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Hi folks Canadian prepper here late Night emergency alert video one that you Probably should watch before the opening Bell on Monday morning there's a lot of People right now very very concerned About the robustness of our financial System and whether or not it's going to Start coming undone at the seams this Week if it hasn't already begun and we Got a brief reprieve it would seem the FED has kicked the can down the road Once again the FED has intervened in Record speed because they knew they were Panicking and they knew that this had The potential to spread like wildfire And collapse likely the entire Financial System we're talking about a 1929 level Of collapse something that this Generation has never been exposed to now The FED stepped in and they plugged that Hole in the sinking ship and what has Exactly happen if you want to just a Great analogy to understand it simply is You had an alcoholic okay he didn't pay His bills on time because he was Partaking in Reckless things he was Partaking in high risk lifestyle Activities that he shouldn't be and his Parents stepped in and said okay we're Gonna pay your rent this month And uh as long as you agree you know Like not to do this again and of course The alcoholics gonna continue to do it Again and sure enough

The FED came out with this announcement Today that they're going to effectively Bail out I don't think that's the term They used but it basically amounts to a Bailout of sorts the rich people are not Going to lose any money is basically What it comes down to because what they Don't want is other people in a panic to Start withdrawing money especially the Whales you know the under 250 000 people They're not too worried about those Because once you get a whale pull their Money out of the bank that's when you Get that chain reaction and that's when You realize how insolvent the banks are And that's when they start to collapse So the FED wanted to step in and say Don't worry don't worry rich people We'll make sure that your money is fully Insured and you're not going to lose a Dime so please please don't pull your Money out of the system because we don't Want it to collapse that's how scared They are now what that means is that Well the FED is trying to fight Inflation by raising interest rates what They've effectively just done is info Stationary because they've passed on now The burden of these collapsing Banks to The taxpayer you know it more or less Eventually it's going to be the taxpayer Who foots the bill for these losses once They become realized or these risky Ventures that these Banks were involved

With okay at the peak of the 2020 stock Bubble this is the Fallout Now This means that inflation is only going To get worse well why did these Banks Collapse in the first place It was in part due to the fact that the FED keeps raising interest rates okay And these Banks can't make good on their Debts so this means that the inflation That they've now postponed and it's not Gonna it's not gonna become realized in The system for for who knows how long Um and I'm talking of course about the Fact that now the taxpayer is going to Be burdened in some way shape or form With the decision the FED just made to Take on this these risky collapsed Banks Okay and basically ensure these people's Money that should have just been lost And the people should have just ate it Up uh it's not just people it's Businesses right it's businesses like Mostly Tech businesses at least with That bank in particular so we're not Necessarily just talking about Individuals we're talking about Businesses that likely would have went Under had this not been fixed so if Those businesses uh don't go under great If they some of them do and will then That means that the taxpayer is going to Be the one who effectively foot the bill Meaning that it's going to be

Inflationary and the only way to fight Inflation is by raising interest rates Even more so the way I see it and I Might not be seeing it clearly I don't Claim to entirely understand how the System works that it's like the more the More I understand it the the greater the Shore of my ignorance as they say but um What it seems is that the FED is just Trying to keep all the balls in the air Long enough because they know we got a War to fight on four fronts that's the Biggest news that's that's what's really Going on in the world is there's Resource Wars happening on four fronts We're talking about the Middle East We're talking about Ukraine we're Talking about North Korea and we're Talking about China and Taiwan that's Where the money needs to be going right Now that's why they're running up the Hottest uh military budget almost a Trillion dollars an equivalent amount of Debt or deficit this year meaning that This money is coming from nowhere so They cannot that they're not going to And this is why they reacted so quickly Because in the fed's mind it's better That they intervene now and at least Hope that people will believe that They'll have their backs so they won't Pull money out of the system but I'm Starting to think that even if the FED Is doing what they're doing they we very

Well Me See Richie Rich start Having second thoughts about some of These Banks anyways and still pull their Money out so I mean the situation Apparently right now based on Futures And Bitcoin going up and the greed index Backup and all these Financial uh Fanatical YouTube channels telling People to buy buy again which is the Absolute worst advice people should take This as an opportunity if we've Postponed the mother of all Bank runs Take it as an opportunity not to just go All in on the system right away and bye Bye bye like buying the dip buying the Dip well it's a long descending Staircase and you don't know when it's Going to end I'm not saying don't buy The dip because that would you know I Mean that potential advice could Backfire this people who say don't fight The FED but the FED is not God the FED Is not all-knowing and All-Seeing and Eventually the FED will be wrong and the FED will be in a situation where it Can't and it's arguably in that Situation right now because it's trying To fight inflate Nation while causing Inflation at the exact same time two Things that you know it's just doomed uh To have to raise interest rates even Higher and that's going to collapse more

