ATS 2023 – The Name of YHWH – Bear Independent

By | March 11, 2023
ATS 2023 - The Name of YHWH - Bear Independent

All right We have been blessed With some really good speakers this year And uh it's always it's always super Cool to see the synchronicity Because it's it's not planned what Eric Chose to talk about and what I chose to Talk about and what avt talked about What saw talked about and the testimony That Jody shared in the testimony that Twitch shared like None of that was coordinated Well it was coordinated but it wasn't Coordinated by us I think that's super Cool So we're going to touch on some things This morning that we've already touched On but consider it a confirmation or if You had another Witness What I want to talk about this morning Is the name of yah yahuwah yode And in this walk that many of us are in And some people are sniffing around the Edges on There's a lot of hay that's made out of The name Yahuwah whether you call him yah which I Do occasionally often because David did In the Psalms you call him Jehovah or Yahuwah or Yahweh or yahuwah or yahuwah Or I'm here to tell you nobody knows nobody Knows the exact pronunciation it has Been lost to time

Um When Yeshua comes back these are this is One of the things he's going to plus us Up on Hey been looking for you man how do we Pronounce dad's name Right I don't I don't know We're going to get into An interpretation of what the name means Because they're Hebrew letters this is Important to understand the Paleo Hebrew Is a lot like uh hieroglyphs right They're pictures that mean something Then later became letters And so It's pretty basic math to look at his Name yodehay VAV hey and determine what Does a yod and a hey and evolve mean in Paleo Hebrew and ascertain a bit of the Characteristics of yah So we're going to look at that this Morning but before we do Flip the Deuteronomy 32. And by the way this one's going to be a Page Turner so stretch your thumbs out You know crack your knuckles Deuteronomy 32. If you've never read Deuteronomy 32 I recommend that you do and not just Today We're going to read most if not all of Them together right now because It talks about the character of yah so We should understand first who we're

Dealing with And what is he like So the name is important it's very Important because especially in Hebrew The name speaks to the characteristics Of that person that the name was Bestowed upon Well nobody named yah He named himself Okay he is The Great I Am how many People have heard that The Great I Am That is in Hebrew I am I exist Saw talked about his testimony as I am Here He's essentially saying I still exist After all the I've been through I'm still here yah tells us I am eliyah I exist And dainu the concept of enough That's enough and more than enough if You've ever been in a really dark place Simply knowing that yah exists is Incredibly powerful Knowing that he's real not guessing not Wondering not hoping knowing I am eliyah I exist So in Deuteronomy 32 This is like moshe's epic rap battle Here like this is his Swan Song And Moses is talking to the children of Israel

Israel's who That's right by the way do not be afraid To participate okay Give Euro heavens and let me speak o Heavens and hear o Earth Matthew 5 17 until Heaven's an earth Pass away You'll find this theme recurring Throughout the word Heaven and Earth Heaven and Earth Heaven and Earth They're immutable that's why they're Sworn by they don't change just like Y'all doesn't change Malachi 3 Verse 6 I'm the Lord yahuwah survived for change Not Okay give earo heavens and let me speak O Earth the words of my mouth let my Instruction my Torah fall as rain my Speech drop down is due and a fine rain On tender plants and the showers of the Grass for I proclaim the name of yahuwah Ascribe greatness to our Elohim The Rock his work is perfect For all his ways are right ruling an L Of Truth and without unrighteousness Righteous and straight is he A twisted and crooked generation has Corrupted itself Their blemish They are not his children That's important to understand A twisted and corrupted generation an Unrighteous generation they are not his Children

Do you do this to yahuwah O foolish and Unwise people is he not your father who Brought you Who bought you rather Remember that I've been redeemed there's A Torah for Redemption In a nutshell the Torah for Redemption Is when one brother cannot pay a price a Debt that he has accrued another brother Pays his price So when we talk about in Christendom I've been saved that word is redeemed And there is a Torah for that I would submit that's why yah had to Become flesh in the body of Yeshua to be A brother to be able to redeem us Kinsman redeemer to pay a debt that we Couldn't pay And by the way when that happens you Become a bond servant in that house You were taken under the covering of the Master of the House We can get into that later maybe Is he not your father who bought you who Created you and established you Remember the days of old consider the Years of many generations ask your Father and let him show you your elders And let them say to you when the most High gave the Nations their inheritance When he separated the sons of Adam he Set the boundaries of the people According to the number of the children Of Israel for the portion of yahuwah is

His people His inheritance Is Us It's badass Make that proud For the portion of yahuwah is his people Jacob Israel his allotted inheritance He found him in a Wilderness and in a Wasted howling desert he encompassed him He made him understand he watched over Him as the apple of his eye as an eagle Stirs up in its nest flutters over its Young spreading out its wings taking Them up bearing them on its wings Yahuwah alone led him And there was no strange mighty one with Him he made him ride in the heights of The earth and he ate the fruit of the Field and he made him draw honey from The Rock and oil from The flinty Rock Courage from the cattle and milk of the Flock with the fat of lambs and Rams and The breed of Bashan and goats with the Choicest wheat and you drank wine the Blood of grapes All these blessings the inheritance of Yah but yes Sharon which is another word For Israel Grew fat and kicked you grew fat you Grew thick you were covered with fat Implication here's laziness you quit Caring So he he forsook Aloha who made him and Scorned the rock of his Deliverance they Moved him to jealousy with foreign

Matters With Abominations they provoked him That's underlined in my Bible With Abominations they provoked him Abominations are laid out clearly in the Torah Sin is transgression of the law we're Going to look at that in a moment An Abomination is not simply sin It's something that pisses you off to The point that he moves against you You do not want to be in that place I did battle with the creator of the World for 10 years Guess who won Do not provoke yahuwah you Elohim And Abominations provoke him They slaughtered to Demons Not aloha Mighty ones they did not know New ones who came lately which your Fathers did not fear You neglected The Rock who brought you Forth The Rock build your house upon the Rock how many times have you heard that Preached Who's the Rock You neglected The Rock Who brought you forth Yahuwah Is the rock of salvation So when Yeshua says build your house Upon the rock Lay a strong Foundation

Matthew 7 24 he talks about that Yah is The Rock How do I know Moshe just told us Saul would say in the intelligence world That's what we call a clue You neglected The Rock who brought you Forth and forgot the L who fathered you And yahuwah saw and despised because of The provocation of his sons And his daughters And he said let me hide my face from Them Let me see what their end is for they Are a perverse generation children in Whom there is no trusting They made me jealous by what is not L They provoked me with their worthless Matters But I make them Jealous by those who are No people I provoke them with the foolish Nation For a fire was kindled in my wrath and Burns to the bottom of Shield And concerns consumes the earth and its Increase And sets on fire the foundations of Mountains I yeah Gather evils upon them I use up my arrows upon them Wasted by Scarcity of food and consumed by heat And bitter destruction in the teeth of Beasts I send upon them with the poison Of serpents of the Dust the sword

Bereaves from the outside and fear from Within both young men and Maid and Nursing child with the man of gray hairs I said I should blow them away I should make the remembrance of them to Cease from among men If I did not fear the enemy's taunt Lest their adversaries misunderstand Lest they say our hand is high And yahuwah has not done all this If you remove yourself from the source Of life yahuwah The Rock All these things shall come upon you and Overtake you You don't want to be separated from him You do not want to provoke him with your Abominations with your worthless matters If we've talked about all weekend in one Way or another obedience versus Disobedience This is not to say that this is a Workspace theology Although I will show you proof text here This morning that your Works matter a Whole lot But we do the works because of our love That we have for Yeshua and that we're Commanded to walk into his steps first Peter 2 21. We're commanding to walk into his steps And he never sinned Send his lawlessness well if he never Sinned if he was never Lawless and were Commanded to walk in his steps what are

