I Told You So. Everyone’s About to Get a HARSH Reality Check.

By | January 25, 2023

Okay Here we go Hundreds of German tanks are about to Confront the Russians On a country whose name Translates into the Borderlands into the Frontier Now any student of History knows that That's probably not a good thing And I probably should repeat what I just Said hundreds of German tanks are about To storm the frontier and engage the Russians hundreds of Tanks delivered by NATO an organization whose sole purpose Is to contain the Russians okay are About to send hundreds of German tanks To the frontier to fight the Russians do You think that's going to Galvanize Millions Of Russians for Patriotic War 2.0 Does this sound like Operation Barbarossa 2.0 to you Only this time with nuclear weapons This is the biggest story of the year so Far and I guarantee you it's not going To get any media attention whatsoever or Very very little this Doomsday Clock This cute little rhetorical device that They use to measure how close we are to Existential crises is going to get more Attention than Germany about to fight The Russians now I know what you're Saying Nate Germany is not fighting the Russians

Germany Services those tanks okay and the Countries who they've delivered them to Are the ones that are going to service Those tanks they're the ones that are Going to inspect and likely train Ukrainians to use those tanks all the Russians are going to see is the Optics They're going to see German tanks coming towards them And that is going to conjure up memories Of the 27 million people who died Whether you think it's all just an Exaggerated thing the nizis and the Banderites and the whatever else stuff I'm not going to get into the Ukrainian Nationalist stuff that's going on and You know what the Russians perceive it To be it doesn't matter what you Perceive it to be You need to understand that this is Going to be the end result this is World War III I need to say again because There's some people who think I'm being Alarmists or sensational They're debating right now about whether To raise the debt ceiling or to watch The whole house a card collapse I mean That wasn't even a thing in World War II It's a thing now this World War III Stuff is just but one of the many crises We face which is why The Doomsday Clock authors the International bulletin for Atomic

Scientists are being way too optimistic With this 90 second business I mean You're telling me that in 2020 The Doomsday Clock Was a hundred seconds To midnight and now it's only 90 seconds To midnight what It's almost like they're doing damage Control it's almost like they're trying To keep people calm because if they were To say it's one minute tonight minute Like what are they saving one minute for I mean this is one minute to midnight on The same day They release this new thing which has Been way over hyped in the media it's Cute but it it really it's not like the It's the de facto metric I guess in most People's eyes for how close we are to Armageddon but it's not like an Empirical it's not rooted in any sort of Science at all it's just an arbitrary Number assigned by some experts we've Been saying this forever where's my Recognition not I don't need recognition This last thing I want is recognition But this The things that have transpired just in 2022 alone should have moved this clock Well within a minute I mean Disarmat the belgarade the Poseidon Nukes the Hypersonic missiles the the Nuclear exercises the lack of the new Start uh treaty being honored at all Anymore I mean come on I mean this is

Just ridiculous 90 seconds it's almost Like they're just trying to keep people Calm This is bad guys this is really really Bad Every so often as we're narrating and Foretelling this stuff as it happens Because It doesn't take an ostradamus To understand what's coming next you Just have to pay attention to the news Cycle and try to be as unbiased as Possible and try to hear both sides of The story and you know what's going to Happen next I mean NATO is about to engage in a hot War with the Russians whether we want to Continue to play this game of well we're Not really fighting them come I mean the Russians are about to see German tanks Don't think That is not going to evoke some genetic Feeling in a Russian who sees a German Tank coming over the horizon do you know What that's going to do we don't Understand because We have never fought in a war like that Obviously I've never fought in a war I'm Not a military person but I'm just Saying from the perspective of a Russian Who's had it on their border who's Nearly been conquered in the past who Was this close to going out in the past I mean the Germans were so close to

Ending Russia and for them to see this This is bad and now the United States Guess what they're getting ready to send The Abrams to but that's not it there's More Okay now I want to read you a little Excerpt From War news 24 7. okay a excellent website That Is very prescient they know their stuff It's a Greek website they're incredibly Unbiased and everything gets translated Anyways This is what they say this is their Analysis Intelligent sources now confirm that Germany's decision to send tanks to Ukraine to use against Russia will Trigger an unthinkable response from Russia According to intelligence sources in Russia Lieutenant General Andre girolev Told President Vladimir Putin the Following as soon as German tanks appear On Russian soil Russia will have no Choice but to amount announce a general Mobilization they've basically already Done that anyways they've done all the Groundwork to establish this anyways They've arguably already done a general Mobilization they just euphemistically Call it partial so not to Trigger people in the country they don't

