Terävä Jääkäripuukko 110 Knife Long Term Review

By | February 5, 2023
Terävä Jääkäripuukko 110 Knife Long Term Review

Wow Molly here I'm Bruno Who never wants to be left out guys This Is a knife that needs no introduction Stay tuned Yes guys Needs no introduction but I better Introduce it Daniel otherwise there's no Contacts in this whole video right Excuse me guys this is the Jahari puku 110 from Varsity Liquor guys This is A beast a beast guys it is described as A no No Nonsense knife okay and That is exactly what it is I I have had This for I'm gonna say three years guys I've had It for three years right Uh it's four mil thick let me just check The specs on it guys all the specs will Be down below okay uh It's it's a Poco style right Full Tang Uh it's formal thick Rubberized handle uh it's not a Sharpened spine but it has sort of like A a bevel on the spine that you can use For Tron Sparks from a feral Rod guys it Is like somebody took a big piece of Steel and sharpened it and went That there you go there's a knife Wally See if you can break that and I bloody Trade and I could not Guys

Comes with this leather sheath with a Dangler uh it has a plastic insert in it When you push it in You clip this Does rattle a little bit It is very secure very secure Overall right I'm gonna see I have this Three years For the first year I had this I carried This all the time all the time okay and I have to say that it performed Excellent I was never let down in any Shape or form I bothered it I even made A video on my other channel in case Where I beat it with a hammer okay and And it completely stood up to it it is a Very very very good knife now That's right let's put it through its Paces and let's see how it gets on it is Not going to fail at any of these guys Okay the only limiting factor to this is The length of the blade but these come In like four or five different sizes and You can get ones that are like this size That you couldn't chop down a tree with Okay it's basically a big It's like a Glock okay I'm going to say Right let's beat stuff enough talking Wally Guys in everything you do in life you Should always have a beating stick This is not for you none of this is for You Bruno He does not understand that concept he

Believes that every stick is for him Every one of them This is it right guys There is It's just an accent knife I I think they Are coming in at around 60 pound I'm Going to say that off the top of my head Guys guys the price of these at the Moment is 68 pound okay Sterling uh Including a sheath What you get for that price Is very good very very very very good Guys it is excellent value for money uh I'm you know so I would recommend this Knife okay even before I start beating Stuff with it I've used it enough to Recommend it but no I'm trying to make a Video here No No knives You know the rule about knives you've no Thumbs so you can't hold them go away go No see Bruno gets very excited about the Knife videos because I am making These are mine These are mine for the video I'm making sticks smaller he likes Sticks okay let's beat something before He gets too excited guys this is just Maybe like a two inch piece of of a Sycamore You want one of these A nice big knot there you want that one Go get that one

This is a piece of uh this is a piece of Pine quite knotted around here and here That would would be something this this Paint is something that I have bent Knives in before guys You look at you'll see know how twisted This is So No problem to it that's done To get another bit done No Here is the thing Before people get into the comments and Start shouting at me I do the same knife I do the same couple Of of uh Exercises exercises is not the right Word I do the same tests with every Knife that I get guys for these videos Okay so uh no you have one I give you One right you actually have two go away So a lot of people will come on and say That knife is not designed to do that Well if a knife is if I'm going to use The knife this is what it's going to do Okay Feather sticking is one of those things That you could start and three hours Later you're still at it Let's let's let's get some nice fine Stuff I have sort of rounded it a bit I'm going to dig it out a little bit There It's quite windy today

As always Drew's a spark out here no problem The greatest drawing Sparks actually Maybe I need to sharpen that edge up a Little bit Dinner Okay So it's just me being completely awkward And useless So look Let's uh no Bruno stop that's that Sticks for me okay let's have a look at The chopping No problem this is the thing there's no Problem to this like Where's me beat me Bruno wants me Beating stick Go over and go Where am I Right okay so The Varsity Liquor I Poco 110 guys Is A very very very very very very very Capable knife I have abs never had any Issues with it that's messing about that You saw there uh with with the with the Feral rod and stuff I think that's Probably just me being useless today and Being a little bit out of practice it Definitely choose a spark you could Possibly Smash down a brick wall with This guys it is on par with Survivability with the

The mod knife okay except it's just a Wee bit more refined all right it's got A decent handle you know it's it's just An excellent well made no-nonsense knife Detects all the boxes okay Highly recommended highly recommended Unfortunately Due to brexit guys Unavailable in the UK but if you're in Any of these forums I'm sure uh you know There's somebody in Ireland you know or Somebody in Europe that's in these forms As well you could get it shipped to Their house and they could post it on For you guys I highly recommended it it Is one You know that you have in your bag and It's never going to let you down Thanks for watching stay frosty