Your First Bushcraft Knife?

By | February 22, 2023
Your First Bushcraft Knife?

So there you are you've watched all the YouTube videos you've you've looked at Your local Woods you've you've you've uh You've made a list of all the gear that You want to buy and you're thinking to Yourself I want to get into Bushcraft This is what I'm going to do I'm going To get into Bushcraft but I need a knife What bloody knife will I get Well I'm here to help Stay tuned This is a box full of knives Um Let's dump them out let's have a look at Them and let's see what I think A beginner Bush crafter should get as Their first knife Now I just need somewhere to dump them Hey cuter what are you up there Bushcraft knives guys Bushcraft knives They come in all shapes and sizes okay Falling knives you know open on number Nine here very good folding knife not What I would recommend as a Bushcraft Knife but it's a really solid uh folding Knife old school very good you know Stood the test of time okay that's Carving knife No Good Guys Bruno you're Not a knife you're not enough okay guys I have everything here right I have the You know 300 and something pound custom Handmade You know Erp designs six mil thick Beast Of a knife

You know to your 8 quid halt the first knife okay you Know stainless steel blade Scandinavian Grind nice comfy handle guys and Everything in between okay and what I Want to do I also have my Gentleman Folder knife that I wear to weddings and Funerals guys what I want to do is I Just want to talk oh hang on let's get a Knife I get distracted easily can you go away With your steaks okay what I want to do Is I want to talk about The pros and cons gaze and where I think Is a good start okay that that's the Basics of this video I hope I'm going to Try and stick to that I hope I can't Stick to that okay So we have everything in here we have Big choppers okay This is a good knife this is the Christian companion knife okay not Something I would really recommend as Your first Bushcraft knife now if you Want it buy it if you want any of these And you're like yeah I can afford this Buy it they're all excellent knives okay Uh this is The book 110 and this is a very very Very very famous knife case okay very Famous knife but not something I would Recommend for Bushcraft either for Various reasons This one that is not really a Bushcraft

Knife I'm gonna put that off to the side And this is the thing right this is the Thing All these knives with Bushcraft all These knives will make father sticks all These knives will cut rope all these Knives will Not all these knives will baten okay now And for me that is something that I you Do when I'm Bushcraft and so this you Know so that's going to be part of it as Well okay A kitchen knife will do a lot of stuff You need a Bushcraft knife to do okay When you get further into it on your Skills set becomes more you'll find that You need your knife to do different Things in different ways okay so what We're looking at here guys is this is The Spyderco Bushcraft UK I'm going to Move the camera again This little beauty right here guys is a Knife that hasn't seen delayed here in a Long time and this is actually the Red Branch knife and this was a prototype Knife that myself and Davey from Brock Knives come up with and we never Actually went any further with this And this is quite a nice knife quite a Nice knife we need some work on the Handle I think but quite a nice knife uh Guys there's your halt the first there's Your Mora the cams all camber saw I Can't remember how okay very good knife

As well Uh and there is of course very recently Did a video on that guys and that is the Jahari puko from Varsity Lika an Excellent knife okay Bottom of the Barrel in in price wise Guys that's a halter for safety knife And they cost about three quid they do Not cost a lot of money okay and that is You know that's a carbon steel uh Scandinavian ground knife you know we'll Do a lot of things and it has a rounded Tip so maybe something you might think About if you're if you're thinking about Buying a knife for your child Teenager child I said child uh and this Is the upper end gaze and that's that uh Earpie designs check that out guys okay And then we have your your your Condor And that is the I can't think the name of that I kind of think the name of that knife Siren There's never Sirens here and here okay And then we have the Mora companion this Is the more more basic guys That is a stainless steel blade and that Is a Scandinavian grind as well very Capable knife okay guys these are spray Painted so that I can see them in the Forest easier if they get dropped okay And what we have here guys is we have The Glock field knife brindle back The clock field knife are not just