Want to trigger a huge mass Exodus just Yet they needed this to happen they Needed German tanks they needed Operation Barbarossa 2.0 To evoke that patriotic Spirit within Russians The general went on to tell President Putin that German tanks are a clear Violation of World War II Demilitarization pacts Think about it one year ago Germany was Contemplating whether or not to send Helmets to Ukrainian soldiers and they Still had two operational pipelines now The pipeline has been exploded and They're sending tanks And we've been telling people for a year That we're in World War III and The world is uh I don't know if it's It's ignorance it's stupidity It's A Coping mechanism it's defense mechanism Coping strategy it must be a coping Strategy Or it must just be people as I've Thought in the past who just read the Title and always think that I'm Predicting that the world is going to End tomorrow and that the nuclear bombs Are going to be dropped in 24 hours Never have we said that but we have Alerted people when there is evidence to Suggest that there's a high risk and a High probability of those things

Happening and right now guys that risk Is Sky High never mind 90 seconds we're Well within a minute to midnight If we want to use that analogy Russian Sources report That Russia told Germany that this is a Red line we're going to talk about red Lines tomorrow The Thin Red Line as it's Called and World War III is bound to Happen after this I repeat it's a red Line and World War III is bound to Happen after this Putin then will mobilize all 20 million Russian reservists although there is no Information on how the retraining on the Russian side will work in practice yes Of course mobilizing 20 million people Seems Unthinkable when they're having Challenges mobilizing 300 000 but just Understand That even in World War II they had Millions like almost 10 million guys at One point and they had half the Population they do now okay Maybe not half but they had a smaller Population Putin can justify this step To the Russian people by saying that the Last time German tanks raced against Russia 27 million Russians were dead in The end can you imagine the speeches That we're about to see guys I mean NATO just ended itself I mean it's going to be so embarrassing It's going to be so embarrassing if NATO

Loses this war NATO can't lose this war we've talked About the reasons why in the past There's too much at stake monetarily and With the debt ceiling this high and all Of these things hanging in the balance China Taiwan de-dollarization Nano has To win this war meaning it has to go It's got to get nuclear Shaking right now guys I'm serious this Is this is crazy Everyone will rally around the president Of Russia we remind you that Vladimir Putin had spoken about the NATO plan in The speech at the beginning of the war a Year ago a year later it will be Completely confirmed in the eyes of the Russian people so of course He will be validated in his predictions In the eyes of the Russian people This is the biggest story right now Bar None there's no Story bigger than this Not because The lives of ukrainians or Russians are Worth more than the people who've died In other Wars before simply by virtue of The fact of nuclear weapons Being the Specter of nuclear war looming Overhead that that's the only reason why We talk about this at all I understand What happens in Ukraine doesn't directly Affect people besides their pocketbook But it will it very much will in the not So distant future let's talk about other

Things going on Um yeah yeah this is like you know Whatever this and any other day would be A big story U.S Israel kick off the largest ever Military exercises Iran nuclear talks Falter what could possibly go wrong Let's have four Wars at the same time China Taiwan North Korea South Korea the Middle East Powder cake and Europe at the same time Let's you know Let's get something going in South America while we're at it Switzerland is Not even neutral anymore I mean consider that the Davos World Economic Forum that thing that just Happened or is still kind of happening In Switzerland where they basically made Russia Public Enemy Number One is now Allowing arms re-exports to Ukraine from Third parties countries other countries Okay so that means that they're going to Allow what even Germany germanally Germany Took weeks to debate even though there Never was a debate it was just stalling Tactic because what I've heard is that When they're mulling something like this They're getting everything into place so They can fast track it because If in the Russians intelligence probably Knows this anyways but if they're saying That okay now we're probably going to

