The Militia vs. The Government

By | March 19, 2023
The Militia vs. The Government

What's up boys and gerbils hello Bear Nation welcome back to the Mean Streets Of YouTube Got a question over on the rumble Channel Better how come you're not wrong no You're not on Rumble go look From rigor mcdigger bear I want to know Your thoughts on the modern day Minuteman can civilians be just as Badass as Infantry That's a wide wide open question And uh It makes me think in the direction of And I'm not rigger my Digger I'm not Saying you're asking this but I think a Lot of people Think this way because at some point we Might have to fight the government We're going to talk about that today My thoughts on the modern day minute man Um exhibit a Yes you have a constitutionally Protected god-given right to protect Yourself and those that you love Um Our nation for the longest time did not Have a standing army many of our Founding fathers were against having a Standing army we were a nation of Militias The common man who was appropriately Equipped to be able to walk out the door With his haversack and his Flintlock and

Go to town do some work and go home Again feed the sheep grind the wheat you Know split the firewood or whatever you May have Hmm Clearly as America became more and more Imperialistic we needed a standing army So we could perpetuate Freedom Throughout the world and make money for Big Banks and all of that The nation of Israel uh in the Bible not The you know postage stamp size piece of Land over there in the Middle East but The biblical Israel didn't have a Standing army right beat your plowshares Into swords and then your swords back Into plowshares So there's something to be said for the Modern Minute Man and the concept of I'm A fan I embrace the concept to a certain Extent Mostly because I think if you're going To own the equipment that a modern Minute man would have you should be Training with it you should be going out And doing the things with it figuring Out do I need a plate carrier do I need A chest rig do I like a 16 inch barrel 18 inch barrel a 20 inch barrel with About a 14 and a half inch barrel oh no I like a 10 and a half whatever you need To figure all that stuff out for Yourself What radio should I use what kind of

Boots do you use bear I don't know I use What works for me and what works for me In my context probably isn't going to Work for you it's part of why Gear Reviews are [ __ ] but I digress So my thoughts of the modern day Minuteman yes asterisk I don't think men Today are made of the same stuff that They were made of 250 years ago so let's Just go ahead and get that out there Including myself nobody here nobody Watching this video we're very very few Of you woke up this morning without any Electricity and used primitive tools to Build a fire in your cabin that you Built by hand before you went out and Slaughtered your morning meal and then Ground the wheat to make the bread so That you could have a biscuit to go with The chicken that you just fried in lard Or whatever you might have and today's Ambitions are I'm Gonna Fill some of These cedar trees by hand and turn them Into fence posts so that I can make a Paddock for my horse We were different people back then We're not the people that we are We are not the people we were back then The people that we are today are Different than those people Now I think to a large extent the spirit Of that lives on in Americans But not all Americans not even the Majority of Americans I would dare say

And the spirit will only take you so far At some point you need to be able to yod To do stuff right So I think for a lot of people the modern Militia movement and the Minuteman Concept has become a an excuse to play Dress-up and buy equipment that they'll Never use they'll never train with to Own rifles they've never zeroed and They've never confirmed their BDC on Their one to eight lpvo and they don't Know the difference between 55 and 62 And 55 ballistic tip and 62 soft point And 77 otm that they have no idea They're no they're just playing And I don't think you should Bet Your Life Or the life of a Nation on people who Are just playing Can civilians be just as badass as as Infantry can civilians be just as badass As infantry in a word no Because in the Infantry your full-time Job is infantry stuff Civilians The vast majority of civilians yes Blanket statements I'm sure somebody's Already emoting in the comments about All the reasons bear is wrong I also want to be clear I'm not Advocating for violence at all in this Video and anybody that does show up Advocating for violence in the comments

You know blockband delete We need to fight the government best of Luck homie best of luck Four-letter word Fleer forward-looking Infrared you go fight them all you want They will turn you into a smoldering Pile of Ash more on that later in the Video Can civilians be just as badass as Infantry no No because the vast majority of Civilians almost all civilians if not All civilians their full-time not job is To be in their full-time job is not to Be infantry so I'm a little worked up Getting ahead of myself in this video is Not to be Infantry Is to be a mom a dad a husband a wife A father A grandfather A carpenter a baker a Candlestick maker Whatever it might be an I.T specialist An auto repair specialist whatever A farmer a Rancher a water treatment Plant operator that's their full-time Job they don't have 6 12 18 36 months To dedicate to having the prowess that The Infantry has And that again gets back to you can buy All the kit you can LARP out to your Heart's content and you can make Yourself a mark 12 spr clone all you Want

