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Hi folks Canadian prepper here this is An emergency alert a late night edition Of the daily dose and doom and glimmer Condensed version because I just want to Bring awareness to a few stories that Are currently trending right now in the Underground that people need to be aware Of before Monday morning now you're not Going to hear about this stuff in the Mainstream that should go without saying And I would encourage people to exercise Caution with respect to what I'm about To say but understand there is a very Very high likelihood that the entire Financial system could come undone next Week There is talk especially where I'm at by People who typically don't talk about These kind of things concerned about the Solvency of the banking system as a Whole and they're concerned and so Concerned that they are getting ready to Take money out of the banks now I'm in No way shape or form encouraging people To go and run out and start a bank run In fact I'm pretty pretty sure there's Some law against that and I don't want To contribute to a potentially Self-fulfilling Problem by yelling fire In a crowded theater that's not the Point of this video in fact as preppers You should have been prepared for this Type of thing a long time ago by Diversifying whatever material wealth

You have into various hard assets be it Land precious metals your preps chickens Things on your homestead that sort of Thing but It's starting to sound like a lot of People are getting ready to go and pull Money out of the banks next week Now if that's true of course that sort Of fear of bank insolvency will lead to Bank insolvency because the banks need Money in there in order to lend out to People to stimulate economic growth That's how this whole system is Structured to work we know that it Inevitably will have to collapse at some Point in time because exponential growth Is unsustainable but We were hoping that would carry on a Little bit longer what are you guys Seeing in your neck of the woods this is What they're seeing right now in California Uh this is a poster who is in Brentwood LA and they have noted that lines are Allegedly forming outside the First Republic Bank branch in Los Angeles I've Never seen a bank run in Brentwood La in Over 40 years people are standing in the Rain of course First Republic Bank is One of 20 who are next on The Chopping Block according to a market watch arcade Article that is circulating that's Mainstream news there are a variety of Banks who are susceptible to the same

Sort of collapse scenario that svb was Faced with so if these people are Standing outside in the rain that tells Me this is quite serious and we may well See a repeat in other Banks how long Before this contagion spreads two larger Banks remember we live in the social Media age we haven't seen a bank run Like a big widespread Bank Run in in the Social media age this thing could spread Like wildfire we could see markets get Shut down We could see banks close uh their doors Next week we could see a lot of things Happen really really fast and Remember just last year the world Economic Forum was brainstorming what They would do in the case of a Widespread catastrophic Cyber attack of Course this is the same organization That has been talking about a great Reset for the longest time and how to Get everybody on uh a central Bank-backed digital currencies okay the FED coin and all the rest is this going To be the day is this the Black Swan Event guys come Monday morning is Everything going to get wildly out of Control that's what I want to know what Are you seeing on your end now we also In addition to this banking stuff that's Going on we got World War III in the Works as well and as you can see here There's a very disconcerting flight path

Of one B-52 straddle Fortress nuclear Capable bomber getting ever so close to Russian nuclear assets and major cities This isn't in English but this is Saint Petersburg this is Estonia via Lithuania I believe or something in that order And this flight path of course is trying To demonstrate solidarity with the Baltic states who are currently worried About being invaded by the Russians they Share a massive border with the Russians And whether or not those concerns are Legitimate you know we're not going to Have that debate uh regardless many People are are unsure as to whether or Not NATO would come to the nuclear Rescue or would risk nuclear war over These Baltic slates now this was a very Provocative act the U.S Air Force came Out with a statement today that Suggested that they are in fact doing a Lot more exercises with B-52s Nuclear-capable bombers in Europe in Places like Bulgaria Hungary and places Like that But they didn't really say much about This particular flight path that we see Here today and of course they are Getting very close to kaliningrad which Is a storehouse for at least allegedly For Russian nuclear missiles that would Be used strategically on Europe should The need arise so when you have an American nuclear bomber the Russians

