Decathlon Bushcraft Tarp One Year Review

By | February 26, 2023
Decathlon Bushcraft Tarp One Year Review

Laughs Wow Wally here This is the decathlon Bushcraft tarp Okay so I've I've had this for Exactly one year well it's exactly one Year since I first put I put the first Video out so let us let's get it out Let's have a look at it let's see how Well it is held up it has had a fair bit Of use no I haven't used it every single Time I've been out but it has had a fair Bit of use and let's see how well it Stood up guys stay tuned Foreign Expertly put away as you can tell Okay do you know what before I put it up Let's talk about some of the features Okay It is a blackout tent okay which means That it doesn't let the light through no If you're putting this into a tarp tent Configuration that's very handy okay if You like a lion you're a little bit Hungover or something like that and you Want to stay in bed a wee bit longer yes For me no I I would prefer it to not be A blackout material okay I would prefer To be able to for light to come true my Type but that's just the way I like it Okay guys It has this big it had this big stupid White piece of information sheet thing Okay I couldn't actually remove Without damaging

Without damaging the seams okay that I I Didn't like that I thought maybe guys You could just include that in the Packet you know instead of having it's a Camouflage tarp with an A4 sheet of White paper Sewn to it that's a bit pointless Okay So But besides that everything else was Excellent I like the camel it's it's It's different it's effective uh I like Uh the The seams and And the stitching is all absolutely Perfect absolutely spot on guys very Reinforced this this this stitch in here Is is really Over the top do you know what I mean Like it's it's it's it's very well made It's very very well made No issues with seam scenes or anything Like that guys Except for right there There's something I never noticed before Is this we're still actually I thought that was a hose No I flicked it up into the light into the Sun Ricotta was a hole Let me just double check that Okay so look I don't know if you guys Will notice this let me flick this Around a bit

Now I can't even find them Aqua just Return type What I have got right Sorry guys I'm never going to be able to Show this on camera Because of the wind I don't know if you can see that there's A couple of little No you're not gonna see it guys sorry I'll I'll I'll check back in the video But there's a couple of little bit of Pinpricks of light right There look to be a hole But it's not what it actually is guys is That this blackout Colton has has rubbed Off a little bit on the inside no big Deal whatsoever uh like considering I Did leave it up for a month or something I think when I got it forced I put it up And Forest I left it up for a month to Test it to see how it got on and it Performed really really well so look I'll put it up now and uh we'll we'll Have a good look at it Thank you Foreign Today That's why it's so cold [Applause] Nah okay Something I like about it that you don't See that well that I haven't seen on a Lot of types of this size guys See right in the middle there

It's hard to spot Okay so look They have extra tie outs On both sides running from the center Both ways okay So this is your Center Line your Ridge Line okay but in a cross going this way So there's one here and there's one the Other side as well okay You know Taylor The dogs are having an internet argument Making noise That's it Pull it out Show this up in the back Guys It's a big car it's a big car It's got lots going on for it because You can just see those little white Spots there hey Bruno It's got a lot going for it I think when I bought this it was about 35 pound I Did have issues with shipping and stuff Online but when I contacted them they Actually I think they were charging me To charge me like 10 quid shipping From Belfast and but when I got onto Them they they'd fix it and and they Sorted all that out for me case I am Happy with this I would like to see Companies make tarps as good as this With with the coyotes and with with how Well everything is stitched in and stuff It's a very heavy duty type though it is

Still late with the blackout is not for Me but hey look you know that's just me It is a good tarp case very very good Very recommended uh you know if you can Pick one up do it No hey Bruno do you want me to throw This stick because you're so intense on The sticky ready three Two one not yet Ah Okay Guys thanks for watching stay frosty Hey Drew it once you may not have to try To get Ah my fingers