That doesn't make you a designated Marksman I can buy all the things I want and go Train with whoever I want to all across The country all across the world and I Can impart knowledge into my Dome I can learn and I'm not negating Training at all but I will never be Special forces I will never have the Credentials and the experience that all Of my instructors have had Doesn't mean I can't learn from them Because I do But I will never be them The two very distinctly different things So can civilians be just as bad as his Infantry In a word no now on the margins the best Civilians and the worst infantrymen Probably overlapped Probably overlap but that's the Exception not the rule most civilians Have you been to Walmart lately walk Around and look and you tell me those People are going to go fight a war Negative Um If you're in the army or the Marines They make you PT They make you PT you will conduct Physical training Or you will leave And not on good terms right so I don't see that dedication in the

Civilian world and the civilians that Are dedicated to PT very few of them are Dedicating to dedicated to modern Militia Minuteman that kind of stuff Or even training outside of the gym just Just how to use a handgun how to use a Rifle no they're not or how to use a First aid kit how to use a radio they're Not training on that So can civilians be just as bad as his Infantry no asterisk But I want to look at the deeper Question here because I think there's a Deeper question here Can you fight the government Is it possible in today's day and age For us we the modern militia man Movement the Minutemen the whatever to Actually fight the government Again not advocating for violence this Is a thought exercise okay Well there's some recent conflicts Where one could argue the answer is yes Look at the global war on terror who's Running Afghanistan right now And us Look at what's happening in Ukraine Ukrainian Civilians Are fighting this second if not third Tier military on the planet Comma They've had a lot of help People who don't have names and who have

Been to places that don't exist have Been over in Ukraine for a decade Training those people and fit for an Internal defense 196 billion of your taxpayer dollars Have been dedicated to making sure that Those civilians over there can fight the Big Red Army So Asterisk yeah can civilians stand up to A government Asterisk let's also note that our Government between the dot gov and the Dod Department of Defense Um hat spends as much on military Spending Defense spending As like the next 17 countries combined So While I'm not of the opinion that the Average Rank and file member of the dod Is going to turn his or her or its Because it's the things now or its Weapons on civilians God help you if they did .gov agencies on the other hand seem to Have a propensity for targeting and Therefore executing American citizens Civilians it's kind of concerning you Know Ruby Ridge anybody Waco anybody Obama Drone strikes on domestic soil anybody ATF FBI collusion anybody you know it's Like these things have been proven out

In time they do these things you know oh The NSA doesn't spy on anybody no we Just have a Joint Base in Australia that Nobody's supposed to know about that has Really big ears and so the Australians Spy on us and then they hand that Information to us and then we spy on Everybody else and we hand that Information over to them Um Otay Can you fight the government Well what do they have That we don't have Let's look at that Uh leadership Leadership Even if it's poor leadership They have a hierarchy they have a chain Of command they have a structure they're Organized somebody's in charge down to The lowest level boots on the ground Somebody's in charge Don't see that very much in the modern Militia movement Minuteman movement Although I I have seen it somewhat and Frankly in the cases that I have seen it It seemed like a bunch of dudes who were Past their military Prime who Um were just now LARPing right I'm General bear You're not generable any general anybody You're not general staff what are you Talking about like you're build a

Mechanic who had 14 too many Budweisers Last night like you're not a general Leadership the ability to exert Self-power and hard power Soft power Can you coerce For Better or Worse the People around you Can you build rapport Are you networking with people even a Little bit What about hard power 's Force Because in most contexts today as a Civilian you employ Force even in free States like Oklahoma that I live in There's going to be an inquiry And if you were wrong in the employment Of that Force you're going to go to jail Luckily for me I live on the res so Nobody knows who's allowed to arrest who Around here anymore so it's literally The wild west which I'm fine with I'm Super cool with that it's a good time But hard power and soft power they have It We don't have near as much of it What about let's look at a little bit of Like infrastructure like medical okay One of your guys gets shot where do you Take them Okay we know T Triple C we did care Under Fire tactical field care how we Even performed a Medevac it was awesome Where are we going

What are we doing with Bill who got gut Shot over here Do you have a network of hospitals or Safe sites Do you have doctors paramedics EMTs and I'm asking these questions not because I Want to piss in anybody's Cheerios Because but because I want you to think About these things because all of this By the way can you fight the government Could easily be applied to preparedness Surviving the end of the world as we Know it well I would submit to you that Surviving the end of the world is a Fairly lofty goal and one should Probably take it fairly seriously if you Intend to actually survive Thought exercise Medical Good job you stopped the bleep you'd use The tourniquet on the extremity or Packed a junctional area or whatever Chest seals on the plural space good job Now what Where you going What about your Intel Who provides you Intel and by the way Intel is usually connected to Como Do you have a section for that do you Have people that's their job because see Everybody wants to be the pointy end of The spear with their rifle and their Play carrier