We supposed to do Right now we can't do it perfectly if we Could do it perfectly we wouldn't need a Messiah That doesn't mean we can't try Trevor talked yesterday about all these Different people in Hebrews 11. And their faith and how they never lost Faith Not Faith Abraham we talked about Abraham Abraham's Works were accounted To him as faith Because if your faith doesn't equal Works you don't have faith And they hid that in the New Testament In the book of James Yeah code yeshua's brother I'm pretty sure of anybody who walked The face of the Earth which Yeshua During his ministry his brother knew him The best And his brother said if you want to be Like Messiah I should be able to see Your faith by what you do not what you Say And if you do these worthless matters Rather than doing the righteousness of Yah you provoke the father against you And now you're in a war with the creator Of the universe And let me tell you it's unwinnable I'm living proof of that For they are a nation lost to council And there's no understanding in them

If they were wise they would understand This they would consider their latter End How would one chase a thousand and two Put ten thousand to flight Unless their Rock has sold them The implication here is Two of y'all Two of y'all With the strength of yah Two versus ten thousand It's not a fair fight A few hours on your side Because I know a lot of people in this Room feel alone Right I know a lot of people this is the Only Fellowship you get all year You get to come here and be amongst Brothers and study the work and you go Back to your life wherever you came from And you're all alone Find somebody Serve y'all And the ten thousand that You're surrounded by will flee When the two of y'all show up Promise to y'all it's right here it's Right here in the word And yahuwah had given them up And had yahuwah given them up for their Rock is not like our Rock even our Enemies are Judges their Vine is the Vine of Sodom in the fields of Gomorrah Their grapes or Grapes of gall their

Clusters are bitter their wine is the Poison of serpents and the fierce Venom Of cobras is it not stored up with me Sealed up among my treasures Yeah the good and the bad belongs to Y'all the darkness belongs to yah Is it not stored up with him isn't it His Who created all this Right It's his Even The Wiles of the enemy hasatan the Nahash Satan He's authorized for a time to do the that he does bye yeah So instead of getting down in the dumps When something bad happens Or what we perceive to be bad talk to Yah What do you need me to learn from this How are you growing me in this What's the teachable moment the terminal Learning objective the TLO or this thing That I'm going through right now because The darkness is his too The bad stuff is his too Trevor talked about mindset yesterday if You can shift your mindset to understand When you're going through something That's just wrecking you that this is Ordained by yah and that there is a Purpose to this All of a sudden it's not something That's happening to you it's something

That's happening for you And that's incredibly important to be Able to sustain your faith and continue To walk in this wall Vengeance is mine and repayment at the Time their foot slips for near is the Day of their Calamity and the matters Prepared or hastening to them for Yahuwah rightly rules his people And has compassion on his servants When he sees that their power is gone There's no one remaining shut up or at Large and he shall say where are their Mighty ones they're false gods The Rock In whom they sought Refuge who ate the Fat of their slaughterings and drank the Wine of their drink offerings let them Your false gods will rise up and help You Let it be a hiding place for you See now I I am he Eliyah I am See now I am Oh this dark place all this stuff's Coming down on you and all your false Gods that you worship you bow down to Whatever it might be Materialism lust gluttony Putting men up on a pedestal where they Don't belong When you bow down to that and you Find yourself in a dark hole see now I

Am And there is no Elohim besides me I put to death and I make alive I have wounded And I heal And from my hand no one delivers For I lift up my hand to the heavens and Shall say as I live forever I love this last part it is like so it's So metal Like this should be a heavy metal song And I shall say as I live forever if I Have sharpened my flashing sword and my Hand takes hold on judgment I shall Return my Vengeance to my enemies and Repay those who hate me I make my arrows drunk with blood If that's not metal I don't know what it Is I make my arrows drunk with blood and my Sword devours flesh With the blood of the slain and the Captives from the long-haired enemy Chiefs o Nations Acclaim his people for He avenges the blood of his servants And returns Vengeance to his adversaries And shall pardon his land His people So the character of y'all Hear a lot about Sunday mornings in Christian Church Grace love and mercy Absolutely We would all be dead if it was not for

His grace and love and mercy If he didn't love us enough to kill Himself so we could come home again all This is pointless But he's also got a wild streak in him You don't want to piss him off he will Make his arrows drunk with blood and Devour your flesh with his sword Don't piss off Dad Tracking Go to John 17. Page 1044 in the scriptures We're going to spend a good bit of time In John 17. In John 17 Yeshua the word made flesh Physical embodiment of yahu or Elohim Praying for his apostles There's some really cool promises that Are in here And there's so many nuggets in here I'm convinced that everything Yeshua Said ties back to scripture Convinced that at some point a decade From now when I've got a free month I'm Gonna write a book about it Don't hold your breath it's going to Take a while So John 17 1. Yeshua said these words and lifted up His eyes to the heaven and said no he's Praying right because we talked about What this praying look like He lifted up his eyes to the heaven I said father Abba

The hour has come Esteem your son so that your son might Esteem you As you have given him Yeshua authority Over All Flesh that he should give Everlasting life to whom all you have Given him And we're going to read this and then We're going to come back because I have Literally 10 cross references in this One chapter And this is everlasting life that they Should know you the only true Elohim And Yeshua Messiah whom you have sent I have esteemed I've glorified you on Earth having accomplished the work You have given me that I should do And now esteem me with yourself father With the esteem which I had with you Before the world was In the beginning was the word and the Word was with you and the Word was yah The glory that I had when I was with you Before all this Earthly Happened And this is why we're here but we're Reading the whole thing I have revealed Your name to the men who you gave me out Of the world When I saw that I knew that was my job This weekend I have revealed your name To the men Who you gave me out of the world

They were yours And you gave them to me And they have guarded your word Now they have come to know all that you Gave me is from you Because the words which you gave to me I Have given to them And they have received them and have Truly known that I came forth from you And they believed that you sent me I pray for them I do not pray for the world But For Those whom you have given me for They are yours And all mine are yours And yours are mine I have been esteemed in them I'm no more in the world But these that are in the world and I Come to you set apart father guard them In your name Which you have given me So that they might be one achad As we are When I was with them in the world I was Guarding them in your name Which you have given me And I have watched over them and not one Of them perished except the son of the Destruction that the scripture might be Filled And now I come to you And I speak these words in the world Said they have my joy completed in them

I have given them your word Capital W word And the world hated them because they Are not of the world as I am not of the World I do not pray that you should take them Out of the world but that you should Keep them from the wicked one They are not of the world as I am not of The world Set them apart in your truth your word Is truth As you sent me into the world I also Sent them in the world And for them I set myself apart So that they too might be set apart in Truth I do not pray for these alone but also For those believing in me Through their word That's us Yeshua prayed for you Two thousand years ago How badass is that So that they might all be one echad As you father are in me and I in you so That they too might be one in US So that the world might believe that You've sent me And the esteem which you gave me I have Given them so that they might be one as We are i in them and you and me so they Might be perfected into one echad So that the world knows that you have

Sent me and have loved them as you have Loved me Father I desire that Those whom you have Given me might be with me where I am so That they see my esteem which you have Given me because you loved me before the Foundation of the world O righteous father Indeed the world did not know you but I Knew you And these knew that you sent me And I have made your name known to them And shall make it known So that the love with which you love me Might be in them and I in them This is a beautiful passage of scripture And it's so freaking rich Would be here till tomorrow morning I could camp on this one chapter Till tomorrow morning We're going to come back around to it But if we look in verse three Or even verse two As you have given an authority over All Flesh that he should give everlasting Life to all whom you have given him And this is everlasting life that they Should know you the only true Elohim and Yeshua Messiah whom you have sent Keep a finger in John 17. Flip to Matthew 19. And I'd like to point out that I'm quite Capable of standing up here and reading This all to you without you ever

Flipping a page in the Bible But I want you to see this with your own Eyes Because I'm telling you every time I Read this word I run into something that Could not have been there the last time I read it and yet it's there I need you to see it with your own eyes Because I do not want you to take my Word for it I want you to take yeshua's word on Yah's word for it Because when I was in a deep dark hole I Had three things only three things that I knew were true I knew that y'all was real Elia I am I knew that I knew that Yeshua was the way the truth And the life That I was not getting home to Dad Without my brother Yeshua And I knew this word was true I did not know that logically I knew it here in the center of my chest Which is how I knew it was from yah Because I'm an incredibly logical person I am not an incredibly emotional person Unless I'm reading this word in front of You all in which case I'm getting smoked Right now But y'all didn't use my logic To prove himself to me Or to prove Yeshua to me or to prove This word to me he used my heart

