the dialog Going which is why you realize there's Individuals like G McPherson who's very Local weather dooming Gloom I don't agree with His prognosticating in regards to the Atmosphere and the way you realize issues are Going to break down by 2030 however I feel it Will get individuals speaking so there's there's Probably a price to it in that Respect however you realize there's completely different Uh you realize conflicting views on whether or not Or not that's helpful Oh sorry to interrupt however I feel one among The issues is that in the event you're contrarian And also you sound good I imply you solely have To be proper you realize as soon as to have uh you Know to have principally a profession you've Had on I've had on Peter Schiff you realize On our podcast I had him on to speak Concerning the virtues of Bitcoin uh which he Refused to do uh however we talked about you Know all these predictions that he made Again in 2006 and 7 and he was proper and now

The query is he proper about Every little thing else properly you get me you possibly can Make a profession out of this in science Although it's very completely different you possibly can solely Be incorrect as soon as in the event you make a mistake in Science your credibility is on the road And you are able to do you can get away With that and we'll discuss well-known Examples of that and it's truly one Of probably the most pernicious and and Diabolical forces in all of all indicators Proper now could be the Reliance of the general public On science has by no means been extra however the Public's understanding of science has By no means been much less so how do you you realize Form of stability the Cilla and the Charybdas collectively it's very precarious Place that we're on and after we Management the powers of the atom the Powers of the cell the nucleus and and What can we do with it’s sort of Restricted by by sober heads prevailing and We've missed Destruction come very shut To destruction many occasions you categorize This on the channel many occasions uh however What I'm what I'm fearful about is that The the polarization does appear kind of You recognize irrevocable like we we solely Appear to go in One Route I’ve but To see Um the the ratchet transfer the opposite Route and perhaps that's as a result of it Can't as a result of the human thoughts is wired In direction of contrarianism in the direction of

Cassandra-ism and so forth however we’ve To at all times preserve this optimistic Optimistic bias not be Pollyanna however All the time preserve the bias that people are Able to this magical you realize future However provided that we act you realize soberly and Rationally downside is you realize the Management is basically simply not taking us There Certainly one of your latest conversations with Eric Weinstein he had mentioned that he Thought that we’re on borrowed time and It was simply sort of a passing remark That he made but it surely was in reference to The incompetence of our management now Do you uh share that sentiment or do you Place confidence in their capacity to mitigate A few of these points that we face or do You assume that you realize the place we’ve to Undergo an awesome Reckoning first Yeah I I I wish to First pledge my Allegiance to Klaus Schwab uh Nate as You recognize uh we’ve to at all times have our Allegiance uh Clear and Current Um I I took down my Shrine earlier than the Video began so yeah yeah you've acquired Your Trudeau Sean so that you so right here's an Fascinating distinction so Eric when he had That dialog with me uh it was you Know a dire warning to humanity and and He's cherished you realize I really like him for his Rants and and I get to listen to a few of them Over a bottle of scotch and a cigar that

That the overall Public's not aware about However the level I feel he's making an attempt to Make is we’ve an 80 12 months previous president And simply take you realize not not being Democrat or you realize Republican I at all times Say look I grew to become an astronomer as a result of There's no Republican constellation There's no Democratic asteroid you realize They're they're completely different you realize form Of procedures that that each events Would possibly adhere to you realize local weather change Versus you realize financial profit however Look let's have a look at Biden he's 80 years Outdated take an 80 12 months previous American male What's his life expectancy it's solely six Years uh and that that's a mean Determine meaning in any given 12 months he Has like an eight p.c likelihood of Dying you simply take you realize 92 p.c To the eighth energy and also you see what That's going to return out to be and That's about 50 or so if I do the maths In my head the purpose being that he's Very prone to die he's more likely To die and he ought to stay and be properly And and I you realize I'm not an enormous Supporter of him uh and and the way in which that He’s sort of polarized uh not not simply Not simply you realize the politics is Pure for politician these days however Science and and making dire predictions That encroach upon uh the area that I'm an professional in however let's go away that Apart uh however the level being you possibly can't

