This Is How The End Begins…

By | January 24, 2023

The war in Ukraine has really turned a Corner the NATO lines opposing Putin's Special military operation actually Might be showing some cracks that has Significant ramifications worldwide that Really go far beyond just food shortages Here in the United States we may be Heading toward another government Shutdown and the early reports are Coming in about the vulnerability of our Infrastructure as you can imagine that's A problem also this week we're going to Take a look at the long-term weather Forecast and try to tell you what you Should be preparing for before the Opportunity to get prepared passes You By all in this video along with another Great giveaway here's what you need to Know this week Russia Ukraine There's a rift between NATO Partners Forming even as Putin is building a Massive fighting force of an additional 175 000 troops that he intends to Assault Ukraine in the early spring and It's clear that Russia plans to throw a Massive Force at Ukraine from the East And the north likely that won't occur Until the ground Falls and dries to Provide the needed Mobility however There is a strong opinion that Russia Will attack within weeks from nearly 240 Degrees around Ukraine the assault would Come from the north over the Belarusian Border and the Russian strongholds in

The east of Ukraine and from the south Where the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea Putin wants to force Belarus into the War to create too many fronts for the Ukraine Army to defend this massive Force would be a mix of troops Russian Conscripts regular military in the Private mercenary military contracted Wagner group the Wagner Group by recent U.S intelligent estimates has some 50 000 Personnel fighting in Ukraine in Including forty thousand recruited Convicts the U.S assesses that Wagner is Spending about 100 million monthly in The fight Russian forces are being Recruited through the Wagner group from Other countries and out of penal Colonies and prisons they're being Offered commuted sentences the problem Is that these forces are not beholden to Any specific government Putin tries to Keep them at arm's length so he has Plausible denial of any Mass grave Torture or other darker aspects of this War he gains a ready supply of troops to Replenish his War efforts albeit a Poorly trained and undisciplined group For Ukraine this is a frightening Numbers game as they need help to Replenish troops lost NATO partners are Training and aiding the Ukrainian Army But no NATO partners are overtly Supplying Warm Bodies they are also Equipping the Ukraine army with military

Armaments here is where the success and Division amongst allies really exists Ukraine didn't fall in the early hours Of the war partly because of the Javelin Missiles and ammunition secretly Supply To Ukraine while Russia was still Amassing troops on the Ukrainian border Ukraine depends upon the technological Advantage and supply of arminence while Russia relies upon its warm body numbers Advantage the U.S and NATO have deployed Thousands to neighboring countries like Romania Hungary Slovakia and Poland but They refrain from committing directly Overtroop support to the Ukrainian Army The U.S has passed through Congress in December of 45 billion emergency aid Package that should keep Ukraine strong Through to July but the climate of the United States might be turning just last Week CIA director William J Burns Traveled secretly to Ukraine's Capital To brief President Vladimir zielinski Allegedly he was there to inform Zelinski on what intelligence is showing To be Russia's next big move the massive Spring offensive he was likely there to Also provide Ukraine with the sobering News that support for aiding Ukraine's War effort may change change with the Public opinion the United States waning In a republican House of Representatives Some of whom have already signaled that They would like the aid to be paired

Back often when direct assistance is Stymied we have seen the CIA step in to Keep Aid in arm and it's flowing there Is a definite Rift amongst NATO Countries recently Germany has been Hesitant to allow its leopardy tanks to Be deployed this crack in the NATO Alliance over this issue of Germany's Hesitancy to provide more critical Supportive tanks could signal the end of This war if Ukraine cannot defend Against this coming offensive still NATO Countries have to sell their support Both direct and indirect to the people Of their countries and Putin doesn't Need to sell his people on support That's the difference between autocratic Countries and the countries that are Some form of democracy this Russian Ukrainian conflict really boils down to Just two principal points first can more Democratic nations stand up stay Together and defeat autocratic leaders Second how will the map of the world Change if they don't beat and push back Against these autocratic land grabs you Can bet that China North Korea Iran Minamar Syria Yemen Sudan South Sudan Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo they're all watching this conflict In Ukraine closely and really wondering What they might be able to get away with From invading their neighbors to human Rights violations within their countries

If Russia succeeds this time next year We could see conflicts around the world Here's what you need to watch for watch For the success or failure of the Russian offensive as soon as the land is Passable watch for any Ukrainian Incursions on supply lines installations And railroads and Russian territory and Any indications that NATO Ally countries Are supporting those operations also Watch for any NATO country to Significantly pull back their commitment Watch for Ukraine's success or failure At the defending its northern and Eastern border and watch the Ally Response when Belarus enters a conflict In Earnest watch for Ukraine to Preemptively go in the offense even as Russia continues to show Ukraine's Eastern city into dust watch for signs Of direct and indirect material support Of Ukraine that goes far beyond the Announce 50 Bradley's 500 anti-tank Missiles 250 000 rounds of ammunition 100 m113 armor personnel carriers 55 Mine resistant ambush protected Vehicles 138 Humvees in high Mobility artillery Rocket systems you can bet that with Each physical delivery other armaments Are being supplied we don't know about The rocket systems we've provided to Ukraine were once Putin's Line in the Sand but as a conflict escalates the World is moving far beyond that line any

