ALERT: East Coast of USA- Russian Nuclear Warship

By | January 24, 2023

Hi folks Canadian prepper here your time Is precious so I'm not going to waste it The thing I despise the most is when YouTubers Ramble On for the first 10 Minutes and they don't just get to the Point so that's exactly what I'm going To do for you today all I'm going to say Is make sure you have your bug out bags Ready to go and your bunkers if you're Privy enough to have one locked and Loaded because we have some big big news To break today and I can't cram it all Into the first minute so you're gonna Have to stick with with me till the end All right now we have Russian warships Armed with hypersonic nuclear missiles Parked just off the east coast of the United States I repeat Russian warship Armed with hypersonic nuclear missiles Just like Medvedev threatened two weeks Ago apparently now is a reality According to my sources which I will Disavow towards the end of the video I Give full credit where credit is due and There's a YouTube channel who Disseminated this information first and I plan on giving them full credit for Doing so in just a minute they they also Talked about how there was a Russian Warship that's been just off the Hawaiian Coast 24 miles in fact in Accordance with international law you Have to be 22 miles away from any Nation's Coastline if you're a military

Ship and that is in fact mainstream news So Russian intelligence is collecting Some sort of information or doing some Sort of recon mission out there we also Have this data point Russia is now Engaged in a real war with the West According to the foreign minister Sergey Lavrov up until this point it's been Considered a hybrid War a hybrid war is Called fifth generation Warfare in fifth Generation Warfare this is a way for Nuclear powers to fight with one another Without it going to the Strategic level Because once two nuclear Powers engage In a conventional War a direct War That's not a proxy war with with one Another the risk of it escalating to the Nuclear level is high that's when we're Talking Defcon 2 Defcon one stuff up Until this point it's been cyber attacks It's been a culture War it's been a Media War it's been maybe some attacks On the grid and critical infrastructure But it's about to get hot the Russians Are now saying they're foreign minister One of the the highest people in their Government and the second in command Dimitri mevedev or the second arguably Of influence in the country mevidev is Saying that this is now a real war with The Russians and War news 24 7 who are Very accurate in their predictions has Come out and said that intensive War Preparations are taking place in the

Capital of Russia as we've talked about For the last few days setting up all the Anti-aircraft batteries on top of Moscow People have no idea How big this is and I don't blame you Because if you go outside right now if You turn on the TV you are not going to Hear about any of this and that's the Scary part is that a lot of people are Going to be late to the party for this One so if this is a big game of musical Chairs consider this your inside tip and You're going to hear it long before the Music Stops okay so they're saying that Putin is going to make an extremely Important announcement in the next few Days Moscow is expected to officially Declare the start of a New Patriotic War Why would any of this be happening you Ask well guess what the weapons are Flowing into Ukraine like crazy right Now from all NATO countries and this is Getting to the point where Russia is Getting ready to make an ultimatum Guys this is big people think oh it's Just a few Bradley's it's just some Howitzers it's just some uh whatever Else they're sending to the front lines But now they're sending f-16s they're Going to send the leopard tanks one Congressman joked about sending one Abram so that pushes Germany over the Edge to allow all of their leopard tanks To flow to Ukraine but make no mistake

The leopard tanks are going to be Fighting in Ukraine whether Germany Agrees to it or not which unofficially The word is they are going to agree to It because as I reported yesterday they Are already continuing to train Ukrainians on how to use these tanks and They're already doing an inventory and Inspections of their tanks so that they Are ready to go when needed that is from The commander Boris Pistorius of the German military okay now What else do we have here I want to play You this this is I'm going to have to Refresh the page here okay so this is From Newsweek this is Newsweek reporting Russian state sponsored media now this Lady right here many of you are probably Familiar with her if you watch this Channel I believe she is the CEO or Director of Russia Today okay probably One of the most prominent and Internationally known uh media agencies Coming out of Russia definitely not the Most prestigious but one of the most Widely known and this is what she has to Say and I'm going to narrate it because She's speaking in Russian and for some Reason I cannot I cannot remove this line from the Subtitle screen usually when you hover The cursor away it goes away but not on Newsweek and again YouTube this is from Newsweek so don't shoot the messenger