Simply say properly as a result of Biden's previous he Shouldn't be president we're in nice Hazard uh you could have a really younger chief In your nation a really uh very you realize Form of good-looking man or I feel his Clone of my governor who's additionally my boss Gavin Newsom right here very good-looking uh he Doesn't he has a you realize 0.05 likelihood of Dying in any given 12 months so the purpose Being you possibly can't essentially rely a on The the sort of intrinsic qualities of a Specific candidate it’s important to assume Concerning the methods that assist them so What’s the bias of our system is it Resilient to perturbations we ask a Query when you’ve got a marble you realize And you are taking a bowl and you place the bowl The wrong way up you place the marble on high You progress it slightly bit it’ll Really be secure on the very high however The smallest perturbation will ship that Careening off into Oblivion likewise if You invert the ball and put the marble On the backside it'll keep there all day So the purpose being how resilient is the Structure that helps the Know-how the society the army I Have an enormous variety of those that that Are within the army and my household and And my viewers I do know you you do as Properly the purpose being there are Extremely resilient and I as soon as heard it Stated by um I feel it was it wasn't a oh Sure it was a visitor his title is David

Marque spelled Marquette he's a Commander of the USS Santa Fe which is The worst performing nuclear-powered Submarine with nuclear tip missiles and In the entire United States Navy and and He turned it round from worst to First And he has a guide referred to as flip the ship Round it's an awesome guide on management And folks at all times ask me why are you Like studying books on management you're An astrophysicist properly I'm not One-dimensional I comprise multitudes I Like to study various things I watch About prepping and I watch about String Idea okay these are probably the most and I Speak about these items on my channel Too which supplies me an outlet for my In any other case narcissistic habits however the Level being David Marquez commander in The U.S Navy mentioned if Joe Biden needs to Kill anyone it takes about 20 Completely different telephone calls and 14 completely different Organizations earlier than a man on a wire Who's a harmful violent man will pull That set off and off anyone and it's a Good factor that we’ve these methods uh It's a great factor that we’ve these Resilient methods Um they've come near breaking down The previous although so we’ve to ask Ourselves what can we do to construct in Programs on the base layer of actuality Which is physics and I feel there's a Complete lot of alternative for us within the

Bodily sciences that we usually shirk As a result of we wish to be in our snug White Ivory Towers and and speculate About issues which are fully Esoteric and in some instances fairly Meaningless however we’ve an obligation And we've truly executed a fairly a great Job all through historical past we've come shut To creating apocalypses as a result of we we've Uh in molecular biology which is the Science behind you realize viral Manipulation crispr that got here out of Physics that one other title for for Molecular biology is organic physics Uh Watson and Crick we're physicists Rosalind Franklin was a physicist so We've been within the DNA subject we've been Clearly within the nuclear realm we've Created the atomic bombs of all Differing kinds however we even have created Atomic vitality we've created uh Astronomical journey to the Stars we've Created a laser the Mazer the MRI the CAT scan physics can do nice good and The query is how can we make it Resilient by constructing into our methods a Extra shut connection to bodily Actuality high quality and I hope we will discuss About a few of that immediately completely I Imply know-how is unquestionably a Double-edged sword now as a cosmologist You're at all times speaking about and quite a lot of Your work focuses round what occurred On the huge bang you know the way far does

Our ignorance return kind factor there Appears to be this Obsession inside Society with finish occasions whether or not it's simply The psychology of the alpha had the Omega and rightly so as a result of you realize I've been listening to quite a lot of I've Been on this Terence McKenna kick and he Says one of the crucial absurd Issues in science is at its core this Concept that one thing simply manifested out Of nothing like the thought is so Extremely absurd but it surely's just like the Foundation of all scientific inquiry but We're informed you realize that each one the assumption In God is foolish or you realize it's not Scientific or rational but at that one Elementary perception however I imply perhaps That's simply one other uh query Altogether however why do you assume there's This fascination with the tip and perhaps In your case the start the Alpha and The Omega yeah that's a beautiful Query so I at all times ask individuals you realize What's crucial day on the Calendar now don't don't inform me as a result of It's private data I'm positive however What what sort of day is most necessary To you most memorable to you Ah that's a great query I'm I'm fairly Earlier than we began this I we talked about The we should always have metric time as a result of I'm not an individual who places nice Significance when it comes to days in phrases Of uh you realize I I suppose you realize for my

