Solo Freezing Night in Fort Made of Survival Blankets

By | January 25, 2023

Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Woodland not quite as muddy as the last Time I was in this particular one but uh Still pretty muddy as you can see I've Started on the shelter building here I'm Just building a frame you'll probably Know from the thumbnail already but um Building a frame and then I'm going to Use foil blankets I've been collecting Foil blankets for ages they come in all Sorts of first aid kits and survival Kits and stuff so I've collected quite a Lot over the years and I thought I'd put Them to good use I'll make a shelter Using them Um so yeah trying to do something with Some walls and a ridge line on these two Poles I've put up Um for the bigger survival shelter Blanket and we'll see what we come up With I've brought in these the post hole Cutter and I've also got a stove with me As well so I'm hoping that the Shelf is Really going to reflect that heat inside So we'll see Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign That's the last of the four outside post Holes done just have to collect up some

Wood I've got tons of wood around here From other projects so I'm just Collecting It From Here There and Everywhere and uh yeah It's only a one day shelter so it Doesn't have to be burnt at the ends or Worry about it being too straight Foreign The four outer poles are now done They're all in place pretty sturdy Um I just have to find two more long Ones for Going across them Foreign Basically done now the theory behind This is pretty sound using foil Emergency blankets to keep the heat in I Mean it's -4 right now so it's gonna drop pretty Low tonight Um but yeah I've done that without Knowing the measurements of the survival Blankets I think they're all different So this should be interesting I've got a combination of these Emergency shelter ones and the smaller Emergency foil blankets Which was that 130 by 210 210 by 130 so They're probably quite standard Um got these extra ones in here as well Uh eight foot by five foot And that's in metric so that's handy I've also brought with me some of this Foil tape knowing that these full

Blankets can be quite delicate Um so for patching stuff and joining Things we'll see Foreign Now I knew this was going to be tricky And I'm not going to lie it's even Harder than I thought I've got one and a half walls done and It's not the sturdiest in the world I'm Just thankful it's not windy today I'm Gonna carry on see what happens Foreign Very hard to work with this stuff I'm Glad I brought that tape now for the Hardest bit the roof For the roof I'm going to be using one Of these Emergency Shelters rather than Emergency blankets exactly the same sort Of thing just a bit bigger I may have to Cut it down I'm not sure if it's joined Or not we'll see Oh yeah this is glued along one Edge Hopefully it doesn't tear as I unpick it Well this should yeah it should reach Here and the adhesive that's already on It Should actually attach to the other Blanket Foreign As you can see there's loads of room It's like a small shed I think I'm going to try and block these Up because I've still got blankets left But I need a bit of a gap for the stove

Chimney And I've got to figure out a door Okay I'm making a very simple door here Just to close it off because I am running out of light it's winter For you So I'm just putting the foil blanket One end On this pole Okay she's a bit rough Because she's gonna do Well it's a bit trippy being in here I've got a small hole there And There's going to be a gap above the door There which is intentional for a bit of Ventilation although we've got Ventilation on the bottom but what is Weird is how much you can see through Here This mylar material You can see the trees there So it's gonna be a bit weird tonight Foreign I can see here where the stove's gonna Hit the roof So I know as soon as you start cutting Into this it just tears so I'm going to Put a few foil tapes along there so I Can cut through it I can see where the tape is underneath Here so I can just Do the same on the outside Foreign

Foreign This down a little bit of Kindling Still trying out this BPS knife I've got Two of them they're from the Ukraine Pretty saw on the last video and it's A nice knife got a good weight it's Holding up to everything so far I'll Probably put it through a few more tests This one has the Ferro rod on as well But uh yeah it's held up to some shelter Building All my firewood is done there's a little More out there as well to process Um yeah I'll put the light on in here Already it's getting a bit dark And I don't think I'm gonna need much Light it's going to reflect all around This is going to look a bit like a Beacon at night I think the light Leaking out Now carrying on with that silver theming For the ground I've got a foil mat Foreign My inflatable Therm-a-Rest which is in Here somewhere There we go I think before I settle in I'm gonna Put a couple of logs down here We'll just put the leaves up to them Keep out a bit of Breeze I found some rotten logs put them around The base along with the leaves and That's going to help keep out

Some of that draft That's all the way around And this is that same sleeping bag I Used last week it's a big Lou and it's Filled with Aero gel the type of Insulation used by NASA and um do you Know what it worked really well I was Really impressed So uh be giving out another world Tonight and suspended my light The ridge here Just with a bit of power cord well I've Got bundle of sticks in here and I'm Just gonna put my Kindle in in Hopefully that should be enough To get her going It's already looking quite beautiful in Here with all the reflections Job number one with making this haggis I'm gonna get this Billy can And I've got some ox bung I've actually Got two here just in case there's any Mistakes I've already had them soaking In Cold water Is basically the stomach that the um Haggis goes in Just gonna add a little bit of water to That I'm just going to put that on top of the Fire just to warm it through so it's in Warm water Right so I've got some beef here quite Fatty

