My Friends… It’s About to Get Ugly.

By | January 26, 2023

Okay so here we go Uh this is what the Declaration of a Global conflict looks like in the modern Day okay let's read along here Biden we All want an end to this war according to One of the finest media Publications Around one CNN As you can probably imagine that's Sarcasm but let's take a closer look at This message for a second we all want an End to this war Biden says Coincidentally on the same day the two Other things happen to happen The Doomsday Clock was moved closer to Midnight than it's ever been before According to the Geniuses over at the International bulletin for Atomic Science And we happened to commit more materiel Manpower and resources than we ever have In this conflict the single biggest Escalation in the war happened on the Same day when CNN has this on their Front page we all want an end to this War can you imagine what they're going To say when the bombs are inbound think About it for a second They don't have bunkers for the Population in the United States like and Like they do in Switzerland or Canada For that matter do you really think they Care about you They don't care okay and that that is Proof that they're never going to tell

You when it's actually getting bad this Is proof literally on the same day end War is in the headline on the same day You're seeing the single biggest Escalation one of the biggest red lines Has now been crossed we're going to talk About the reasons why in just a minute We've been saying it all along that They're going to send the tanks they're Going to send the f-16s next they're Going to send the long-range missiles And it's going to keep on going red Lines will continue to be crossed how Many red lines have been crossed well Let's count them uh the Crimean Bridge Nordstrom sending any weapons to Ukraine At all uh 10 rounds of sanctions uh how About U.S inspectors on the ground how About the 101st Airborne in Romania Right on the borders how about all of These American troops trading on the Borders in the Baltic states okay how About the expelling of Russian Ambassadors from Baltic countries how About targeting the Russian nuclear Triad at Angles air base with the Ukrainian drone how about the constant Bombardment of Russian border towns not That I'm saying that that's that's fair Game I mean Ukraine has 100 percent Justification to Target Russia if you're At a war with a country you have it's It's you know it should be expected that Moscow is going to take some he but

Think about how many red lines have been Crossed Time After Time and Russia is Just silent now as that saying goes Fear The Quiet guy in the room you fear those Dogs that are quiet okay you don't fear The one that's barking because a barking Dog is it doesn't know what it's going To do when it actually when the when the Time comes for it to actually bite Somebody it doesn't know what to do a Quiet dog is the one you have to worry About that's the same thing I'm worried About right now with respect to what Russia is going to do next but this is Proof If you ever needed definitive Smoking Gun proof that they're never going to Tell you how bad it is this is it okay Now We're going to talk a bit about the Psychology of descending into a World War III environment today because this Is important the economic contraction That we're about to see and feel and be A part of is going to Bear Down on People mentally and this is going to Trigger a lot of people this chronic Stress that's going to be induced by Inflation people not having enough to Make ends meet people not knowing what The hell is going on when this cognitive Dissonance is happening when you see Something with your own eyes it's Happening you know we've declared war

Against Russia de facto state of War yet They're saying end War Okay on the same page that creates Stress and it manifests as public free Coats it manifests as witch hunts and Fanaticism and infighting and conflict And you're going to see that intensify People are going to take to the street Soon for something some political issue It's going to be a general strike it's Going to be something like that's Happening in Europe Europe's just a few Months ahead Now I want to play this to you okay if you Don't think that we're in a de facto State of war with the Russians and you Need to pay very close attention because When I came out with a headline I think It was last year I said that Europe has Declared war against Russia people are Like oh your alarm is too Sensationalists well let's hear what a German parliamentarian has to say And again I'm not speaking to this from A place of good bad whatever there are Reasons there are reasons to You could make an argument that NATO's Involvement in this conflict is Existential from a monetary standpoint When we're talking about dedolarization And the whole house of Fiat collapsing We'll talk about that more in a minute Let's see what a German parliamentarian

