CAMPNDOOR Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch – 65Mn Heavy Duty Steel Pocket Saw – 48 Teeth Hand Chainsaw – Survival Saw – Cable Saw – Camping Saw Survival Gear – Backpacking Gear Camp Saw Wire Saw Rope Saw Chain

By | March 6, 2023

Price: $34.99 - $29.99
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Product Description

Campndor Pocket chainsawCampndor Pocket chainsaw

campndor survival sawcampndor survival saw

The hero in every situation, we designed this portable chainsaw to perform great, with a slice-angle perfected Tiger Claw and Clog-Clearing Bulldozer Tooth for the ultimate portable power and performance. Engineered from the ideal balance of Manganese infused 65Mn Steel, then carbon fired for a long lasting edge, this is the hand powered project-tackler to get if you want to feel proud knocking through all those outdoor barriers; Whether that’s rescuing stuck passengers from a traffic blocking tree, or clearing post-storm clutter so you can enjoy your annual camping trip with the family.

pocket chainsaw for emergencypocket chainsaw for emergency

While we engineered this saw to withstand massive force, we do not justify nor claim liability for any use outside of using it to cut as intended. Please use responsibly.

camping survivalcamping survival

The Hero in Every Situation

Be that person. The person who’s always prepared. The person who clears the way. The person who saves the day. The easy way.

grandfather camping with kidsgrandfather camping with kids

Pass On Valuable Life Skills

Teach the next generation the critical skills schools don’t, and look cool doing it. So easy to use even a school kid could use it under adult supervision.

atv in the forestatv in the forest

Keep the Fun Going Longer

Don’t let nature unravel your well-laid plans. CAMPNDOOR slices through situations that otherwise leave you stuck.

man fishingman fishing

Create a Secret Place All Your Own

All the power to escape the hubbub of daily life, without toting a heavy saw or bringing jabbermouth guides to get you there.

camping survivalcamping survival

grandfather camping with kidsgrandfather camping with kids

atv in the forestatv in the forest

man fishingman fishing





Won’t Weigh You Down

Considering it weighs less than your car keys, this high-powered beast won’t weigh you down.

Won’t Quit in Tough Times

Perfectly blended, joint molded, then fired, this is the portable chainsaw to get if you to finish without excuses.

Won’t Wear You Down

Manganese infused steel combine with ergonomic comfort handles for hours of rattle-free sawing.

Won’t Get Stuck

Tiger Claw saws right through before the Bulldozer Tooth clears crud away. In minutes, not all day.

camping sawcamping saw

THIS HAND SAW WON’T QUIT – 4000N Testing on this 65Mn MANUAL chainsaw means only a 988+ LB Man could break it from misuse, making these camping accessories a powerful companion to the pocket knife, pocket saw survival, tree saw high limb, rope chain saw, bear spray, survival gear saw, army knife, fire starter, bushcraft saw, long rope chainsaw, chain hand saw for trees trimming and emergency food supply you keep inside your camping gear, hunting gear or outdoor gear backpacking survival kits.
LESS EFFORT, EXTREME POWER – CUTS FAST, WON’T GET STUCK: 2x Faster Cut&Clear combines 48 Tiger Claw Teeth with 48 Clog-Clearing Bulldozer Teeth. So you can cut deeper and faster, for longer than any other tactical hatchet camping supplies. We fit more camping knife teeth per square inch too, making this the ultimate people power portable chain saws, cable saw for wood double sided, limb saw chain, tree cutting rope with handles, tool kit hiking gear string saw for doing it all.
SLICE LIKE BUTTER – RETAINS & RESHARPENS – No Chainsaw Sharpener Required: STAMINAHold Edge and Tiger Claw Angle on this portable hand saw slice through the sloppiest, densest brush with ease, retaining its Perfected-Precision angle, then resharpens with a standard file.
SURVIAVL SMART- SHOCK ABSORPTIVE, LIGHTPACK HAPPY: Lightweight Manganese (Mn) infusion naturally absorbs shock away from hands, for hours of comfortable use, then quickly clips to belt loop – for zero-hassle bushcraft & backpacking. Or Homesteading. Because you know they just don’t quit.
PASS ALONG THE WISDOM – Heirloom Trading Post Quality makes this the wisest choice can’t risk-failure survivalists, outdoor ed teachers, and grandparents who want to impart critical life skills to survive any emergency you can dream up. Get It. Try It. Love It. Agree it’s the best, or we’ll buy it back. We’re that confident it’s the only choice for people who stay prepared. Lifetime warranty.