And I've got a lamb's heart Liver And the thing that makes this illegal in The USA the lung not quite sure why but I'm sure they have their reasons So the um liver I'm going to use a Grater And the rest I'm just going to cut Pretty much as small as I can This has been um Pre-boiled And I uh Pressure cooker at home Okay that's the heart diced up Into the bowl that goes I'm told that grating Liver is best which seems to be working Quite well actually Now we're on to the lung When you get these everything is Connected you have to process it boil it And leave the meat Raw Uses all of the animal really so it's Good like that Now we're on to that fatty beef I just need to cut this as small as I Can really Probably could have got some mints but Never mind Got some oats and suet here And I'll be honest with you I don't know How much I'm adding here I'm kind of

Going by eye I've never actually made One of these before That I'm gonna add A random amount of ground coriander seed Some nutmeg Whoa that's quite a long nutmeg maybe I Can pick that bit out And some mace If you didn't know Mason nutmeg come From the the same Nut or Berry whatever you want to call It one is the husk one is the inside I'm gonna give that a bit of a mix Okay so now for the hard bit If it can actually use my bigger Stuffing the bun Oh no Waste any I've Been Told Not stuff it too much I'm just going to Use my hand Give it room to expand while it Cooks Okay I'm going to call that one and tie A knot Can you tell I have no idea what I'm Doing Okay that's our second haggis And I'm just going to tie another knot Two haggis And hopefully it doesn't all fall apart When I chop the end off The last thing for me to do with this Survival Fishing kit is take out

The small safety pin And I believe I have to put a few Holes To make sure they don't burst There's some water on for the boil And here we go over two haggis Haggis is haggai And they're going to go on for about two Hours and I'll do some tatties and nips To go with them Really annoyed with myself I just Realized I didn't add the stock from When I boiled the lamb pluck Into it so I assume it's going to be Quite dry hopefully it's fatty enough But uh Yeah that was a bit silly Went outside to do some cleaning and It's definitely a lot colder outside and Inside this is a little bit drafty I Must admit it's hotter up the top when You stand up I do have a chair with me maybe I'll set It up maybe I won't But yeah just hungry at this point Foreign I'm just preparing my tatties and nips This is a Swede And I think I'm gonna have to Baton it Foreign There are my tatties Okay now the scary bit did it work This is the bigger haggis of the two Oh it doesn't look too bad considering

I left out the stock That looks quite good It smells good too that does smell like Haggis All right let's give this a go about Hager some Tatty Oh it's a bit coarser than other haggis I've had but then yes because I've been Doing everything by hand But it's got the taste This is not bad And I'd say the only other thing is more Salt I I did that off camera Um Completely forgot about it when I was Doing the spices It's not particularly dry though Considering I forgot that um stock Hmm I've got a neck oil Just one Cheers everybody Oh that's a good beer Well it's it's comfortable in here I Wouldn't say it's warm but it's Comfortable jackets off and the um hats Off I suppose the stove's been going a while Dinner pre could have done was the gravy It's the only thing I didn't think about Well it was nice all the same and Something different Foreign

Foreign Still pretty cozy in here As soon as the flame goes down on the Stove it does cool down though Or them drafty bits but uh it's quite a Cool shelter nice and roomy I can stand up I had um some very light rain earlier But I wouldn't trust in heavy rain I mean that'd be bad nothing Is the sleeping bag is so warm I love it Slipped through last night Really well like a log Yeah Till it's cold though I'm not gonna like the stove Um Because I don't want to wait for it to Cool down to pack away on that so I've Got a different stove to try out a Little wood stove hobo stove I'll do Breakfast on that in a bit I've got to Psych myself to get up and put my cold Clothes on because I didn't put them in My sleeping bag It's been a good night though I've not set the stove up before but I I Believe it can take normal pieces of Wood like lymph wires so Just gonna Batten some down Because it takes a bit easier So here's the stove I'm gonna try out Check that out it's by cgk which is uh As you can probably tell Japanese and

They wanted to test the market over here To for send a few over and have them Sort of try it out So let's get into it brand new Haven't tested it set it up or anything So you can see how flat it is and if I Do this it should I just push it together Boom that's set up They've also got like these pot stands One can go on top And the other I believe you can use for A Spirit burner Etc Now if I take this stand out You can see there's holes on the side so That you can put pieces of wood along So let's give it a go There's some Tinder card here And then fire plugs See how effective this is Well that's certainly gone up with that Dry wood Died down a bit now so I'm going to put My pan on That's probably going to be hot Not too bad A couple of sausages We'll come inside and sit on my mat Very simple breakfast I didn't want something complex after Making a haggis Stove worked out though

I was just thinking to myself it's quite Nice to have a night out without Any rain it's been a while Looks like the stove Jack held up pretty Well Didn't melt or anything This is where I was last night well back To how it was before I got here Apparently my battery died while I was Taking down the shelter so you've missed All of that Right I suppose I'll leave it there I've Just got to carry this stuff out of the Woods probably in two trips again I Can't wait to get my truck back thank You guys for watching I'll see you on The next one goodbye for now