Children it will be Christmas or one thing You recognize proper okay so Christmas what's Christmas by the way in which I I feel you simply Proved with out admitting it that your Spouse doesn't watch your channel very A lot as a result of you realize in the event you have been Smarter than you realize than me you would possibly Say my anniversary I'm not gonna maintain That in opposition to you so so honey you realize I Would say my anniversary however we're Fairly unconventional like that however yeah Okay so you’re superb superb so Um most individuals will say Christmas New 12 months's my birthday my spouse's birthday Anniversary children birthdays and so on and so on what Are these these are Beginnings they Fascinate us as a result of they're the one Occasion that you simply actually weren't round for And it occurs to be you get a reminder Yearly proper the Earth orbits round The Solar as soon as per 12 months so we come again to The identical place though not likely it's Form of fascinating to consider what It truly does however be there as it might It's a starting and your individual private Starting you didn’t witness okay There's no even when you’ve got video it's Not likely the identical factor and I don't Need to watch these movies anyway the Level being people are fascinated with This as a result of in precept the origin of The universe is a time earlier than which There have been no yesterdays and that's a Thoughts-blowing idea so after we assume

About time we take into consideration time in very Only a few concrete ways in which we will Actually perceive and a few individuals say Time just isn’t actual it's an emergent Phenomena and meaning it’s not Individually definable any greater than the Temperature of a single oxygen molecule On this room is definable it's solely Definable with respect to the collective Ensemble habits during which it's a part of So so too is the universe after we Take into account time so what occurred earlier than Let's say there’s a second of time and I might say there's a preponderance of Cosmologists and others that consider That there was a real starting of time Some individuals say that's the large bang That's not technically right the Massive Bang could possibly be simply quote unquote a giant Uh doing quite a lot of heavy lifting with These quotes however the huge bang could possibly be Only the start of our observable Universe or it could possibly be simply the Starting of the matter that makes up Our observable universe or it could possibly be The endpoint of a earlier universe however If it’s the starting true starting of Not solely our observable universe within the Matter inside it however of time in itself Query is what occurred you realize the Tuesday earlier than that does that even make Sense so these are mind-bending Ideas That basically reckon with what regular Individuals with current firm excluded are

Fascinated by time as a result of time is so Tough and Squishy to pin down that We’ve got a large number of various methods to Outline it which isn’t true of most Different portions proper in the event you discuss Measuring mass you possibly can you possibly can decide What the mass is in numerous methods you Guys use kilograms the place we're a lot you Know wiser we use kilos down right here however Intrinsically there's solely a finite Variety of atoms you possibly can rely these Atoms proper so the purpose being that's an Extrinsic kind of measurement you possibly can't You may't redefine it however time just isn’t Like that so it performs gimmicks with the Human thoughts and so develop into very fascinated With it however within the Deep Future there's the same query what Will occur to our universe within the very Very far future will it go on without end is It a part of an never-ending collection of Cycles Is it a part of a brand new universe which is able to Emerge in What's referred to as the Multiverse Which is all the fad in cosmology These days these are questions and what Makes them so pleasant other than Getting paid to reply them or attempt to Attempt to reply them constructing experimental Instruments in contrast to my pal Neil deGrasse Tyson that you simply talked about and others he Doesn't you he doesn't construct telescopes He appears at information that has are available from Different telescopes or Michio Kaku or Others they don't they don't truly