And it took me a year of reading this Word before I could substantiate Logically logos with my brain in my Mouth what I knew to be true in my heart But that came from reading this word You have to be able to see it with your Own eyes Okay Matthew 19. Verse 16. And see one came and said to him Yeshua Good teacher rabbi What good shall I do to have everlasting Life And he Yeshua said to him why do you Call me good No one is good except one Elohim Right so yah made flesh is walking the Face of the Earth This guy comes to him Calls him good teacher and Yeshua the Word made flesh the physical embodiment Of yah here on Earth immediately Deflected and pointed upward There's a lesson in that for us right There I don't know if you've noticed but Anytime one of y'all thanks me for Something I do this Because it's not me I am the pipe not the water And there are lots of pipes in this

House The pipe is not important the pipe is Infrastructure The water is important And I can never get a big head about any Of the things that yah has allowed me to Do on his behalf Yeshua himself set that example for us Good teacher uh-uh I'm not good he's Good You take whatever you have for me and You point it upward Okay But If you wish to enter into life regard The commands We talked about this on Shabbat Which commands Exodus 20. The ten commands He quotes Exodus and Leviticus If you wish to enter into life from the Mouth of Messiah If you wish to enter into life Guard the commands Not some new age Christendom Command Exodus 20. Leviticus 19. Okay And we've talked before this weekend About this Well what about my grandpa Who Loved god With everything that he had And he died a good Christian man you

Tell me he's not going to be in the Kingdom No that's not what I'm saying Said your Grandpa didn't know this For whatever reason this was never made Known to him And so his level of accountability only Rises to his level of understanding And I've told you before in a minute This place is dangerous for you Because you will leave here with a Higher level of understanding And if you do not increase your Accountability to that level of Understanding He will make his arrows drunk with blood Because he didn't stutter In Deuteronomy 32. he laid it out Perfectly who gets what for what Obedience brings blessings Disobedience Brings curses The wages of sin is what Death What is sin Lawlessness Because that's what the Bible says Doesn't matter what your pastor your Priest your Rabbi your Bishop your best Friend your uncle your grandpa me Say Matters what the Bible says If you wish to enter into life Guard the commands Basic Proverbs 6

Foot the proverbs Read this before but we're going to read It again because I want you to see it With your own eyes Page 734 in the scriptures And Proverbs if you're not doing The daily proverb challenge I would Encourage you to do it it's 31 Proverbs There's 28 to 31 days in a month If it's the sixth you read proverbs 6. Coincidentally today's the sixth we're Going to read Proverbs 6. let's do Proverb of the day every day and this is Something that was started in the men's Group And it's incredibly fruitful Again I see something new every time I Read it Proverbs 6 23 For the command is a lamp and the Torah A light and reproofs of discipline a way Of life Now some could consider a way of life This is our culture this is our ethos This is how we operate I don't see it that way It is a way of life You want life You better be ready for those reproofs Of discipline We talked about everybody's doing Burpees some people do burpees inside The house some people do burpees outside Of the house right remember that

Reproofs of discipline are a way of life And if you look At Proverbs seven very next page my son That's us guard my words and treasure up My commands with you guard my command And live Torah the instruction is about the Preservation of life That's why we have it They're hard left and right limits So we don't fall off the path Yeshua himself said the path is straight Narrow right Well don't fall off under the ditch on The path The Torah gives us the left and right Limits The whole entirety of the Torah is how You love y'all with everything you've Got and how you love your neighbor as Yourself We're going to get into that a little Bit more in a moment But if you guard those commands you'll Live and my Torah is the apple of your Eye Love it learn to love it and you will It's constant instruction It's constant reproof We've talked about being a lifelong Learner in this room The way you learn Torah at least the way I learned tour is by doing it And it's easy

It's been preached to me my whole life No man can do that No man was righteous just one Yeshua Yeah but then Yeshua turns around and Says unless your your righteousness Succeeds out of the scribes and the Pharisees over here these righteous Uh you will by no means enter into the Kingdom of heaven And we're not going to do it perfectly That's why we have a messiah because we All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of yah Like I know me I know I am fully capable of being a Busted up piece of Super duper aware of that I also know how not to be Because I was given the Torah As the written word So I have my heart left and right limits And I was given the Torah made flesh as The Living Word as an example to walk After First Peter 2 21. So what would Jesus do he'd keep the Commands Because it's a way of life Sin cannot exist in the presence of the Father how many times you heard that Before What's sin It all starts to unlock when you get

Some of these key verses First First John 3 verse 4 sin is Lawlessness and all who do sin do Lawlessness Lawlessness cannot exist in the presence Of the father Where's Yeshua right now Hmm So did he nail the law to the cross Or did he perfectly play raou embody it Once you start to get even these little Tidbits all the lies of modern Christian Fall Apart All the doctrine just it cannot stand It's it's man-made Tracking So We kept a finger in John In John 17 6 Yeshua says I have revealed your name to The men whom you gave me out of the World They were yours and you gave them to me And they have guarded your word Capital W word Have guarded your word Yeshua Reveals His the father's name To his men That's what I want to do this morning And again There's a thousand different rabbinical Teachings and denominational teachings On this And I would submit nobody knows what the

Hell they're talking about There's better ones and worse ones If we get Caught up in the doctrine We missed the lesson Like saw talked about cutting people Like in half with like a machine gun of Verses A Stockton and Dogma I don't know if you all know but machine Guns don't bring life Okay that they're for the opposite end Of the spectrum If you know what you're doing they're Damn good at it But it's a weapon This word Is not to be a weapon to us this word is Life it's the opposite of cutting people In half with machine guns So His name is These are Hebrew Paleolithic Hebrew letters And they're super simple Okay The yod Looks like this It is an outstretched hand It means works That's what this means yo do stuff What would Jesus do yo Do stuff The hay

Looks like a little Dude Looks Like This I don't know why but it looks like a Little dude Okay The hay Oh and Yoda's the tenth letter The hay is the fifth letter looks like a Little man And it means here is I am Or to behold to gaze upon 10th letter fifth letter in the Hebrew Alphabet the valve Is a sixth letter The valve looks like this It's an upstretched hand Now it's also rendered in Hebrew now as A nail It looks like this a little little thing At the top and then a line it's a nail And it can be mean to hook or to spear Or to penetrate or to attach Evolve It could also mean completion And then of course the hay is a little Man To gaze upon Or to behold Your zizio if you have them This is a tradition of man but it's a Cool tradition to man There's four groups of knots lesizio The first is ten knots it's a Yoda The second group announces five knots

It's a hey Third group are not is six knots it's a Valve The fourth group of knots is five knots It's a hay Foreign And I'll tell you We wear these numbers 1537 because we're Commanded to to remember and do Yod All of the commands all Of the commands of yahuwah UR Elohim Throughout all your Generations in all Your dwellings Allah forever How long's forever Is it over yet Do we believe that Yeshua was nailed to A stake and that he died and that he Rose again after three days Does that represent a completion of Forever We're still here right Earth is still here Never been to heaven but I have to Assume it's still there Right When the woman with the blood issue Reaches out In the King James and all subsequent Translations it says she reaches out and Touches the Hem of yeshua's garment She's instantly healed by her belief That word in Hebrew is not him Yeshua who were commanded to walk after

War zizio So that he could remember and do all the Commands of yah And we know that he did because we've Got multiple Witnesses in this book that There was no sin in him That sends lawlessness He was not Lawless We're going to look at proof text for That in a moment So we get back to yah's name Pho would you come up here and be my Whiteboard for a moment please I've asked Pho to wear this shirt three Days in a row because I didn't know when I was speaking even though I had it Written down so sorry I've only worn in the morning Um So Hebrew We we read from right to left rather Than from left to right Outstressed hand To a man Up stressed handy yeah Hey Bob hey What does his name mean Love your neighbor As yourself With everything you've got These are hands this is Yoder this is New stuff Of your neighbor as yourself reach your