And I'm gonna kick in this door and Clear this house you go right ahead you Clear as many as many rooms as many Houses as you want the attrition rate For doing something like that is Astronomical As long as there's nothing I love inside Of that house I'ma throw them all top Cocktail at it or punch 5308 AP rounds Through the side of it Or 150 Or 900 if that's what it takes why are We going in this building We got a room clear bro do we Why You want to lose four of the eight guys In your stack the moment you come Through the door It's stupid it's video game larper [ __ ] So Intel Como who's who's your Intel Section your combo section your medical Section Your Logistics Log An army fights on its what Stomach Who's cooking the food who's moving the Food who's growing the food who started Planning 120 days ago so it would be Food to eat today see a resistance is Not just dudes with rifles everybody Wants to be on the security team because It's sexy because you can buy your way

Out of that problem on Amazon or on or Daniel Defense or Freedom Munitions or Essie I Love this SC knife because I can I could Cut the throats of my enemies with it Shut up Everybody wants to do the cool guy stuff Except for the cool guys who've already Done it who understand what of a mental Emotional physical spiritual [ __ ] show That it is and will not engage in that Unless it is life and death for the People that they love They're not sitting around jerking off Thinking about getting in the stack and Clearing this building in their LARPing Here Who's feeding you Who's in charge of Maintenance and Engineering Who's supporting the infrastructure that It takes to support you Mr door kicker Do you have a network Just a network of people just start with That because if you had a network you Could start with having a network and Then if you're going to operationally Operate like an operator in a Non-permissive environment because You're going to go fight the government Because civilians might be as badass as Infantry and I'm a modern day Minute Man Do you have pre-positioned caches of

Stuff that you're going to need probably Medical supplies because good for you You brought 11 mags to this gunfight 330 Rounds and you fired most of them how Many rounds came back at you Were you that good You're that good with your nods and your Thermals at night that you're going to Do actions on the objective at three O'clock in the morning and we're gonna Fire all the rounds and nobody's ever Going to shoot back at us So it's now in my mind make believe a One-way range not a two-way range copy Do you have caches set up do you have Safe sites Places that you can go Like and I mean go like they're looking For us and if they find us they're going To kill us You got friends like that How close are they do they know you're Coming Do you have the ability to communicate With them securely do you have go and no Gold codes did you do an SDR to make Sure that you're not leading the bad Guys back to your best friend's house And now they're gonna Fire Bomb It What's an SDR don't even play these Games if you don't know that that phrase See resistance Is more than cool guys with guns Read resistance operating concept by

Autocipiala just start there There's 40 000 Pages easily that have Been written on resistance in the last Decade Probably But just start with that resistance Operating concept by Auto C fiala There are three wings of a resistance Gorillas auxiliary and Underground The gorillas do all the fighting Usually at night usually away from the Population centers The auxiliary supports them This is the baker that doesn't have an AK But instead of making 10 loaves of bread He made 12 loaves of bread and two of Those loaves of bread got passed on to The gorilla so they had something to eat This is the doctor or the EMT or the Paramedic that provides Medical Services Under the threshold of discovery To gorillas that have been injured This is logistics log train this is Intel this is comma the auxiliary and The underground is your network of safe Sites and the people that nobody ever Knows they are not at all connected wink Wink To this resistance movement And a lot of times in the underground That's where your soft power is exerted This is the mayor that got co-opted or The county commissioner who's

Sympathetic to our cause or this guy Over here who works at the Army National Guard Depot that lost a pallet of 556. Wink wink That gets back to network which is not Nearly as sexy as a Dan new Daniel Defense mark IV Or whatever the hell I call them Can you even IMT bro Individual movement technique Because some people have fewer Participatory vertebrae than others Ask me how I know Can you even IMT because if you can't IMT you can't cover and move which means You can't small unit tactics which means Shoot move communicate sustain doesn't Apply which means you might as well just Turn your in turn yourself in if you're Gonna go fight the government because They'll win Talked about Intel how much Intel do They collect on you With your Seventh Generation collection Device in your pocket that you're Looking at right now How much Intel do you have on them Whoever that is You get all kidded up you're ready to go Do Minuteman stuff where For how long What's your mission essential task list Did you do pccs and pcis Who's in charge of this thing

