100pcs Mylar Bags for Food Storage with Oxygen Absorbers 400cc (10*10 Packs) and Labels, 10 Mil 10″x14″ (30pcs) 7″x10″ (30pcs) 5″x7″ (40pcs) Stand-Up Zipper Pouches Resealable and Heat Sealable for Long Term Food Storage

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In the current environment, all of our households should be accustomed to storing food.

We are SHXWELL, We are always looking for food storage solutions.

Mylar bags for food storage

5 Gallon Mylar Bags


We specialize in the production of high-quality food-grade mylar bags.

What makes our products unique?

An extra internal layer of aluminum foil provides durability and puncture resistance. Prevents light and air permeation to ensure longer food storage.

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Food-Grade Materials: Our mylar bags are made from food-grade material that is safe, eco-friendly, durable, and tasteless. These bags have three layers: PET, aluminum foil, and PE.
Thicker Thickness: Thickness of 10 mil, and each side has a maximum thickness of 5 mil. An extra internal layer of aluminum foil provides durability and puncture resistance. Prevents light and air permeation to ensure longer food storage.
Premium Oxygen Absorbers: Each pack of 10 absorbers comes pre-packaged in a factory vacuum-sealed pouch to reduce product exposure and waste.
Resealable Zipper Bag:The zipper design can be used repeatedly, which is convenient for foods that are often eaten. Sealable with a hot iron or heat-sealing machine for long-term food storage. The standing type can simplify the storage of the cabinet.
Multi-Purpose: Dehydrates food for storage, including grains, beans, oats, dried fruit, candies, coffee beans, and tea.