Hand out pull somebody out of the hole That they're in help them fix them love Them counsel with them teach them Reprove them if they need it Love your neighbor as yourself I reach upward to you just like you're Sure turn and point it up Reach upward to yah What's the meaning of his name There's a thousand interpretations of This and we can get super duper Analytical on it But just look at it That's how they wrote his name in paleo Hebrew that's what it looks like How do you not see that Love your neighbor as yourself Love you all with everything you got On this hangs all the tour in the Prophets thank you brother thank you So his name is Torah You've seen that His name is Torah He is And the Lord yahuwah Sabbath a change Not Yeshua Messiah the same yesterday today And forever in whom there is no change Nor shadow of Shifting I changed not I am Elia What should we do that Example of this super easy example of

This Matthew 22 foot there And I'll make this video available on Patreon for reference later Uh roughly page 9 46. Foreign Matthew 22 Starting in verse 34. But the Pharisees having heard that he Yeshua had silenced the Sadducees were Gathered together by the way the Sadducees did not believe in Resurrection Also by the way the Yahoo Dem the Jews The tribe that Yeshua was born into Had an expectation of Resurrection Before Messiah ever got here Resurrection is not a new testament Construct How many men have been baptized this Weekend Takes like 14 praise yah 14 men have Been in the water this week That's not a new testament construct That's called amikvah To clean your dirty ass from your sin So you can emerge new because sin cannot Exist in the presence of yah That's about 3 500 years old Predates the time of Messiah about 1500 To 2000 years may be longer Just throwing that out there Because he changes not it's the same Yesterday today or forever

Okay So the Sadducees Pharisees having heard that that he Yeshua had silence the Sadducees were Gathered together and one of them one Learned it in the Torah Did question trying him and saying Teacher Rabbi speaking to Yeshua which Is the greatest command in the Torah Yeshua said to him You shall love yahuwah your Elohim with All your heart and all your soul and With all your mind It's Deuteronomy 6 verse 5. It's Deuteronomy 6 verse 5. it's one Verse after the Shema Yes Hear o Israel the Lord Is Our God the Lord is one The same word that Yeshua uses three Times when he's praying for us in John 17 that we might be achad one With the father joined to him So Deuteronomy 6 5 what's the greatest Command in all the Torah love yah with Everything you got Vov Hey This is the first and great command The second is like it you shall love Your neighbor as yourself Yoda Hey It's in his name

You don't need a doctorate to figure This out In his name It's his character On these two commands Hang all the Torah And the prophets Now I've heard a priest and Christendom That that means that if I'm loving God With everything that I got and I'm Loving my neighbor as myself I fulfilled all the Torah All the Torah and the prophets hang on That I don't need to be concerned about The Torah and the prophets Because I'm loving my neighbor as myself And I'm loving God with everything that I got Why do I get to tell the creator of the Universe how I'm going to love him Who's in charge of that relationship now Receive with our wives my wife starts Making demands hey I love you but you're Not in charge of this house I am I love you We're going to protect you I'm going to Provide for you I'm going to be a Conduit for blessings for you But it's my house Your mind y'all made you but you're mine Not an object like Trevor talked about Yesterday But an absolutely Priceless gift a

Badass daughter of yah that I have been Entrusted to steward Right And that's on the human level Hey raise your hand if your wife's ever Pushed back against you All right Now write that large Throughout the entirety of space-time Forever Between us and him Talk about gross insubordination I get to tell him what he's going to do Negative He's yah I am He's in charge Our wives are supposed to be submitted To us comma As we are in submission to Yeshua Hamashiach All the time I'll have men come to me And tell me my wife is super duper out Of line she's not listening she she Won't submit she won't be obedient I'm Like Cool Where you up you walk with your Eye Wait a minute no this is about my wife It's not about me Wrong She's a reflection of you she's your rib She's part of your unit homie She's out of line it's because you're

Out of line And if you're out of line it's because You're not listening to y'all Because you decided to tell him how You're going to love him Rather than be obedient enough and Submissive enough to let him tell you How to love him Does that make sense How do I get to determine how I love my Neighborhoods myself If I decide that I'm going to love Jerry By punching him in the face calling them Names is that love So one could submit that even if I say It's love that those are bad works right Bad fruit You shall know them by their fruits If I tell everybody there's this room I Love Jerry he's great brother he's Awesome then when I see Jerry Clocking them in the face do you believe Me What's a more powerful testimony my Words or my actions Right I grew up with a dad who told me He loved me but punched me in the face Every day Which did I believe The punch in the face Way more tangible Than those weak ass words of I love you This thing's Wicked You can make it say whatever you want to

Say It's much harder to curtail your actions And point it towards righteousness Right you shall know them by their Fruits I don't get to tell my neighbor I Don't get to tell my brother how I'm Going to love him because our opinions Of what love is might be different And now we have unequal weights and Measures That is disallowed via Torah Does that make sense If he decides he's going to love me by Throwing hand grenades at me that's some Shitty love But that's his interpretation now he's Going to love on me or maybe he's going To cut me in half with the machine gun The scriptures It's not love So y'all tells us how to love him He tells us how to love our neighbor as Ourself That's what the Torah is that's what his Name is And we need that Because speaking for myself I have a Propensity towards being a busted up Piece of So I need the user manual But Torah means instruction it's been Translated as law but it means Instruction I need the user manual for People

How many times have you heard Bible Basic instructions before leaving Earth Heard that all the time Cool do it Oh we don't have to do it anymore You're so squared away you don't have to Read the instruction manual You ever try to build something from Ikea You want to get humbled real quick Set that user manual on fire and try and Build a dresser from Ikea Not a powerful man anymore I'm like Googling watching YouTube Videos you know insert slot A into tab B And twist with the Allen key that Doesn't work because it was made in China it's a mess If I can't build a dresser Without an instruction manual What am I doing Failing my way through life Without reading the instruction manual The point to this is It's basic We make this way more complicated than It has to be It's basic Love y'all with everything you've got Love your neighbor as yourself How do you do that it's the Torah and if You don't do that You die That's what that said if you fail to

Love him the way he told you to if you Fail to love your brother the way he Told you to you're not permitted in the Kingdom You're doing burpees outside of the House Not inside of the house These are what I consider in Matthew 22 36 the two prime directives General orders one and two Love y'all with everything you got love Your neighborhoods yourself And people will say to you especially if You leave here in a state of mind in a State of heart that I'm going to go home And I'm going to do these things even if It causes friction even if it's Uncomfortable even if it doesn't make Sense to the people that I love I'm Gonna go home and I'm going to do these Things I'm going to yode I'm gonna do these things It's easy Two prime directives love y'all love Your neighbor What commands do we guard to enter in a Life part of the mouth of Yeshua Exodus 20. 10 commands read them Half of those are up down commands They're how you love yahweather than you Got there is no God but God And you don't make Raven images of them And you will keep the Sabbath if you Have an appointment appointment with

Your dentist next Tuesday your ass is Going to be there Right But yah says I will see you one day a Week That's our appointment it is an Appointed time it is the first mention The Sabbath is the first mentioned in Leviticus 23 which is the appointed Times You have an appointment with Dad He wants to see you he expects to see You he doesn't like it when you miss Your appointment So we respect our dentist more than we Respect the creator of the universe Look for reasons to get out of Shabbat Go go find donkeys in the ditch because It's waffle to do good on the Sabbath So half of these ten commands are up Down they're between us and yah they're How we love him with everything that we Got The other half Do not covet do not steal do not murder Not very false witness To not adulterate These are left right commands This is how we love our neighbor as Ourself I'm not going to steal your You're not going to bang my wife pretty Basic rules right Even those super basic rules the world Does not abide by

