The Prepper’s Survival Bible: The Most Comprehensive Guide to Survive Any Catastrophe. Learn Life-Saving Strategies, Stockpiling, Defending Your Home, and Sustain Yourself Living Off-Grid

By | March 20, 2023

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Would you like to know how to survive long-term in the event of an environmental disaster? If the answer is “yes”, keep reading because this is the audiobook you were looking for!

If you’re looking to survive a disaster, you’ll need the best information at your fingertips. The Prepper’s Survival Bible is your seven-in-one guide to being prepared in any situation. Disasters can strike at any time—and they aren’t always environmental. So when it comes down to needing to know how to find food, defend yourself and your family, or just survive off the grid for any length of time, this is the audiobook that will help you do it. It covers all the basics: what to keep in your pantry, how to hunt and fish, how to cook food even if there’s no power or running water, how to build a fire and stay warm, what materials you need for shelter, how to dress appropriately in emergencies, how to defend yourself against human threats, and how to create traps for animals.

By listening to this seven-in-one bundle, you’ll discover:

How to prepare your home in the event of an emergency to be ready when SHTFHow to build a fire and always stay warm, even in freezing temperaturesHow to find food off the grid—and how to cook it without electricityHow to store water using different methods and keep it potable once openedHow to hunt, fish, and create animal trapsHow to defend yourself, your family, and your home against intrudersHow to avoid the four most common mistakes that preppers make that might cost them lifeHow to stock up on food using canning, freezing, dehydration, pickling, and other techniquesHow to create a home medicine cabinet using natural remedies

And much more!

This seven-in-one guide will also explain what a bug-out bag is and why you need one. These kits are meant to get you by for 72 hours when things start going south.

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