Jeremiah 26 & 27 – The Prophets Bible Study

By | February 18, 2023
Jeremiah 26 & 27 - The Prophets Bible Study

Jeremiah 26. In the beginning of the reign of yeah The son of yoshiyahu the king of Judah This word came from yahuwah saying Thus said yahuwah stand in the courtyard Of the House of yahuwah and speak to all The cities of Judah which come to Bow Themselves in the house of yahuwah all The words that I command you to speak to Them do not diminish a word If so be that they listen and each turn From his evil way then I shall repent of The evil that I plan to do to them Because of the evil of their deeds If they'll change their ways I'll change Mine And you shall say to them thus said Yahuwah if you do not listen to me to Walk in my Torah which I set before you To do the instructions that I told you To do To listen to the words of my servants The prophets I am sending you even Rising up early and sending them though You have not listened then I shall make This house like Shiloh and make this City a curse to all the nations of the Earth And the priests and the prophets and all The people heard Jeremiah jeremiahu Speaking these words in the house of Yahuwah and it came to be when Jeremiah Had ended speaking all that yahuwah had Commanded him to speak to all the people

That the priests and the prophets and All the people seized him saying you Shall certainly die Why have you prophesied in the name of Yahuwah saying this house shall be like Shiloh in the city shall be dried up Without an inhabitant And all the people were gathered Together against your miyahu In the house of yahuwah And the heads of Judah heard this and They came up from the King's house to The house of yahuwah and sat down in the Entrance of the new gate of the house of Yahuwah Jerusalem Jerusalem killing the prophets And the priests and the prophets spoke To the heads of all the people saying A death sentence for this man for he is Prophesied against the city as you have Heard with your ears Kind of sounds reminiscent of Yeshua His trial I might be able to get my key to turn in The ignition And roll this window up there we go have A little less ambient noise And Jeremiah spoke to all the heads and All the people saying yahuwah sent me to Prophesy against this house and against This city with all the words that you Heard and now make good your ways in Your deeds and obey the voice of yahuwah Your Elohim then yahuwah shall relent

Concerning the evil he is pronounced Against you and I look I am in your hand Do with me it seems good and right to You but know for certain that if you put Me to death you're bringing innocent Blood on yourselves and on the city and On its inhabitants for truly yahuwah has Sent me to speak to you all these words In your hearing We know from Proverbs that the shedding Of innocent blood is an abomination Then the heads and all the people said To the priest and the prophet no death Sentence for this man for he has spoken To us in the name of yahuwah are our Elohim so they're acknowledging here the Hierarchy the power structure And some of the Elders of the land rose Up and spoke to all the Assembly of the People saying of morishette prophesied In the days of hezekiahu the king of Judah and he spoke to all the people of Judah saying thus said yahuwah of hosts Zion shall become a plowed field and Jerusalem be heaps and the mountain of The house be like the bare Hills of the Forest That hezekiahu king of Judah and all Judah indeed put him to death did he not Fear yahuwah and seek the favor of Yahuwah And the master relented concerning the Evil which he had pronounced against Them but we are doing great evil against

Ourselves There was however a man who prophesied In the name of Yahoo Yuri Yahoo the son Of yahuwah yuriyahu the son of shimayahu Of kiryoth yarim who prophesied against The city and against this land according To all the words of Jeremiah and when And when yehoi yakeem the king with all His mighty men and all the heads heard His words the king sought to put him to Death but yuriyahu heard of it and was Afraid and fled and went to mitzrayim It's a constant recurring theme in the Bible that the prophet is not safe in Jerusalem is not safe in the promised Land and so they flee to mitz Rahim To Egypt you see this with Abraham's Family Um Jacob you know Abraham Isaac Jacob Um you see this with the Hebrews who are In Egypt before The Exodus you see this With Yeshua himself and when he's born And herod's trying to kill all the Babies and Joseph flees to Egypt and Does not return until Herod is dead Then yehoi yakeem the king sent men to Mitzrayim El Nathan the son of akbore And some men who went with him to Mitzrayim and they brought yuriyahu from Mitzrayim and brought him to yehuiakim The king who struck him with the sword And threw his dead body into the burial Sites of the Common People however the Hand of ahikam the son of shafan was

