BREAKING NEWS: Heres Why They Don’t Shoot it Down! (China Balloon)

By | February 3, 2023
BREAKING NEWS: Heres Why They Don't Shoot it Down! (China Balloon)

Bye folks Canadian prepper here I'm Gonna break it all down I'm going to Give you information you are not going To hear anywhere else about the supposed Balloon blimp Airship stratospheric Weather balloon it's being called a Variety of different things why are they Calling it a balloon for one it sounds Quite harmless when they call it a Balloon doesn't it we're going to talk About whether or not this is really that Important if it's a big nothing burger Or if it demarcates a pivot from the Western theater to the Eastern theater Because you'll notice this is on the Front page of every single mainstream News media agency and when that happens That in itself has to raise an eyebrow As to why on Earth are they wanting us To focus on this so bad because make no Mistake if they wanted to they could put This as a footnote at the bottom of the Page and there wouldn't be any public Uproar whatsoever they clearly want us To focus on this for a reason obviously It's on the back of increased tension Between China and the USA whether it's The Chip War the delegations that have Been sent to Taiwan military support for Taiwan which is only ramping up or the Increased Naval presence as of recent Just in the past few days we're seeing More Chinese warships in the South China Sea potentially getting ready to

Establish some kind of blockade we're Hearing all kinds of dates thrown out as To when the actual offensive on Taiwan Is going to begin four-star generals are Saying it could happen by 2025 the best Accounts are saying that it could happen By 2027 there are some accounts that Think it's about to happen right away so What we know about this blimp so far is What they're telling us so that's the Extent of what I know but I'm going to Speculate a little bit as I usually do a Lot of people wondering why they didn't Shoot it down well let's just talk about That one right away because that's Probably the most interesting Aspect of all of this I think the reason Why they didn't shoot it down and I'm Going to talk about why the Chinese have Been working on this weather balloon Technology and something very similar That they released last September uh I Think the reason why they didn't shoot It down is because they probably want to Capture it okay and so they're using as An excuse so if we shoot it down it's Gonna fall on some wild deer in Montana Or something like that the lowest Population density in the North American Continent that's not the reason why Obviously it's pretty clear that they're Trying to capture this thing because if You didn't know there is a lot of Technology in these balloons these

Balloons can stay aloft for months in Some cases this one is solar powered so It's essentially going to stay up there For as long as they need it to they can Actually steer themselves they're Potentially indefinite to run and the Fact that the military failed to Acknowledge it is what's on everybody's Mind because these types of balloons can Carry very large payloads and to call it A balloon is somewhat misleading we Should probably be calling it an airship In the very least a stratospheric Airship of sorts because they call it a Balloon you know evokes a different uh It's a very euphemistic term it's it's Not very militaristic and it doesn't Sound very threatening so I'm surprised They're not calling it an Airship if They wanted to draw attention to the Supposed military threat now everybody's Harping on Biden saying why didn't he Shoot it down well this is probably why Apparently he wanted to shoot it down But someone in the military with this Mark milley or otherwise said no we Shouldn't shoot this down because it was Gonna fall on somebody well we all know That's BS they probably don't want to Shoot it down because the Chinese have Been working on this technology which is Not to say that we don't have something Very similar in fact they could have Copied it from us but they probably want

To know what the Chinese know if it is a Reconnaissance surveillance uh blimp We're just going to call it a variety of Different things for the sake of this Video okay Um it could very well contain Information they want to know what they Now know even though a lot of these Images that you could acquire and Intelligence you could gather from Something like this could easily be Achieved by low earth orbit satellites As far as I'm told I don't know all the Ins and outs and details of that there's Many benefits to using balloons over Those satellites obviously they're very Cheap and clearly they were able to Enter our airspace undetected right over Our Minuteman missile silos people are Saying oh they're buying on the Minuteman missile silos well there's Nothing new there I mean those things Have been around excuse me longer than I Have so whatever is needs to be known About those is probably already known Unless they're trying to see if the Americans have made any augmentations uh In light of all of the geopolitical Turmoil going on around the world Perhaps they suspect that there is you Know potentially Changes that have been made or Indicators that might suggest that the United States has moved to an increased

Defcon level but that said it does into The Chinese defense the pattern of the Weather balloon does follow the Trajectory of the jet stream okay so it Very well could be what they're saying It's not outside the realm of Possibility that this balloon is just Some meteorological balloon that blew Off its course I mean that is possible Right and the reason for not shooting it Down might just be to either See to get this technology whatever they Have in there and see how far Advanced They are but I think the the military Has a vested interest in in not shooting This thing down so there's a lot of People who are quick to like you know This is why we have thinking people in Higher ranking positions in society Because the knee-jerk reaction isn't Just okay attack it no if there's Intelligence if there's technology you Want to capture it you don't want to Just blow it out of the sky okay and This is why we have those people in Charge I'm not saying they always make The right decisions but sometimes you Have to respond and not react so for all You guys who are saying oh they should Just shoot it down and Biden's weak and All this stuff you don't understand the Big picture okay now back in September 30th of 2022 a research team from the Aerospace information Research Institute

