Stealth Camp in an Abandoned Ambulance

By | March 15, 2023
Stealth Camp in an Abandoned Ambulance

Foreign Guys welcome back Before you join me Going back to a spot I discovered a little while ago And uh Trying to be slightly discreet And as you can hear there's a lot of Shooting going on quite nearby So yeah Keeping my head low Um Not far now it's actually just stopped Raining it's been raining a lot I'm just Showing up pretty late here today for Obvious reasons And uh Let's get there [Applause] Foreign This old abandoned ambulance in the Woodland I don't know how long it's been Here Harry got here Harry Magic on his Side but uh here it is and this is where I'm going to take shelter tonight Um nice low-key stealthy inside and I've Got a wood burning stove to go in there As well Let's have a little look at it Looks to have had a bit of green paint At one point Bedford I think she has long seized up There's the old back doors that's one

Way in But I'm thinking it's going to be a lot Easier gunfire to go through the Windscreen which has been smashed in I'm over here by the sunroof and there's Quite a lot of Filth on the ground to be Cleared up Obviously the floors over this end with The wheel arches and the other window Obviously the one that's below me here Is right above here So I'm thinking bed on that side And Stove on this side with the chimney out The window I do have a tarp with me so I Could cover some of that window Let's see I'm a short on daylight so I need to get My gloves on and clear this mess Foreign Foreign It's already looking a lot better in Here That's most of the big stuff there's a Few shards of glass that I renewed to Look out for as well for the foam mat With me things like that and I was Trying to think when my last tetanus jab Was Same got the mattress Yeah bits like that Oh it's a lot nicer in here now I'll do A final sweep for more bits of glass Them over there but uh yeah not too bad

Shame there was a Kind of plywood on the inside of the Fiberglass shell because they're Starting to rot but I've got a ground Sheet I've got a mat and then I've got An inflatable mat to go on the foam mat As well It's nearly home And it stopped raining for now The door still works I'm just going to Try this out for size Foreign My stove will go about there Which puts it in line With the window in the roof Obviously I kind of a big open fire Being stealthy here so uh this is the Next best thing really all it's going to Do is produce a bit of smoke and I'll Only light it after it gets dark Foreign Birch on the way in from that direction So I'm going to head back over there and See what firewood I can get for the Stove Foreign Horn beam here Uh could be green I'll give it a go [Applause] I'll see straight away that's green it's Gonna be no good for burning This is more like a piece of birch Definitely good and dead give it a go

Foreign So I'm going to try and get a few bits Of that as well See if there's a smaller limb than this [Music] Foreign It's starting to rain a bit heavier now So I've got my ax and I'm heading over To where I've cut the wood because There's a couple of stumps there so I'm More likely to be able to chop it down Foreign Foreign Stopped anyway I don't know if that's Because of the rain it was coming down Pretty heavy for a minute there Um seems pretty constant kind of Gradually soaks you through but it's not Too bad Yeah still debating whether to put a Tarp up over the top there or not I guess it can't hurt if the rain does Come in at an angle It's uh supposed to snow tonight that's What the forecast says I don't believe It myself maybe sleep but I don't think It's quite cold enough I think it's About zero today but I've got plenty of Wood here Keep me going But um Still got a bit of daylight left so I Think I'm just going to make a brew with My stove before I um get set up proper

[Music] This is my treasure burner and my David Fryer's pouch I'll link his stuff below Because it's really nice stuff it Doesn't put Billy cans kit all sorts of Things Hopefully they're still warm enough to Go yeah it looks okay [Applause] Thank you Oh yeah that's nice It's quite peaceful Rain stopped for a moment Just hear the bird song They'll be roosting soon And uh just be me in here when I record This spot I noticed there's some Badger Sets some look uh more recently used Than others so I've brought my trail cam With me and um we're gonna go to the one That looks like I said the most activity Recently Um I just went over and had a look and It's actually got some claw marks so Definitely being in used at the moment Um so yeah we'll just put that on a tree Pointing at the set hopefully we'll get Some activity tonight If not maybe I'll just leave it there For a while come back and pick it up one Day And that's the kind of view of the set The camera has so when they come up Should get them

[Applause] Foreign Winter light sleeping mat because it's Nice and warm it's got a good r value And it's not as wide as the other one I Knew there's going to be glass and sharp Things in here so I didn't want it too Wide wider than the mat underneath it I've also got this German or Netherland Army ground sheet underneath as well Which is pretty hard wearing So hopefully I'll be okay Foreign Go with the amount of Chimney sections I Was able to bring today what was inside And I had a couple in my camera bag as Well Just need straightening Foreign Perfect but it's covering most of the Windows just leaving me a gap for the Chimney for the stove and that's all I Want to really we're starting to drip Already from the rain we've already had And definitely looks like there's going To be more so I'm happy Looking pretty cozy already Sun visors up or down Oh well if it gets stuck down Foreign Set up I've got my sleeping bag inside a Bivvy bag here because it's pretty damp And horrible in here really I've cleared off the leaves around the

Stove there they're pretty damp but uh Better safe than sorry all my Wood's Prepped I'm covered partially I think we're going to be okay see how Much sleep we get Found a hook for my Lantern Foreign Dusk outside you can see through the Many windows in this and doors but uh I'm cold I'm cold I'm gonna like this Stove My nose is freezing maybe it will snow That's one that towards the back if I Can And another All right now And then some of this stuff that I broke Down With the knife Should get us a nice start Make sure that's open and the back Foreign Really glad I decided to bring the stove No reason to give me something to do for The evening It keeps me warm and I can cook on it Others are being using myths or gas or I Guess I could use the stick burner Outside But uh yeah this is much better Obviously this thing isn't going to hold The Heat But it's providing me a lot of heat Right next to it

