Ammo Talk: 30-30 Vs 350 Legend; Is Winchester Trying To Replace The 30-30?

By | March 18, 2023
Ammo Talk: 30-30 Vs 350 Legend; Is Winchester Trying To Replace The 30-30?

Foreign ERS this is eshtf Hunter Uh I thought we would do a little ammo talk It's been a while since I did ammo talk And uh show you a couple of things cool Things I've gotten here recently and I Think I went 762 by three nine crazy Here lately uh One of the things I ordered uh from SG Ammo and they still got about 11 cans Of this right here it's a 154 grain soft point uh Tula uh it comes In a 640 round can I hear this 154 grain soft points Uh a bullet that heavy you know it's It's not very typical to find 76239 that Heavy but both that heavy would be great For deer hunting Smacking down deers So yep uh You know Go check out if you want me to I'll link it down below Um You got something else from Seven six two by three nine 255 grain sub X So these are subsonic seven six two by Three now it's supposed to be uh made to Work at 8K Uh 255 grain bullets it's it's unheard Of it to me for a a 30 cal

Um I'm not sure if these bullets are 308 Or 310 I hope they're 308 because I want To buy some of these and load my own in Either 308 30.6 And uh the heavier the bullet you know It seems like you get better penetration On on animals deer size animals So uh It flying at subsonic velocities I feel Like A 255 grain bullets going to penetrate Better than uh Say like the 197x but uh it all depends On dying or these bullets whether or not You know I can use them so So that uh out of the way uh The thing I want to talk about Dave is Winchester 30 30 versus Winchester 350 Legend Now all during the ammo shortage from 2020 until now It seemed like on the shelves at Walmart Rural King I seen I've seen a lot of 350 Legend ammo At law 308 and no not hardly any 30 30 And uh I'm just kind of in the I'm kind of in The belief that Winchester is pushing The 350 Legend on people You know or Winchester in my opinion Winchester has Always been better at marketing and uh Cartridges than Remington because it's Some of the most popular cartridges are

Always Winchester like uh 243 Winchester 270 Winchester You know 30 30. uh 308 Winchester it's You know a lot of the most popular Cartridges belong to Winchester so 300 Win Mag and anyway So Um you know the 30 30 lever action uh It always seemed to be America's rifle You know it has been for a long time It seemed like it has been one rifle all Americans you know a lot of Americans Owned But this day and age a lot of Americans Own AR-15s and I feel like they're Pushing the 350 Legend harder than they Are 30 30. so You know Um tell me what I got a little bit of bad news though When it comes to buying ammo and Firearms uh I may have to cut my my Defense budget a little bit because I've Bought a A vehicle and I'm gonna do a video on a Brand new vehicle I won't do a video on Uh So anyway uh hope this video finds y'all Well uh I'm gonna link a little video Behind this of me shooting uh my Rock Island Armory 1911. I recently Put a Wilson Combat uh Bob Bob hammer in Uh the beaver tail on and I kept getting

Uh the hammer slap so anyway I just Thought I'd throw it a little shoot Video in there after this but You know tell me your thoughts down Below if you think Winchester's trying To replace the The uh 30 30 with the 350 Legend because I I Think it I think it's kind of their push So let me know what you think down below This is the shtfunter I'm out