Air Of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Conducted the test in North Western Chinese province of a high payload Capacity near space balloon okay this Thing is operating at the exact same Altitude as the one that was discovered Today and it can carry a payload of 1.2 Tons more than enough to uh you know More than enough payload for a military Device like a nuke or and of course a Nuke at detonated at that altitude would Have electromagnetic pulse effects now At 30 miles above Ground a EMP could take out a space that Would be the equivalent of you know one End of the ICBM fields to the other in Fact a lot bigger we're probably cover Two or three states although the effect Of the EMP is going to be diminished From the epicenter and uh you could send Out multiple balloons like this across The United States they do have Rudders I Believe they can actually steer these And like I say they're solar powered so I don't know how much capability they Have in terms of controlling this thing But you could potentially just unleash a Bunch of these balloons onto the Battlefield and detonate nuclear weapons High up in the atmosphere sorry in the Stratosphere or uh was it sub Stratosphere I don't know anyways it's Up very high and that is going to give

You a very long line of sight for the Electromagnetic pulse so was this a mess That China was trying to send I don't Know I mean are we at risk of being Invaded by the Chinese not even remotely Close uh I mean maybe There might be some one-off scenario Where they're able to pull off an EMP And they establish some sort of beach Head in the west and it's very strongly Fortified because all of our systems Have been wiped out and our grid has Been shut down we can't communicate and Mobilize the army or something but I Think these are just really one-off Things I don't think the Chinese are in Any position I mean they're Contemplating taking a small island like Taiwan who speaks the exact same Language who doesn't have everybody Armed to the teeth so that the fantasy That the Chinese are getting ready to Invade no not right now maybe if the United States was in a greater state of Disarray something like that might be Feasible but the only way you're taking Over any North American country is Through subversive tactics okay you're Not going to be doing that so I would Just throw that idea right out the Window so they have been doing trial Runs of this technology in the past and The balloon that they tested in September was 100 meters roughly three

School buses as they're saying okay so It's It's well within the realm of Possibility that this was a Meteorological Bloom but it could be Have been a trial run a test could be Putting the United States on notice that Hey we can enter your airspace with a Very large payload potentially a nuclear Payload and we could effectively take Out all of your power grid now a lot of Those Minuteman missile silos are Hardened against EMP but I'm pretty sure Peter price said they were only to 50 000 volts I could be wrong about that And that modern EMP weapons can go up to 200 000 volts which would fry the Minuteman missile silos that would only Leave the submarines and the bombers and Both of those take more time well at Least the bombers anyways take time to Mobilize you incapacitate our Minuteman Missile silos and that's a big leg of The nuclear Triad which is you know Gonna leave us very vulnerable to Future Attacks so something something's Definitely going on whether it's in the The media spin of this wanting us to Focus on it is it a pivot from west to East because the Russians are about to Invade and do this major offensive who Knows But the whole politicization of it I Don't play that game guys don't get

Sucked into the Beijing Biden why then They shoot it down there's probably a Reason why they didn't shoot it down Which is totally a political uh What else do we know about this so There is a possibility that if it was Being used for surveillance it could be To spy on command and control networks For signals intelligence to monitor Radio traffic they can have advanced Networking capabilities they can be Carrying Advanced radar sensors they Could even use uh electronic warfare They can exact electronic warfare I Should say they could carry Optical Payloads and they can even deploy drones From high altitudes so they could go fly Over and disperse a bunch of drones you Know because they can carry a very large Payload 1.2 tons is a lot of drones that They could send out to just collect more Information or do God knows what so no I Would not get all caught up in the whole Is this Biden blimp or something like That as for the Canadians why we didn't Detect it in our airspace soon enough Well I guess why didn't the alaskans Detect it why didn't the Japanese Detective Why didn't South Koreans Detected I guess these things are just Hard to detect they can only be Detected by civilians with 500 Milliliter 500 millimeter lens cameras I don't know go figure but uh it's just

A in our armor I guess that we Have to fix but this may be Foreshadowing tactics that might be Employed by the Russians because an EMP Detonated at that height maybe a smaller EMP At a slightly lower altitude could Practically take out kiev's power grid With one shot okay it would be a high Altitude nuke the problem is it would be A nuclear weapon and that would likely Trigger some or it definitely would Trigger article four would it trigger Article Five I don't know article four Being a a NATO meeting to establish Whether or not they want to take action And NATO 5 of course being a Mutual Security guarantee so if one NATO Country is attacked all of the others Come to their aid so if it's established That the EMP had some sort of residual Effects in surrounding countries or if They could make the case that there was Going to be Fallout that fell into NATO Countries therefore we have to intervene I mean they're already on the brink of Intervening if you watched our update That we did yesterday they're going to Be sending these longer range missiles That really is the big story the tanks Are almost uh uh they're definitely Going to be impactful but it's the Long-range missiles that we got to worry About really escalating this conflict

Further but it's all coming together all More reason to be prepared it appears as Though the media is getting ready to do A very very hard pivot to the Eastern Front here and I think this is going to Be that moment that watershed moment That delineates The Western Front being the focal point Of our attention to the Eastern Front Let me know what you guys think in the Comment section below thanks for Watching don't forget to like comment Subscribe Canadian prepper out