My Top 5 Essential Bushcraft Items

By | January 25, 2023

Ah Yes Yes guys Got an email yesterday Uh asking me to just do do a little Little bit a little scary little video a Little take some photographs or whatever About uh My top five Bushcraft items What a head scratcher that is gays What a head scratcher you know so There's so many different things right Some of them are completely obvious Right you know and and some of them Aren't You know so what I did was I basically Thought about the stuff that I had been Using over the summer just past there And I I says what are the five things That I grab when I'm going out okay not Including clothing Right You know could you go in the clothing That's trousers and there's coats and It's boots and it's it's all that stuff So Uh top five items guys I'm you know and This this is personal this is this is Completely personal guys and everybody's Going to have an opinion on this so These These Are Mine these are woolies Okay No First off

Straight away In no particular order number one A knife all right so I just received This one back and this is this is my uh My spider called Bushcraft UK And knives knives are a personal thing Guys everybody likes certain types of Knives okay but this is actually Um This is the T the Terva At Poco and this is what I've actually Been using for the last four months Pretty much Yeah I know I can't get it out of its Thing uh and as as you can tell guys This is it this is a great knife uh for Me I like the size of a knife and I like This uh this Bushcraft style knife okay So this is more Poco And this is this this is more your your Classic drop point ish spear Point Nearly Um Bushcraft knife but guys it's Personal as long as it's comfortable I'm Happy I like the scandi grind uh 90 Degree spine Um Think I'm more happier with four metal Over three three and a half mil to tell You the truth but uh yeah a knife gate Or two knives Not two wives two knives Okay so

That would be very easy just to list These as as cotton tools and stuff but No I'm I'm gonna break it down into Knives okay Folding saw And this is my opinion not all folding Saws are created equal This is a paco laplander and I'm going To go out on this and I'm going to say This is the best folding saw in the World I started Okay For what I use it for Said that too so that is number two guys They need no introduction if you're in The Bushcraft and stuff like that you Know what a pack of laplander is a Sheath is a very handy thing for it guys Uh and this this is a this is a cheap Sheet and it works 100 now Most used This over a knife this okay Number three guys Feral rod Okay a feral Rod doesn't have to be a Big fancy one like this that I got from Pauldor which is an absolute Monster Uh you know I I have been testing the Bushcraft store uh Pharaoh rods over the Summer there And they are super duper for like four Four quid you know 450 or something I Think it could even be 350. really

Really good I've been recommending to Everybody that comes in into uh into Red Branch and stuff so fair ride guys Next is Got a little bit I'm not really sure but so what I went With uh was something that I've been Using a lot over over the summer guys And that is a part A part of some description is a Bushcraft essential now I I grabbed this One because it was handy to grab but This is the Stanley part guys and this Is this is absolutely excellent uh I Actually have this setup Uh as a coffee filter a coffee Percolator so A little jar of coffee And inside here I'm going to screw that in And this this is also rotten dirty Because I didn't tidy it up didn't clean It up So this is just a French press that I Have inserted into the inside of this And it works brilliant from making Coffee when when you're out in the go Okay then it's all just just cut down The handle and then just screw it out And that fits back in and it fits down The side Bob's your uncle No Depending on what I'm doing depends on

What size apart I carry going for a wee Walk during the day take something like This going out for an overnight I take The Moors 1.75 liter pot with it with The It's got the it's it's just a super Piece of Kit as well but I couldn't lay My hand this morning Number Five Guys number five I'm going To say that an essential Bushcraft item Guys Is a tarp There's a tarp no I just have in here You can see that that's just it that's Just a multi-cam British Army tarp guys I'm not I'm not going to take it out or Anything because I I don't want I Couldn't be bothered putting it away Again that's just a British Army MTP Multi-cam multi-terrain pattern It's just a British Army Multicam MTP multi-terrain pattern Whatever you want to call it tarp okay Bomb proof use them as stretch you know That's that's what they're designed for Absolutely bomb proof About 20 quid you know depending on what Color you get guys you can get them Cheaper or more expensive the MTP ones Are probably the most expensive whereas The desert ones are like you know 15 Quid and these things Are indestructible guys And that's I'm going to leave it at that

Guys I could go into boots and all that Sort of stuff and all that jazz and Jackets and lighters and head torches And torches and folding knives and well Uh for me That's it and even even when I'm sitting Here now seeing that's it I'm thinking About how it could be more stuff But uh yeah so That's it that's it Or is it no I'm Gonna Leave it I'm Gonna Leave it thank you thank