Danner USMC RAT Boots – Under One Minute

By | February 3, 2023
Danner USMC RAT Boots - Under One Minute

So these are the USMC right it inch Mojave GTX these are the planto so you Can get a steel toe version you can get A hot water version which is not gortex Lane these are obviously Gore-Tex lined As you can see right here these are Nubuck leather uh the plain toe and this Is one thousand denier nylon on the side Okay they are gortex lined and have a Dry I think it's dry ice or dry lock Vibram soles a p u lined leather toe cap And the same on the heel as well where They found that these were very very High wear areas first of all you've got The high balance tongue and you got the Speed lace system these overall After three years of wear I I love these boots these are really Really good boots