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Folks Canadian prepper here back again With the daily dose of Doom and Gloom Where we document the downfall of our Dainty decadent little Western Civilization one onerous day at a time As you can see by the Clutter on the map The fan is most certainly being Approached by the crap and we have a lot To talk about today in a very short Period of time because It is fight night and if there is one Bread and circus distraction that I'm Willing to indulge in and look the other Way while the elites are stockpiling Their bunkers it's definitely going to Be the heavyweight championship of the World let me know who you guys have in This fight Johnny Bones Jones or Cyril Gain I'm going to prognosticate on Everything but that fight because if I Get my fight prediction wrong people are Going to be in here tomorrow telling me How wrong I was but if I was wrong about My shtf predictions that's great that Means we all survive now Dr Doom himself Okay nirio rabini predicts the worst Stock market crash in history likely Going to happen this year some people Are predicting the S P 500 is going to Drop 30 percent could you imagine Another 30 percent he chalks this up to The fact that the current debt to GDP Ratio is 420 percent compare that to the Dirty Harry 19 1870s when people were

Getting in fist fights for gasoline it Was only 100 percent imagine today Looking at the state of our cities today How well armed everybody is it's not Going to be pretty anyways we're going To talk about that and other economic Factors we got Russia Preparing for martial law by Royal Decree of Vladimir Putin himself sending Down an order that suggests that when The martial law is inevitably imposed in That country when World War III Officially kicks off that the companies Any private companies that remain are Going to be commandeered by the Government in order to effectively be at The behest of their own unique brand of Military-industrial complex we'll say we Have one of the most substantial not Necessarily the largest but the most Substantial military exercise ever Taking place on the South Korean Peninsula in the coming weeks ahead and Why is it the most substantial well it's Because North Korea has said if you go Ahead with this joint military exercise Between the South Koreans and the Americans which involves Essentially going to war with North Korea and neutralizing them so to speak Uh that they're going to potentially Throw out a nuclear response so things Are going to get spicy on the Korean Peninsula to say the least we'll talk

About that and other things that are Going on in the East we have the largest Military exercise ever in France Currently taking place with 2300 Vehicles this is Orion 2023 clearly they Are preparing to engage in a war with The Russians although they deny that That's what the purpose is for I can't Foresee who else the French would go to War with there's not many uh helpless African countries left to conquer so I Presume that it must be them preparing For war with the Russians we have Explosions ringing out near Moscow last Night all the more justification to move Even more air defense systems within to That region We have the Russian Duma calling for a Declaration of war members of the Russian Duma in light of the recent Brands transgressions the um saboteurs Ukrainian saboteurs that came over the Border and engaged in some gun fights in Russia which I think is perfectly Justified if you're in a war with the Russians then you should expect that They're going to probably come on your Territory someday and do drone strikes And whatnot anyways they're saying that We need to cut it out with all of this Special military operation business and We need to declare full-on Declaration Of War already obviously for PR purpose Is the Russians are reticent to do this

The Russians are also preparing their Schools for World War III every single School in Russia is going back and Utilizing something from The soviet-era Playbook getting all of their high School children if you will teenagers I Guess you'd say prepared to deal with Small arms first aid and of course Manage nuclear fallout and what to do in A nuclear fallout situation we have Europe switching to a war economy in Response to all this craziness and the Wagner head pregosian well in bakmut has Basically sent out a rallying cry saying That if you join the Wagner group now You may have a seat at the officer's Table when World War III begins now I'm Paraphrasing and being slightly Facetious but what he's essentially Saying is that World War III is coming And you better sign up now than be Conscripted later he's practically Telling the world exactly what is coming We have Europe in response to this Switching to a war economy saying that They cannot currently compete with all Of these Royal decrees being put down by Putin to get them on a war footing and These Declarations of Martial law and The commandeering of their industrial Sector towards the end of churning out Weapons and armaments 24 7. Joseph Burrell head of the EU says that we need To compete so we need to get on a war

Footing we're going to talk about what a War economy is in today's video we have The Judgment Day playing currently in Iceland that is the command and control Plane for the U.S nuclear forces Obviously putting Putin on higher alert Than he already has been Of course in response to the suspension Of the new start treaty Bak mooch is Effectively collapsing uh the Ukrainian Line that is and we're going to talk About why that is the linchpin of the Ukrainian front line and why it could be The beginning of the end we have Victoria newland's plans for a Crimean Attack seemed to be the Preferred Choice In Washington we're going to talk about Why that might trigger a bigger war in Europe and we have the U.S army Secretary saying that not only is the U.S preparing for war with China but we Should also expect attacks here in the USA so how is that for a optimistic Outlook on things oh and the bird flu is Mutating now where should we start today Let's start over here Russian State Duma Calls to declare war on Ukraine after The incident in the briansk region the Russian Parliament has started to talk About the need to end the specialty Military operation and declare a real War against Ukraine now this might be Counterintuitive to some people who Think aren't the Russians actually in a