Banks or cause more to become insolvent And that this thing is going to spread So I'm not entirely convinced that the Situation has been averted But we'll see there's a lot of false Optimism and greed coming back in the Markets so you know I mean they could They could stretch it out for for much Much longer But that is the Crux of the matter is That they need to keep the whole facade Going because they know they have to Fund these wars which are currently Being waged all around the world that is Numero Uno okay at the end of the day The FED has this freedom and luxury to Do what it does because there's a lot of Guns around the world pointing at the Right people and keeping the right bad Guys at Bay so this phony baloney system Can continue but this is already a Spread to Banks uh across the pond Credit Suisse apparently is not doing so Well and so if this is already spread Then maybe it's out of the fed's hands Maybe Maybe it's going to spread beyond the The borders of the United States and Then it's going to come back doubly so And what's the FED gonna do keep bailing Out the rich people because that's Effectively what's happened and it's It's very it's good that most average Joe schmoes don't understand what has

Just happened here okay what has just Happened is that the FDIC can only Ensure deposits up to 250 000 I believe So if you only have you know 100 000 in The bank you're good you know and you Were banking with this this Bank you're All right but it was the companies who Had 500 million one billion those are The ones who would have lost and the FED Stepped in and said don't worry we'll Take care of it you don't have to worry About pulling your money out of all These other Banks okay because we don't Want this to cause a to have a Contagious effect because with Fractional Reserve banking there's not Enough money in the banks to cover all The uh everybody going and taking their Money out at the same time okay not Everybody can withdraw that I'm not sure Exactly what it is I think it's like Point one percent or one percent it used To be ten percent so the bank had to Have at any given time 10 percent liquid Money on hand in case people wanted to Withdraw money I think it's a lot less Than that now which is why the system is So so fragile So that means that People can take us a deep breath and I Don't think we're gonna see massive Bank Runs next week anymore but I could be Wrong because it all depends on how much Faith people have in the FED

Historically people seem to uh if if the FED is Is acting dovish on a certain thing that Most people are willing to accept that And become greedy really really fast Which is scary but let let it be known Like the speed at which the FED Intervened here is a sign of how bad This potentially was I mean the speed of This entire thing as it happened is a Sign of how quickly the system be can Become undone nowadays and I said in my Video the other day where we first Talked about this that in the Information age when things travel at Light speed the system can come undone In equivalent speed so there was a time Back in the day where these types of Crashes might have taken a lot longer Because people could not just digitally Transfer billions of dollars they had to Physically go down to a bank and talk to Somebody and you had to do things one Step at a time now it can happen very Very rapidly which is why Jerome Powell And uh got it yelling never got any Sleep this weekend and had to get the Situation figured out before Monday to Avert a major catastrophe which of like Which would have likely been the the Impetus to the big crash okay to the the Collapse of the banks and 1929 all over Again because the stock market is wildly Overvalued still the only thing that is

Propping up that value is faith in the Banking system And once that goes the stock market goes To down like 70 percent from where it is Right now and uh That's when the war gets probably even Worse but then what are you going to Fund a war with right so anyways let me Know what you guys think in the comment Section below and uh if you think I'm Off on this if you think there are going To be if the chaos is going to continue Next week I'm trying to be optimistic But maybe I'm being too optimistic Thanks for watching don't forget to like Comment subscribe I will recommend that People go and watch a talk with The Reluctant prepper YouTube channel with Bob Moriarty and he breaks it down how Eventually this entire banking system is Destined to collapse but right now They're just trying to keep all the Balls in the air they're trying to keep This alcoholic from Making the problem worse but the Alcoholics never going to pay their rent People are never going to learn and so Long as the FED steps in and so long as People think the FED have their back They're going to continue to act Recklessly meaning that people are going To continue to get involved with risky Ventures and doing things that they Shouldn't so the FED eventually has to

Step in and get hawkish but if they do That then the market crashes anyway so It's it's either like we're destined for Stagflation at this point in time it Seems it's undeniable so as long as You're prepped and if you have some Regenerative assets I'm talking about a Garden I'm talking about some chickens I'm talking about you know renewable Energy sources and just having a Preparedness mind in mindset in general You're okay as for the nuclear war thing That's another story we'll talk more About that tomorrow thanks for watching Don't forget like comment subscribe Canadian prepro