Has to say And therefore I've said already in the Last days yes we have to do more to Defend Ukraine yes we have to do more Also on tanks but the most important and The crucial part is that we do it Together and that we do not do the blame Game In Europe because we are fighting a war Against Russia and not against each Other thank you We are fighting a war against Russia That sounds like she just said we're at War with Russia maybe I'm mistaken maybe That'll be walk back just like Biden Walked it back when he said that they Need to take out Putin just like blinken Walked it back I'm sure he said Something stupid Ursula vanderlein Stoltenberg I'm sure they've all said The same thing But they're saying the quiet part out Loud that's called the Freudian slip Perhaps if you want to call it that it's Uh it's telling you what's actually Going on Because understand they're not there's No interest in telling you what's going On continuity of government above all Else if they actually cared about Your well-being in a time of true Disaster they would be stalking the Bunkers right now Okay

And uh they don't They don't I mean maybe if you're one of The VIPs one of the people who has a Certain skill set that's rare That's Unique like you're some High profile civil engineer or you know You're a surgeon or something like that Yeah they probably have your number Pulled and they're going to call you When the time comes hey come to the Bunker we're gonna need you right but For everybody else You're going to be left to your own Devices to try to decipher what the hell Is going on So that's why I say this is proof This is proof and it it's perplexing to Me How in this day and age When we have so much information out of Fingertips yet it's just white noise and Ninety percent of it is just there to Distract what this technology which is Supposed to empower us and make us more Informed and more educated about the World is actually doing the complete Opposite People were more informed back in the 50s when they just had newspapers and a Few channels to flick through And they actually talked with each other They had social skills now these are all The tanks that are being sent disregard The numbers the numbers do not matter

Because this is the tip of the spear People are going to say oh it's only 31 Tanks yada yada this is just the tip of The spear We got a couple hundred leopard tanks Rolling in we got 31 Abrams on this Round next round it's going to be Hundreds and you're going to see f-16s And people are saying well you got to Build a logistical infrastructure and You got to be able to maintain and Inspect and train and all this they've Already planned all that out for a long Time I'm almost 100 certain And let's be honest there have been Mercenaries on the ground since day one So there's nothing There's nothing to make us assume that The guy driving the tank is not going to Be a mercenary from a NATO country I Mean let's be real okay it doesn't Matter at this point because the German Parliament just essentially said that We're at war with the Russians the German Parliament said we're at war with The Russians is that Computing with Everybody okay I know a lot of people Think I'm crazy try this mental exercise Okay You think I'm nuts that's fine Um who do you trust whether it's a Celebrity a sportscaster uh political Pundit a politician uh media Mogul Whoever imagine somebody you trust a

Talk show host to give you the bad news To tell you the truth about what is Going on who would you believe if they Came on the TV today and said you need To start prepping because the shizzy's About to hit the fizzy okay now you got That person in your mind and don't say Your mom or your dad or your family Members because you're full of crap That's not going to happen you're going To say ah they're kooky they're crazy Now you got that person in your mind Now ask yourself how many millions of Other people did they just inform of That same very thing because most people Are going to pick somebody famous that's Who they trust right Millions and what's going to happen People are going to go from zero in Terms of denial not caring complete Indifference to Panic Pandemonium in fact that's what's going To happen denial to panic And so then it's too late So this is why we're left in this this Paradoxical situation where we need the Mainstream to confirm to fully validate What we're talking about on this channel And the risk factors like the Doomsday Clock and whatever But at the same time we know when they Tell us it's usually too late because They're never going to do anything to

Disturb the public peace public opinion They want to ensure That the government can get all their People to the bunkers in time and they Don't want people clogging the roadways And you think I'm just making this up This is exactly why they didn't warn People about the war in Ukraine because They they explicitly stated afterwards Months after the fact yeah we we didn't Want to Spook people because they would Have clogged up the roadways and uh we Wouldn't have been able to maneuver our Military Our equipment in the way that we needed To so we It's the same thing Where are we going here uh Oh before I dive into this I want to see As the economic contraction ensues and As the walls Bear Down on people because We're entering a war economy And that's going to become obvious go Watch the videos I did four months ago If you want to know what's going to Happen next Um This is going to happen anger infighting Witch hunts scapegoating people getting Triggered public free coats people just Losing their freaking Minds because That the Fiat system was built on This Promise of endless expansion and Conspicuous consumption and the dopamine