War technically according to the Russian Law they're only in a special military Operation which may explain why Kiev is Still standing and hasn't been raised to The ground just yet obviously for Historical purposes many people are Saying they don't want to do that Through some of Ukraine's great cities Like Kiev in Odessa for historical Purposes they have their relation with The Slavic peoples they don't want to Lay it to waste however I think Putin is Starting to Weigh the pros and cons of that whole Thing and saying to himself well you Know what they call it history for a Reason we can rebuild so it's looking Like there's more and more pressure to Declare a full-blown War but now with This victory in Bak moot who knows uh How the tide of the war is going to turn We have Russian schools ordered to buy Grenades rifles for military training Now get a load of this the program Teaches children how to assemble and Disassemble Firearms how to provide First aid and how to respond to a Nuclear or chemical attack it was Abolished in 1993 and recently Reinstated by Russia's education Minister Sergey kravsthoff So it's basically a a program which is Going to precede the draft it's going to Make the draft of these people a lot

More easier and it's a great way and Quite frankly I think that this is Something that should be taught in every School I think that those types of Skills especially this day and age no Matter what country you're in Should be taught there's something to be Said for teaching people basic survival Skills in a formal education context Okay we have Putin ordering new rules For defense firms in case of Martial law You know if they say in case anything at This point of time it's only a matter of Time the state could take over companies That failed to meet their obligations so Putting even more pressure on these Companies who are currently already Working 24 7 Around the Clock three Shifts in order to make shells and tanks And airplanes and other various weapons Saying that if you don't meet your quota We're going to come in and we're going To commandeer and take over so it really Is almost the beginning of a full-blown Authoritarian communistic style of Leadership and this is exactly what you Would start to see as you descend into This World War III Madness is that Countries will become more authoritarian In the same go goes for us here Eventually martial law will be declared In some capacity in Canada in Western Nations in the United States as well All it took was some people going around

The Parliament building last year for Them to declare the emergency Powers Act Which is very very similar in terms of The The Privileges that affords the Government okay in comparison to what Martial law would actually look like so Not looking good on that front what else Do we got to talk about what's we're Talking about I got much time the Fight's going to start right away we got The Wagner Chief claims that Bachman Victory the city is surrounded he claims Now the fact that this guy is there it Tells you that they must know that the Situation is that secure even as Sergey Shoigu going to back mood so you're only Going to send your highest ranking Generals like the highest guy in the the Russian military is currently in back Mood so anybody right now who in who's Pushing the Ukrainian line that they're Not really retreating and they're Holding the line strong it's all Nonsense it's over it's been over for a Long time it's really just a matter of Time what they're doing is they're Trying to keep a little bit of pressure On the Russians so the rest of the guys Can evacuate now what this guy said was Very concerning and I made a video about This the other day he said that his Promise recruits will be in good shape For the upcoming World War III again

That's not a paraphrase paraphrase That's a direct quote in a video calling For more Russians to join his mercenary Group Wagner boss evgeny pragosian says Anyone who signs up to fight with him Will be well placed once World War III Starts Now I know there's a lot of People who are thinking how the hell is Russia going to fight a broader War when They can barely lock down Ukraine Important things to consider is that Ukraine was the most well-armed and Well-trained Military that NATO had to Offer and now having ground down a Substantial portion of that military and You have all these guys within the Russian military who've become hardened And gained that military experience much Alike the people on the Ukrainian side I Should add who probably would would if There ever was a greater war with NATO Would be leading a lot of those NATO Forces I mean the guys with Frontline Experience that is so the Russians have Used this as a training ground it's Allowed them to get on a war footing Which is not easy and I've said it Before how people might wonder how could A country of a one trillion dollar GDP Or 2 trillion or whatever it is in Russia compete possibly with a hundred Trillion dollar GDP combined net worth Of all of the Western countries well the Fact is simple none of those individual