Don't know if there's nukes on here or Not Getting that close to potential Russian Nuclear assets you could see how the Russians might misinterpret that and Potentially over react the margin for Error is very very small here okay so This is very concerning in light of the Fact that the new start treaty was just Suspended two weeks ago you have Russian Submarines encroaching further and Further towards the U.S coastline and Just all of the nuclear activity that We've seen whether it's Russian bombers Off of the Alaskan Coast uh the stuff Going on with the Spy ship in Hawaii the Nuclear tactical Nuclear armed Russian Warships that are currently out to sea And everything else Under the Sun with Respect that's going on in Crimea it's Very concerning that we are doing such Provocative actions right now now the Question is why are we doing this right Now well like I said two weeks ago Russia suspended the new start treaty With or suspended their participation in The new start treaty with the Americans That treaty had a variety of different Stipulations one of which was that the Russians and the Americans would keep Their nuclear stockpiles low and work Towards uh reduction in their nuclear Stockpiles one of the other things was a Mutual inspection regimen and along with

That came a mutual awareness of the Whereabouts of various nuclear assets so To minimize concern or worry that either Side Was preparing a preemptive nuclear Strike that is all over now okay this is A Cold War era level flight path okay of Cold War level style exercise which is Not only meant for security but also Meant for deterrence but it's also Potentially a provocative act and all it Takes is for on one of these runs for a Transponder to go off for the Russians To see something on the radar Misinterpret shoot down a plane and all Of a sudden it's a global Fiasco or Maybe they shoot down this particular Bomber it's a nuclear radiological Incident and all of a sudden we're at Defcon 1. Things can go really really wrong right Now now the question as to why NATO is Getting so close to Russia at this point In time knowing what they know is it Because of what's about to happen in Ukraine what's about to happen in Ukraine According to some people we Never really know because there's a lot Of misdirection right now but according To some people what's happening in Crimea Is this is the Crimean Coastline they're Starting to send up a lot of different Fortifications around there and you have Russian troops being amassed in Northern

Crimea in anticipation of a major Ukrainian nuclear offensive Victoria Newland has openly stated that the U.S Supports the Ukrainian initiative In Crimea to take back the Crimean Peninsula in spite of the fact that Russia has explicitly stated that would Lead to nuclear Armageddon that this is A clear cut red line that if crossed Using NATO intelligence NATO weapons Possibly even NATO troops in different Uniforms Um with NATO support and NATO funding Yeah I mean it's it's almost it's almost Guaranteed that things are going to go Nuclear So was this show of force with The B-52 flying so close to Russia's Second biggest city Saint Peter Petersburg was that Meant to alert the Russians that we are Willing to go to nuclear war with the Russians one thing you need to Understand about Nuclear and strategic thinking is that The Russians have every right to believe That the Americans would in fact part Take in a first strike so from the Russian perspective they must presume That the Americans are willing to Put aside any sort of concerns about Mutually assured destruction Especially now with the pinpoint Accuracy of a lot of modern nuclear Weapons that they would actually be

Willing to do a preemptive strike they Need to assume that when this B-52 Bomber flies by kaliningrad that they Are actually planning to neutralize the Nuclear assets there so to limit the Capability of Russia's to do a Retaliatory strike on the Americans and So this means that every time this Something like this happens you know we Are literally On the brink of nuclear war there are Russian guys watching this okay watching For any that wrong move to be made and They are ready to send the order to Launch the nuclear weapons guys we are Closer to nuclear war than we have ever Been and we were closer than we were two Weeks ago which was closer than we have Ever been we get closer and closer as Days go by the only sign of Hope is that The the Chinese predict that the war is Going to be over by Fall I don't know How they're coming to that conclusion is That in itself just meant to be Disinformation To potentially try to slow down NATO or To to try to get NATO to put the brakes On its own Armament plans because NATO As indicated by Jen stoltenberg the Other day they have to get in into a war Economy mode in order to meet the Demands of the Ukrainian so are are we Going to either see a stalemate or the Ukrainian is going to make a deep push