With Jeremiah so as not to give him into The hand of the people to put him to Death We'll read 27 as well In the beginning of the reign of yehoi Yakim son of yoshiyahu the king of Judah This word came to Jeremiah saying this Is what yahuwah said to me make for Yourselves bands and Yokes then you Shall put them on your neck and shall Send them to the king of Edom and the King of Moab and the king of the Ammonites and the king of Sword and the King of sidon and the by the hand of The Messengers who come to Jerusalem to Siddiq Yahoo the king of Judah Yolks upon their neck it symbols uh it Symbolizes like slavery who do you Belong to And you shall command them to say to Their masters thus said yahuwah of hosts The Elohim of Israel say this to your Masters I have made the Earth the man And the Beast that are on the face of The Earth by my great power and by my Outstretched arm yod Yeshua in the Beginning was the word and the Word was With God and the Word was God and not a Thing that was made was made without the Word of God Yeshua by my outstretched Arm yod Yeshua and I shall Give It To Whom it seemed right in my eyes and now I have given all these lands into the Hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babel

My servant And the beasts of the field I have also Given to him to serve him and all Nations Shall Serve him and his son's Sons until the time of the land comes Until the time of his land comes then Many nations many great Nations shall Make him serve them And it shall be the nation and the Kingdom that do not serve Nebuchadnezzar The king of Babel and the one that does Not put on its neck under the Yoke of The king of Babel that Nation I shall Punish declares yahuwah So the tool of punishment here that's Being used for the disobedient house of Judah is Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon So oftentimes we cry out to y'all oh Yeah you know uh destroy my enemies you Know save me from this it's like dude You you made this bed now you're going To line it you didn't listen when you I Told you what not to do You didn't have the time of day for him At that point but now now that you're Reaping what you've sown now that your BS is coming home to roost Oh please God save me Uh-huh well that tool of Destruction That he's going to use to get your Attention is of him We forget that the darkness belongs to Yah

That the bad stuff is his too what we Perceive to be bad is his too Rather than trusting in yah to see us Through the bad stuff we cry out please Father save me from this whatever Well you wouldn't be going through Whatever in the first place if it wasn't Yes will and many times it's our Disobedience that brings that punishment On us in the first place And it shall be the nation and rain that Does not serve Nebuchadnezzar the king Of Babel and the one that does not put Its neck under the Yoke of the king of Babel that Nation I shall punish Declares yahuwah with the sword and with Scarcity of food and pestilence until I Have consumed them by his hand very Reminiscent of Matthew 24 the beginning Of the birth pains So do not listen to your prophets or to Your diviners or to your dreamers or to Your observers of clouds or your Sorcerers who speak to you saying do not Serve the king of Babel for they are Prophesying falsehood to you to remove You far from your land and I shall drive You out and you shall perish but the Nations that bring their necks under the Yoke of the king of Babel and serve him I shall leave in their own land declares Yahuwah and they shall till it and dwell On it and I Jeremiah spoke to siddiq Yahoo the king of Judah according to all

These words saying bring your necks Under the Yoke of the king of Babylon Serve him and his people and live why Should you die you and your people by The sword by the scarcity of food and by Pestilence as yahuwah has spoken against The nation that does not serve the king Of Babel do not listen to the words of The prophets who speak to you saying do Not serve the king of Babel for they Prophesied falsehood to you For I have not sent them declares Yahuwah yet they prophesy falsehood in My name in order that I drive you out Then You Shall Perish you and the Prophets who prophesy to you then I Spoke to the priests and to all these People saying thus said yahuwah do not Listen to the words of your prophets who Are prophesying to you saying see the Vessels of the House of yahuwah are Brought back from Babel soon now for They prophesy falsehood to you do not Listen to them serve the king of Babylon Live why should this city become a ruin But if they are prophets and if the word Of yahuwah is with them let them now Make intercession to yahuwah of hosts That the vessels which are left in the House of yahuwah and in the house of the King of Judah and at Jerusalem shall not Go to Babel for thus said yahuwah of Hosts yahuwah Sabayath

Concerning the columns and concerning The sea this is the stuff that was made For the temple by Solomon Well at the direction of Solomon by Hiram Abiff an entirely different Teaching For thus said yahuwah of hosts Concerning the columns The Joaquin and the Boaz And the Sea The Great bronze sea and Concerning the stands and concerning the Remainder of the vessels which are left In the city which Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babel did not take when he Exiled yokanya the son of yahuwahim the King of Judah from Jerusalem to Babel And all the Nobles of Judah and Jerusalem thus said yahuwah of hosts the Elohim of Israel concerning the vessels That remain in the house of yahuwah and In the house of the king of Judah and Jerusalem they shall be brought to Babel And be there until the day that I visit Them declares yahuwah then I shall bring Them back and restore them to this place Foreign Do what y'all said or suffer the Consequences And even in the suffering of the Consequences he will see you through That if you're obedient to him You all have a blessed day Shalom