The #1 Winter Survival Clothing Item

By | January 23, 2023

These are the warmest bits on the market This is real fur handmade right here in Saskatchewan so what we got inside we Have a nice thick wool liner sheepskin We also have Buffalo leather palm and Then we have some nice thick beaver fur On the outside this is a Canada Goose Mitt five hundred dollars their best Myth that they offer very stiff it's Very uncomfortable it's constricting This is probably going to last you a few Years at best this is going to last a Lifetime you could use it for a variety Of different things you can use it if You're having to kneel down to do some Work on the ground you're outside you Could even use this as a pillow you know If you need to sweep snow out of your Tent you can do all that stuff so you're Never going to get the same pair of mint They're all made from a different animal One of a Kind product Canada Goose mitts 500 bucks the warmest mitts on the Market nope