Right Yeshua said in John 17 he has Pulled us out of the world Right the world can follow these basic Rules Don't bang my wife and I won't ban yours That should be pretty easy Right getting still I guarantee you within 10 miles of here That's happening right now Right They're easy basic rules My yoke is easy my burden is light Come to me all ye who labor It's easy it's easy And then where the 613 commands laws and Right rulings come into play I view it as like Like a Microsoft app where you click Here for more help Because and a third of them are for the High priest news flash none of us is a High priest that's Yeshua go read Hebrews 8. I don't have to worry about Those About a hundred of them are for women I don't care what the world says I'm not A woman I'm never going to be a woman it Ain't happening I don't have to worry about those And my wife conversely doesn't have to Worry about the commands that are Specific to men So when it's all said and done it's 300ish

Commands laws and right belongings that Are left and if that sounds like a Burden I would submit to you that right Now in the United States of America you Live under 4 million laws I don't know anybody who got up this Morning and felt the burden Of those four million laws It's become a way of life It's a system that you operate in Well it turns out the way of life The Jazz laws It's his system And if you work if you do it visual Auditory repetition kinesthetic you Don't think about it anymore it's just The way we operate just the way we do Things no I don't put poison into my Body I eat food instead I rest on the seventh day because Dad Told me to and he loves me and he Doesn't want me to burn out and he wants To see me He loves me enough that he wants to hang Out That's incredible He loves this enough That he wants to hang out Right I keep the high holy days instead of Pagan holidays because the pagan Holidays piss him off they provoke him Against us they are Abominations High holy days are incredible

If you've never done them I would Encourage you to do them You think this has been a bulldozer of The spirit go do pesach If you don't have a tear in your eye You're not a human When you do pay sock Or Sukkot You think three days with your brothers Hanging out in here is cool Go do it for eight days There's not words for it You will be pushed around like a pile of Dirt by a d8 dozer that is the ruach And it's a beautiful thing Because they're appointed times their Appointments we have with that So we can come together Fellowship love One another love him serve him give Thanks Without any of that Pagan Overlaid over the top of it which he Hates We're not allowed to mix our seed How do you think he feels about mixing Pagan idolatry Abomination With his worship I think he's a fan of that no Read Jeremiah Jeremiah in one sentence yah is not Impressed with your Okay So if we wish to enter into life we Guard the commands I'm here to tell you

It's an easy burden that yoke is light Love y'all with everything you got love Your neighbor as yourself You need more instruction on that Exodus 20 to 10 commands basic I'm not going to steal from people I'm not going to cheat on my wife I'm not gonna bow down to false gods I'm Not going to skip the Sabbath because It's inconvenient Or Johnny has a soccer game for my car Needs a tune-up or whatever it might be You need a tune-up Because going back to headship you fall Apart what happens to your house You're out of line with yah what happens To your house It's a show I watched it happen in my own house Knowing better Knowing better here but being Disobedient here I've watched it happen And once you open that door to that it's way harder to close man It takes a thousand times more effort to Set your house back in order than it Does to keep it in order Tracking on the two commands The two great commands Tracking on what y'all's name means Are we okay everybody dead are we good All right copy So I want to spend a little bit of time

In uh first John Is there towards the end of the book If you find Revelation flip back a few Pages You find first John 11 91 correct First John's full of meat This entire word is But first John's full of meat I would Encourage you to read the entirety of First John Sometime soon It's like five pages it's an easy read Say it's a simple read Was not easy So if we look at first John Chapter 2 My little children Would you should say be like this child Right People miss When he says be like this child that he Physically takes the child and sets it In his lap The very next verse the Redeemer of the World takes this child puts it in his Lap The mental image that that produces for Me breaks my heart Because we rescue kids right He rescued us And sit in his lap it's where he wants You It's way harder to mess this up if

You're sitting in his lap My little children I write this to you so that you do not Sin You do not do lawlessness and if anyone Sins we have an intercessor a mediator With the father Yeshua Messiah a righteous one And he himself is an atoning sacrifice For our sins and not for ours only but Also for all the world And by this we know that we know him If we guard his commands The one who says I know him Oh yeah I belong to Yeshua I belong to Jesus The one who says I know him and does not Guard his commands as a liar And the truth is not in him You tell Jerry I love him all I want While I'm punching them in the face But I'm a liar Because my fruit does not line up with My words But whoever guards his word truly the Love of Elohim has been perfected in him By this we know that we are in him the One who says he stays in him Ought himself also to walk even as he Walked If I had all day we'd go through the Gospels line by line I could show you repeatedly where Yeshua Went up to the temple for pesach

Observed unleavened bread kept the Sabbath red on the Sabbath and taught on The Sabbath poor Zizi oat a clean he was Of the tribe of Judah He not only kept the commands he was the Physical embodiment of the commands There was no sin in him that's the way He walked that's the way we are supposed To walk as Messiah walked Second witness there again is First Peter 2 21. now we're going to sin Because we're not perfect Only one was perfect it was Yeshua But shall we sin all the more so the Grace May abound No God forbid Do not abuse the covering of the blood Of the Messiah It's not a get out of jail free card It's not I'm covered by the blood and I Can go do whatever I want Hebrews 10 26 makes that absolutely Clear Under the Torah of Moshe you can be Killed without compassion On the witness of two or three Witnesses Without compassion We're not we're This is a no-brainer under the Torah And smash you in the head with a rock to Put you down like the rabbit animal you Are Under the Torah without compassion

How much more Shall he deserve Who has trampled the son of Elohim Underfoot And denied the spirit of Grace The stakes are higher Under the covering of Yeshua because all Your all the times you should Have been smashed in the face with a Rock He bought and paid for that And if you abuse that Sticks are even higher how much more Shall he deserve who has trampled the Son of Elohim underfoot Trevor talked about breaking your Character About Keeping your word to yourself Committing yourself to not do the things That you know are bad for you right But we know what's bad for us it's in This book And if you knowingly willingly continue To participate in sin Claiming to be covered by the blood of Messiah You have a worse judgment coming than Getting smashed in the face with a rock It's sobering The one who says he stays in him Ought himself also to walk even as he Walked beloved I write no fresh command To you but an old command which you have

Had from the beginning The old command is the word Which you have heard from the beginning What words that We're in the New Testament or the Old Testament Okay I'm just checking I get lost Sometimes it's hard to navigate And again I write you a fresh command Which is true in him and Yeshua and in You because the darkness is passing away And the True Light Now shines The one who says he is in the light and Hates his brother Is in darkness Until now What's the light Proverbs 6 2 3. Your command is a lamp and your Torah is A light onto my feet You've been in darkness until now you Say you're in your life in the light but You hate your brother Because that's not loving your neighbor As yourself It's transgressing one half of y'all's Name It's transgressing one half of the Commands in this book Accountability versus understanding but Now Right John is saying but now now that You know

It's on you Your understanding has been raised so Consequently Your responsibility has been raised as Well And because I want you to see with your Own eyes flip one page to first John 3. See what love the father has given us That we should be called children of Elohim That Should slay you That I should be called the child of Elohim Me All the up I've ever done What love And then in order for me to get home Again he had to come here and kill Himself To pay the debt that I couldn't pay so I Would get home again It's overwhelming We take that shift for granted every day Just like we take for granted the breath That's in our lungs as if that doesn't Also belong to y'all As if he didn't breathe the breath of Life into your nostrils The only thing that separates you from An animal Is that Breath of Life the ruach Happadesh Take it for granted every day

For this reason the world does not know Us because it did not know him Beloved ones now we are children of Elohim And it has not yet been revealed what we Shall become But we know that when he Yeshua is Revealed we shall be like him for we Shall see him as he is And everyone having this expectation in Him cleanses himself as he is clean Walk more like Yeshua walked Cleanse yourself as he is clean Everyone doing sin also does lawlessness And sin is Flawlessness If the Cornerstone of yeshua's ministry Was to remove Sin from the world Right I've been hearing I preached since I can Remember as a little kid He took all the sin brother cool what's Sin Yeah well send you know you know brother When you when you fall short of the mark Well what's the mark well you know when You make God angry well well how how do I do that well you know it's Disobedience Disobedience to what You know when you fall short of the mark That's a circular reference Punch that into XL you'll get an Error code doesn't work right