You know just the constant constant slot Machine in order to feel good about Yourself and uh now that that's coming To an end it's really coming to an end And most people don't realize it yet It's coming to an end for a variety of Reasons not just the war it's a Confluence of things which are Causing a huge Paradigm Shift right now And a lot of people were in denial for The longest time but what's going to Happen is the cognitive dissonance that Is caused by you seeing a different Reality than the media is saying is Going to lead to stress and it's going To manifest as anger okay The chronic stress that we're all under Not being able to pay the bills or Living paycheck to paycheck or Just the the little things death by a Thousand paper cuts all of that stuff is Going to lead to anger and lashing out People are going to become resentful Especially of Preppers especially of People who've been saying this since the Start and who are being Vindicated by The course of events that have Transpired in the last few years they're Going to become resentful with us for Some reason and I'm not sure what it is But uh you know people just need Something They need something to be the the target Of their ire

And it's typically not the thing that People will redirect their Negative energy to a Target Which is Less dangerous so instead of You know taking their concerns to the Right places to their MP or whoever They'll instead fight with each other Instead of taking their grievance to the People who can actually change it or Taking up the issue with the people who Are causing the problem will Doggy Dog Each other and that is before the Resources run out imagine how bad it's Going to get after the resources run out Now myself personally I can kind of see What's coming next not because I'm Nostradamus but because I look at the Information As eclectically and objectively as I Possibly can as humanly possible Obviously there's some subjectivity to It but I'm somewhere between depression And acceptance And maybe a little bit of bargaining Because every so often I say oh maybe There's maybe there's hope here maybe The elites do have a plan uh and then It's like oh yeah no we're screwed Uh and then I'll go to okay well you Know I mean I was I'm as prepped as I'm Ever going to be but uh one place where I'm far away from his denial and anger I Mean if people are still getting angry And causing drama then you don't

Understand the situation you don't Understand you don't truly understand How bad it is yet okay got me So I would encourage people if you're Angry Target the right people Target and Actually you know I mean you shouldn't Be angry that long if you're angry I Understand you're frustrated because Maybe you've been lied to about certain Things and You want to take that out on something Use that as fuel to motivate you to be a Better person what we always say with Preparedness on this channel is prepping Is a means to become a better more Well-rounded person and I stand by that And every time I tell that to a media Company who wants to interview me about You know why I'm prepping for doomsday And all this stuff they're like oh well That's not you know we want somebody More On The Fringe I guess they don't Want to hear that they don't want to Hear that I treat prepping as a martial Art I may never get in a fight ever I but you see martial artists who train For hours and hours a day why People would say that's a waste of time Well no it isn't because it has residual Positive effects in other aspects of Your life it makes you a more Well-rounded person it makes you an Upstanding citizen it makes you a role

Model in your community it makes you a Better person and I'm telling you guys This the day I develop a big gut and I Let myself go that's the day you need to Stop listening to what I'm saying I'm Not saying that there are not people With profound intellectual insights that We all need and I'm not saying that just Because somebody's out of shape they Don't have a contribution to make I'm Just saying that as a prepper one of my Central priorities is my health and it Doesn't matter how hard times get you Can always try to be a master of that Domain And when I let myself go that's when you Need to stop listening to me because That's when I've either stopped Believing it or I've you know I've just I've acquiesced to the pressure and I've I've just stuck here in depression Acceptance with how bad things are going To get that's kind of where you want to Be That's a positive place to be so we're Not saying be all depressed and peer out Your curtains and be agoraphobic and Never go and engage with the world and Enjoy life we're just saying that shit's Gonna get bad they're not going to tell You how bad it's going to get and you Can take it upon yourself to be ahead of The curve inform yourself I'm not saying

You know uh believe every alternative Media story that comes across your desk Because then you're going to be way out To left field in tinfoil land I'm just Saying you can be ahead of the curve Just like the markets the reason why People get ahead in the markets is Because They do the research they do their Homework and so they can be ahead of the Curve so they don't have to storm in When Mr celebrity comes on the TV and Says yeah now it's time to prep because The shit's hitting the fat okay anyways Ticking Time Bomb Russia issues urgent Nuclear warning after Doomsday Clock Moves closest ever to midnight yada yada What else is new I mean could you imagine reading this Headline just a year ago Just a year ago imagine that headline Knowing That we're sending some of our best Military equipment In the hundreds in the hundreds of Billions 113 billion dollars now Crazy and that's only the tip of the Iceberg because understand that the Trillion dollar quadrillion and Derivative House of Fiat that has been Built on the Petro dollar they won't let It go this is existential for the west And that's what people need to realize Well why are they fighting this war ah