Construct the {hardware} that gathers the info That reckons with the claims made by Individuals a lot brighter than I’m to as to What’s the nature of the bottom layer of Bodily actuality after which there are some Title we are saying that we will manipulate area And time if solely we understood the Final constructing blocks of Nature and How the legal guidelines of nature through their Symmetries and By way of their properties are Both Common or could be modified Melded and contorted to probably swimsuit Our wants as technological beings as Preppers and so forth so I feel it's a Fascinating factor and it's pleasant to Be capable to receives a commission you realize all males of Public college however I receives a commission to do This and I I simply wish to be an Evangelist for different younger those that Care about huge image subjects philosophy This can be a job that allows you to Grapple with what I feel me it means to Be a human being and ask questions that Solely the human thoughts is able to Now there's this factor referred to as the Kardashev scale and I don't know the way A lot inventory you place on this Idea however I Suppose it could be a great place to begin For our dialog as a result of you realize It's this concept that there's these kind Zero kind one and perhaps kind 2 civilized I don't even know just like the the size however The concept that there's this nice filter That usually species will destroy

Themselves with the know-how that they Create earlier than they’ll elevate off and Traverse the cosmos are you able to clarify what You recognize these kind civilizations are And whether or not you assume we’re a kind one Civilization so so there's just one Immutable regulation of physics all different legal guidelines Are principally provisional and topic to To potential uh revision and that's that Vitality is conserved not matter matter is Not conserved we will destroy matter we Can create matter Um uh from Pure Vitality however you possibly can't Create or destroy vitality and it's deeply Ingrained in What's referred to as the legal guidelines of Thermodynamics uh that are a assemble Of the bodily uh universe that was Found when issues which are Sensible like steam engines and and so Forth got here to be uh within the within the Industrial revolution in pre-industrial Revolution as a result of individuals begin to Discover there's a connection between warmth Vitality temperature strain quantity and All these completely different variables and so They grew to become obsessive about characterizing This stuff and fortunate for them these Legal guidelines are actually as I mentioned inviolable In contrast to say the regulation of gravity from Isaac Newton uh which which held that you realize Gravity propagates all through the Universe sooner than the velocity of sunshine You recognize infinitely quick that was Provisional that was revised by Albert

Einstein and but and but we nonetheless use The legal guidelines of Newton to get the Starship Into orbit hopefully finally get the Landers on the moon in a few years Once more and so forth so what the kardashev Scale is making an attempt to faucet into and it's Not one thing that we working towards Physicists you realize make use of though It does join with the very first Visitor I ever had on my podcast Nate Which is a person by the title of Freeman Dyson not the Dyson vacuum man though I did get an image of him as soon as with a Vacuum he's handed away he handed away Proper after Cove had started in 2020. 94 Years previous great man and he was the First visitor on my podcast into the Inconceivable and we used to speak about This stuff referred to as Dyson spheres properly What’s a Dyson Sphere a Dyson Sphere {Couples} to the Carter Chef scale within the Following approach the kardashev scale Makes an attempt to categorise the completely different Ranges {that a} civilizations know-how May obtain which might be pushed by Essentially the most elementary and violable Amount in all the universe which I Stated is vitality so how a lot vitality is Accessible to a specific Planet our Specific civilization so this man Kardashev talked about how you can Really harness this vitality now the Vitality can are available many alternative types But it surely uh it was labeled in keeping with

The legal guidelines that have been out there again then In different phrases uh photo voltaic vitality Thermonuclear vitality and so on and so on there might Be different types of vitality that we don't Have entry to or can't faucet into in that Case this kardashev scale can be Provisional as I mentioned so a kind 1 Civilization has harnessed all the Vitality that’s out there ball on its House planet so we do consider that in the event you Stay on say a water world or one thing Like that there'd be no method to actually Harness that vitality I at all times say you Know to get the place we’re immediately to have This dialog on the velocity of sunshine Over you realize 15 billion transistors on Every one among our units uh it required a Lot of whales to die and folks like What are you speaking about properly how do You assume you didn't design a pc Utilizing a pc proper the primary Laptop was not made utilizing a pc The primary transistor was not made by Making a transistor the primary pc Program was not written with one other Laptop program the in any other case in different Phrases issues have to return from extra Primitive extra fundamental extra elementary And Elementary constructing blocks on this Case we wanted to to you realize burn whale Oil to have mild so as to see to Write down the legal guidelines of thermodynamics we Wanted quite a lot of billions and trillions And trillions of tons of Plankton to die

