Do this Before SHTF

By | January 24, 2023

How are you going to get food for your Family when Society collapses you Definitely don't want to be tiptoeing Around somebody else's property when the Grid is up or especially when the grid Is down if you go on crownland map Viewer you can actually find all of the Publicly available hunting spots places That you can use for recreational Activities or hunting activities these Are going to be areas you can access if You're trying to fish or hunt set up Traps but you're going to want to know Where these places are and you're going To want to go and Scout them out it's Worth venturing out for an afternoon and Just driving around these regions to get To know them if you have to go and Hunt It's going to take you gas typically to Get to your location unless you're Already in a rural community any of your Traps and your bait set up you're going To have to go and get it so you're going To want to know the closest possible Regions that you could do that in