Prepper’s Emergency Herbal Medicine Handbook: Over 100 Essential Plants & Herbs that Every Doomsday Prepper Should Know Survival Medicine for When Society Collapses & SHTF

By | March 19, 2023

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★★★Prepper’s Emergency Herbal Medicine Handbook★★★

Imagine one possible extreme emergency scenario where the fall of society is imminent. It might not be a nuclear holocaust, but it would sure disrupt supply chains and manufacturing on a global scale.

What if you needed aspirin, but the Bayer factories were no longer up and running? Where would you get the same benefits of the main ingredient found in aspirin?

That’s right. In the wild!

Why write this book about botanical healing, using herbs as medicine, for SHTF situational preppers?

Well, think about this.

Nature’s pharmacy is the plants that surround us every day. We drive by open fields or rolling forests, never really thinking of the way to use the plants and herbs found in them. When you can’t buy what you need at the pharmacy (because the pharmacy has cleared shelves), you have to make what you need from the nature around you. That is, assuming that the land itself is not contaminated by disaster, of course.

Think of how long your medical stockpile will last before you need to resupply.

What if, by then, society has not recovered, and you have to find an alternative? What if you could supplement your medication stockpile with herbal tinctures, powders, and salves? How much longer would your medication stockpile last?

Before modern medicine, “doctors” used common herbs and plants to treat illnesses. Historically, this brings to mind the Medicine Man of some Native American cultures. They knew more than anyone else in recent history how to live off the land entirely. They knew how to cure common ailments by using the plants and herbs they could gather or grow.

If you could grow your own aspirin (so to speak), then you’d have a nearly limitless supply of medication. You could renew your stockpile by growing what you needed or gathering it in the wild. If you had this knowledge, you could increase your family’s chances of survival in a severe SHTF situation.

Herbal medicine is the use of certain herbs and plant-based parts such as flowers, roots, stems, leaves, etc., to heal various illnesses. Although there are many different ways to treat an illness in today’s day in age, during ancient times, herbal medicine was the only option. The tradition of herbal medicine has been carried on throughout thousands of different cultures and countries and is heavily relied on by many every day.

This reference guide is absolutely essential to your SHTF emergency preparedness.

In an extreme emergency situation, you want to give your family every fighting chance!

You will learn:

Herbal Medicine ExplainedWhy Emergency Preparedness Includes HerbalismThe Botanical Origin of MedicationsThe Importance of PhytonutrientsGlossary of TermsWays to Use Herbs as Medicine

★★★★Over 100 Herbs and Botanicals You Can Use for Survival Medicine: A to Z

Each botanical entry includes a recipe for how to use it or specific usage instructions along with precautions and interaction advice. You will learn how to harvest and use all of these amazing remedies that nature has to offer. Click BUY NOW to add this title to your prepping stash TODAY!

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