And descend to the to the underside of the Earth to make a quite a lot of the petroleum That we use to finally perhaps get to a Civilization that harnesses the wind on Its planet to harness that is all of the Daylight that falls on it in order that's a Kind 1 civilization so it has quite a lot of Pre-existing know-how we're nowhere Close to that degree okay we don't harness All of the vitality out there on the planet As for instance we might energy all of Humanity's vitality wants by you realize by Plastering over you realize Saskatoon with Photo voltaic panels with 100 effectivity that'll Energy the entire planet okay or Alberta Possibly let me simply I'm telling I'm Demonstrating how little I find out about Provincial uh geography Saskatchewan is The province Saskatoon is the town so I Was slightly sure and this isn’t a really Massive metropolis so I'm considering you're Referring to the province my PhD Advisors PhD advisor so my grandfather Of PhD he did his analysis in Saskatoon That's the one purpose I find out about it Okay so there are I do know quite a lot of I do know Elon Musk Elon Musk spent a little bit of time Right here too surprisingly so it’s deeply Linked so let's get again to Kardashian okay so kardashev scale kind Two uh is is one which's going to make use of all The vitality out there from its star and That is the place my pal Freeman is available in To play Freeman Dyson as a result of he

Postulated that to get to a kind 2 Civilization you'd construct a sphere round The star the place we due to the inverse Sq. regulation which sounds very sophisticated But it surely's not simply signifies that mild Diminishes by an element of the gap Squared so if I transfer an element of two away From these these very costly uh mild Bulbs that I purchased from Canadianpreparedness.com if I transfer away From that Distance by an element of two The depth goes down not by an element Of two by an element of 4 it's the identical Legislation of gravity and and for related Causes because it seems anyway that Distance squared is what causes the Diminishing so that you wish to seize the Total spherical space or the world Surrounding it the shell of sunshine that Would create you'd make a Dyson Sphere To try this after which a civilization That's of kind 3 would try this for each Star within the galaxy that it inhabits so We're nowhere close to I feel we're in like Kind zero we're utilizing utilizing a you realize Fraction of of a trillionth of a p.c Of the vitality simply of our dwelling planet Not to mention of our star and not to mention of Our galaxy Okay so what about fermi's Paradox and The good filter I feel that's One thing you realize I I referred to Earlier with respect to okay are we Going to destroy ourselves earlier than we get

Off the rock can we even wish to get off The rock you realize if we if we're going To create meta verses and issues which Can simulate a much more entertaining Actuality that’s on the market within the chilly Darkish Universe will we finally come to The conclusion that area flight is Futile and simply wasteful and we're simply Going to remain on the rock with our Digital actuality headsets uh can we get Previous the good filter in your thoughts what Are going to be a number of the the Sticking factors I suppose if you’ll and And potential ways in which we we’d meet Our demise So Enrico Fermi was one of many Titanic Physicists of all time he was one of many Final nice individuals to know Theoretical physics and in addition to Perceive experimental physics so at The College of Chicago the place he was Working and the place we now have Fermi lab Uh the primary accelerators the primary Nuclear reactors and infer and the primary Self-sustaining important mass got here Collectively as I mentioned it was within the 30s and 40s and the explanation that that's necessary Is what else occurred what occurred in 1947 properly there's a Roswell crash and we Had been getting to know the Properties of of you realize quantum Mechanics higher all these items got here Out of the identical time nuclear weapons First sightings of you realize claimed

Alien craft uh quantum mechanics the Chilly Warfare was starting the tip of the Sizzling conflict was starting the Apollo Moon Missions have been starting the area race Was starting all these are tied up and And the explanation I wish to take that Little detour is simply to say that properly What if we're in that very same sort of an Age proper now it's kind it feels prefer it Doesn't the place you consider how the Universe is sort of conspiring we’ve These wars cold and hot concurrently We’ve got ideas and claims of latest Physics we’ve threats of conflict and a Nuclear realm we’ve organic Warfare we Have all these various things I'm Hopeful that as that ushered in a golden Age of area flight of understanding the Base layer of bodily actuality of Understanding computation by the way in which Got here out of that Alan Turing and and so Forth now we're into the age of AI which We're going to get into uh and truly Changing into an interplanetary species as Elon Musk you realize hopes to do and he Stated that he hopes to die on Mars and I Hope he does too however simply not on impression I I actually don't need that to occur to The man he's acquired extra children than you and I mixed so he's acquired to watch out I Suppose he loses monitor of what number of children he Has um and so he it causes him to make New ones so I'm sort of jealous of them However anyway

