Ohio Train Derailment: Let’s Call It What It Is…

By | February 22, 2023
Ohio Train Derailment: Let's Call It What It Is...

While many watches Super Bowl or scan The skies for Chinese balloons another Tragedy unfolding in Ohio that you Probably all heard of by now thousands Fled for their lives North to Youngstown Or east to Pennsylvania fire lit up the Western Horizon and dark clouds of toxic Smoke billowed into the sky and blocked Out the sun even now as Citizens are Assured that they can safely return to Their homes multiple reports of pets and Wildlife dying and fish floating up dead And Leslie run Creek Warriors continue For thousands who depend on well water And groundwater in the area and we all Know that when the EPA says safe they're Basing that agreed upon acceptable Levels for a select set of chemicals What is acceptable to a testing agency May not be acceptable to you or for your Long-term survival make no mistake about It this is a tragedy that will unfold For years to come let's just call this Incident what it is it's criminal and I Know that's a strong opinion and I don't Know how you you feel about it but Here's a situation where we have Multiple cameras that we're filming next To the tracks a full 20 miles before the Accident that showed one of the axles on Fire indeed if there was a closed Circuit camera monitoring the trains 20 Miles before there must have also been a Human operator or sensor that would have

Been aware of the problem or critical Personnel not in place because of Staffing issues what we do know is that The iconic American railroad company in Charge Norfolk Southern broke fourth Quarter in annual records for revenue And operating income even though they Refused to provide workers a day off Operating Revenue hit 3.2 billion which Was a fourth quarter record it also Marked an impressive 13 year-over-year Increase while America narrowly escaped A massive Railway worker's strike now a Ford's part in the life or death Evacuation of East Palestine Ohio the Company originally donated a mere 25 000 To establish a family assistance center And that comes out to about five dollars President let that sink in for a moment They also chose the light the toxic Chemicals on fire instead of carefully Removing them even as residents were Displaced and toxic dark clouds create So much smoke of the region that Meteorologists said it was visible on Weather radar now some people may call This late stage capitalism and the Gradual decline of America Broad and at Home is inevitable we've seen so much Discontent in America over the last Several years because incidents like This show how much our own country is in Decline in the elites those that are in Power those that make these major

Financial decisions they're all okay With that others believe the whole world Is in Decline and the elites are okay With that as well some even think the Elites have a willing hand in it all to Only accelerate the fall of everyone Else I have some views on this but Admittedly I don't give it a lot of time And energy as I have a strong feeling Despite my own frustrations at what I See there's really not a lot that I can Personally do and it's in my own best Interest for myself and my family to do What we can now to prepare for the Future when I look at the world I see Infrastructure systems that are Incredibly old They're vulnerable and they're poorly Maintained big business Elites have Prioritized profits they cut workforces They kept payload and they've overworked Employees to keep profits flowing to the Top some super wealthy folks believe That they can manage and profit off the Decline and they're probably still Making a profit by selling short and Manipulating the markets the 2008 market Crash was a clear indicator of how the System works the elites the super Wealthy they were bailed out and the Middle class was left holding the bag And we still haven't even really Recovered from that and here's the thing I'm not part of the elites I've been

Around some very wealthy people in my Lifetime and even with the obscene Amounts of money that I know they Possess they're no closer to being in a Position to really make any significant Change when I see all these things Happening in the world I know at the end Of the day it's up to me to look after My family I'm not interested in Discussing the rights and privileges of The Haves versus the have-nots with this Channel I don't think those discussions really Will prevent any meaningful resolution And that's why I've chose the path that I have and why I say what I say on this Channel because I think preparedness is A natural Evolution to put someone on a Path to prepare for so much of what's Coming Look there always has and will always be The poor and the individuals that are Just getting by the wealthy Elite They're going to hide behind Corporations with their offshore Accounts and international Charters and While I'm not a part of those things and I I guess you probably aren't either the Outcome of the struggle between the Privilege and the wealthy and the Everyday person just trying to get by is Out of my control I accept this struggle And I believe it's going to continue and There's not a lot that I can do on my

Own to change the inevitable outcome or The points wherever it was gonna boil Over one day and knowing this as a Prepper I know there are some things I Can do right now to insulate myself in The future this tragedy and I'll call it That in East East Palestine Ohio and the Surrounding areas just one of the string Of infrastructure buildings that we see With increased frequency and intensity Over the last decade specific to Railroads Alabama had 300 derailment Incidents California had 284. Georgia Had 386 Florida I had 106 and the list Can continue on and on and on but not All of those involve fatalities or toxic Chemicals so they don't always rise to Our national attention but any one of Them could have the Texas power outage Jackson Mississippi Municipal Water Supply in the Carolinas Indiana or Michigan power outages are some of the Most high profile infrastructure Fillings in recent months archaic Electrical Systems Failing they've Sparked wildfires that have wiped out Communities in seconds and sadly after The event we always hear Time After Time How these tragedies could have been Prevented if some simple upgrade done by The company was implemented but here's The thing it's cheaper for them to pay Off for damages than to actually perform The necessary maintenance that's really

