My Top 3 Tarp Setups

By | January 22, 2023

I didn't know your your recording Wow Molly here guys I love tarps there Is you know they're just so versatile They are such a handy piece of equipment For Bushcraft and survival and being Outside for just for loads of reasons Okay but These are my three favorite My tree favorite Tarp setups stay tuned Okay I'm using I'm using a DD Tree by tree Type okay Most of these setups will work with any Type okay uh maybe one of them won't Work with A a an army type a British Army type Because because it's not Square might Not I'm not sure okay So guys three favorite ones I'm taking Off my gloves it's cold but I'm taking Off my gloves guys my three favorite Tarp setups okay in order Third second and first is going to be Last ten ten ten let's do it This is the bit where I spend 45 minutes Undoing the damage that I did the last Day because I didn't put it away apart Because it started to rain right so all Of these are going to be based around The ridge line okay so they're all going To need a Ridgeline between two trees Allied you don't need trees for all of Them you don't need a tree or you don't

Need a Ridgeline for all of them you Don't need a ridge line for this one Guys and this is a very very simple Setup okay and this is my third favorite So all I'm gonna do Is we're going to lay out my tent My top sorry We're gonna Peg out the back corner you Know where I'm going with this one Like that okay I'm going to take the opposite corner I'm going to put it up in the tree I'm going to pull the tape Tie it off Okay I'm going to Peg out the seeds This Guys This Hey Bruno is the plow Point guys this is Class space it's really really good okay Isn't it Isn't it yeah Bruno loves it Bruno loves It Will just loves everything he's a he's a Lover not a fighter go where you go okay Set up number two If you ever need kindling little bits of Wood or anything like that for lighting The fire just just let your Let your power cord Trail on the ground And then try and pick it up you you'll Get plenty of sticks So have my Ridgeline set up for this one Just gonna pull my crosstalks out

Okay and I always leave my prospects on My Ridge Lane oh what am I doing I don't Know okay so look what I'm going to do Is I'm going to take a corner again guys I'm going to take the corner again and I'm just going to pull it out underneath The Ridge Lane I'm going to step into I'm going to step in two That's two tabs Tayout points whatever you want to call Them And we'll pull this tape Thank you guys What I'm going to do is I'm going to go To the back I'm just going to pack it Out This is the Adirondack type shelter Same here And the same on the other side Now for the front All I'm going to do is I'm going to take This bit I'm going to use my line that's Already on it And that is it guys And that is the Adirondack tarp shelter Another fantastic thing very adjustable By by raising up your uh your Ridgeline And stuff you can just change it there Is a lot of room in this Okay it's not Bruno Number one And this might surprise some people Okay here we go

My all-time favorite Tarp setup okay Yeah no it's just well it's the one I Use the most I absolutely love it it's So simple guys Try and guess what it is down below Okay got my Ridgeline I'm going to find my Center Line You're going to clip it on My my Ridgeline is sat at about shoulder High I'm gonna find the other end I'm going to clip this on as well Pull this out Pull this out Okay there we go nah I've only needed three pegs for each of These so far and I'm only going to need Three for this one as well I'm gonna Peg Out the back Can you guess Okay how about if I do this Nah see a light again I need five pegs For this And two sticks Take this line Put a clove hitching it Keep it up nice and high I'm gonna peg this in and I'll just do The same on the other side Nah it's not set up 100 well this is the Great thing about it is that you can Adjust stuff on it very easy uh This is this is probably a little bit

Too high on that side because it's fine It's absolutely fine this is my favorite All-time tarp setup guys and this is Just what I call the lean to and this is What I love about it right is that when You are in it You have an enormous amount of Protection and you are still in the Forest okay that is what I love about it That is my favorite thing about it is That you can see everything you know the The Tarp camping or whatever you want to Call it or wild camping for me It's all about being in it okay now you Need the protection of a little bit of Rain cover and stuff like that as well But if the weather's really good I'm Just laying out in the ground you know And having it set up like this you just Can see everything that's going on you Know you're You're as little removed from it as Possible That's what I think okay let's have a Look at it locking out See what I mean In case the rain gets really heavy here He comes he loves the darts if the rain Gets really heavy you can just grab the Bottom of the poles and pull them and This will fall down into an airframe Shelter Okay I hope you enjoyed that it's

Freezing it's freezing uh I hope you Enjoyed that uh just a couple of my Favorite tarp shelters tarp setups Whatever way you want to call them guys And Typology really is one of those things That you got to be doing it you just got To be practicing these things over and Over and over and over again and you Just get faster and faster and faster And you just learn more and more things Don't you Bruno Bruno he knows cracker guitars so look Thanks for watching stay frosty The Snowman