To Crimea many people suspect that all Of the weapons that are currently Showing themselves uh arriving in Poland And arriving in Ukraine and a lot of This new stuff that has been promised is Specifically for the purpose of taking Back Crimea but the question would be Why you know what would we stand to to Gain strategically from taking back Crimea obviously would be an Embarrassing blow to the Russians if Anything was going to get them to push The nuclear trigger it would be that why Would we keep pressing on other sides of The map why would we go for Crimea how Would we go for Crimea they the belief Is that they're going to try to come Down here To Melita pool and cut the Russian Reinforcements off from accessing Crimea This way take off the bridge Crimea is Isolated and then they they basically Take Crimea back that limits Russian Access to the Black Sea a lot they still Have access over here from Sochi to kros Dinar uh but you know that's they also Have a major a major uh Fleet uh Naval Presence in that region and a naval base That they're not going to want to give Up So as we if this Bank Run thing Continues who knows who knows not to get Conspiratorial but who knows if that Wasn't something which was

Intentionally instigated somehow you Know if that wasn't something that was Intentionally done to to get us ready For something else that's coming it's Really hard to know at this point in Time what we do know is that China is Now on The Hit List okay because the House is voted 419 to zero for Declassification of Intelligence on Covid-19 Origins and of course this is Very timely it comes right after balloon Gate it comes right after the Intensification of saber rattling on the Taiwan Strait so this is no surprise That only now after three years when This could have been done a long time Ago is it time to really drive a wedge Between Russia or sorry Chinese and American relations by insinuating that This was released from The lab and a 419-0 that's pretty Unanimous Okay so why now anyways guys let me know What you are seeing in your neck of the Woods are you hearing Rumblings of People talking about wanting to pull Money out of the banks next week as we Are seeing here in California of course Like I said that's just one of many Banks that are expected to get rattled Next week After what happened to Silicon Valley Bank and a point I made the other day Gary tan culminator president and CAO

Says that this is an extinction level Event for startups remember I just said This yesterday and this was self-evident To me which is why I said it this is an Extinction level event for startups and We'll set startups and Innovation back 10 years or more big Tech will not care About this they have cash elsewhere all The little startups tomorrow's Googles And Facebooks will be extinguished if we Don't find the fix hmm is Elon Musk Going to save the day is the government Going to step in what sort of fix what Sort of solution to this problem if it Is authentic and not contrived or not Created What sort of solution are they going to Find regardless this does mean a big Setback we've already been set back by Covid we've been set back by the war and Now this is definitely going to set back The the hopes for the I don't know Dystopian metaverse a few years but it's Also going to give big Tech a little bit More breathing room so it's hard to say Who really initiated this I know there Was a lot of big fish whales I should Say who had money in that bank Peter Thiel was one of them he's a prepper by The way there's a lot of big Preppers Elon Musk the richest man in the world Is the biggest prepper in the world just Think about that for a second okay the Guy building a base on Mars in case the

World ends is The richest man in the world Happens to be a prepper let me know what You guys think about this if you're Hearing about people wanting to pull Money out of their banks in the comment Section below I'm very curious to hear Because that's what I'm hearing here in The chat forums around the table we're Talking about soccer moms now we're not Talking about Finance Bros that's what I'm hearing and if that's true come Monday morning we may be entering a Whole another economic realm of things And stay tuned tomorrow because I'm Going to be sharing with you a product That the elites are stockpiling this is What the governments and the elites are Warehousing in their bunkers right now As we speak I'm not talking about Precious metals I'm not talking about Cash I'm not talking about beans bullets And ammo well sort of anyways you guys Just stay tuned for that thanks for Watching don't forget to like comment Subscribe if you enjoy the video check Out our shorts we upload two to three Shorts every single day go check them Out guys thanks for watching Canadian Prepper out