What's the mark The Torah sin is lawlessness The wages of sin are death If you wish to enter into life Guard the commands And you know that he Yeshua was Manifested to take away our sins our Lawlessness and in him there is no sin No lawlessness Everyone staying in him does not sin Everyone's sinning has neither seen him Nor known him The one doing sin is of the devil Because the devil has sinned from the Beginning for this purpose the son of Elohim was manifested to destroy the Works of the devil Lawlessness is of Satan Remember that the next time you walk Into a Sunday church and they tell you That this this was nailed to the cross It is 100 not biblical false Doctrine And I realize that that's a tough thing To say To a group of men who are believers who Have been indoctrinated their whole Lives at 54 000 different denominations But I didn't say it John did John walked with Yeshua Lawlessness is of the devil I hate to say it but there's a lot of People who are being led in false Worship all around the globe right now This it was nailed to the cross

Mentality No it was not Go read Colossians 2 14 what was nailed To the cross is the doctrines and dogmas Of men Therefore let no one judge you in eating Or drinking or the keeping of high holy Days It doesn't say not to eat or to drink The bread and the wine It doesn't say not to keep Shabbat or Not to keep the high holy days it says Because Doctrine was nailed to the stake That nobody has a leg to stand on to Judge you when you do those things Not that you don't have to do them The doctrine of men who taught as the Commandments of God that's right So We'll flip one more page Well we'll look at 22. And whatever we ask we receive from him Because we guard his commands and do yod What is pleasing in this sight And this is his command that we should Believe in the name of his son Yeshua Messiah and love one another as he gave Us command And the one guarding his command stays In him and he and him and by this we Know that he stays in Us by the spirit Which he gave us That we don't need to go there right now But John 16 talks about what the ruach

Hakodesh the Holy Spirit does Because we've talked about the gifts of The Spirit What's the function Of the spirit You experience the gifts of the Spirit When you're functioning in the spirit The function of the spirit is clearly Laid out in the New Testament in the Gospel of John chapter 16. The ruach hakudash the Holy Spirit shall Convict you concerning sin What's in it It's lawlessness Concerning righteousness Luke 1 verse 6 New Testament Gospel of Luke Righteousness is blamelessly walking in The commands And concerning judgment Judgment is what you get If you don't That is what the Holy Spirit convicts You on I would submit to you if you're being Led by a spirit that is not convicting You on that that's not the Holy Spirit The weird modest throughout the word to Test spirits because there are many but There's only one ruach So if you're being led by a spirit That's telling you to break Torah to walk in unrighteousness or that You don't have to worry about judgment That's not the Holy Spirit

And again that's what John said not what Bear said Flip one page Second John I'm gonna read all this because it's Good It's half a page long the Elder to a Chosen curia and to her children whom I Love in truth and not only I but also Those who have known the truth because The truth which stays in us and shall be With us forever The truth I am the way the truth the Life Psalms 119 142 makes it clear that the Torah is truth 119 142. make a note if you want Because of the truth the Torah which Stays in us and shall be with us forever How long Forever Is forever over yet All right just checking because I could Be hallucinating I have no idea this Could be a really Vivid dream right now Thank you Favor Grace compassion peace be with you From Elohim the father and from the Master Yeshua Messiah the Son of the Father in truth and in love rejoiced Greatly because I found some of you Children walking in truth As we received a command from the father I rejoiced because I found some of you

Walking in the commands of the father In the New Testament After the death burial and resurrection Of Yeshua Cool And now I ask you curia not as though I Wrote a fresh command to you But that which we have had from the Beginning That we love one another Yodhai The vat the father's name Love your neighbor as yourself yod hey Outstressed arm And this is love that we walk according To his commands this is the command that As you have heard from the beginning you Should walk in it Because many who are leading astray when Out into the world who do not confess Yeshua Messiah is coming in the flesh This one is he who is leading astray and The anti-messiah the Antichrist So there's a clear compare contrast here Between the command of love which is the Torah From Yeshua And the antichrist Say to yourselves that we do not lose What we worked for but that we might Receive a complete reward everyone who Is transgressing and not staying in the Teaching of Messiah does not possess Elohim

The one who stays in the teaching of Messiah possesses both the father and The son If anyone comes to you and does not Bring this teaching do not receive him Into your house nor greet him For He Who greets him shares in his Wicked works Having much to write to you I did not Wish to do so with paper and ink but I Expect to come to you and speak face to Face that our joy might be complete Children of your chosen sister greet you Are mine Now proof text for this Second Thessalonians chapter 2 11 55 in The scriptures Thank you Foreign But give me about 15 more minutes to put A bow on this thing all right Second Thessalonians If we look at chapter one again I want You to see this with your own eyeballs And Silas and Timothy to the assembly Of the Thessalonians in Elohim our Father and The master Yeshua Messiah Wolf Tarsus the Apostle Paul So many people Say that Paul said the Torah was done Away with and they say that because it's Like a kindergartner trying to sit in on A doctrinal thesis without even having

Having read the textbook Is a genius He was a Pharisee of Pharisees of his Own mouth he was raised in the Torah He could argue this and does argue this Front back and sideways So be careful Chop it in the shower rabbit holes Without a fullness of understanding Because you will break your ankles in Them you might lose faith in them Shoals a genius he not only understood The Torah damn near perfectly But he lived it and did it every day and So if you don't have a foundational Understanding of Torah and are doing it And then go read the words of Paul shall Of Tarsus you will be so utterly Confused that you may never find your Way back out again Now to be clear I'm not saying don't Read Paul I'm saying do your damn homework before You show up and let Paul teach you Otherwise you're going to have no clue What he's talking about And I would submit the vast majority of Christendom to this day has no idea what He was talking about Because they don't know the Torah nor do They do the Torah So this was written by the Apostle Paul In the New Testament Everybody tracking on that

Let's look at second Thessalonians Chapter two As to the coming of our Master Yeshua Messiah end our gathering together to Him we ask you Brothers Not to become easily unsettled in mind Or troubled Either by Spirit or by word Or by letter as if it came from us As if the day of yahuwah has come Let no one deceive you in any way Because the falling ways to come first And the man of lawlessness Is to be revealed the son of Destruction There's a lot of meat in here but we're Going to pause a little bit The man of lawlessness from this mouth Of Paul in the New Testament is the son Of Destruction I do not care What's your pastor your priest your Rabbi your Bishop your grandpa your best Friend said About nailed to the cross It is complete and utter non-biblical Proof text here From the mouth of show of Tarsus in the New Testament The man of lawlessness is the son of Destruction Anybody who's preaching lawlessness to You is leading you astray And I will argue that with anybody until

The cows come home Because that's what the Bible says Who opposes and exalts himself above all That is called Elohim or that is Worshiped so that he sits as Elohim in The Dwelling Place the Temple of Elohim Showing himself That he is Elohim False worship The Antichrist as if he's God Do you not remember that I told you While I was still with you and now you Know what restraints for him to be Revealed in his time for the secret of Lawlessness is already at work It's already at work two billion people On the face of this planet claim to be Covered by the blood of Messiah And our knee-deep and false Doctrine and False worship And again accountability versus Understanding If they don't know they don't know That you know now And I would submit to you If you live here and don't tell somebody Else about it shame on you For the secret of lawlessness is already At work only until he who now restrains Comes out of the midst And then the Lawless one shall be Revealed whom the master shall consume With the spirit of his mouth and bring To not with the manifestation of his

Coming The master cannot be the Lawless one That one sentence negates two thousand Years of doctrinal These are two different people Two different entities that are Mentioned In second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 8. The master consumes the Lawless one How could Yeshua be both master And the Lawless one He's not By the way the father put his name into Yeshua his name is Torah Love him with everything you got and Love your neighbor as yourself And if Messiah is yah if Jesus is God How would it be possible for one to Negate the other Not Doctrinal teaching The coming of the Lawless one Is according to the working of Satan With all power and signs and wonders of Falsehood and with all the seed of Unrighteousness and those perishing Because they did not receive the love of The truth What is the truth They did not receive the love of the Truth in order for them to be saved You must receive the love of the truth In order for you to be saved