What's our combo plan Have we put a spot map together Who's going to notify my wife if I got Shot in the face because this is stupid Who's going to raise my kids If I got shot in the face because this Is stupid Can we even shoot our weapons Can you hit a 10 inch circle at 300 Yards repeatedly from all positions No but I got a cool new plate carrier And it's got some cool patches on it That I saw in a post on Instagram See prepping Is perpetuating normalcy for the people That you love Perpetuating normalcy for the people That you love Now I will admit There is the possibility Although I don't know how probable that This whole thing goes to hell on a Handbasket it turns to [ __ ] That fast and yeah I want every damn Firearm I can get I want a horse-drawn Wagon loaded up with you know loaded Magazines Come on Betsy we're going to war But that's not normalcy That's not normalcy And if it is normalcy for you you Wouldn't be asking this question because You'd probably be a crayon eaten jar Head in which case make the grass grow

Good job But for everybody else That's not normal I don't want to perpetuate that I might Find myself in that position but I don't Want to perpetuate it And the last thing I want to touch on Can you fight the government you know The modern day Minutemen because who They're going to be fighting Unless of course the Panamanian Paratroopers land three Towns over in Which case is your ego subordinated Enough that you will work at the Direction of the government to protect Your Homeland Anybody ever thought about that I hate the government me too Not a fan Not picking up arms against them though Because they'll win There it is in a nutshell they will win But what happens if China invades we'll Just we'll go out of left field China Invades holy [ __ ] there's Chinese Paratroopers everywhere man they got Mechanized divisions They're advancing under artillery cover What are we gonna do and then the National Guard shows up and they're like You you and you militia dudes get in the Truck How much do you love America now You on board with that

Oh no no I fight for me and mine Oh so you won't get in the chain of Command Which means you're now disaggregated Disorganized which means they can very Easily cut you out of the flock and Target you as an individual Which means you're dead Track and copy that War's not normal Don't seek war Doesn't mean don't be prepared for it But don't seek war and the United States Department of Defense Whether you agree or disagree Historically in the last 250 years is Probably the best in the world at war You don't want to go to war against them And the government has been militarizing The dot gov has been militarizing for 40 Or 50 years Filled with people who have wartime Experience They have the same equipment they have The same Intel and common networks they Have the same ttps You don't you don't want to fight them And even if they're not that good Quantity has a quality all of its own How many of you are there You better get really good at the peel You better get really good at bright Contact man Now lastly I would submit they're not

Coming for you The government's not coming for you they Don't care about you you're not on their Radar good or bad Because when this whole Circus Comes Crash into the ground They're not taking care of you they're Not targeting you they're nothing They're nothing It's continuity of government not Continuity of you It's not continuity of governed It's continuity continuity of government COG They don't give a single solitary [ __ ] About you Not want a tornado or a hurricane wrecks Your house Not when there's a war going on not when The the Economy finally collapses and your Dollar is worthless or there's no food In the grocery store there's no jobs Certainly don't care about your kids We've instituted systematic murder of The Unborn in this country They don't care about you They're going to go into their bunkers They're going to go into their holes They're going to crack open their Freeze-dried food and their bottled Water and they're going to sit back and Watch the whole thing on live television And in 12 months 90 percent of the

American populace will be dead and they Can arise From the Ashes the new Overlords of the former United States of America fusa I don't care about you I don't care about me So Modern day Minute Man If you're gonna LARP at least use your [ __ ] If you're gonna LARP live action role Play at least use your [ __ ] at least go Train with it Can civilians be just as bad as his Infantry no No Because In a nutshell what's make what makes the Infantry effective is that it's not a Single soldier Or a handful of them Or a dozen or two dozen Or ten dozen Oh it's wave after wave after wave with Air Mobility command And uh You know Mechanized uh infantry and combined arms And air superiority and secured combo And log train and No Civilians can't be just as bad as his Infantry you can learn infantry skills And I'd say you probably should

But after you learn those skills don't Go fight the government Don't pick a fight you can't win Speed surprise violence of action The modern Minute Man movement doesn't Have speed because it's uncoordinated It doesn't have surprise Because it's uncoordinated and people Flap their jaws 24 7 365. here we are Talking about it on the YouTubes And it doesn't have violence of action Because you press that trigger one time Unjustifiably you'll spend the rest of Your life in prison So there's some major hurdles to Overcome there I'm sure Some if not mostly are all pissed off And I mean this with love in my hearts I Don't care because this is what I've Experienced firsthand and I don't want You to do stupid [ __ ] and go start a Fight you can't win take care of your Families Serve the father be his hands and feet Do righteousness If War comes Be ready for it But don't go start one bless y'all Shalom