They're just going to give up at the Last minute no they won't they can't Can't because so much is at stake and This is why I think it was Rogan who said you know And and I've thought about this before Too and this is why I always played The Devil's Advocate it's like maybe it's True That We are playing a more provocative role Than we make out in this conflict maybe It is true that there's been NATO Infringement but Somebody has to rule the world it's just At the end of the day people want to Talk about multi-polar worlds but I mean How often has that ever worked out has It ever worked out that two governments Can coexist has it ever worked out that You can have two presidents and they're Both going to discuss things and Negotiate at the same time and you know Be able to run a country that way so Understand that there's a power vacuum And it's Global and somebody has to rule The world and it's likely going to be us Or it's going to be the Sino Uh Russian Alliance the Sino Russo Alliance And at the end of the day I guess we Hope that it's us Because people talk about a multi-polar World and this is a subject of debate

I'm not saying anything definitively Here I like to think forgive me if I'm Thinking out loud But maybe a multi-polar world is Possible it's good to have a balance of Power you could say And maybe that is going to be The balance of power that accelerates us And motivates us to create faster maybe We need War there's an anthropological Theory that states that you need war in Order to Spur Evolution you know Necessity is the mother of all Inventions so you actually need Of two parties fighting with one another So they invent better stuff so there's An arms race you need an arms race in Order to evolve uh technologically Anyway we're getting way off topic here I swear guys I haven't done drugs in Many many years but sometimes it comes Out uh okay uh Turkish owned ship Was hit at the Port of Kirsten kirison Is that southern region where Russia Withdrew from not too long ago this is Problematic because if you don't know Turkey has brokered a grain deal to Transport grain remember Ukraine and Russia are some of the biggest grain Producers in the world and biggest grain Exporters they export a lot of their Stuff to developing countries and Fertilizers and whatnot to developing Countries this is going to cause famine

It's going to cause chaos in these Developing countries which of course is Going to increase immigration it's going To increase social instability in the Countries the people are immigrating to And it's just going to cause unrest Around the world and increase the Likelihood of conflict and the reason Why this is so bad is because now I mean It was already hard to get ships insured To come in here now I think it's going To be damn near impossible who's going To want to ensure these ships that have To come in and get this grain when There's a high likelihood that not only Is the war going to intensify from this Point forward but that they can get hit And uh of course nobody's going to want To ensure that Americans are worried as A forget with hypersonic weapons entered The Atlantic as confirmed as indicated By Green Graves two days ago he was the First to bring this story out and uh Props to him for doing that I agree with Some things ring Gregg says just like Any channel there's things I don't agree With but that guy is very well connected So I'd encourage you to go check out his Channel and he came out with this story That indicated that there was a Hypersonic weapon carrying for gate Russian warship just off the coast of The United States about 100 miles now is This somewhat redundant anyways in light

Of the fact that they probably have all Kinds of submarines out there on the Coastlines of North America probably it's more Symbolic gesture it's more a sign saying That hey We're watching you and we're ready to Pull the trigger now this is very Concerning okay this is just another Point of escalation A Russian Diplomat warned the West about The consequences of a supply of Ammunition with uranium to the Armed Forces of Ukraine so they're worried About depleted uranium rounds being Shipped and being used in these M1 Abrams these are bunker busting Armor-piercing rounds you it has spent Depleted uranium which is radioactive Okay and it can contaminate a region This has been complained about by the Afghanis and the Iraqis I believe So they're concerned that these are the Shelves that they're going to be using To pierce through Russian armor And they're saying that they're going to Treat this like a nuclear dirty bomb It's not going to go boom but it's going To leave radioactive particles Everywhere and it's going to contaminate And it's going to lead to long-winded Radiation sickness over time the Russians are saying they're going to Treat this like a dirty bomb like a