Lawlessness is the working of Satan For the mouth of Paul And for this reason Elohim sends them a Working delusion for them to believe the Falsehood And the order that all should be judged Who did not believe the truth But have delighted In the unrighteousness Wheat versus terrorists separating the Wheat from the Chow There's a sifting that comes at the end Of this age When every knee shall bow Every tongue shall confess And we're all doing burpees Some of us in the house some of us Outside of the house The only reason any of us can stand Before Elohim and not die a day of Judgment it's because of Yeshua Messiah The intercessor because sin cannot exist In the presence of yah But you cannot continue to sin yah Forbid and abuse that covering of blood From Messiah Because they will smoke check your ass You deserve more punishment under the Covering Messiah than a rock to the face For the Torah If you abuse that cover So the only way again this is not a Workspace theology The Works are Important yode it's the first letter of

Dad's name and yeshua's name Pretty important to them Yo righteous works Because again I can talk about helping Hunter all I want But if I don't do anything have I helped You Out of bed Yode Works Works out of obedience and thankfulness That I'm not going to be destroyed even Though I deserve it at the end of an age Works because I'm told to walk according To the way Yeshua walked and all he did Was good works Not to justify myself in front of y'all But by the out of deep love and Appreciation For the opportunity to not die that I've Been given again Does that make sense All right A couple more things I want to hit real Quick Yeshua is the prophesied messiah Mashiach From the Old Testament We touched on this on Shabbat The Jews were expecting Two Messiahs Each Coming one time They failed to realize that it was one Mashiach one Messiah coming twice And when we see Yeshua returning the

Second time they will see him as coming The first time And that that entity that Returns the Second time these two Messiahs there's Mashiach Ben Joseph the suffering Servant who had to suffer and die and Atone For the father's people and that sounds A lot like Messiah doesn't it And then there's mashiach Ben David The Messiah of David And Isaiah talks about and I will raise Up a root from the stump of Jesse Jesse Was David's dad With shiak Ben David A righteous King In the line of King David Righteousness is blamelessly walking in The commands Luke 1 verse 6 which we Know Yeshua already did Ain't gonna be a thing for him to do it A second time he's already proven Himself from that But when he returns this King In the line of King David News flash we're all going to be doing Torah It's a big part of why the big sea Church doesn't teach revelation Because if you read that carefully Or even in a cursory manner Gosh dang there's a lot of Jewish stuff And there isn't there Wow There's a Temple and there's sacrifices

And there's a high priest and there's an Altered place and there are 12 gates Around the city are the 12 tribes of Israel and it turns out that the father Continues to choose to put his name in Jerusalem Yeah We're gonna look at Revelation a little Bit but before we do we're going to go To First Kings 11. 362 in the scriptures 364 actually well towards the end I'm going to start at verse 34. So we're talking about Solomon here Solomon was David's son In the line of King David Right Oh and David anecdotally was a man after Yaz own heart We totally messed up and committed Adultery Repented of his ways Begged the father at the foot of the Altar in the temple to forgive him And he was So forgiveness of sin Is not a new testament construct either Imagine that King David The reason King Saul shaol wanted to Kill King David was because he was Jealous He was jealous because they literally Wrote songs about how badass David was

Xiaol has killed his thousands and David His ten thousands David was a warrior From the moment we meet him in the word The youngest son Of Jesse Shepard shows up smokes Goliath What did he kill Goliath with Correct answer He knocked them on the ground with a Rock And then he picked up Goliath's sword And cut his effing head off Man after yah's own heart Same sword which ends up getting put up In a temple or the house of a priest Later When David's on the run from shawwal Who's jealous and trying to kill him He's gotten the weapons got no armor and He comes and eats the show bread which Is set apart to the priest It's the beginning of this concept of King and priest Right A righteous Kingdom line of King David Yeshua King and priest it goes in there And he's like I don't have any weapons The priest is like I have this one I recognize that thanks bro With David Bodied people Talked about do not kill versus do not Murder I'm here to tell you some people just

Need to die If they pose a threat to you your family Your livelihood All right Cleared hot Solomon was David's son Regarded as the wisest man in all the World David was not allowed to build the Temple There's conjecture as to why that is it Could have been because of all the blood That he had on his hands It could have been because he uh the House of Israel and the house of Judah Were separating at this time And David took a census You're not supposed to take a census Unless commanded by yah and there's a Timetable for that and there's a Structure to that that's beyond the Scope of what we're talking about today But David took a census I would submit to see how many men he Had If the house of Judah had to go to war Against the house of Israel Is that loving your neighbor as yourself No Those were their brothers It's like me trying to count how many Guys I got at Bear Camp so I can go up To PJ's house and start a war I think y'all's gonna reward that

Not even a little bit So David was disallowed to build the Temple but he did gather all of the Materiel the stone and the gold and the Timbers The Cedars from Lebanon and Everything they needed so at the end of His life when he ordained Solomon as King And they put him up on the throne Solomon's in a position because of the Work of his father to build this Temple And there's this really interesting Passage right here knowing that Yeshua Comes he's the root of Jesse David's dad And he comes in the line of King David If we start looking at 34 First Kings 11 34 but I do not take all The kingdom all the rain out of his hand Because I've I have made him ruler Always before you talking about David Here Brothers beloved by the master because Elohim from the beginning chose you to Be saved Oh I'm in the wrong freaking chapter but I love it that was really good Somebody should have thrown something at Me there it is 34. But I do not take the rain out of his Hand because I have made him ruler over All the days of his life for the sake of My servant David whom I chose because he Guarded my commands and my loss So we can just foot stomp that right

There Y'all chose David Why Because he guarded his commands and his Loss Not perfectly Right Bathsheva Uriah the hittite turn your Eye on to a pincushion because of lust Lost the Child that he uh impregnated Bathsheva with Tore himself up Went and laid at the foot of the altar For a week crying out to yah Then when he finds out the child is dead He repents makes an offering he goes Back to bathsheva and he's like I messed This up really bad You need to be my wife now Because I've known you you are my wife Now Whether we have acknowledged it or not Yah has acknowledged that you're my wife We're gonna do this right I'm gonna put A ring on it Best ever gets pregnant again with Solomon So the idea that there's no forgiveness In the Old Testament And it reinforces the idea Yeah we can't walk this out perfectly But David Was a man after your own heart And yah himself says I chose him because

He guarded my commands of my loss Not perfectly we know that it wasn't Perfect but his heart was in it David felt his feels If you've met Bob I like to say that Bob Feels his feels right me not so much I'm Pretty good at being a robot especially When I need to be especially when the Pressure's on David felt that he lived it he repented He cried out he Toshiba he turned from His Wicked Ways and y'all saw that as Obedience So collect that guy he's mine he's Guarding my commands So it's another example for us as as to How we walk Yeah we know we can't do this perfectly But y'all loves us He loved David enough to put to bring Messiah out of his lineage Knowing that David was a busted up piece Of whose hands were covered with Blood Y'all can work with that He did He can work with us He doesn't he will And I shall take the Reign out of his Son's hand and give it to you the ten Tribes and to his son I give One Tribe So that my servant David shall always Have a lamp a lamp interesting Before me in Jerusalem the city which

I've chosen for myself to put my name So I take you And shall reign over all that your being Desires And you shall be king over all Israel And it's Shelby it shall be if you obey All that I command you and shall walk in My ways and do what is right in my eyes To guard my laws and my commands as my Servant David did then I shall be with You and build for you a steadfast house As I built for David and shall give Israel to you This is a promise that's being made to Solomon It is impossible for a king in the line Of King David to inherit the throne If he does not obey all that yah Commands If he does not walk in yah's ways if he Doesn't do what's right in the eyes if He doesn't guard the laws and the Commands as his servant David did If you do that And I shall be with you and build for You a steadfast house my father's house Has in many rooms As I built for David and shall give Israel to you Israel Israel It's us 12 tribes of Israel In the mixed multitude of Nations Who went with the mummy great Exodus