Arrived today okay They're all knives that would be Considered Bushcraft knives Weird No it's gone These are knives that would all be Considered Bushcraft named some of them Would be considered survival knives what Is the difference guys What is the difference well A Bushcraft knife to me is something That you take into the woods to perform Certain tasks with a survival life is The knife that is in your pocket if you Find yourself in a survival situation Right okay what would I recommend If I was starting Bushcraft all over Again what would I recommend would I say Go get yourself a 200 and something Pound handmade uh uh Custom Knife no I Wouldn't I wouldn't not at all okay Because you might change your mind on Your knife preference might change over Time now this is still something that is Nice it's beautiful to look at in the Sits but it sits in the drawer for me And it's not used okay uh would I Recommend the Condor cap heart that's What it's called Uh No I wouldn't I wouldn't recommend this Knife uh to me this knife is a little Bit

It's a little bit too expensive And a little bit too fragile okay if You're getting into if you're only Starting out in these things especially If you're younger you know there's a Chance that you're gonna you're gonna Use this in a way it's not intended to Be used and this will not stand up to it Okay this I would recommend case uh if you have Between if you have around 60 pound and You're and that's your budget I would Definitely recommend the vars to liquor One tan it is an absolute Beast of a Knife you're not going to break this Thing it's going to last you a lifetime It can take a beating and it can do Everything you need I would maybe Take a take a a file To the spine and just sharpen the spine Up a little bit because uh it's not the Best of throwing Sparks uh This Doesn't really exist This guys is the Spyderco Bushcraft UK And yes this is a really good knife a Really my favorite knife of all time Okay But it costs 220 quid okay so that's why I would not recommend it for your Porsche Bushcraft knife what I would be Looking at guys You're more a knife this comes all this Is a this is a kraken Force knife a

Really good for sniff okay it is going To do most everything that you need it To do okay Maybe about a 10 or 15 quid cheaper than The varsity leaker knife okay the Glock Knife I haven't put it through its Pieces yet as I said it just arrived Today but it is in and around in between The price range of these knives guys and Then you have your Hunter first I'm going to assume you do want a safety Knife so I'm going to put that one away Your halt the first uh stainless steel Now carbon steel versus stainless steel Your carbon steel is going to require You to look after it a wee bit more it's Going to require that you oil it that You sharpen it and that you take care of It okay if you have a habit of leaving Stuff in a rucksack for weeks and weeks On end then I would be looking at Stainless steel okay it is harder to Sharpen You are not going to be able to throw Sparks of it with uh with with a piece Of flint if you need to like you can With carbon steel but does anybody Really do that I don't know uh guys But it's staying less if you get this Wet and you leave this in your bag for Three weeks it is still going to get Rough spots okay it's it's not you know It's not Magic Hey

[Music] Yeah Do you know what I mean so Going from experience I don't have Enough experience of this guys and it is Quite a long blade uh this is the Glock I haven't quite figured out the opening That's a very long bleed it's quite Thick it's probably about four mil thick But it's uh it's it's it's like this has Got stabby knife written all over it you Know what I mean this really looks like Like a fighting knife to me at this Stage I haven't tested it yet but that's What it looks like so that boils us down To from my collection Your Mora Or any of those knives base like this They are a rat time construction guys Which means that they do not have the Blade does not continue to hold where Inside the handle well I've never broken One of these and I've never actually Seen anybody break one who did not Completely just set out to break it okay You know these things cost less than the Tanner all right And that is your varsity knife case and Any of these three names are what I Would suggest as a beginner Bushcraft Knife I really would okay and all the Only difference it's going to make to You uh about these knives is going to be Your your budget what you have to spend

Okay this being the most expensive And that's being the cheapest okay so Your your Jerry poco your Mora and then You're more or your halt the first guys Any of those this this type of of knife Are absolutely fantastic to get you Started okay as you get into this and The same with all uh Hobbies obviously You look at that you see the fancier Things you see you see you see the Beautiful knives and you see the Handmade and the custom knives and stuff Like that and you're thinking yourself Or maybe one of those you know hey look If you can't afford it get it you know That's what I say why would you not It's not right Bruno 's favorite favorite knife for Bushcraft Is a stick Guys and as soon as you get a knife get A food and saw because you lose the saw More than you'll lose the knife thanks For watching stay frosty Foreign [Music] You're not Italian you're German Guys I have videos about Every one of these naves on the channel Okay just have a look at the knife Playlist they're all there