Precision on Target: The Top Features to Look for in a Gun Scope

By | May 12, 2023

As a hunter or a marksman, having an excellent gun scope could make all of the distinction in terms of hitting your targets with precision and accuracy. However how do you select the precise gun scope? With so many various options to contemplate, it may be overwhelming to decide. On this article, we’ll break down the highest options to search for in a gun scope to make sure that you’re getting the perfect precision on course doable.

1. Magnification Vary

One of many first issues to contemplate when searching for a gun scope is the magnification vary. This may depend upon what kind of capturing you intend to do. Should you’re searching in dense brush or at shut ranges, you’ll desire a decrease magnification vary. Nevertheless, in case you’re capturing at lengthy distances, you’ll want the next magnification vary.

Most gun scopes have a variable magnification vary, which means you possibly can regulate the magnification as wanted. An excellent vary for normal searching and capturing functions is 3-9x. Nevertheless, in case you’re a long-range shooter, you’ll wish to search for scopes with magnification ranges of 10x or greater.

2. Goal Lens Dimension

The target lens is the lens on the finish of the gun scope that gathers mild and focuses it into the eyepiece. The dimensions of the target lens is essential as a result of it determines how a lot mild can enter the scope, which impacts the readability and brightness of the picture you see.

A bigger goal lens will permit extra mild to enter the scope, leading to a brighter and clearer picture. Nevertheless, a bigger goal lens additionally means a heavier and bulkier scope. For many searching and capturing functions, a 40-50mm goal lens is good.

3. Reticle Kind

The reticle, also referred to as the crosshairs, is the a part of the gun scope that you just use to purpose at your goal. The kind of reticle you select will depend upon private choice and capturing fashion.

The 2 most typical varieties of reticles are the duplex and the mildot. The duplex reticle has a easy crosshair design and is straightforward to make use of for normal searching and capturing. The mildot reticle has a extra complicated design with dots positioned at particular intervals, which can be utilized for estimating vary and wind drift.

There are additionally illuminated reticles, which are perfect for low-light situations. These reticles have a lightweight supply that may be adjusted to completely different ranges of brightness.

4. Lens Coatings

Lens coatings are utilized to the lenses of the gun scope to cut back glare, enhance distinction, and shield the lenses from scratches and particles. There are a number of varieties of lens coatings obtainable, together with:

– Coated: A single layer of coating on a minimum of one lens floor.
– Absolutely coated: A single layer of coating on all lens surfaces.
– Multi-coated: A number of layers of coating on a minimum of one lens floor.
– Absolutely multi-coated: A number of layers of coating on all lens surfaces.

Absolutely multi-coated lenses provide the perfect readability and brightness, however additionally they are usually costlier. Nevertheless, for the perfect precision on course, it’s price investing in a gun scope with high-quality lens coatings.

5. Eye Reduction

Eye reduction refers back to the distance between your eye and the eyepiece of the gun scope. It’s essential to have a ample quantity of eye reduction to forestall recoil from inflicting harm to your eye.

For many searching and capturing functions, an eye fixed reduction of 3-4 inches is ample. Nevertheless, in case you’re capturing high-powered rifles, you’ll wish to search for scopes with an extended eye reduction.

6. Parallax Adjustment

Parallax refers back to the impact the place the reticle seems to maneuver in relation to the goal when the shooter’s eye just isn’t aligned with the middle of the eyepiece. This will trigger the shooter to purpose incorrectly and miss the goal.

Many gun scopes have a parallax adjustment function, which lets you regulate the main target to right for parallax error. That is particularly essential for long-range capturing.

7. Turret Adjustment

Turret adjustment refers back to the skill to regulate the windage and elevation of the reticle. This lets you compensate for wind drift and bullet drop, which have an effect on your accuracy at completely different ranges.

Most gun scopes have turret changes that may be made with a coin or a screwdriver. Nevertheless, some higher-end scopes have uncovered turrets, which permit for fast and simple changes on the fly.

8. Sturdiness

Final however not least, the sturdiness of the gun scope is a vital issue to contemplate. You desire a scope that may face up to harsh outside situations and recoil from firing your rifle.

Search for gun scopes which might be shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof. Because of this the scope can face up to the recoil of firing your rifle, can be utilized in moist situations, and received’t fog up in low temperatures.


Choosing the proper gun scope could make all of the distinction in terms of hitting your targets with precision and accuracy. When deciding on a gun scope, think about the magnification vary, goal lens measurement, reticle kind, lens coatings, eye reduction, parallax adjustment, turret adjustment, and sturdiness. With these options in thoughts, you’ll be capable of discover a gun scope that matches your capturing fashion and gives the perfect precision on course doable.