Varusteleka Särmä Blanket Shirt First Look

By | March 19, 2023
Varusteleka Särmä Blanket Shirt First Look

Wow Wooly here check this out Hey Bruno what are you what do you want Guys This is the wool blanket short From the summer range from Varsity Liquor let's have a look at it Stay tuned what have you got you that Stick is tuned to death give me that Give me that okay let's let's uh let's Let's leave the dog alone for a bit and Let us get I'll take off the belt Take off the ball And show you I'll show you it uh just with nothing Okay Wait Bruno I need to stop throwing Sticks because he just keeps bringing Them back okay this is it Right Long on the sleeves long on the back Long it's long everywhere guys There's nothing here except short it's Just a wall blanket short case it's got Big hand warming Pockets at the front Which has a very nice feature is that it Has a perfect little mobile phone pocket That just sits right in there so your Phone is very secure guys there's no Toggles there's no drawstrings there's No elastic there's nothing except the Wall okay that's it Check it out Okay when I saw this I was like I am

Really interested in this I have to see What this is like okay This is the size extra large okay I am Five foot seven inches I have about a 33 Inch waist and about a 39 inch chest Okay I have never been accused of being A large man ever okay This for me Is a really good size now I can could See maybe myself having to roll up the Sleeves uh if if I was doing a wee bit More Refined work but guys it was not a big Deal at all not a big deal this it fits Very well and the thing is is that the The the The website advised me to get the extra Large and I was going uh no I don't Think so I've never been extra large in Anything but yes extra large fits me Perfectly guys and these I had I had a Notification set up for these and I Think that these were in stock for maybe 24 hours and they were so loud again Guys a very very popular item okay Semper Very very simple okay it's a gray wool Blanket that has been cut I think They're ax military blankets to use guys Or that they used to use don't quote me On that I will put of course all the Information down below uh that they That they just caught the fit into these Blanket style or into these blankets

Marks Anorex smokes smoker racks whatever you Want to call them guys it's it's really Cool and it is so retro it's so like you Know you definitely feel like a bit of a Celt walking through the forest with Your belt on and all you know Let's let's do a 360 again and then I'll Spin it inside out for a closer look This is long guys that's the back of my Knee As the back of my knee right there You know It's not Bruno no no that's enough It's not heavy it's not a heavyweight Thing uh I it is freezing down here guys It is it is freezing down here today and This is blocking the wind okay I don't Know like it's not a heavyweight winter Wool jacket it's not that it's very very Lightweight okay let us get it up on the Tree and have a look I'm gonna pop my other coat back on Oh sorry This the sleeves are massive massive and There's no velcro or anything like that To be messing around around it so look There's there's more gloves No problem you know absolutely no Problem fitting gloves in up and under There Oh Jesus Tell you what

You think you're fairly feel that wind When you take them off So I'm going to see it are very Windproof Both of them It's freezing Oh oh that's let's let's get a close-up Guys if you're wondering about this this Is the sarima wool shell jacket and I'll Link that up there somewhere Okay there is nothing to talk about This is a wool blanket this is the 70 Recycled wall and 30 polymade which is I Think is about the same as this okay There's no Bells there's nothing it's Just well made Piece of Of wool of all equipment guys All attack you know what I mean like This is you know there's What I'm gonna say it's cool it's retro It's different it's wool and it works And once again uh Varsity Liquor have Knocked it out of the park I cannot Complain about that at all do you know What I mean like it's it's it's it's Going to be such a versatile thing you Know somewhere throw it on and you're Sitting around the fire you know just Just that that added layer too big you Can just throw it on over your other Clothes and stuff and and that's what It's designed for as well you know so You just pile this on over on top of put

This on on top of other layers Pictures I haven't even taken look I Didn't even take the tag off Let's put this on Zo We're expecting a lot of snow tomorrow Which will be class Y Right If I put this on this would be oh one Two three four layers and a hat I need to start at the hood That's the Bloody Business Now isn't it Then we get the hood up I can't everything's warm so I can't Feel anything it's all for you to see Him and there you have it guys check That out You gotta be bowed on So as an extra extra layer guys it Doesn't take up a lot of room either you Know what it folds up very small because It's so late it really goes on very easy Extra large guys remember And that's four layers of clothes and You would barely notice that and that's A term of the fleece uh the wool jacket And then this this this this wall Blanket shot That is very cool that is very cool and That is very Effective I have to say very very Effective guys look There's a reason why this this uh this

This Armor Gear sells out so quick guys It's it's really good it's really really Good I have not been disappointed with Any of it at all everything I have tried Guys whether it's stuffed and Varsity Liquor have sent me to try or stuff that I have bought myself which actually was The start of this whole collaboration Thing with with Forest liquor guys has Just been brilliant absolutely brilliant You know so I can't recommend the stuff Enough accent gear guys thank you for Watching Here Comes Bruno Here Comes Bruno Here Comes Bruno Thanks for watching uh see you Frosty