Raddy NW3 Emergency Radio with NOAA Weather Alert, Portable Replaceable Battery Operated Hand Crank Solar Powered Radio Phone Charger, w/Flashlight, SOS Alarm, for Power Outage, Survival Kit

By | March 19, 2023

Price: $15.99
(as of Mar 19,2023 18:18:30 UTC – Details)

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Our Mission: Keep connected while you are enjoying the outdoors.

Raddy focuses on offering clean, renewable green energy technology to power our outdoor life.

From weather stations to emergency radios, e-bikes to solar panels, and everything in between, we offer a line of outdoor and emergency-preparedness products to keep you safe or just let you enjoy the outdoors while staying connected to the rest of the world.

NOAA WEATHER SCAN + ALERT: More than an NOAA weather report receiver, it can also scan through all the available weather channels silently and sound an alarm when there’s a risk of natural hazard near you. You don’t need to check on the weather report all the time but can still receive the latest weather conditions on time.
EMERGENCY NECESSITY: This compact emergency radio receives AM/FM and NOAA weather band. Featuring the bright LED FLASHLIGHT, SOS ALARM and POWER BANK, this portable but powerful radio is born for emergency needs when there’re severe weather emergencies occurring like hurricanes, snow storms, fires and tornadoes.
4 POWER SOURCES + PHONE CHARGER: USB Charging, Hand Crank, Solar Power and AAA Batteries, there’s always a way to obtain power. It is also a power bank for your mobile devices. Neither the NW3 nor your mobile devices will ever run out of power no matter where you are and how worse the situation is.
AM/FM RADIO + HEADPHONES JACK: 6 inch telescoping antenna enables the reception super sensitive and clean on AM/FM bands, you can enjoy the broadcast and music while you are camping, hiking and fishing. It also supports headphones and the bottom right corner is designed to be a handy BOTTLE OPENER.
LARGE LCD DISPLAY + DIGITAL TUNING: The NW3 is compact in size but built in a large LCD display which shows the volume amount, battery status, radio mode and the channel frequency. Digital tuning makes station switching easier and more precise, just press and switch.