Um the the purpose being when Fermi got here Up with this Paradox it was based mostly on the Following kind of calculation which he Was recognized for he would ask physics class It could say one thing like this and I Would would possibly say the identical to you anyone Who's what what number of piano tuners are There in Saskatoon proper now it’s important to Give it some thought you realize perhaps there are How many individuals have pianos how usually do They must be tuned Um you realize what's the what's the you Know sustainable you realize price of a Piano tuner to maintain his household you realize Ready with their preps and their Their Peak refuel and every part else Proper so that you'd should undergo that Calculation Um and so he would try this and he would Practice his college students to assume bodily And these are theoretical physicists Primarily so like he was instructing individuals Which can be really esoteric sensible brains A lot smarter than me and he was instructing Them to consider bodily actuality Such that not to allow them to repair a toaster Or name a piano tuner however in order that they Might be extra in tune with what actuality Is presenting US based mostly on proof then He requested the next query What number of um stars are there within the Galaxy and since then by the way in which we've Solely this query has solely develop into extra Paradoxical on one hand however as I'll

Level out uh I feel there are very many Easy resolutions of which you Talked about one among them already the good Filter we'll get to that okay so Fermi Stated Um take us the variety of stars which are Just like the Solar not too sizzling not too chilly Lasts lengthy sufficient in order that acutely aware Beings can come into existence to construct Technological Um machines robots and and Metallurgy so You want a sure set of properties Proper you don't have Metallurgy Beneath the uh the Hudson Bay proper You don't have Metallurgy on the backside Of the Marianas Trench you possibly can't have a Water world you possibly can't have an ice world You may't have a pure a desert World Um so there are a lot of many uh compromises That must be met to ensure that Us to have the appropriate circumstances to make A technological mild he wasn't Involved with you realize the place is the um The yeast slime mildew you realize from Planet uh you realize blurcon 7. he didn't Care about these as a result of they're not Going to return to us presenting us with The Paradox or failed to return to us Presenting us the Paradox as to why they Don't exist so he mentioned take plenty of Stars which have Earth-like planets in What's referred to as the liveable zone the place You may have liquid water now and again it Might be stable water I've heard that you simply

Generally get stable water up there and Possibly even this time of 12 months however we'll See what occurs so the uh the existence Of all these circumstances then you definitely take What number of stars there are in our galaxy Which can be like that now multiply that A number of of them we’ve you realize A number of planets that might both host Life proper now and our bodies I imply by any Planet it might imply a moon of tight of Saturn or Jupiter any stable physique that Has some liquid on it that additionally has a Crust that you can construct know-how on Okay and it seems you say take perhaps There's 10 or 100 in our photo voltaic system Alone and then you definitely multiply that by the Variety of stars in our galaxy which are Like our solar not too sizzling not too chilly And also you get an astronomical quantity you Get actually thousands and thousands you realize if it's One p.c of all the celebrities within the Milky Approach and each has 10 planets You're speaking about 10 billion websites in Which life might exist and a Technological kind not simply slime mildew Okay then he mentioned properly there's about 4 or 5 hundred of them which are Inside a number of hundred uh mild years and Possibly a number of which are inside 10 or 20 Gentle years keep in mind he's working again In 1960 and Nineteen Fifties so he's saying since We turned on our first radio Transmitters within the 20s broadcasting our Existence to any alien species right here we