And a bit of comfort with that light Something nicest of places to be I found It though and If I want to do it and I want to do it Before the summer when it's completely Full of bugs as well Foreign Actually feels pretty post-apocalyptic In here Like somewhere you'd make a bunker out Of zombie apocalypse Pretty much fully dark outside now So I'm just gonna let this burn for a While really heat up get some coals in There Before I cook a steak just a steak kind Of simple even for breakfast and um I've had some snacks already to keep me Going so I think a steak and a chocolate Bar with a hot chocolate later be enough Should have bought my slightly newer pan This one's a little bit wonky let's see If it's heated up enough Seasoned oiled steak here [Applause] Foreign Just going to rest that for a minute All right can't rest it too long Because it's cold but uh lovely and pink Oh that's lovely Oh yeah I've been looking forward to This Hmm Worth leaving that fire for a bit to uh

Build up some coals need to cook a steak Quite hot That was one of the best rump steaks I've had that um fat was soft and lovely Juicy perfectly cooked as well I might Say Right I'm gonna chill for a little bit Feed this fire Well the elves were going a bit mad There Like an owl gang battle It's nice and warm by this stove go Outside for a pee or to play the camera You really feel it but uh by the stove Is lovely toasty I think I'm gonna have a hot chocolate Before I kind of settle down maybe watch A video or something before bed but um But uh British ration pack hot chocolate pretty Generous these ones Hot chocolate flavored drink powder So yeah I'm gonna get that one now All right Foreign Nice sweet hit Oh yeah I'll have to get my chocolate Bar out of the bag as well Just heard um Well been hearing a load of rustling and Foot steps out there so I'm pretty sure The badges have come out to play Hopefully out of the right set hole Where I set up the camera

Oh this is nice Actually quite a nice evening very Peaceful The rain or sleet or snow hasn't started Yet Um We'll see how that goes I've got my Bivvy bag Foreign Just my shirt That will change once the fire goes out In there I'm a sleeping clove not in my thermals Tonight because of the nature of the Camp I'm just going to feel a bit more Uh at ease knowing I can Jump up and put my boots on But uh I'm glad I went head into this End because this still drips down that End so definitely needed the bivvy bag Glad I brought it All right guys I'm Gonna chill out for a bit get some sleep And See you in the morning unless anything Interesting happens But when you're wrong you're wrong It did Snow and gonna sleep last night This morning And it is very drippy and puddly in here It's horrible I'm cold right I was Do I like the stove What I had of the wood is pretty wet

I'm gonna try and light the stove Foreign [Music] I think the stove's taking now I had to Break down some bits Sitting in a puddle at the moment I think I'm going to get some of this Stuff uh packed away before I have some Breakfast because It's just not a nice place to be right Now Surprise surprise an abandoned ambulance Already getting a tiny bit of warmth That's my sleep system away except for The ground sheet which is Horrible absolutely horrible and soaked And managed to find a dry spot on my Firm arrest Um Close cell phone map the dimples Actually help because the water pulls Inside them So no it doesn't really deserve Warming up though that's for sure get The odd Breeze through This uh snow melting off the trees Drip it everywhere Right I don't want to hang around so I'm Gonna get my breakfast done and I'm glad For what I brought Couldn't find my breakfast for a minute There we go Okay that's squished in Touch more water

I know the camera moves when the floor Moves but uh I can't do much about that It'd be in the side of the Ambulance Uh-huh Oh and I'm not dealing with this until I Leave because try as I might to get it Out I know it's going to go in Good four lit as I sew in there Tarp is dripping it through though Which is interesting Well I've warmed up anyway but uh Getting dripped on This ground sheet is horrible I'm not sure my strappy to the outside Of the pack I'm looking for some breakfast and I'm Going to use that water for my tea I Don't care I'm sure I won't kill you doing it once In a while So I've been a while since I've done This kind of style of stealth camping Really used to do it quite a lot back in The early days of the channel But um Yeah I guess that's why I stopped I mean I love the Bushcraft stuff and uh I think a lot of my shelters are bed and Some of the shelters when I've done the Stealth camping [Music] Especially this one And you could make something out of this

I'm not gonna Foreign Faster first That's pretty the best way of doing it It's way enough in here anyway I think maybe the guy that went to the Ground Popped out of the soft ground Or my all day breakfast it's a Wayfarer Is one these are pretty much my favorite Wet food pouches I think I've got this one on sale Actually there was a go Outdoors closing Down Oh no I've made a pigs here tearing it Oh there we go Sauce in here as I say beans and Rich Tomato sauce with succulent pork Sausages bacon and omelette Pretty sure I've had this before I think it's going to be hot Hmm Just right I knew I wouldn't want to cook this Morning especially if it did snow which I didn't believe it would Although not too much around here And I can see through the woods there Seems to be more in other spots I only just remembered about the trail Camera and uh here in all them footsteps And stuff last night it was a full moon Last night when I could see it it was Really nice so quite bright out there

Really so I'm hoping for some nice Footage Finish this and have a look Well sadly nothing on the camera and Surprisingly with all I heard they must Have been using a different exit or Entrance or something I don't know I've Left it set up Maybe we'll get something Um it's about a week before I upload This video so I can come back and Collect it Foreign Me here at the ambulance I think my lens Is a bit wet so getting a bit heavier It's definitely raining sleeting as well As what's melting out of the trees so Yeah again going Um thanks for watching guys something a Bit different I'll see you next time Goodbye