Unboxing A Big Bag Of Gear From Varusteleka

By | March 8, 2023
Unboxing A Big Bag Of Gear From Varusteleka

Wow wooly here so look Just so look I'm a little bit excited Guys You know what I think about Varsity Liquor gear okay it's very good It's good stuff it's well made they have Some decent Surplus and their own stuff Is really really good okay so when Let me just show you I have a big bag of stuff from Varsity Liquor Stay tuned It almost seems a shame to tear it open Guys before I tear into this bag and Show you what goodies they have sent me I need to say a big thank you to Mariana In in Varsity Lika who who organized all This for me uh thank you very much Really appreciate it okay let's have a Look right [Applause] It's green That's green This is great And this is a box All of this Is from their own range from their Sarma Range guys okay so let's Let's let's Just get stuck in I'm gonna take this Off there's two coats in here two Jackets guys first one Right This is the Sarma blanket short okay and

This now this is complete First Impressions guys Quite soft this is wool this is this is A wall Anorak Smock they call it a shirt I call Them smockerocks check this out Oh this is really cozy Check this out Check it out This is the season on it guys This is really nice This is really really nice Decent Hood Guys And this is a size extra large and all I Have underneath this is is a fleece Jumper This is good I like this Next This Is the cymer You guys have been asking about this Right and this is how it came came about I'm going to take this off Put that very carefully down guys this Is the cymer wool shell jacket okay so This is the match to the trouser study Well sort of the match it'll make the Same color anymore To the trousers that I wear in the Winter you see me wearing them all the Time very uh their combat try I you'll Know them guys I'll link I'll link them Up okay this is if if this is like the

Trousers this is going to be exceptional The trousers are just Unreal oh it's just just This is the thing about the Forster Liquor stuff guys and I know I'm Mispronouncing it and I I know you get You Nordic geyser on and you're you're Screaming in your head you're sitting Around woolly I don't care guys The quality is just something else this I'm unsure if this is going to be the Right size for me oh no it's it's spot Off It said it recommended a medium regular But I had to get the medium long because There was nowhere there was there was None on my side Want anything of that You know I could have went to wee bit bigger on It Check out it Sleeves are good Love the velcro Very Valkyrie Pit tips Oh I gotta get the mic up Okay he's just a little bit stiff it's a Little bit stiff Oh yeah so look Let me see how it looks what does the Hood look like

It's quite Robin hoodie Oh my beard is that my beard Oh this is really This is really nice Let's feed a little bit tight across the Chest but no Could be the jumper I have on guys this Is nice Josh it was in the Box who wants to use It in the Box guys guess it's down below What is in the Box what is in the Box I like this I like this a lot I'm gonna leave it on actually it's Quite cool quite cold today Hola Okay you ready for the Box Bruno give me The stick give me look Randy I always Threw the stick I just usually don't Show it on camera because it becomes Annoying Didn't draw it that time I have a Bruno I have it You ready three two hey Cooter two one Go Wrong Go on You Can Get It Go on you can get It Ever decreasing circumspring whoever Decrease in circles good dog good dog You're close good dog He's a good dog right what's in the box What is in the Box I hear you say This these are something that I saw and

I taught the massage right A little bit out of the ordinary Not really something that I would it's Something I've been looking at outside The channels outside the channels guys Outside of of what I record Okay so These gates are the Sarma jump boots and These are uh these are like a recreation Of the What is the name of them the US Army World War II boots Corker and jump boots I think you call them they're quite Light they're lighter than I thought Quite heavy duty leather as well Guys and these are online Boots okay leather uh and these are Designed Sorry they're not designed for anything They're just an online pair of boots Guys and I thought you know what I'm Sort of going that way let's get a pair Let's see how they work out uh and let's See what they're like wearing them in The forest guys look at that look at how High they are Not gonna be a lot of controversy about These about getting these uh about about Putting wax and stuff like that on them Guys these are Might take a better break and then yeah Do feel light So the leather is quite Supple already So guys this was just a first look at This stuff right uh as I talk about the

Packet uh I'm obviously going to do a More in-depth review of these things as I uh as as I get the look at them okay So we'll have a first locks video of Each of these coming up soon guys Thanks for watching Mariana all the People who forced to liquor guys thank You very much for sending me this stuff Over I look forward to testing it out Still Frosty