Okay she says I kept saying guys there Will be a big war for sure by the end of Winter something very big will happen Otherwise those points would not have Been voiced In the form of resembling an ultimatum At some point in the form of an Ultimatum We'll have to announce that the silos Are open nuclear silos or whichever way It's done I'm not a specialist and they Aren't pointed at Kiev naturally this is Not about kiev for them Kiev is Unquestionably just a bargaining chip so Indeed this is not about Kiev okay This is about Washington and sending a Message to Nato now Washington is saying The reason why we're reluctant I'll give You something to watch here because I Know everybody's got Tick-Tock brain the Reason Washington is reluctant to send These are Bradley Vehicles heading to Ukraine by the way uh the reason why They're reluctant to send the Abrams Tanks is because they're too high Maintenance they require a special type Of fuel jet fuel to be most efficient I Believe they can run on diesel they are Multi-fuel but they get terrible Terrible gas mileage and they're so Heavy that they're probably not going to Work well on the Ukrainian terrain this Is the excuse we're being told whereas The Russian tanks are built to be

Lightweight they're built to be low Maintenance and require less fuel once Again the Russians have proven that Their militaries are tailored towards a Protracted high intensity conflict just Like the AK-47 and the kalishnikov these Weapon systems are designed to be Somewhat primitive in their capabilities If you could even say that I mean they Are modern pieces of equipment but They're simple in their design because High intensity conflict where you have To use something over and over again in A war where it takes hundreds of Thousands of rounds just to kill one guy I think in Afghanistan it was at 300 000 Rounds just to kill one Insurgent I'm Not sure what it is in this conflict but I know it's very very high compare that To back in the Civil War when it was Like a hundred rounds to take out one Guy modern warfare Most of it is waged as remotely as Possibly can be Requires a lot of ammunition and that is Exactly what is flowing in and right now Russia knew that at some point it was Going to be faced with this ultimatum According to the state-sponsored media At uh Russia today so I'm not saying I Agree with that I'm just saying that That is their Viewpoint and you know That It ultimately has to come to this Now with respect to the information that

I received about this missile for gate Off the U.S Coast this is from the green Griggs Channel he was interviewing a guy Named Lee wheelbarger who apparently has Information about this warship now I Couldn't find the exact warship but I Did find there was an unspecified Warship this is there Is a U.S warship parked right here See if we can get information on that The US ORF Okay that one's been parked out there For about 18 hours and going back to This unspecified ship I don't know if This is the ship that they were Referring to I don't know if that Russian ship has their transponder off I'm presuming that if it was there they Would have their transponder on uh they Have a high confidence level in their Assessment of this situation that this Warship was somewhere around here which Is totally in accordance with International law once again and again We have mevidev making that threat not Too long ago now I guess the question Becomes How much is Washington willing to commit How close are we willing to get to that Red line because I received an email From a person who was an acquaintance of Dr Peter Vincent pry who we've Interviewed on this channel before who's Been very prescient in their predictions

About this conflict I'm not going to Divulge this individual's name because I I have don't have permission to do so But they provided a very extensive email And Analysis and I want to share that With you today among other little Factoids that we need to go over in fact Let's just do that first because a lot Of these are just things we can bullet Point major points of escalation Latvia Has demanded that the Russian Ambassador Leave the country by February 24th guys That is deadly serious if you have an Ambassador to a country being told to Leave that country you know that war is Imminent you have U.S extending the 101st Airborne deployment to Eastern Romania the next deployment is expected To last about 9 Johnson will be led by Senior officers including a two-star General right now the U.S numbers in Europe are over one hundred thousand According to reports Germany is now Allowing leopard two tanks to be sent to Ukraine Germany's top Diplomat said her Country would not object if Poland Decided to send some of its leopard Tanks to Ukraine so it's simply a matter Of time before Poland sends that company Of tanks and there will be more that are Sure to follow because this is all about Time release we don't just blaze through Red lines we tiptoe incrementally over These red lines apparently the USA will

Support the transfer of F-16 fighter Jets by allies to Ukraine's according to The American ambassador to the osce I Believe there are some organization that Works with the United States in concert With the Europeans on Military matters According to Michael Carpenter enter now The thing with all of these Pieces of equipment that are being sent By the West the ukrainians are not Trained on these they're trained on Soviet-era equipment what this means and Necessitates is that all of these Countries military personnel are going To be involved in the maintenance are Going to be have to be involved whether It's on the ground in Ukraine or outside So all of this equipment that is being Sent there right now this all Basically entails more commitment more Mission creep as it's called every piece Of equipment that you send from your Country to another country those guys Need to be trained on it they need to Know how to maintain it they need Intelligence about how to use it where To use it all this stuff so this is why Russia is about to declare this Patriotic War and it's not surprising at All that they continue to install even More pancier S1 anti-aircraft systems in Moscow This is unbelievable to me that this is Not mainstream news anymore okay you