Countries want to send their best stuff For starters they don't want to risk Nuclear war so they keep giving Ukraine Stuff which is insufficient towards the Task of actually defeating the Russians The Russians just keep getting more and More powerful because they can enact all Of these types of laws which gets them Allows them the freedom to utilize is The country's resource is towards the Ends of building up their military Meanwhile in the west they're still Having this debate over whether or not They want to do that and no individual Country within a coalition is going to Commit its best stuff because at the end Of the day they're looking out for Number one they're holding on to some of Their best cards in such case that Russia turns the guns on them of course The Paradox with that whole thing is That you you end up beginning a Russian Invasion because you never supported the Ukrainians who were fighting on the Front line so there's a lot of Truth When people say Ukraine is effectively The ones who are doing all the fighting While the Coalition is just there as a Financial backstop to the whole thing And in fact that's exactly what uh One Congress person said I don't have The link up here but uh she she Effectively said that yeah ukrainians Are doing the fighting and we're

Providing all the economic support So it is not looking good to say the Least you have the moldovans officially Identifying its national language as Romanian and of course they're doing This in order to hopefully Garner some Support from NATO if and when things get Really violent on the transnisterian Front there's a risk of a large-scale Nuclear blast and an arms Depot in Maldova some people are suspecting I Believe this is something from Newsweek That a potential use a potential use for A nuclear tactical nuclear weapon might Be the Russians targeting this massive Ammo dump that currently is in Trans in History that they don't want the Ukrainians to get a hold of they'll Destroy it before they can get a hold of It but you know I mean the Russians have Done some very unpredictable things like A lot of red lines have been stepped Over they haven't responded so I Wouldn't be surprised if they just Abandoned this entire ammunition dump Would obviously not be the Strategic Thing to do but the way that this war Has been going the Russians are doing Some very strange things we have the Chinese basically saying you know what We're going to work with Belarus and I Think the idea here is that Belarus Excuse me is going to act as an Intermediary to get weapons funneled to

Russia from Belarus away to sidestep Sanctions I don't think it's going to Last too long though I'm pretty sure That the Western countries are going to Get wise to what's going on And that'll be that and Belarus will be On the same kind of crop list as uh the Russians and the Chinese according to an Estonian Minister Ukraine won't Stave Off Russia unless NATO membership or They are given nukes what could possibly Go wrong if we give zielinski some Nuclear weapons Russians Panic on social Media after overnight explosion near Moscow of course the Kremlin is keeping Very quiet about that but they are Bolstering their air defense even more So many anti-aircraft guns have been Installed around the city as well as S-400 and S 300 missile defense systems As well the Russians are saying that This whole nuclear stuff that's going on Is the Americans fault and it's actually The Americans who are planning on doing A first strike on the Russians which is Why they had to suspend the new start Treaty I mean you know take it for what Take it with a grain of salt I don't Necessarily take anything at face value Anymore with this stuff because both Sides are clearly lying through their Teeth The EU must shift to a wartime economy Well what is a wartime economy and why

Does the U the EU need to shift to one According the commissioner for International market of the European Union Theory Breton says ramping up Military production is a necessity to Face the realities of a high intensity Conflict they simply don't have enough Ammo so a wartime economy I talked about This last year I predicted that this is The way things were going to go Basically that involves things like Conscription it involves rationing Certain things it involves government Takeover various Private Industry Towards the ends of making more weapons At a faster and faster Pace right now The entirety of NATO cannot Supply Ukraine the amount of artillery shells That it needs so this is why they need To do this there's also another theory And you know how Gerald Celente always Says when all else fails they take you To war he says it exactly like that he Says uh that because there's something Called military kinesianism uh is that How he's pronounce it kinesianism it's When the government's military budget Stabilizes business cycles and Fluctuations and is used to fight Recessions and they do that by basically Taking the country to war the Military-industrial complex has some Stimulating economic effects according To the military kinesians so I guess

We're going to see if that's exactly What happens I think that's the only way They're going to get out of this coming Recession that's being predicted by Nuriel rabini worst ever economic crash Coming the great stagflationary debt Crisis will hit markets this year the Famed Economist warns He said pointing out that debt ratio in Advance economies was only 100 of GDP in The 1970s while currently it's 420 Percent in terms of private and public Debt he thinks that the FED funds rate Will have to be certainly above six Percent I'm not sure what it is right Now 4.55 or something like that to Achieve a two percent inflation Target But if you raise interest rates to six Percent then you're gonna have a really Hard Landing because all that debt will Have to be serviced at six percent and That's when the proverbial shizzy hits The fizzy let's check out what's what's Going on with inflation in China Everybody's like Peter Zion said that China is going to collapse because they Only got 1.49 billion people instead of 1.5 really Well who has the most debt in the world Oh yeah let's see who has the most External debt in the world the United States 31 trillion dollars what does the Chinese have 2.6 trillion really And uh what about the Russians where the