Needed to protect all this in the first Place it's a story as old as time and Some would argue that we have seen these Tragedies throughout history and I agree And most don't remember when an Industrial filling of the Purity Distilling Company in 1919 where a Molasses tank weighing 13 tons it bursts And it's in a wave of hot molasses Through Boston at 30 35 miles an hour Killing 21 and injuring 150 people many Won't remember the Union Carbide Accident in Bhopal India that killed an Estimated 8 000 people in 1984 and how Many of us still remember the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 and how it Decimated the Gulf of Mexico for years And yet has anything really changed to Protect communities in that area no of Course not these industrial and Large-scale man-made disasters they Occur throughout history and I'm not Going to disagree but I think we are Seeing today more of these smaller Disasters that are growing intensity and In frequency and are compounding other Disasters maybe it's America's Death By A Thousand Cuts when I see events like This I personally feel the need to Prepare my family for the range of Tragic possibilities that the future Could bring and I don't think that's Paranoia I think it's just living in the Reality and seeing what's happening and

Just realizing that more and more these Incidents will happen corporations will Prioritize profit over for people and It's at the end of the day my Responsibility I don't know how many Times I can repeat this to take care of My household I'm not going to put my Faith in corporations to do the right Thing and to clean up their messes or Even prevent them in the first place I'm Not going to count on SCE Southern California Edison or Pacific Gas and Electric to harden off their systems From Attack insulate their wires Properly or retrofit them to endure high Winds in a timely enough manner just Recently parts of Austin Texas they went Through a prolonged power outage and Personally I had friends that were Impacted by that and look I know at the end of the day like many Of us that you know come to the Preparedness Community we realize that Government is you know they're not gonna They're not there to bail us out they're Not going to toss us a fire extinguisher Or a life raft a lot of times they come In to clean up the mess more or less It's great that these government relief Agencies and non-profit entities exist To assist folks after disaster but Relying on them solely it's not part of My plan is it yours is it your Neighbor's plan and this is why I push

For a little more each day toward moving My household toward a self-sufficient Setup so I prep and it's probably one of The big reasons you do as well and we All know that look at the end of the day No one is coming to personally save you I read in the comments And I frequently receive emails from Folks who have lived through a disaster Of some type which is why they prepare And I expect hearing from City prepping Subscribers in East Palestine and if you Are one please post a comment below I Would love to learn how you're preparing Better position you to get out of town When the dark clouds of toxic chemicals Darken the sky overhead if you aren't in The area of this specific tragedy you Have to at least learn from this Let It Be Your cautionary tell that finally Motivates you to get that bug out Backpack I just recently did a video in The last month on building a family bug Outs back system for this year I just Updated every year get your bug out bag Kit with emergency food your water your Energy Medicine stored in your garage or Wherever it is it makes most sense for You and have that ready to be able to Put into a vehicle if you have to get Out of Dodge very quickly obviously get Your vehicle kit in order as well and I've done a lot of videos on that Whether you're in a town with a

Population of 4 700 people tucked away In insulate in the midwest or you live In a city with thousands and thousands Make it a plan today to get out of town If you must know multiple routes out of Town independent of your normal means Your options after disaster they're Limited if you rely entirely on your car In a route with one bridge out of town If you don't have an everyday carry bag Or EDC in your car for when roads become Impassable but you still have to get the Safety your options are limited Surviving comes down to having options And not surviving is a result of running Out of options that's as simple as I can Probably state that if you take but one Lesson from this industrial Transit Accident and how it has been dealt with Except that your Safety and Security are Entirely in your own hands big Businesses they might donate a few Thousand dollars to relief efforts Non-government entities might eventually Provide some relief and the government Might provide some Aid or one day be Armed Twisted into an imposing and Enforcing safety regulations before that Time comes though there will be more East Palestine there will be more power Outages and more unsafe drinking water There will be more crop failures and Food recalls there will be more food Supply issues whether we just have to

Endure them over the normal course of Our history as our ancestors did or they Indicate a more significant gradual but Accelerating decline well only the Hindsight of History will really to let Us know it doesn't matter what you or I Think about them what matters is whether We are prepared for them because I Assure you they will continue to happen They have occurred in the past and they Are happening now and they're going to Continue to happen whether you will be Able to survive them and look at them From a historical perspective it's going To be solely dependent upon how prepared You are now and we should take note of That and prepare for an uncertain future I hope you do as always stay safe out There