Literally have the capital of Russia Installing all kinds of anti-aircraft Systems including one not too far from Putin's residence there was already s 400 deployed permanently around Moscow I Do believe but to have these type of Advancements and they're actually doing Exercises now now anti-aircraft air Defense exercises in Moscow to have all This happening on the heels of these NATO shipments is very very concerning And apparently this is a big win for the Ukrainians there was an S 400 the first Ever confirmed combat loss of an s-400 Took place just not too long ago I believe this was uh yesterday so this Is pretty serious okay it's a it's a big Win for the United for Ukraine Unfortunately Russia still has probably Hundreds of those things so I don't Think it's going to make a huge dent but It's it shows that they're able to take Out those assets okay Now what else do we need to talk about I Wanted to read you guys that email I Just want to make sure I cover all my Little anecdotes here before we get into That Flight radar as you can see still not a Lot of air traffic at all even going Into Poland there's a this huge no-fly Zone around Poland as well Belarus so There's not a lot of traffic coming out Of there the baltics are definitely

Concerned that they're in the crosshairs Of the Russians after this I'm not Really going to talk about other World war or non-world War III stories Today but Pakistan just suffered a major Power outage the entire country in fact Was Out of power for a few hours something That's not out of the ordinary but Potentially a sign of the times a lot of Their power grid relies on Petroleum-based fuels which of course Have been through the roof in their Prices this year and it's not looking Good with respect to the price of oil I Have a sneaking suspicion that the price Of oil is about to Skyrocket in ways That most people don't even imagine we Have a low in our strategic oil reserves We typically when we bought them out in A recession the price of oil is around 40 bucks now it's about 80 bucks so the And plus you have China reopening once Again you have Russian oil which has Been taken mostly offline or if it is Being laundered in certain ways the Price of it is still going to increase Anyways the price of things are just Only going to continue to go up now Here's the email that I got from this Individual I'm not going to read the Whole thing but I'm just going to read Snippets of it now According to the Associated Press the

Germans have given Poland the green Light to send in German tanks we talked About that this to me is a huge red flag Putin has been warning against this kind Of War material being given to Ukraine And it's a red line that may bring the Reaction from Putin that everybody's Been waiting for the meetings at Ramstein Air Base supposedly resulted in Supposedly I noticed there's some Grammar Nazis out there resulted in NATO Telling Germany not to send their tanks Or to allow Poland to send in German Tanks that Poland bought and I'm not Sure if I mentioned this but of the Three 3500 tanks leopard tanks that Germany has created they only have 350 In their possession all of the other Leopard tanks are possessed by other Countries mostly in Europe some in South America so really the onus is on a lot Of those other countries to send in Their supply and Estonia is going all Out they're sending all of their Howitzers they're sending everything They can hoping to set an example Because they know if Ukraine goes then The Baltic states May surely follow As I was saying the European NATO Members have been reticent to for uh to Further inflame the situation by sending Tanks the agreement was that the U.S Would be the first to send them in and Germany at all would then follow it

Appears that Germany has changed its Mind and whether or not they'll be Sending their tanks isn't known at this Time I'm pretty sure Based on everything that we are hearing That that is likely going to be the case What's not being widely reported however Is what turkey is doing it has been Provided a great many heavy armored Vehicles to Ukraine weapons and drones Which have been very or which have a Very different design from conventional Drones and they are really deadly they Have been used In the bombing at Elgin Um I'm not sure if this is 100 We don't know exactly the Drone that was Used there I know that a lot of the Ukrainian drones have been shot or sorry The Turkish drones are typically quite Easily targeted by Russian air defense I Believe they're called the bracter Drones they're actually not that good I Mean they're effective but they get shot Down really easily and I'm pretty sure That the Russians have found workarounds For the most part it's no secret that The Chinese have grown much closer to Russia but are watching to see how the Russians do in Ukraine before invading Taiwan my concern is that Biden has Given so many weapons to Ukraine on a Lend Lease basis that he is depleting

Weapons missiles and ammo we may need if The war involves NATO and China tries to Invade Taiwan that would put us on a war On two fronts but Biden has promised Israel we would support them militarily In an attack on Iran that makes three Front once that we cannot possibly Handle in addition Biden's depletion of Our National Petroleum Reserve which is Intended to be used in war or for major U.S catastrophe has him endaging are Endangering our in our national security And our ability to have oil if Wars Break out on any of the free fronts now To play The Devil's Advocate Biden did Say that his mission was to deplete the Oil Reserve while the price was high and Refill it again when the price goes down Now the price still hasn't gone down so Hopefully the price goes down and Biden Can make good On his promise okay Many people don't know but the Substation attacks on our grid have Planning behind them if a large capacity Transformer is taken out as was in California some years ago replacing it Is a nightmare and there's actually a New documentary that I'm going to share With you guys I'm going to do pseudor Reaction video to it that was just Released that talks about this how each One of these large capacity Transformers That we need to run the grid can take