Send stuff it's probably already there And it's probably already securely in The country or a lot of it anyways or They found a channel to facilitate the Safe transport of that stuff so anyways Switzerland is no longer even a neutral Country I mean that was a thing in World War II Switzerland was neutral you could Still do business you could still come To the negotiating table even Switzerland and I'm hearing That as much as the Russia Bros are Hoping that turkey is going to be the One to broker some sort of deal in the End According to some of my sources turkey May be a lot more pronato side than a Lot of pressure Pros realize or they Could be that one wild card you just Never know you just never know Turkey Could be the deciding factor in this Conflict in the end the stuff going on In Syria could be the siding factor with A lot of this fear and frustration in Moscow as air defense systems have been Employed deployed we've been talking About this this all makes sense now They're deploying air defense in Moscow As German tanks are about to engage Russian soldiers and Russians are Amassing hundreds of thousands of troops Kiev is doing a Shakedown of its Government Lots of corruption and this and that and

People giving themselves bonuses and Things of this nature it's almost like They're cleaning house Before Something big happens before NATO takes Over or something like that it's like They're they're purging all of the uh The Bad actors Before NATO takes the reign of this Thing I haven't really put the pieces of That together yet I haven't given it Much thought maybe you guys have some Comments To share about that but there's Something going on in the Ukrainian Government as well obviously There's probably a lot of disagreement About the feasibility of Defending much Less doing a counter-offensive but then Again with this Mission creep I mean once the tanks are in there It's simply a matter of sending more I Mean once you've overheard like the Hardest part is getting one tank there Because It's so symbolic And but once the Russians have Acquiesced to that red line being Crossed then it's simply a matter of Sending more and more and then it's not Like you've crossed a new red line You've just sent more tanks just like High Mars like if they were to send 100 High Mar systems right now it wouldn't

Really be a huge shocker So Such is soft kill Mission creep Now this is crazy this is the war nobody Is talking about The Baltic states if you're in the Baltic states All I can say is Um guys I hope you're prepping I hope you're prepping or I hope you're Prepping a bug the hell out Of those countries Because it's clear as day what's Happening there right now they're Preparing for war they're preparing for Russia to storm over those borders and That's where you're likely going to have U.S soldiers confront the Russians So Estonia and Latvia and Lithuania I Believe are all expelling Russian the Russian ambassadors from their countries In February like saying you have to get Out of the country that only happens Before War I believe that the Russian Ambassador Correct me if I'm wrong I may be wrong About this is still in the United States When that Russian Ambassador leaves the United States we don't have much time This is exactly what happened in Ukraine The ambassadors left and that was it The war started Estonia now wants to close the Gulf of

Finland to Russia so get this a Russian Warship wants to sail from Saint Petersburg out of the Gulf of Finland It's not their only way to get out to Sea uh they and they're going to do Things in retaliation to this which are Going to increase the likelihood of a NATO engagement but just imagine a Russian warship in some Estonian Coast Guard ship whatever they have Trying to shake down and do some sort of Audit of a Russian warship passing Through do you think the Russians are Going to allow that to happen Man this this situation is Like it's all like all the bad stuff That we thought could happen is Happening and I'll almost say that you Know oftentimes Our dates are always Way too aggressive on this channel so I Would encourage you to do this when we Say that something is likely going to Happen Let's call it the 99-day rule meaning That it's going to happen just 99 days After we say it's going to happen Okay Let's just save to say that that's That's a good rule to follow Needless to say anyways guys uh I would Encourage you To just keep on doing what you're doing Unfortunately the way things are going None of your preparedness efforts will

Be in vain People will continue to call us crazy Until The Bitter End because it's a Great coping strategy okay And you have to understand that As we enter austere times many people Are not going to have the economic Wherewithal to prepare the time they Should have prepared was the last five Ten years It's going to get harder and harder to Prepare now because the price of Everything the inflation and all the Rest and people are going to be Resentful towards people like me who Have given my life to this cause I don't Like calling it a cause because it's not Like a charity or something the things That are far more important but I've given my life to this day in and Day out all I do is grind I look for the Information I try to get it to you guys All I do is prep all I do is grind I Have my fun in my 20s those times are in The past the only fun now I have is with The family so and that's perfectly fine With me that's all I need but there's Going to be a lot of resentful people Who Are going to be gunning for Preppers And I don't like saying things like that Because oftentimes it's misinterpreted As being kind of cultish as being like