Where the first Exodus rather Who were grafted in Not because of the belief of their mouth But because the belief of their hands Because of their yode Romans 11 16 talks about the natural Branches and those that have been Grafted in That talks about the root Bears the Branch The branch is not bear the root If a natural Branch was removed so Easily don't you go boasting breast has Been grafted in Because you can be removed easily too Messiah's prophesied to be the root of Jesse You can't have a Biblical Messiah You cannot have a Biblical Messiah that Has done away with the law It is impossible for Yeshua to be the Prophesied mashiach Ben David The Messiah in the line of King David Which is backed up in the first chapter Of the first book in the New Testament The genealogy of Yeshua messiah in Matthew chapter 1. He can't be the guy If he nailed the law of the cross Doesn't track biblically And if he is the guy Then what does that mean S he didn't Means in order for Yeshua Jesus yahushua

Pick your name To be the prophesied Messiah that we all wait for an Expectation he had to keep these laws And these commands perfectly which we Know that he did because there's no sin In them Does that make sense All right Final Witnesses we're going to look at Today flip to revelation 12. All the way in the front of the book Nothing not even a chuckle right Page 1208 A couple of one-liners here And the Dragon Was a Race with the woman And he went to fight with the remnant of Her seed Those guarding the commands of Elohim End Possessing the witness of Yeshua Messiah And The remnant of her seed I would submit to you that a Remnant is Not two billion people He's throwing that out there There were eight people on the ark Eight Now there's hope for us because earlier In this book John is having this awesome Vision Where he's in the throne room And um

All the tribes All but Dan which is a different Teaching 12 000 of each of the tribes are being Sealed in Revelation chapter seven And after this happens The Revelation seven John says after this I looked and I saw A great crowd which no one was able to Count out of all the nations The wild branches grafted in I saw a great crowd which nobody was Able to count now there are huge numbers In this book by the way 200 million soldiers yeah he got a Number for it There's so many people here he doesn't Have a number for it Which no one was able to count out of All the nations and tribes and peoples And tongues standing Before the Throne And before the lamb dressed in white Robes And palm branches in their hand crying Out with a loud voice saying Deliverance Belongs to our Elohim who sits on the Throne to the lamb Deliverance belongs to our Elohim I can count on one hand the number of Christians that I know outside of the Circles that I keep for fellowship and Worship but even know what Elohim means And all the messengers stood around the Throne and the elders and the four

Living creatures fell on their faces Before the throne and worshiped Elohim Why do you call me good no one is good But Elohim And worshiped Elohim Saying I mean the blessing and the Esteem and the wisdom and Thanksgiving And respect and power and might to our Elohim forever and ever amen One of the elders respondents saying who Are these dressed in white robes and Where do they come from I said to a Master you know But I have no idea And he said to me These are the these are those Coming out of the great distress having Washed their robes and made them white In the blood of the Lamb because of this There before the Throne of Elohim and Serve him day and night in his Dwelling Place And he who sits on the throne shall Spread his tent over them These are those coming out of the great Distress Who have a testimony of Yeshua Hamashiach and keep the commands There's so many of them John can't count Them If you remember for context John is Having this Vision on the Isle of Patmos In Exile in 90 A.D And at that point

A church We think about the Church of laodicea Would fit in this room That was all the Believers in laodicea Tesla Nike Etc etc Etc Would fit in this room So when John sees all his people in White robes he's like who the hell are These guys It's like oh you don't know These are all those who believe in Yeshua What It's too many to count he's got a number For 200 million In Revelation but he doesn't have a Number for this I find that encouraging I hear a lot of people especially today Talking about Sodom and Gomorrah and the Destruction that took place there and This country is going to hell in a hand Basket and when is y'all going to pour Out his righteous judgment Two key points to that the first is the Righteous men who were in Sodom and Gomorrah cried out for judgment And that's why yah came down was to come Inspect To make sure that his children were not Bearing false witness because that would Be a violation of Torah

So he had to go look with his own eyes They go do I need to smoke this place Turns out the answer is yes yes I do The second the reason It got smoked Because there were less than 10 Righteous men Abraham pleads with them would you Destroy this place if there were 50 in It no I wouldn't 45 30 20 10. no I would Not destroy this place if there were 10 Righteous men in it Y'all knew what he was going to do that Conversation was for Abraham not for yah It's for Abraham to realize There aren't 10 righteous men in that Entire city It's worse than I thought They deserve what they're getting So the righteous men that were there Cried out for judgment And there weren't enough of them there To stay the hand of yah And so it's easy to look at the world Going to hell in a handbasket these days And go we're done for We are the modern Sodom and Gomorrah And I would submit there are things that Certainly point in that direction There's way more than 10 righteous men In this room right now I'm blessed that I have more than 10 Righteous men on my porch

On the regular So let that be a little bit of Encouragement to you there's so many People dressed in white robes at the end Of this book that John can't count them And he's got a number for 200 million Now again Who are those people Look at Revelation 14 verse 12. Here is the endurance of the set apart Ones the Saints Here are those guarding the commands of Elohim And the belief of Yeshua And These are the Saints this is the remnant This is the group of people that the Father has chosen to preserve Have a testimony of Yeshua hamashiach And Keep the commands I would submit to you they are one and The same If you say you believe But I don't see your works you don't Have belief Tell Jerry I love him all day long but If I'm punching them in the face I'm not Loving them If you have to tell me with your mouth That you believe in Messiah I'm probably not going to believe you Because your face should be so strong That I can see it from across the room

From across the parking lot I will know if you know Messiah based Upon how you act I don't want to hear the Dribble that comes out of your mouth Because again this thing's evil You're never going to convince me with Your words But you can convince me with your Actions And if your actions don't line up with That belief In Yeshua which who is the word of yah You're full of You're going to get smoke checked at the End of an age And I don't want that for you And it's my duty my responsibility To make sure that you thoroughly Understand that I would be doing a Disservice to my yacht who revealed that To me if I do not adequately compare That to you Just like Yeshua revealed his name to us I have to reveal his name to you That's why I was told to come here this Weekend Lastly revelation 22 Last book in the Bible Revelation 22 verse 12. This is Yeshua speaking And see I am Ellie uh and c l e uh And see

I am I am coming speedily And my reward is with me to give to each According to his work Not according to his Doctrine Or his denominational belonging Or his statement of faith According to his work What did you do Uh what did you say well what did you Say you were going to do What did you do I am the Olive and the Tav The beginning and the end the first and The last he's on the first page of this Book he's on the last page of this book He was there from the beginning He will be there at the end Blessed are those doing his yahuwah's Commands so that the authorities shall Be theirs unto the Tree of Life To enter through the gates into the city Tree of Life Euphemism for Israel Romans 11. grafted in Blessed are those doing his commands so That the authorities shall be theirs Unto the tree of life and to enter Through the gates into the city Geez I wonder what Messiah wants us to Do Pretty straightforward But outside are the dogs That's a Hebrew euphemism for male

Prostitutes don't be a dog And those who enchant with drugs and Those who and the murderers and The idolaters and all who love to do Falsehood man that sounds like Transgression of Torah doesn't it That's the Big Ten right there Exodus 20. I Yeshua have sent my Messenger to Witness to you in these matters to the Assemblies I am L-A the root and The Offspring of David The bright and Morning Star Did I not just show you what it takes To be a king on the throne of David And the spirit And the bride that's us Say come and he who hears let him say Come And he who thirsts come He who desires it take the water of the Life without pain For I witness to everyone hearing the Words of the prophecy of this book If anyone adds to them Elohim shall add to him the plagues that Are written in this book And if anyone takes away from the words Of this book of Prophecy Elohim shall take away his part from The Book of Life And out of the set apart City which are Written in this book He that bears witness of these matters

Says yes I'm coming speedily amen Yes Come Master Yeshua The favor of our Master Yeshua Messiah Be with the set of part ones Amen That's the name of yah do it Thank you