Are both it's a dinner bell both It's a warning We will't say for positive what we're Broadcasting as a result of we don't know who's Listening to it and in any communication Channel that you must perceive the Transmission and the receiver receiver Identical to with a walkie-talkie it Doesn't matter you could have your Walkie-talkies from the shop if I'm not On the appropriate channel it's completely Irrelevant you're simply broadcasting into The void so he requested the query with Tens of billions of potential locations for Lifetime of a technological kind to exist How come nobody's come to go to us And that's the essence of fermi's Paradox now could be it a real Paradox like Xenos Paradox is it a mathematical Conundrum with potential mathematical Decision or is it simply sort of a Curiosity it's not a regulation of nature so After that within the Nineteen Sixties a person by the Title of Frank Drake who sadly handed Away final 12 months he got here up with one thing Referred to as the Drake equation the Drake Equation in keeping with him parameterized The chance chance and variety of Exoplanets of different planets and Technological civilizations he grew to become The the fundamental you realize founding father of what's Referred to as The seti Institute which stands For the seek for extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute is in Northern

California Um these are authentic hardcore Physicists these are individuals which are Influenced by nice thinkers Carl Sagan Amongst them was one of many nice Influences in Frank Drake as properly once more We wish to parameterize what we all know Concerning the universe and since that point We've measured what number of planets are the Variety of planets went from one you realize The place life uh the place life might exist or The place we thought life might exist Tons of of years in the past after which 1995 it Started an explosion of exoplanet Discoveries made by numerous colleagues And and buddies of mine and and so forth Resulting in Nobel prizes for the primary Time in true Astro uh trying to find Extraterrestrial planets and so forth so That is authentic science this isn’t Woo-woo tinfoil stuff Um however nonetheless the query stays how Come we don't see them and there are a Number of the reason why we’d not see Them and we will get into a few of these Causes the issue with these causes Is that always we anthropomorphize them We are saying what would hinder us from Getting to a different star system it might Be technological it could possibly be pandemic That causes Artemis it could possibly be a Nuclear conflict and there are some that say That these civilizations don't exist for Fermi's query to be answered within the

Affirmative that they’re on the market As a result of these civilizations destroy Themselves they usually attain what's referred to as An awesome filter there's some occasion That causes the Suffocation that’s Nonetheless delivery though it's lengthy after our Delivery however when you attain a sure degree Of technological maturity of organic Complexity that issues emerge viruses uh You recognize and and so forth on the on the Rising phenomena asteroid impacts on The galactic scale uh all the way in which to Nuclear and in human-made or organism Made uh uh in extinction degree occasions so I feel it's it's fascinating to speak About these items solely up to now few Years would I say that these are out of The realm of Science Fiction and into The realm of true scientific reality however Greater than that they're actually enjoyable to Take into consideration as a result of the extra we expect About them the extra we find out about Who We Are we’ve to you realize Elon tweeted You recognize not too long ago we’ve to move the Nice filter and a few say if we Found extraterrestrial Um intelligence that may imply that we Must be very pessimistic about our Survival which is sort of bizarre proper As a result of uh and completely any technological Civilization that we uncover is probably going To be a lot way more superior than we Are and so it could possibly be Discovery as a result of They're right here to you realize eat us or mine

Our liquid water I I feel these are Far-fetched by the way in which however however the level Being that they've made it previous the Nice filter and we that signifies that we Nonetheless should undergo the filter that Means we haven't even we haven't even Gone to the half Waypoint but to see The place the filter might presumably be and In order that's a terrifying thought proper Um but it surely may be a useful one When you consider how many individuals Stay earlier than you in the event you ever take into consideration Like what number of grandparents you could have how Many nice grandparents I'm going to go Again 1000’s of generations and assume That's solely the tip of the iceberg we Suppose there could possibly be in a really fundamental State of affairs some individuals like will mccaskill And others have calculated you realize we May stay for like a trillion Generations Um or not not trillion Generations however There could possibly be successfully the higher Restrict on the age of the universe might You recognize units the precise restrict for a way Lengthy a civilization might stay and the way Many generations might slot in there that That's an absolute higher sure Um not the one which I take significantly however However considering for the lengthy future I feel It’s helpful to consider these items Know-how is a double-edged sword we Can't hope that the people who find themselves Solely educated within the know-how the

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