Nuclear attack let that sink in If there wasn't enough escalation Already the fact that these things may Be shooting depleted uranium rounds as Soon as the Russians pick up their Geiger counters and they realize that The rounds that were used to take out Their t90s were depleted uranium rounds You can bet that there are going to be Reprisals and we're getting very very Close to the point where a missile is Going to go into a surrounding NATO Country that is supplying Ukraine don't Think it can't happen Everybody thinks everybody thinks That the USA is going to come to NATO's Aid do you think That the USA is going to come to the aid Of a European country do you think They're going to put it all on the line For these Baltic countries these small Countries and I'm not saying that They're not insignificant I have many Viewers in these countries and I'm not Just saying that because I have viewers In these countries I'm saying that Because you know other people their Value like everybody else but think About it do you really think The United States is going to risk Thermonuclear global conflict over Estonia If the Russians decide to go in there Think about it guys

It's not looking good red lines we talk About all the red lines that they've Breached Stoney and Latvia removed Russian and ambassadors this should be Front Page News because this means that The war is coming there Okay they're expelling the ambassadors Like the main ambassadors So if you're in one of these countries And obviously I'm not there but look From an outsider looking in Everything seems to be moving into place Even have Estonia saying they're going To close the Gulf of Finland I mean that is insanity they're going to Close the the Gulf of Finland probably Can't focus there anyways Go and look it up uh what else do we got Yeah uh expect another a second peak in Inflation soon I'm going to talk about That tomorrow As expected gold continues to rise as We've been saying You just gotta trust trust what makes Sense at times like these You see the reason why Everybody thought gold was done and you Know crypto was going to replace it Is because it's the same mentality that People think everything is different now People are more ethically and morally Evolved than they were before and we Would never succumb to Fascism nowadays Right we we would never you know what

Happened in Germany in World War II that Could never happen here again because We're changed we're smarter now right Nope Not even remotely close not not even a Little bit all of these social Psychology experiments bear that out Whether it was the ash experiments the Solomon experience the zimbardo Experience the prison experiment they All show that we are incredibly easy to Manipulate and if anything I'd say it's Way worse now just because of the social Media and the tick tock and the dopamine Constant you know I think we're far more Malleable now than we were before so I Think it's going to get ugly I think That if the hit the fan in the United States of America look out Because when those medication trucks Stop rolling people are going to be Losing their freaking Minds you think It's been bad for the last couple Decades you haven't seen nothing yet So please Guys Let's stay focused on The most the biggest enemy in the room Okay the biggest enemy in the room is The crises that we're facing that is What we need to focus on preparing for Let's not attack each other all right This is some B-52 bombers on route Two

Europe Four of them I believe are heading to Israel Because there's a big war game happening They're the biggest military exercise Ever to take place in Israel Coordinating a potential attack on Iran Because of the Fallout of the jcpoa Nuclear deal and the basically the Biden Said explicitly that the Iranian nuclear Deal is dead I think he used those exact Words or something like it That means that Israel is going to go For Iranian nuclear facilities Iranian Nuclear scientists or just an all-out Attack on his military which will lead To a war within that region they're Going to close the Strait of hermuse The price of oil is going to go through The roof but the price of oil is going To go through the roof already as is Just because of China reopening I mean God knows what's going on there I mean The rural Chinese are being infected at A staggering rate right now because it's Chinese New Year and everybody's Spreading the virus everywhere what Virus who knows we're going to find out But like I say That's the problem is that when it's a Real crisis when it's a real problem are They even going to tell us So anyways try to be the best person you Can be

In spite of all this bad news we got a Lot of Fun videos coming up I mean it sounds Weird to say but we got to keep grinding I just stay focused I don't let people Bring me down man I don't let I'm not Getting caught up in any drama I'm just Moving forward and that's it and that's How we are going to survive hard times And not get caught up in some Post-apocalyptic mob frenzied cult Is by focusing on what we got to do and What we got to do is we gotta keep Getting the information out there keep People focused on preparedness because The government sure as hell doesn't care Let me know what you guys think in the Comment section below thanks for Watching containing prepro