Prepper’s Emergency Medical Manual: How to Be the Doctor When No Doctor is Around

By | March 19, 2023

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How to Be the Doctor When No Doctor is Around

Have you thought about who will treat your family’s medical issues when there is no access to professional medical care? What about in an extreme emergency scenario, like a real SHTF experience, when hospitals are overrun with patients?

When an extreme emergency has occurred, and society has collapsed, YOU must be your loved one’s doctor.

“SHTF” stands for “sh*t (or stuff) hits the fan.” When we talk about these events, we’re talking about events like the COVID-19 pandemic or other events that could make it difficult for doctors and emergency personnel to provide medical care.

Let me reassure you that the purpose of this book is not to make you paranoid but to make you aware of the different situations that could happen and tell you how to prepare for them when they do.

It’s best to be prepared!

Please be aware that this is in no way a medical textbook. I am not a doctor, personally, but I believe that everyone, even non-doctors, should know this medical information for the absolute worst-case scenario. There may not always be a doctor around to treat you and your loved ones. It may be all up to you to save them.

Hopefully, this book will help when and if that day ever comes.

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I would recommend buying this in its printed version rather than an eBook so that you can keep it on your stockpile shelf or in your bug-out bag for easy reference. Click BUY NOW to be sure that you can keep your family safe and healthy in an extreme emergency situation.

Let’s be safe.

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