Years to produce they are very very Costly and you need a whole bunch of Equipment to move these things into Place so if these things get fried by an Electromagnetic pulse or if it's just Sabotage it's going to take a long long Time to fix especially in the current Geopolitical climate there's no Guarantees that many of these Transformers that are made in China are Going to get fixed at all or rely on Parts made in China now here's another Thing he says which is take it with a Grain of salt he says what concerns me Greatly is how healthy Putin is since Stalin Russian propaganda has always Been that Russian Soviet leaders are Stout robust and in excellent health and I have to say compared to the ramblings Of one Joe Biden Putin seems pretty darn Healthy zielinski believes that Putin is Dead and yes I've heard this said on Many news agencies before and I don't Know why zielinski would say this if There was nothing to it usually where There's smoke there's at least a little Bit of fire only the CIA would know About that and they may be in the Dark Rumors are that Putin has cancer stage Four pancreatic or neuroblastoma brain Almost 100 percent fatal and that the Chemo he is receiving has given him Parkinson's disease maybe like I say You know the evidence that we see of him

Interacting with people doesn't really Bear that out a little bit of shaking on The camera but I mean you know it's Really hard to see as you often say take That with a huge grain of salt but Nate If it's true the people who would Replace him are extreme hardliners far Tougher than he is I agree and they have Much less patience with our interference That could go nuclear on new crane NATO And us so absolutely many people don't Realize That if Putin goes the situation is About to get a whole lot worse we Vilified Vladimir Putin and to some Degree that is warranted but people Cannot be blinded by the fact that there Are people within the Kremlin who Wouldn't hesitate to escalate this Conflict against NATO you know we always Think that the Russians are bluffing but Are we bluffing would we come to the aid Of NATO countries and these red lines Are not just being moved in the Direction of the Russians eventually the Russians are going to start pushing that Red line back and we're going to see if Article 4 or Article 5 gets invoked Article 4 and Article 5 are These um What would you call them like articles In the NATO Charter that basically Suggests that if one country is attacked All of the other countries come to their

Aid and typically that means nuclear Weapons if necessary right so if Russia Was to attack any NATO country they can Invoke Article 4 and Article 5 and they Could potentially get into a Conventional war with the Russians which Many people suspect would immediately Escalate to the nuclear level because Then of course you're talking about Nuclear armed Nations like Britain France and the United States getting a Conventional war with the Russians and It would only be a matter of time before Maybe NATO was able to overwhelm the Russians with conventional Force some People don't think that's even possible Or And if that was the case then of course The Russians would fire back with a Nuclear missile potentially right or Vice versa it's really hard to say at This point now I think that's about all I have to talk About today All I will say Is I'll leave you with this one quote From Medvedev okay which suggests that This war is getting out of control and It's about to Entering new chapter or level of Escalation he says consequently this is Medvedev now this ain't me YouTube Consequently the Ukrainian nizis in Western Europe are the direct Heirs of

Those who fought Russia and the war Therefore with them a New Patriotic War And victory will be ours as in 1812 and 1945. Medvedev wrote this on his Telegram Channel and he is the second Most popular politician in Russia guys Make sure you have your bug out bags Ready I'm not saying don't enjoy your Life I'm not saying don't spend quality Time with your loved ones I am saying Maybe spend a little bit less time doing Those mindless activities for which There is no immediate payoff have Leisure Time you know go watch the new Show what is it called The Last of Us Absolutely phenomenal show I love the Show the CGI is great the story The Plausibility the exposition it's all Really good stuff uh there's also Another documentary that was just Released I can't remember it's on the Tip of my tongue I'm gonna do a reaction Video to it it's all about if the grid Were to go down I believe it is hosted By is his name Dennis Quaid yeah I think It's Dennis Quaid that sounds familiar Anyways you guys take care and don't Forget to like comment subscribe and Please if you like the videos that we've Been releasing with respect to urban Survival skills please go share those Videos give them a thumbs up uh just Comment it really helps us want to be Motivated to do more videos like that

They take a whole lot of work and They're very costly to make which is why We're a little reticent to do that all The time I know a lot of people are Starved for Real Deal actionable Information nowadays but it's difficult When there's this other demographic of People who just want news just want Information but it's important that You're actually getting those practical Skills that you can utilize if and when The lights go up which I'm guessing that They someday will let me know what you Think in the comment section below Thanks for watching don't forget to like Comment subscribe Canadian preparo