Russia oh they can't even see the Russians on here the Russians aren't Even in the top 40 50. where are the Russians at I'm pretty sure it's oh yeah There it is 489 billion compared to 31 Trillion So you go on that Global debt clock and You will calculate how much as you how Much you or me basically because Canada Is in the same boat as a North American Citizen owes on the debt it is much much More than what the average Russian or Chinese person owes on their debt and That's something to keep in mind when we Talk about who the richest most Prosperous countries are in the world Because remember we all borrowed from The future you know the guy living out In the the dacha in Russia you know live In uh milk and goats or doing whatever You know he might not have a big 4K Screen television set like this one here But he doesn't have a lot of debt either So he's not beholden he's not a slave to The financial system so that's something To keep in mind yeah China 1.8 percent Inflation only 1.8 percent isn't that Where the FED is trying to get to Everywhere else in your up it's just Going bananas Poland 16.6 percent Romania 16.4 percent Belarus and Russia Are quite high as well Kazakhstan 20 Percent turkey is absolutely insane I Think turkey's clocking in at like 80

Percent or something stupid like that They are having it rough right now where Else should we go I was going to talk About sun cycles but I don't got time For this I mean there's all these uh Solar storms right now every other week I'm hearing about a uh front facing you Know Sun spot solar storm x-class solar Flare it's only a matter of time before We have another Carrington event most of You guys know this already but the Judgment Day aircraft the e6b mercury Has been assigned to Iceland that's the Strategic command of the U.S Wing one of Their nuclear forces and this is the Plane which is going to give the order To the nuclear submarines or to the Minuteman missile silos to send the Missiles if the United States suspects That Vlad is going to do the same we Have some word that the Germans are Going to be getting Switzerland's tank so Switzerland is no Longer neutral they're going to be Buying 100 leopard tanks from Switzerland and transferring them to the Ukrainians France is in talks with Ukraine about sending their Mirage 2000 C fighter jets so fighter jets are most Certainly still on the table we have France holding the largest ever military Drill amid the bloody backdrop of the Ukraine war critics of this exercise Orion 2023 say that France is in open

Preparation for war with Russia well who Else would they be preparing for None of those uh defenseless African Countries I imagine we have 2300 Military vehicles 40 war planes 100 Drones 30 warships in France's biggest Aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle Preparing for what you might ask well They're preparing for the shizzy to hit The fizzy What's going on in the Middle East well The Israelis are saying look the window To itaka Iran is closing because they're Worried about these things right here These are the s-400 systems okay and They've basically admitted in being so Worried about the Iranians getting s 400 Missile defense from the Russians They're basically admitting that the F-35 is going to have a problem with the S-400 and that's what everybody really Wants to know is the F-35 going to be Able to defeat the s-400 missile defense Well the Israelis are saying that the Iranians could get these s 400s any day Now obviously it's going to be a while Regardless they're saying that's the Reason why they need to act now I Believe that Mark milley the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was there just in The past 48 hours talking about this Very thing so who knows what sort of Plan they have hatched in order to take Out the Iranian nuclear facilities the

The head of the international atomic Energy agency is saying if you attack Iran it is going to be an international Crime because of course if you attack a Nuclear facility that's going to be a Huge radiological incident but Israel's Defense minister and of course he got The Warhawk Netanyahu in there right now They're saying that they need to Cooperate against Iran immediately There's no longer any sort of deal right Now with the Iranians the Iranians have Agreed to turn the surveillance cameras On in their nuclear facilities once Again will that suffice To Stave off an attack from the Israelis And the Americans it's hard to say at This point because the Americans are Getting stretched out I mean they got to Think you got something profit ready to Pop off here on the Korean Peninsula you Got Taiwan who's getting ready for war You got the Philippines who's preparing For war you got the Middle East you got World War III Grand Central up here with NATO I mean how are you going to pay for All this and remember people Ought to remember at all times America Is paying for all this on a deficit the Deficit is like what a trillion dollars So we don't even have the money we're Still borrowing from the future we're Still thanking our lucky stars that People haven't came to cash in their

Global Reserve fiat currency chips just Yet but someday someday that ship is Going to arrive and when it does boy is It going to be epic it is going to be an Epic collapse that's when they're going To be like like oh there's a big Cyber Attack and we got to shut down the banks In the stock market for a year or so Anyways uh this is concerning guys North Korea blames U.S Japan South Korea for Crossing the danger line I'm not going To read this whole thing this is Russian State-sponsored media so take it with a Grain of salt but they are just uh Reporting facts here anyways Basically North Korea has reiterated That it would respond in kind to any Propagations from the United States South Korea or Japan including drills so The question is what is the response Going to be are they going to fire more Shells into What's called the buffer Zone and when they do this of course the South Koreans are saying well if you do That again we're going to respond by Shooting some shells into the buffer Zone and it's only a matter of time Before one side mistakes what is a drill As a real world And when that happens the risk of Nuclear attack increases substantially One of my concerns and questions with Respect to whole how this whole thing Works is you know when North Korea