We're some exclusive group of people who Have some esoteric knowledge that the Rest of the world is beyond their Comprehension that's not the case it's Just a simple fact is that a lot of People don't want to pay attention to These things and I understand part of The reasons why but understand that As the time approaches it goes from Resentment And coping strategy and denial to panic That's what's going to happen All of those resentful people who think I'm nuts and who will look at a Thumbnail look at a video and be like Haha and then they'll go and watch some sitcom or sports or video games Or Tick Tock whatever mindless Distraction that they Pride themselves On Being more culturally distinguished than I for not pertaining to these things and I'm just a paranoid conspiracy theorist Whatever those people are going to go Right to panic like right to panic okay And I'm telling you right now that the Phone calls that we've been getting Like our customer service Is not doing well right now they're Struggling because People are getting Crazy I mean I hate to say it like I Love my customers I love like the 99 of Our customers okay I love you guys you

Support people here who make living Wages and I make sure that people make Living wages sending out premium Products to get people ready for what's Coming but there's a lot of people who Are just becoming very unhinged guys Okay and I don't know what it is But uh there's something in the air and It's not good and as we approach The zero hour it's going to go from Apathy and denial to panic and you need To be prepared to take care of yourself When it all goes down Because I don't think anybody's At the helm of this sinking ship right Now I don't think there's any rational Actors I mean I like to believe that There is I like to believe that our Leaders have a plan That they've done all of the risk Assessment to know that Russia is not going to respond in in Such and such a way that we have the Central Intelligence and the whatever That they have the information and that They know what they're doing It's very easy as a Layman as a person Down here in the bottom rungs of the Pyramid to just call all the politicians Dumb and all the CIA that they don't Know what they're doing and the generals And be an arm share General I'm sure They have some understanding of what's Going on

But We need to understand that they're the Only human at the top they put their Pant legs on one leg at a time these Elites do not control everything as much As a lot of people want to believe that Because it's a great scapegoat for a lot Of people's own shortcomings in their Lives and the poor mistakes that they've Made I'm not saying that the elites Aren't bad but it's very easy to say oh It's the Elite's fault and yeah they Have a plan don't worry this is all just A this is all just a show Maybe or maybe people are just that dumb Maybe we just got nuclear weapons too Fast as a species and Our light is about to go dim anyways Hopefully I made your day once again Keep on prepping guys We're Gonna Keep On We're gonna keep on entertaining you Guys until the ship sinks because what Else is there to do so expect More videos in the same sort of way and Same manner as we've always done a lot Of people say why don't you make those Old videos like you used to well for Starters if we kept making the same Content you would get bored of it and You would say oh you're making the same Stuff do something different even though We haven't we still do make the same Stuff in fact we make two videos a week

That are not daily Doom and Gloom Analysis updates We do that twice a week back in the day Before all this craziness started a few Years ago that's what we did we did two Videos a week and they're always like That but as we approached the Zero Hour The focus becomes on information because Information Is preparedness at that point in time Because you're so thick in the fog of War and it's so hard to see what's Coming next and the the disinformation And the misinformation is so thick that Preparedness just boils down to having Information having accurate information Or having a uh as much open source Intelligence at your disposal as Possible to form an informed opinion Okay now like I say we still make those Videos I had a comment today saying the The video we made on the weekend was Like the videos we used to make and we Don't make those videos anymore guys we Released two of those videos a week what Can I say uh it's just that now we're Releasing these daily updates and I Think a lot of those videos they get Buried in the daily updates so we're Going to keep on doing what we're doing And uh you might even start seeing us up To upload two videos a day now because As we approach The crazy time that we're about to

Approach we're almost going to need Multiple videos a day I think just to Keep up because things are just moving Way too fast let me know what your take On Germany sending tanks and the U.S I Didn't even talk about that but possibly Sending Abrams Tanks to the front And f-16s and long-range missiles and Probably More whatever they can throw at it Afterwards because we're running out of Weapons and that's going to be another Story anyways guys let me know what you Think in the comment section below Thanks for watching containing prep row