Of these are potential turning points in The war from a prepping standpoint Remember that the world will suffer from Food and energy shortages as long as This conflict continues economies will Also suffer because countries can't Fully commit to a wartime economy yet They will have to in order to win this War the challenges this year in many so Keep your powder dry as I say what do You think will this war be resolved this Year can anyone truly win here will Autocratic countries take advantage of The world's fractured alliances and Their chaotic response to Putin let us Know your opinion in the comments Section below United States there's a lot Brewing Right here at home first is the battle Over the debt ceiling and we cover the U.S debt crisis briefly in our news Video last week but we now know a little More since then the treasury began Redeeming existing and suspending new Investments in the Civil Service Retirement and disability fund and the Postal Service retiree health benefits Fund and the government security Investment fund of the federal Employment's retirement system these Early actions are the treasury preparing For parties to be split on this debt Ceiling both parties are gearing up for A protracted battle secretly neither

Party likely objects to the extreme Possibility of a government shutdown or Slashing of the nation's credit rating So long as they can assign The Lion's Share of the blame to the opposing party And that doesn't help the average Citizen also at home more classified Documents have been discovered at Different Biden residents and offices Combined with the documents found in Mar-A-Lago there will undoubtedly be a Review of how classified materials are Handled and controlled however expect Both political parties to try and Maintain the moral High Ground on this Issue a sitting president having secure Documents floating around while the Previous president is under Investigation for the same thing really Creates quite a problem for the doj and Plenty of rhetorical fodder for the Pundits representatives and Senators Expect that repeated investigations will Hamper and hinder congress's ability Actually to get anything done of Significance finally when it comes to The U.S news you need to be aware that Our infrastructure security is worse Than we could have imagined while formal Reports on the Safety and Security of The nation's infrastructure are being Prepared for an April release time frame Government industry leaders and law Enforcement are acknowledging that both

The targeting and frequency of the tax Are increasing we see patterns of Clusters where assets and proximity to Each other being repeatedly targeted now We took a deep dive into this in our Video Power substation attacks which I'll link to up in the cards above and It would only take a few substations to Go down to almost entirely bring down The whole system electrical loads must Be balanced and can't be bounced Properly if the ability to Route Excessive loads is compromised this is a Clear and present threat that you can't Ignore in your preps ask yourself what You will do and how you will function When the power goes out for more than a Week in your area and then start Preparing based on how you answer those Questions do you think the government Slowdown will lead to a government Shutdown will anything get done on the Hill to keep the economy moving or will Things continue to slide deeper into a Recession can we secure our Infrastructure before it is too late let Us know your take on the State of Affairs in the U.S in the comments Section below leaving a comment below And giving this video a thumbs up will Make you eligible for next week's Giveaway giveaway for this week's Giveaway we're going to be giving away a Bowfing ham radio to enroll for a chance

To be entered into the giveaway just Simply post a comment below and next Week we'll use a tool to draw a winner From the comments on this video randomly And I'm not going to reach shout out to Unless your name appears on the screen Next week please ignore and Report any Comments telling you that you've won Because it's not me I'm not on telegram Or any of these other social media Accounts where I'm gonna reach out to You that's just not me now for last Week's winner of the SAS Survival Guide We use the tool to draw the name from The comments section randomly and the Winner was Von wolf Studios I'll reach Out to you shortly to get that sent to You Weather In the first month of this year Thousands of heat records were broken in The dead of winter across Europe many by Large margins an estimated 32 trillion Gallons of water in the form of rain and Snow fell in California and it still Won't be enough to end the multi-decade Mega drought some areas of California Have had an incredible 200 to 300 Percent greater than average snowpack Last year while U.S and Europe witnessed Blistering heat waves there were Devastating floods in other parts of the World to say that these extreme weather Events were simply abnormalities would

Really be downplaying the severity they Were unprecedented in our lifetimes we Can undoubtedly reflect back to the last Significant drought maybe the Heatwave Or polar vortex or Deluge but these Events occurred once or twice a lifetime Records weren't broken to this degree Year after year after year each Successive year we are shattering the Records of the year before in the Previous Century in all of the history Of our record keeping or the entire Observed research catalog geological Record soon we're going to release a Video that will go into a deep dive on This unprecedented weather along with Predictions that we're getting from the Scientific Community for the future and What that will mean to you as an Individual watch us subscribe to this Channel to be notified when we release That video as you don't want to miss it While you probably are preparing for the Obvious natural disasters that Historically strike your area now is the Time to prepare for the coming weather Anomalies that we will undoubtedly see Over the next several years well I don't Think that we're quite at the point of An apocalyptic Hollywood movie like the Day after tomorrow failing to prepare For the extreme weather events that we Can see coming our way really puts us in Dangerous and unsafe territory I'll be

Honest with you while I don't have a Political stance on this or a global Solution I would be remiss if I did not Acknowledge that our extreme weather Events that we're experiencing are a Growing threat and we are in for seeing Many more of them this year and in the Years to come you have to prioritize What should should be normal weather as An extreme threat and prep to insulate Yourself from these events and the Damage that they can cause Beyond trying To stay cool when it's hot and warm when It's cold are you prepared for when Major crops or infrastructure fell are You prepared for when your local water Is undrinkable or drying up are you Prepared for too much rain or no rain at All you have to really prepare for each Of these extremes because we're destined To oscillate Wally between extremes for At least a foreseeable future how Impactful that is on your life depends Upon how you prepare now in all Sincerity we are facing some inevitable Challenges this year just from what we Have witnessed in the first three weeks Of this year when presented with that You can do nothing or you can actively Prepare to weather the coming storms I Hope you join us by preparing as always Stay safe out there