Launches its nukes what does that mean For China What does that mean for Russia is it Just going to be nuclear North Korea Who's wiped out and becomes in a Radiated Wasteland and China is just Going to not do anything I highly doubt It I highly doubt it I think that all These things are going to be Interconnected meaning that if there is A nuclear exchange on the Korean Peninsula it's very likely that that's Going to spread to China China of course Has very very strong economic ties with Russia as strong as they've ever been Before so you know the Russians are Going to have to respond they have a Limitless as they've called it Partnership with the Chinese so man oh Man is it ever just getting crazy the Chinese military is on high alert in the Taiwan Strait with respect to bird flu There's been more cases of bird flu Found In China and these it's concerning Because there are different strains and They're being found farther and farther Apart so these two strains which are Found were 800 miles apart in China and Of course there is concern that uh the Cambodian strain that killed the girl They said that it looked like it had Passed through another human prior to That now they've ruled out human to

Human transmission but they are saying That it looks as though it's mutating to Become more effective in infecting Mammals and of course us being mammals It's only a matter of time before this Zoonotic disease makes a complete jump Into humans and it seems like everything Is just going to converge at once we got El Nino kicking in this year uh the the Climate is just completely backwards Right now I mean Europe still hasn't Seen winter there's record temperatures All around the world California got hit With one of the worst storms in their History which is good for the drought The one good news is that at least as of Now the drought has been somewhat Mitigated in certain spots but expect That it's going to be a very very hot Summer so I would encourage people if You don't have an air conditioner yet Get one especially if you live in a Place that is not prone to needing air Conditioners because typically it Doesn't get very hot there it's going to Get very very hot there because now of Course we're in El Nino and just imagine The last couple years with all the Record temperatures that were broken we Were in La Nina and El Nino in various Parts of the world means for a much much Hotter climate anyways uh there's a deal Here for you guys if you got money a Rare U.S missile silo for sale can

Survive huge nuclear blast whereabouts Is this located Uh you can just Google that rare US Missile silo for sale I'm not sure exactly the location of This one but I know like back in the day You could buy them for like a dollar Because the government was just trying To get rid of them but uh anyways I Think that's all we got to report today I gotta get going gotta go watch the Fight I think that's about it oh yeah The iPhone and this is how you know this Is how you know That the decoupling is in full swing That the biggest company in the world Apple is moving all of their stuff Because they know what's coming with China and I'm surprised Tesla hasn't Done this in fact Elon Musk got his hand Slapped the other day because he said Something about lab leak that the Chinese government did like they have a Very big uh Factory in Shanghai which is Rolling cars off the factory line at a Record Pace right now I'm wondering how That whole situation is going to pan out I do believe they're planning on Building a new facility in Mexico so Anyways guys all this means is that you Know that they don't want uh Apple Doesn't want their business model Compromised just because the U.S decides To get into war

With China oh I forgot there's also Another big military exercise right now Concurrently in March we got three major Exercises happening one in Korea one in France and the six thousand U.S soldiers Taking part in Cobra gold exercise in Thailand it is going to be a very very Trigger happy Sensitive month for the ages in terms of Nuclear saber rattling we even have Beijing saying that they're putting Their plans on reunification with Taiwan Fast Track because of the U.S sending 619 million dollars to boost Um The Taiwan missile defense so sending a Bunch of missiles and a variety of Weapons and stuff so it's not looking Good guys so just enjoy your life life Is short we could die tomorrow we could Die today you just never know so don't Let this stuff get you in too much of a Tizzy the shizzy is gonna hit the fizzy When it is he and there's not much you Can do about it but I mean you can Prepare that's the best thing you can do So be prepared not scared don't forget Go check out our recent interview we did With Joel Salton a wealth of information With respect to farming I probably got About six videos in the pipe just that I'm just waiting to release and they're All much higher Production videos than This this is not the typical thing we do

On this channel guys we try to give People actionable information but you Know some people they just want to know What's going on in the world and I Totally get it I'm right there with you Anyways take care and let me know who You got in this fight tonight thanks for Watching don't forget to like comment Subscribe Canadian prepper out