WARNING: Must See Before Times Get Really Bad

By | January 22, 2023

Hi folks Canadian prepper here this is The second installment of urban survival Secrets when times get bad nice guys Finish last so let's get to it [Applause] [Music] A lot of people are going to fear the Cities after it hits the fan and for Good reason that's where a lot of the Lower level street gangs are probably Going to be running amok at the end I'm Not really worried about Street games I'm more so worried about resourceful People like I'd be worried about Preppers and like former law enforcement And former military a lot more than I'd Be worried about some lower level street Gang they're disorganized typically They're unhealthy typically they're on Drugs if you ever watch a zombie movie The main antagonists are never the Zombies it's always the other humans The zombies are kind of just there as a Filler right the zombies are going to Kill you but it's the other humans that You have to worry about was I I fear Preppers more than I do Lower level street gangs because they're Fairly one-dimensional Whereas a prepper who's Maybe thinking a few steps ahead it's Like playing chess you know it's it's a Much more difficult opponent a lot of What people fear like a lot of what

Preppers tend to use as motivation And you know they fear the mobs of People and and eventually a mob reaches A critical mass where yeah you have to Bug out you can only protect an area From a mob to a certain extent Eventually they're going to overwhelm You by and large you need to worry about People who have the commitment to doing Bad things as opposed to just looters Like there's several levels like there's There's looters higher level theft than You have your Misfits or people who are Just causing a ruckus then you have Actual like gangs who are doing Organized crime then you have like your Psychopaths and other types of Psychopathology the biggest people to Worry about are probably What I call like the conquerors they're The people who have plans right they're The leaders the ones who have Ambitions To like fill a power vacuum that exists In the wake of disaster now if there's No rule of law and there's no police Somebody's going to fill that power Vacuum it's just nature aboards a vacuum As the saying goes and there's going to Be somebody who takes the opportunity to Start making rules Typically most major municipalities now Will have crime heat Maps so you can go And see like where the most homicides Occurred where the most thefts occur you

Would be surprised at how much crime Occurs in places where you wouldn't Think it's occurring Foreign Has been exhausted that's when people Start going for the high hanging fruit So that's when people start going off The beaten path and getting more clever In their machinations so the furthest Back in the supply chain is the actual Crop coming out of the ground then you Have the train cars that the grain is Loaded onto then it goes to like the Robin Hood facility They're going to process the flour then The flour is put in bags it's taken to The Consolidated food places like the Distribution centers then from there It's distributed to the grocery stores The retail outlets the gas stations Anywhere else they might sell those Types of products so the further up the Supply chain you go the less competition You're going to have at the start but People are going to get wise All right so this is an example of Something way up the supply chain this Is a flower manufacturing facility this Is this is where they actually turn the Grains into flour this is the Robin Hood So this is the furthest of the supply Chain you can go for calories without Going right to the farmer's field in These industrial regions that's where

You're going to find the sort of central Distribution hubs for everything And a lot of people when they're Thinking about Scavenging and looting They're just thinking about commercial But you almost have to think industrial Sector So the parts of your city that are zoned For industrial that's going to be where This stuff really is like that's where The most dense amount of equipment and Material actually is There's millions of dollars of meat in There if you want to eat meat after the Shizzy hits the fizzy this is where you Go the maple leaf store and usually Places like that they're almost Built For War I mean look at that there's no Windows heavy duty steel doors those Places are going to be very very Essential points of interest [Music] So this is our lovely police station Come to Saskatoon Frost and police I believe it Costs them hundreds of millions of Dollars to build the new police station This is where you're going to come to Steal a cannon after the kid hits the Fan this is one of the many Canadian Armories where we have some trucks that Are painted brown this is how we're Going to fight the Russians with trucks That are painted brown I really thought

It was going to be more exciting than That I apologize folks but this is this Is all of the Canadian military right Here we have enough trucks to carry Around 100 soldiers to their deaths now Swimming pools are uh a great source of Water not many people will think about It but if water is really scarce that's Where the city is going to get its water From but we do also live by a river so You're kind of down if you're doing that [Music] Now that's a kick-ass mural [Music] Places to avoid when it hits the fan Liquor stores definitely don't go To liquor stores because every alcoholic Who is trying to self-medicate their Withdrawal pangs are definitely going to Liquor stores another place where you're Probably going to want to avoid at all Costs if at all possible is hospitals This is not medical advice I'm just Saying hospitals obviously they're going To be very very congested everybody's Going to be going there for help see What's happening in China right now is They suspect that the reason why a lot Of people are presenting with such Severe symptoms is because people are Going to the hospital when they don't Particularly need to and then they're Catching more deadly strains of the Virus so you know in an shdf situation

Where there's just more disease Spreading around you probably don't want To be putting yourself unless you really Really need to right again There's going to be situations where you Gotta go you know but there ever was a Time to maybe avoid a region like that I Would say that's the time [Music] Season three of The Walking Dead they Hole up in a jail because when you Really think about it a jail is built to Contain people the converse of that is Keeping people out it really would be The ideal place if you know everything Just went to hell these are actually Places you're going to want to worry About because the fact of the matter is Non-maximum security prisons they're Just gonna let everybody go if disaster Strikes so this jail here would be an Ideal place to fortify and defend after The shizzy hit the fizzy but good luck Getting people out of there the only People who are probably going to be Holed up in a place like that are uh the Guards underground parkades in Particular are going to be excellent Bomb shelters because those places are Built to be really tough this is why Gated communities are good because they Have these choke points This right here is another good example Like that that sort of architecture like

Good luck driving a truck through that You probably could but uh you wouldn't Be driving that truck again buildings Like that where there's no windows That's ideal That's why one of the best movies ever Made the best zombie movies was Dawn of The Dead and the whole plot was that They're holed up in a shopping mall they Managed to purge all the zombies out of The shopping mall but then of course It's not the zombies that they had to Worry about it was the humans because This biker gang rolled through And that was it so it just goes to show It's not the zombies you have to worry About it's the freaking humans Pesky humans The best way to support this this Channel is to support Yourself by Gearing up at canadianpreparedness.com Where you'll find high quality survival Gear at the best prices No Junk and no Gimmicks use discount code prepping gear For 10 off don't forget the Strong Survive but the prepared Thrive stay Safe